My Sister is a WebCam Babe Ch. 02

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SAM NOLAN rose from bed the next morning still not believing what he had seen. His own sister naked on a cam website. And he had inadvertently, at least at first, jerked his cock while watching her. And if that wasn’t bad enough, even after he realized it was her, his cock erupted like a fucking volcano.

He always knew his sister was attractive. That was obvious. But he never had sexual thoughts about her before last night. Even though he preferred incest porn, he never pictured his own relatives. And he was certain if the idea did cross his mind he would be disgusted with himself. But now? Those tits, that ass, they were burned into his brain.

He had to see her again.

Later that morning, Sam worked his way through two pieces of toast and butter, but he could barely concentrate. That was because SARAH NOLAN, his sister, was walking around the kitchen making breakfast. She was wearing a tank top and booty shorts, very similar to what she wore on camera last night. Clothes he watched her peel off…

“Do you think you should be wearing that?” he blurted out, frustrated.

“Wearing what?” she asked. “I always wear this.”

“It’s kind of revealing,” he said, his eyes fixated on her long, athletic legs. Years of volleyball had perfected the shape of her legs and ass. He wished they were wrapped around him.

“So don’t look,” she said and walked out of the kitchen with her yogurt.

Sam’s dick was hard under the table and his eyes were fixed on her ass as she left. He reached under the table and squeezed his cock. He imagined burying his face in her ass…

It was a beautiful summer day and Sarah was eager to work on her tan. She changed into a bikini and laid out on the patio in the backyard. She was just starting to relax when Sam walked out.

“Are you going to complain about my bathing suit now?” she asked.

“What? No. Sorry about that,” Sam said. It was revealing though and she had removed the strings around the shoulders to reduce the tan lines. Sam guessed if he wasn’t there she would probably wear nothing at all.

“Good. You don’t have to be so shy around me, you know. I am your sister. We used to take baths together.”

“I remember,” he said, somewhat awkwardly, sitting down.

“Did you want something?” she asked, wishing he would go away.

Sam did want something. He wanted to pull his cock out and jerk off. No. He wanted to rip off her bikini and suck on her tits. No. Eat her pussy. No. Her ass! He wanted to rub his cock on her legs, her thighs, fuck her toes, wrap her hair around his cock, bite and lick every inch of her body, put his cock in her mouth, cum all over her face, cum in her ass, have her cum on his face, fuck her tits! Thoughts were flooding through his brain at an incredible rate. He almost fainted.

“Hello? Anyone there?” She asked.

“Nothing,” he finally said and went back inside.

“Weirdo,” Sarah said and watched him go. He wasn’t bad looking, she thought to herself. He had girlfriends here and there. She wondered how far he had gone. Was he a virgin like her? I wonder how big şişli üniversiteli escort his cock is? Disgusted with her thoughts, she went back to thinking what she was thinking before he came out…

Cocks. She was thinking about cocks. Specifically, all the cocks that jerked off to her. By the time she was finished last night she had made three hundred plus dollars. She wondered how many satisfied cocks that was. A hundred? A thousand? Did they all cum watching her? She hoped they had. She wished she could see them. Feel them. Taste them. She had never had a cock in her mouth or tasted cum, but she wanted to. She had read that it tasted salty and most girls hated it, but it looked good online. Maybe it was an acquired taste?

SAM raced to his room and locked the door. He peered out the window. Yes! I can see her! Sam pulled his cock out of his shorts, which was already rock hard, and he furiously stroked it at the window. He admired his sister’s perfect body. Her toned muscles and tanned skin. Could she see him? She probably could if she knew to look, but he didn’t care. Lust had overtaken common sense and —

“Oh fuck,” he said and he came all over the window looking at his sister.

Sam fell backwards on the bed with his cock out, breathing heavy.

“What’s wrong with me?” he asked.


Later that night, Sam and Sarah were watching TV with their parents. Some reality show where a house was flipped, or fixed, or whatever. He wasn’t paying attention to the plot. Instead, he was waiting patiently for —

“I’m going to bed,” Sarah said.

“So soon?” their father asked.

“Yeah. I’m tired,” she said and headed upstairs.

Sam smiled. He knew what she was up to. She’d be staying up. She’d be staying up for awhile.

“I’m tired too,” Sam said and left for his room. “I was up early.”

“Hmph,” the father said. “Looks like we have two responsible adults on our hands. They don’t even want to stay up late anymore!”

“Shh,” the mother said. “I can’t hear.”

“Right. Sorry, dear,” he told her. He adjusted the glasses on his face and put his hand on his wife’s knee, which she promptly pushed away.

“I have a headache,” she told him.

“Right. Sorry,” he said and slumped into the couch. He thought about going to bed early as well.

Upstairs, Sam locked his door, shut off the lights, and quickly logged into his Cambabes account. He found his sister’s handle, CAMTASIAXOXO, and loaded it up. A message said “OFFLINE” on the screen, but he could tell from the number of users that people were expecting her. She would be online soon. Sam clicked on his virtual wallet and selected ADD FUNDS.

Down the hall, Sarah changed into her tank top and booty shorts and logged on. Over 400 users active she noticed. Very nice, she thought and went to work chatting away with her users. Almost immediately, tips started flowing in. Mostly just a few tokens here and there. Then, there was an official request from a user named SamIAm6969. She remembered that name from yesterday.

“Hi, taksim anal yapan escort SamIAm,” she said to the camera.

“Hi,” SamIAm typed in the chat and tipped 50 tokens, which was the fee for flashing tits.

“Want to see my tits so soon?” she asked.

“Yes,” he replied.

“Are you going to jerk your cock to them?”

“Fuck yes,” he replied.

Sarah smiled and took off her shirt so her breasts were exposed. She cupped them. Squeezed them…

Down the hall, Sam’s mouth was agape. He was almost drooling. He squeezed his cock and stared at his sister’s beautiful breasts. He still couldn’t believe this was happening. His own sister just asked about his cock. Of course, she didn’t know who he was, but still…

Before long, the show was over and she put her shirt back on, but Sam had an idea.

On Sarah’s computer, a notification appeared for a PRIVATE MESSAGE. She clicked it. “Do you do cam to cam?”

Sarah typed “No…” but then stopped. Cam to cam was just as it sounded. She would be connected, privately, to a users camera. She would see him and he would see her. She had never done it before, but knew other girls did. She was always curious about the cocks and fantasized about seeing them cum…

“It depends,” she typed. “Maybe for a very big tip.” If she was going to do something like that, she might as well make some money.

Sam, who had been working at a local movie theater for the last two years, had saved for a rainy day. This was that day.

“1000 tokens,” he told her.

Sarah licked her lips. That was a lot of tokens.

“Okay,” she said.

Sam grinned and sent the tokens her way. His sister was about to see his cock. Fucking unreal. But he didn’t want his sister to know his identity, so he angled the camera into a corner with no distinguishable features and pointed the camera down to his waist. He took off all his clothes except his boxers and kept his cock hidden for now.

A window appeared and Sarah could see Sam’s screen. It was a dark room and all she could see was a man’s waist.

“Don’t you want me to see your face?” she asked out loud.

Sam leaned down to the keyboard, but was careful not to put his head into view.

“I’m shy,” he typed.

“That’s okay,” Sarah said. “As long as I get to see your cock.”

“You want to see it?” Sam typed.

“Oh yes. Show me your cock,” she said, feeling flirty.

Sam slowly pulled down his shorts revealing his cock, which popped up and bounced around eventually coming to a rest with the head pointing directly at the camera. Sarah gasped when she saw it. A real hard cock just for her. It looked like a good size and had a large, mushroom head. She wished she could touch it… put her lips around it…

“How big is it?” she asked.

“About seven inches,” Sam typed.

“It’s beautiful.”


“Is Sam your real name?” she asked, referring to his handle, SamIAm.

“Yes,” Sam replied, nervously. She couldn’t know, right? There were lots of Sams out there.

“That’s taksim bdsm escort my brother’s name,” she said.

“He’s very lucky to have a hot sister like you,” Sam typed.

“He doesn’t care,” she said. “He told me my clothes were too revealing earlier.”

“He’s a fool. Or he’s lying. I bet he spies on you.”

Sarah giggled when she read that. Her brother was a fool, she thought. But she doubted he spied on her.

“I doubt it. He hates me.”

“If I had a sister like you, I’d jerk off to you constantly.”

Wow. This guy was perverted as hell, she thought. But she liked it. She was getting wet.

“Do you think I should tease him?” she asked.

“Yeah. And I bet he’ll jerk off to you if you do.”

“But how would I know?”

“If it was me I’d suddenly want to take a nap or have homework I forgot about. Any reason to get me in a room alone to wank it.”

Sarah hadn’t thought about her brother like this before. Would he really jerk off to his own sister? That was gross. Or was it? Maybe it was natural? So much porn these days was incest driven… Should I wear more revealing clothes and see? She wondered… but first, she had business to take care of.

“Let’s take care of you first, Sam,” she said and peeled off her tank top showing those beautiful breasts again.

Sam stroked his cock as she did and then typed, “Can I see the rest of you?”

“Sure,” she said and stood up. She turned around, bent over, and peeled off her shorts. Her ass was exposed and he could see her hairless pussy lips. It was all Sam could do to not shoot his load right then and there. Sarah turned around to the camera so her full body was in view and rubbed her pussy.

“You are so fucking beautiful,” Sam typed to his sister.

“Are you going to cum for me?” she asked.

“Yes.” he typed. “Where do you want it?”

“No. The question is, where do you want it?” she replied. It was his money after all.

“How about your face?” he asked her.

“That’s so hot,” she said and got close to the camera. She stuck out her tongue for him. “Like this?”

“Oh god. That’s perfect. Stay right there.”

Sam jerked off to his sister’s outstretched tongue. He was almost dizzy with how exciting this was. Seeing his own sister and knowing she was staring at his cock. Wanting him to cum. And she was right down the hall. He could just walk down there if he wanted…

“Cum for me,” she said. “Make sure you get some on my tongue. I want to taste you.”

“Fuck,” Sam said out loud and shot his load all over the computer monitor. A giant glob hit the camera lens directly and distorted the view.

Sarah saw the cum and immediately shoved a finger into her pussy. It was so fucking hot seeing the cock cum right at her like that. She could barely see the cock anymore there was so much cum on the lens.

“That’s so hot,” she moaned. She was imagining the cock was really there shooting cum all over her face. It was probably warm. And in her mind it tasted delicious. She came right there in front of the camera.

“I’m cumming, Sam,” she cried.

Sam watched in awe at his sister. She was cumming! Cumming because of his cock!

When she was done she sat back in her chair and wiper her brow with her forearm. “Thank you, Sam” she said. Then she blew him a kiss and turned off the private show.

Sam fell back in his chair, exhausted.

To be continued…

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