My Son’s Girlfriend

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My name is Gail. I’m a forty-seven. Scott is my handsome eighteen year old son. His father and I are separated. I live in an apartment on the lower level of my younger sister, Gloria, and her husband’s house. My place opens to the backyard patio. Scott splits his time, living one week with me and every other week at his father’s.

He has a very cute redheaded girlfriend, Joy. She is two years older than Scott but looks younger. Joy works as a waitress at a local restaurant. A couple weeks ago she had a falling out with her parents. With no place to go, I let her move in with us. This was much to the dismay of my sister and her husband.

Joy sleeps in Scott’s room when he is at his father’s and on the couch when he is home. I’ve never caught them fucking but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened. I have become very fascinated by her.

She is a petite girl, five-foot-three and one-hundred pounds, with shoulder length red hair. By accident I saw her coming out of the shower and admired her pert pink nipples on her 32-B boobs. The red bush was enough to convince me she is a natural redhead.

By comparison, I am five foot six, one- hundred-twenty pounds. I receive many compliments on my long brown hair that flows down my back to my butt, which is in apportion to my 36-B tits. As we spent more time together, my attraction to Joy has grown.

Last week when Scott was at his Dad’s, Joy and I planned to go out for breakfast. She came out of Scott’s room wearing a pair of very tight fitting jeans that emphasized her cute little butt. (The day before she wore black stretch leggings that showed all the curves and crevices of her tight little ass. It really turned me on.) Joy bent over to pick up something and revealed the top of her thong. I felt a hot rush in my pussy.

Gazing down her slender legs I was captivated by her black and white polka dot high heels casino siteleri with a tight red and white striped top. I wore tight jeans and boots with heel and a sexy blouse.

We were enjoying our meal and discussing Joy’s housing situation. The twenty something waiter, who was hitting on us, overheard and said,

“I know of an apartment in my building that is available. My shift will be over in a few minutes and I’d be glad to take you there. It’s just a block or two away.”

Looking at each other we nodded agreement. Jeff sat in the back seat as we drove to his apartment. Entering the building, Jeff rang the building super’s bell. There was no answer.

“He’s probably just out for a few minutes. Why don’t you come up to my place and wait. You can get an idea of the room layout.”

Upon arriving in Jeff’s apartment. Joy asks to use the bathroom and excuses herself.

“Is she your daughter? She is very cute” I shook my head. He continued, “And you could be her older sister.”

“She’s a friend of my..son…..mine.” “You are two hot ladies!”

Jeff left the room and came back with two glasses. Joy returned and sat on the couch.

“I thought you and your friend might be thirsty. Take a drink; it’s a special flavor, very healthy.”

“What is it?”

“Try it. I think you’ll enjoy it.”

Joy and I took a swallow. It was very sweet and suddenly I felt a feeling of freedom. Things were blurred as I heard Jeff’s voice say to me,

“Listen to my voice…. You are going to do what I tell you. Understand?

I nodded.

“Take off your blouse… that’s it. Now Red..”

“My name is Joy.”

“Leave her alone. She’s just a kid.”

“Undo her bra. Nice tits… large brown nipples… Go ahead Joy tweak them.

Now Momma drop your jeans… Oh you have to wiggle out of them with your awesome ass… What do you think little slot oyna redheaded one?”

Joy watched in silence as I dropped my jeans to the floor and stepped out of them.

“Great thong… pull it aside… Oh how I love a bald pussy….. Drop it Momma….”

My thongs fell to my ankles while Joy stared at my naked body.

“Gail, you have such a beautiful body.”

Okay Red your turn… Pull those tight jeans down and let’s see if you’re really a redhead.”

“Stop it … leave her alone…”

Reluctantly, .Joy complied. Wiggling out of her tight pants and thong she exposed her beautiful red bush.

“Now take off your top and show us your pretty titties.”

Her pink nipples peaked on her perky tits. A beautiful sight indeed. Jeff dropped his pants to his ankles and stroked his hard-on.

“Come here Momma… show the little girl how to suck a cock.”

Whatever he gave me began to wear off. My sight cleared and I began thinking clearly. I dropped to my knees,kissed the head of his prick and bit as hard as I could. Joy stood gazing in misbelief. He screamed in pain.

“You bastard, what did you give us? You drugged us didn’t you?

I began hitting him. Trying to get away, he tripped as his pants were still around his ankles.

“Quick, Joy, grab your things and let’s get out of here.”

In the hall we only had time to put on our tops and jeans, carrying out bras and thongs, we ran to the car. On the drive home we began crying and laughing. Joy said,

“That was close. What a jerk. Thank you for sticking up for me. No one has done that before… not even my parents.”

“I’m so sorry you had to go through that, Joy.”

“Funny but that terrible situation has drawn me closer to you, Gail.” You have such a beautiful body.”

“Oh sweetheart, it’s nothing compared to your cute sexy bod. Have you ever been with canlı casino siteleri a woman?”

Joy shook her head no. “Have you?”

I didn’t answer.

Back at my apartment we continued to talk, sharing our innermost feelings.

“You have such a beautiful young body, Joy. Would you be upset if I asked you to undress for me?”

“I’ll do it if you get naked too.” She said with a smile.

Soon we were standing together enjoying each others nude body. She looked so sexy and desirable standing there naked wearing only her cute little black and white polka dot heels.

I reached out at touched her erect pink nipple. Joy rubbed my breast and began pinching my hard nipples, one then the other. Her mouth replaced her fingers and my fingers glided through her magnificent red fur, in search of her moist, tight cunny.

Out of the corner of my eye I spotted my sister Gloria staring at us through the sliding glass door.

‘I’ll put on a real show for her.’ I said to myself.

Joy was unaware of my sister’s voyeurism. Her hands danced over my body, down my smooth pussy and into my sopping wet vagina. She pinched my clit with two fingers, engaging the rest of her hand in exploring my depths, feeling juices run down her fingers. We kissed our tongues eagerly exploring each others mouth.

I laid down on the carpet, raising my knees and spreading my legs, giving my sister a good view.

“Come Joy, get on top of me.”

She laid on my stomach facing me we kissed as she rubbed her fiery red pussy against my smooth pelvis. We interlocked our legs, grinding in a scissor motion. I felt my clit swell as her pussy pelt pushed and rubbed against it.

“Oh Joy… I’m cumming….”

“Oh HO me too…”

Grabbing her hips I rotated he until her cunt was just above my head. Raising my head I licked her precious pink pussy, driving my tongue into her tight cunt. Joy caught on quickly and returned the favor, driving me to ecstasy.

We kissed tasting the mixture of our love juices and fell asleep in each others arms. I wonder what my sister will say.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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