My Special Girl

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Our story starts ten years ago. It was a hot summer day, all the local kids were playing jump rope in the street. Like they had done a thousand times before. Not a care in the world, like it should be for kids.

“My turn,” Yelled Maggie, my beautiful eight year old daughter, ” come on, it’s my turn.”

Maggie, was waiting in line to show her skills at Jump Rope. She had been practicing day and night, in fact, driving me nuts.

“All right, it’s Maggie’s turn,” Jenny yelled to all the other kids, ” she’s hot today, look out.”

Jenny and Maggie were born the same week and had grown up together. They were with each other in every class in school. And at home, you never saw one without the other.

“READY?…. ONE, TWO, THREE….FOUR…” Jenny counted off the jumps for Maggie. She had been counting so loud and long that, none of our poor innocent kids heard the speeding car.

One drunk driver, racing to get away from the police. One man who had no feelings, no love for anything. All he wanted was to get away from the cops. This time, if they caught him, he was sure to get time in jail.

As he turned the corner, he looked back to yell, ” FUCK YOU COPS, FUCK YOU.”

He turned back to the font of the car, that’s when he saw them. Ten or twelve kids playing in the street. He laid on his horn, screaming, ” MOVE YOU LITTLE MOTHER FUCKERS, MOVE.”

But, it was to late, the drunk was going 70 or 80 miles an hour. To fast for all the little feet and legs to move….

“LOOK OUT, LOOK OUT,” Screamed one of the parents, ” run, run.”

‘ BUMP, BUMP, BUMP,’ was all you could hear, then the screams of pain and crying, the drunk went on.

The police cars slammed on their brakes, ” WE NEED HELP, WE NEED HELP. TEN HIT AND RUN KIDS, WE Need help, help.” Ken Anderson, of the G.B.I dropped the microphone and burst into tears.

Young little bodies covered the once, playful street, now turned into a street cover in lifeless remains and blood. Tears flowed like cold rain, filling the empty gutters.

Parents came from everywhere, screaming, crying looking for their children, praying theirs were spared this pain.

“BILLY, BILLY,” Sue Collins cried, looking for her son. He was the youngest at only 4, ” BILLY, BILL…..” She found him, his young body torn in two, in my yard. ” OH NO… OH NO… WHY? WHY??” She wept.

“JULIE, JULIE…” Hank Smith screamed, running from his house, ” OH BABY, OH NO, NO,NO.” His daughter laid face down in a pool of blood. Her little head smashed, her life was over.

I had been mowing my grass in our back yard when I heard the screaming and yelling. I ran, leaving the mower running. I raced to the front yard. That’s when I saw the horror, the blood and the death.

“MAGGIE, MAGGIE,” Where’s my Maggie. I ran up and down the street, praying, some how she was safe, but, she was not.

“MAGGIE, MAGGIE,” Then I saw her broken, twisted body against Ray Jones’ car, ” Oh baby no, please be O.K. please baby.”

I held her little lifeless body in my arms, rocking her, trying to sing a song she liked. Waiting for help as the remaining life slowly drained from her.

Help finally arrived, taking the poor kids who still lived to the local hospital, my Maggie was one of the lucky few. She had a fractured skull, with swelling on her brain, both arms and legs broken and some internal bleeding.

“I can’t really say how she will recover,” The tall doctor told me, ” there is a lot of brain swelling and in most cases like this…. the child will never be the same.”

“But, will she live?” I ask, as tears ran down my face.

“We should know by morning,” The doctor patted my arm, ” if the swelling goes down… she will live.”

“Thank you, doctor.” Was all I could say.

Three years ago my wife had been killed the same way, by a FUCKING DRUNK DRIVER. Now I could loose my little girl. I would be alone in a world that gave theses killers time off for ‘good behavior’ or the local prosecutor cuts them a ‘deal’. BULL SHIT, FRY THEIR ASSES………

I sat alone in the waiting room only a few minutes. More parents from our street came. Waiting to hear the fate of their children.


Every policeman in town headed to the that location. Wanting to get that drunk BASTERD, to be the one that gets to ‘take him out’ anything to get him.

They chased him up and down the dark streets until at last he crashed into a big oak tree. Flames şişli grup yapan escort came from under the car.

“HELP ME, HELP ME.” The killer screamed.

Not one of the policeman moved, he would get his punishment now, not getting off from ‘a deal’ or a prosecutor that didn’t want to take a chance on a ‘loosing case’.

The young police officer, Ken Anderson, had cried for help earlier in the day stepped forward. Looking at the drunk killer crying for help.

Officer Anderson pulled his gun from it’s holster, ” You will never hurt anyone again.”


He emptied his 44 magnum into the killers brain.

The following Sunday, all of the 6 young children that were killed on our street were put to rest. All at the same time in the same place in the lonely cemetery. Their resting place had been made to look like a Play Ground. The whole town came forward, donating thousands and thousands of dollars.

Some people moved away but, in the end most of us stayed. Trying to forget that day.

Maggie pulled through,but they said she would have the mind of an eight year old child for the rest of her life. But she was alive, I didn’t care. In the end, the doctors were wrong.

Ten years had passed before I could blink an eye, Maggie grew into one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen in my life. It was hard not to stare. Her 5 foot ten inch body, her 36 c breast and a very firm, full 36 inch bottom always filled my eyes.

Her light brown hair went to her shoulders, with a little ‘part’ on the right side of her head. She had powder blue eyes and a little half smile that could take my breath away. She had a strong face, high cheek bones and a firm chin. Lips that were full, pink and so luscious.

“Daddy, are we going shopping yet?” Maggie ask as she walked into the room, wearing the tightest pair of shorts I had ever seen. Her long legs filled my eyes. The bottom part of her ass cheeks could been seen hanging out of the shorts.

“Um…. In just a minute baby.” I replied, looking away from her body.

“Come on, I want to get a new Bathing suit,” She put her hands on her wonderful 36 inch hips, ” and, remember, you said I could get any one I wanted.”

“You remember, I said anything you wanted but, you can only wear it here, at our pool.” I stated.

“I know, silly Daddy.” She smiled.

I know in the last two years, she had turned into a very sexy and grown up young lady. I let her go on a few dates, even though it was against my better judgment. Maggie looked and acted like an 18 year old lady but, deep down she still had the brain of a little girl.

Her last date had been the worst, a guy from school. A football player, he was a big kid but, I stand 6 foot 4 inches and 210 pounds. I had heard them pull into our driveway. I didn’t to be nosy but, I wanted to make sure he wasn’t trying to hurt her.

As I looked out the window, I saw her fighting him off, ” NO, DON’T…. DON’T.” Her muffled screams escaped from the car.

“WHAT THE FUCK?” I said, as I ran out to the car. I pulled the boy off Maggie, he jerked from my hands, putting up his fist.

“BACK OFF OLD MAN, I’LL KICK YOUR ASS.” He said with clinched teeth.

“Old Man?” I replied.

“That’s right, Old Man. I paid good money on that BITCH, she won’t even suck my cock.”

“Boy, you better just get in your car and get.”

“Make me Old Man.” And he swung his fist at me.

I reached out, slapping his face so hard he fell to the ground. He pulled a knife from his pocket and jumped towards me. I grabbed his arm, twisting it behind him. That’s when I heard it snap, ” OH GOD,OH MY ARM MY…. YOU FUCKIN’ BROKE IT.” He screamed like a little girl.

I helped Maggie into our house, ” Come on he won’t hurt you any more.”

“He… he said he wanted me suck his COCK. Daddy, is a COCK a man’s Penis?” she asked, just like she was a little girl.

“Um… yes, it is baby.” I replied, in shock, helping her to her room.

“Do Boys… do men, like to get their Penis…. Sucked?” She ask.

“Yes, they do.” Was all I could say, I know it was wrong but, the truth.


“Yes baby.”

“Do you liked to be sucked?”

“Um baby, we shouldn’t be talking like this.” I told her.

“Do you like to have a woman suck your Penis?” She had her hands on her hips, I knew that meant I better get in line.

“Yes, I do very much, are you happy now?”


“What now?”

“I think if I ever had to suck a Penis…. şişli masöz escort I would like it to be yours,” she smiled at me, ” yours is so big, not like Jack’s was. It was little.” That was last month.

We walked into the high priced bikini shop, from what could see just hung on the displays, Maggie was going to be ‘near’ naked.

The very young, sexy, Sales Girl, came up to us, ” Hi, is there some thing I could show you today?”

‘ Lord, you could show me how good you are in bed.’ I thought. ******* ” Maggie relied, ” I want the most little, sexy, bikini you have.”

The girl looked at me, ” MMMMmmmm sounds like she, wants to turn her Man, on.”

“Follow me, we have some very ‘hot’ things that will drive him wild.” The girl said, looking back at me.

I stood around for a while then, ” Sir,” the girl said, pointing to a room, ” please come to the viewing room.”

I sat in the room, out walked Maggie. Wearing a white string bikini that just covered her large nipples, the bottom just did cover her sex mound and only half of her young ass.

I looked at Maggie model about a hundred bikini’s that afternoon. By the time she was finished, I had the ‘HARD ON’ of the year.

The girl came back in the room, she saw my cock standing up, ” Looks like you…. Had fun.”

“To much fun, I think.”

“I would be willing to… help you with that,” her hands reached down to my cock, ” you poor thing. All hot and bothered.” She pulled my zipper down.

“What if Maggie comes back?” I said.

“She’s taking a shower,” she pulled my hard, love pole out, ” it seems… she also got very, very hot, modeling for you.”

Her tiny mouth swallowed my ten inches in one gulp. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as she sucked. Up and down her mouth pleasured my cock. It had been years sence my last blow job. This girl, most likely the same age as Maggie, was a master at sucking cock.

She moaned as she sucked and ate my long pole. Her head moving all around. Sucking so soft, as her hands caressed my cock, I knew I would be giving her my seeds at any time.

“Oh yes, oh that’s it. Oh yes.” I moaned, as she worked me.

Her mouth moved faster, her head went up and down. She sucked me harder, looking into my eyes, seeing the pleasure on my face.

“Oh FUCK, YES, THAT’S IT OH YES.” I started shooting my hot cum in her mouth and down her young throat. She sucked and sucked until my cock was drained.

Maggie looked on in shock, the girl was sucking ‘My Daddy’s’ cock. ‘ I made him get all excited and she gets to have all the fun with him,’ Maggie thought, ‘ MMMmmm maybe tonight, I’ll wear one of my new bikini’s when he’s had his evening drinks.’

‘ Yeah, that will work,’ Maggie said to herself, ‘ he always wants to hug me after his drinks and my bath, when I wear my little night shirt and panties.’

“So, how many suits can your lady buy today?”

“Shit…. How about $400 dollars worth?” I stuttered.

“Very good, sir, I’ll see if she’s ready.” She said, handing me a piece of paper. Looking down at it, it was her phone number.

‘ Oh yes, after a sucking like that baby, I’ll call you for some pussy, for sure.’ I thought.

The ride home was pretty boring, ‘ Was she pissed I only spent four hundred bucks on her,’ I thought, ‘ hell, who knows, she’s a woman.’

“What’s wrong,” I ask, ” you mad at me?”

“NO,” She all but yelled, ” yes I am, that girl was flirting with you. Even when she thought I was your ‘ Girl Friend’ I’m mad.”

‘ If you really want to know…. I saw her sucking your long cock, that I want.’ She thought.

“I’m sorry, baby.”

All I got was a cold, hard, glance, ” I bet you are.”

My little baby girl was turning on me. She look like she would have killed the girl and tortured me for a week or two. My little girl was jealous, I mean jealous as hell.

The rest of the day she never said one word to me. All she did was, go from her room to the pool, each time she had on a new bikini. I would she her looking at me, to see if I noticed her. Did I ever, how could have agreed to her getting things like this. My cock was as hard as ever.

I had dinner by myself that night. Then I thought I would have my ‘After Dinner’ drinks too. I made my own that night, they were strong ones.

I just had got a good buzz going when, Maggie, walked in the living room. Wearing a sheer white bra with matching panties. I could see her young nipples, hard, full and very excited. Between her legs, I could see a fine mesh of hair, şişli otele gelen escort pussy hair.

She stuck out her lower lip, she could get anything from me, when she did that, ” Daddy, I’m sorry,” she slowly lowered her body on my lap, ” I just… I didn’t like her doing that.”

“I know baby,” I hugged her, my hand moved to her panty covered ass, ” did she make you jealous?”

“Yes, your, ‘ MY MAN’ I should flirt with you and….”

‘ I should be the one, sucking you, loving you, anything you want.’ She thought.

“And what, baby?” ” I should be the one, you, want to…. flirt with.” Her lip went out again.

“Look, do I hold her on my lap, half naked, hugging her, giving her a kiss?”


“Do I caress her bottom, like I do yours?” my hand caressed her firm bottom.


I moved my hand to her inner thigh, ” do I caress her like this?” I moved my other hand over her breast, ” do I touch her like this?” My hand toyed with her nipple.

“Oh…Oh… no…. no….” she moaned.

“Do I do this to her?” my hand moved between her legs, ” Hum? Do I rub her like this?” my finger moved up and down her pussy slit.


I stood up, ” Do I carry her to my room? Like this.” I walked towards my room, tonight my daughter needed more than her Daddy, she needed a man that loved her.

“Oh Daddy, I love you.” She said, kissing me.

I laid her on my bed, not as my daughter but, my soon to be lover. I undressed, her eyes watched as my pants came down. She smiled when she saw my cock was hard, hard for her.

I laid beside her, ” did I do this to her?” I started sucking her nipples, ” did I touch her here?” my hand went back between her legs.

“NO….” Her back arched.

“did I put my fingers in her, like this?” I inserted two fingers in my daughters wet, tight, virgin pussy.

“NO…” she moaned.

“did I ever do anything like this, to her?” my fingers moved in and out of her virgin nest, ” did you see me do, this, to her?” my mouth moved to Maggie’s.

Our tongues wrapped together, like two snakes making love. My fingers moved in and out of her tender, fresh body. My cock laid on her sexy hip, waiting, longing, for it’s turn.

I pulled her bikini bottom off, ” did you see me do anything like this?” My mouth covered her sex. My tongues moved over her mounds of tender, young flesh.

“Oh…. Oh…. Daddy…. Yes… yes…”

She was close to her first orgasm with me, ” Did I make her… feel like this?” I drove my tongue deep inside her young body. Licking her inner walls, reaching as far as my tongue would go.

Then, she released, ” OH….OH…… DADDY…..DADDY……. YES…….YES….”

My tongue continued to please her, licking her, making her body my slave. Deeper I tongued her, harder I sucked her clit. Her orgasm went on and on.

“OH GOD… YES… YES… DADDY… DADDY.” She screamed, as she finished her last orgasm.

Maggie panted, ” I saw her…. sucking you, I got so mad. I could have killed her Daddy.” Tears ran down her face.

I pulled her up into my arms, ” Oh baby, I’m so sorry. I should have stopped her but, you turned me on so much.”

“I did…?” she cried.

“Yes, you did. You look so much like your mother. All sexy, tall and your great little ass just turns me on so much.”

“I love you Daddy.”

“And I love you baby.” I said, hugging her.

“Love me, make me your woman now.” Maggie begged.

I moved over her, I placed my hardness to her opening, with one gentle push, she became my love, my soul mate. I moved in and out of her body as careful as I could. I didn’t want to hurt her in any way.

I looked down on her, seeing her mother, twelve years before. They would have looked like sisters, if, she hadn’t been killed. Maggie laid the same way her mother did, when I had loved her. Her arms folded above her head, her hair laid across the pillow. Them beautiful eyes closed and that little girl smile on her face.

“Oh Kitten, I love you, I love you so much.”

Maggie’s hips stopped moving, ” Daddy,” she looked in my eyes like a light had been turned on, ” I remember, you called mom that on your second date with her. You brought me that new Baby Doll, remember……”

“Your not my real Dad, I remember, now,” She was so excited, ” your not my real Dad.”

It broke my heart, of all the things she remembered. I climbed off her. Holding head, I began to cry.

“Please, don’t ever say that again, I was there when your Mom died. I was there that day you almost died. I was there for you when your first Boy Friend broke your heart. I was….” Her fingers covered my lips.

She smiled real big, pushing me down on the bed, she moved atop of me, ” Daddy….. what I should have said was, ‘ your not my real Daddy’ I can be your wife, and have your babies.” She lowered herself over my cock.

“I love you so much….” Maggie said, as she made love to me.

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