My Stocking Fetish

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Ever since the first time I slipped my first pair of nylons on my feet and legs as a girl, I was totally enraptured by the sight, sound, and feel of nylon. Whenever I was alone I couldn’t wait to slip my shoes off and run my stocking feet up and down my legs and rub my feet together. It just felt so delicious and made my pussy tingle. Growing up I noticed that some boys liked to watch me do this which made it all the more exciting!

I always wore stockings or pantyhose and constantly dipped my feet in and out of my shoes, and if someone was watching, all the better. As I grew into puberty I found myself having orgasms doing these things. As I became an adult I noticed how many men were captivated by my dangling shoes from my toes! I met lots of guys this way.

In fact this is how I met my husband; he was attracted to my dangling shoes and stocking feet and he admitted it right off the bat. That’s why I married him. I admired his honesty and forthrightness.

My husband and I lived a happy and fulfilled life; having and raising a son. And then it ended abruptly…when he was killed in a plane crash!

Sean was fifteen then. Growing up I noticed he had a lot of his father’s traits, especially his fetish for stocking feet. I always saw him looking at my feet as I always wore hose every day because it pleased his father and I still wear them because I enjoy them so much.

Of course, being our son, I had never thought of Sean in a sexual way and so his glances and stares had no effect on me. Now, after being lonely and alone for three years and his ascent into adulthood as a young man of eighteen, Sean’s attraction to my stocking feet, in spite of my efforts to suppress it, triggered those old lustful feelings again.

I was working now, and Sean was attending a college in our city and living at home. We had finished dinner and the kitchen was cleaned up, and we both sat in the living room to watch some TV. Sean usually sat on the sofa facing the TV, and I usually sat in the recliner sort of between the sofa and the TV. I picked up a newspaper and sat in the recliner. I didn’t taksim elit escort push it back but kept one foot on the floor and crossed my right leg over my left. As I flipped through the pages I started rocking my foot to slowly dislodge the shoe from my heel. As I did so that delightful feeling spread over me starting at my feet and moving right up to my pussy. I glanced over at Sean from behind the paper and sure enough, he was not looking at the TV but staring right at my foot. I rocked my foot letting my shoe slowly slide down my instep and swing from my toes. Watching Sean watch my shoe dangle from my stocking foot brought back all those delicious feelings that I experienced all those years doing this very thing.

Thinking I was engrossed in the paper, Sean stretched his legs out in front of him, and interlocking his fingers placed his hands together over his hardening penis, he tried to rub it surreptitiously so as not to attract my attention or appear too blatant. As I watched him I let my dangling shoe fall off my foot which elicited a silent “oh” from his lips. As is my usual habit, I uncrossed my legs and rubbed my stocking foot up and down my other leg, then slipped off my other shoe and rubbed my stocking feet together. I then pushed back in the recliner, ejecting the leg rest and made myself comfortable with my shoeless stocking feet stretched out for Sean to gaze at.

I couldn’t see him from behind the paper, but I could hear him slide onto the floor, and the next thing I know he reached up and tickled the bottom of my foot, which I quickly jerked away and squealed as he said.

“Are your feet ticklish mom?”

“Yes!” I said, “but if you promise not to tickle them you can rub them for me, I could really use a good foot rub”.

“I think I can manage that”, he said.

With that I laid my head back and closed my eyes while Sean deftly rubbed the soles of my feet, then his hands were all over my feet at once, rubbing my toes and instep, my arches…it was heavenly. He was bringing me right to the edge, but I didn’t want him to know, taksim escort so I controlled my reactions as best I could.

After a while I pretended to be asleep. Sean’s breathing became more rapid and I knew he wouldn’t be able to control himself much longer. I felt his breath on my feet as he brought his face closer, then he pressed his face into the bottoms of my feet and slid his face up and down my feet. I had all I could do to keep my composure. I shifted my body slightly in “my sleep” to cover up the orgasm I was having. I could tell by the spasmodic movements of his face and hand on my feet that he was masturbating and his ejaculation helped to cover up my second orgasm!

Oh, that was so delicious. I only wish I could have shared it with him. I haven’t been with another man since my husband died and I really miss the sex.

We were never religious as a family, but we were always socially proper and morally responsible. However, sometimes conditions in ones life cause ones physical and emotional needs to supercede ones moral judgement. Which is why, in my present frame of mind, I am not appalled by my own incestuous thoughts and desires. I would never seduce my son, but I would not hinder or object to his advances should he wish to pursue them.

I actually did fall asleep after that and was awakened by Sean’s nudging to tell me he was going to bed and that I should do the same. I have no idea how many times he jerked off that evening to the sight and feel of my stocking feet.

This became pretty much a nightly ritual until one night, instead of sitting in the recliner, I asked Sean if he would mind if I lay on the couch with my feet in his lap so he could continue my foot rub.

“Perhaps that would be more comfortable for you”, I said.

He agreed, and so I lay on my stomach and placed my feet in his lap with the bottoms of my stocking feet for him, (and me) to enjoy! It wasn’t too long before I could feel his erection beneath my toes.

Again I feigned sleep after awhile and even faked a soft snore. When Sean was reasonably sure taksim eve gelen escort that I was asleep, I felt him get up and heard his pants drop to the floor. Then I felt him get back on the couch and I knew he was in a kneeling position as I felt his hard cock slide between the arches of my feet! Oh, that was so heavenly. I only wish I could see what he was doing or better yet I wish I could just turn over, lift my legs in the air, put my stocking feet in his face while he inserted his dick in my pussy. However, I didn’t want to betray my consciousness, so I just reveled in the feeling of him fucking the soles of my stocking feet and enjoyed my own orgasm.

This again became a nightly ritual. My favorite hose were Legg’s Sheer Energy with reinforced toes. They are so silky and shiny and feel so delicious, they almost keep me in a constant state of arousal. They also have a cotton panel which can be cut out for easy access for my fingers or “whatever”! Since Sean and I have been indulging in out nightly “foot-fest”, I always cut the panel out of my pantyhose, just in case, and I never wore panties while at home!

One night as he was attending to my stocking feet, he ran his hands up and down my legs and became so aroused that he kept right on going up under my dress. That’s when he discovered my “crotch-less” pantyhose and missing panties!

It was as if he had discovered a hidden treasure. Well… he did! He was awe struck. He was hugging and caressing my nylon sheathed legs as usual. As he ran his hands up under my dress and over my buttocks he froze … as his fingers felt skin!

“Oh my god’, he thought. “All this delicious nylon with access to my Mother’s pussy”! “She must be expecting me”.

With that Sean shed all his clothes, lifted my dress over me and straddled my buttocks. I felt his huge hard-on slide up and down my crack and I started moaning and moving to allow him access to my cunt. I rose up on my knees and he entered my wet pussy from behind.

That was the beginning of our incestuous love affair. This became our “new” nightly ritual. I would lay on my back on the couch with my legs straight up in the air while Sean made love to my stocking feet and legs. Kneeling on the floor he would enter me. In this position I could easily rub my feet over his chest and face and we would fuck and fuck and fuck until we were completely exhausted.

Viva la hosiery!

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