My Teasing Step Brother Pt. 02

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Marco froze with his tongue on my clit and let out a low chuckle.

“I guess we’ll have to finish this later.” he said.

And with that he rearranged his erection and left.

I quickly stood up and pulled down my dress, making sure that there were no wrinkles.

“What the hell was that! He was being so sweet and loving then he just leaves?” I whisper to myself, trying to process what just happened. “Whatever, I just need an excuse as to what we did.”

I walked out of the bedroom and towards the group who was eyeballing me closely.

“They don’t believe that we played war with cards.” Marco said to me as he pulled a deck of cards out of his back pocket.

Where the hell did those come from?

“Uh- uh yeah I’m just a sore loser so I’d rather not diverge into the details.” I mumbled and then followed up with a nervous giggle. “Plus, he’s my step brother. Do you really think I’d do something almost incestuous?”

“True, you care too much about your social status.” Olivia added, not making it clear if that was supposed to be a compliment or insult.

“Anyways, I think we’ve all had enough of this game. Let’s get back to the party.” Maya concluded, seeming to understand there was more to the story than Marco and I were ready to let on.

The group got up and everyone went their separate ways except for Maya, Alexia and I. On his way out Marco completely ignored me as he walked by, probably trying to not seem suspicious.

“What did you guys actually do?” Alexia asked.

I paced over to the glass table and sat on it, needing a moment to think. I could tell them, right? I’ve always told them everything. Plus, they understand how hot Marco is.

“We- we uh, we did…stuff.” I blushed, “He told me his favorite things about different parts of my body as he kissed and sucked on them, and he was about to eat me out…”

Maya and Alexia stared at me, jaws dropped.


“Hush Maya the whole party doesn’t need to know!” I shot out, standing up.

“Sorry, sorry! This is just amazing. I knew you guys were into each other.” Maya said.

“Wait, what? You guys aren’t weirded out?” I was dumbfounded, surely this wasn’t possible.

“Um, no. Have you SEEN Marco? He’s heaven on legs. Maya and I just didn’t think you’d like us recommending Marco as someone to hook up with. But, come on, free sex all the time without your parents questioning where you were all night because you both live in the same house? You have a golden opportunity, Rose!” Alexia squeaked out, looking back and forth between Maya and I.

“Wow, I had no idea! Alright well, whatever happened in that bedroom can’t happen for the rest of the night, people will be too suspicious.” I told Maya and Alexia.

“Well then let’s go party!” Maya cheered, heading downstairs.


It had been about maybe three or four hours? I’m not sure. It was around two am, that I do know. Maya and Alexia were dancing with some random guys as I started to make my way out of the kitchen, where most of the people were congregated. Suddenly, I felt a large hand on the base of my back. The hand felt familiar but not familiar enough for me to recognize who it was. The hand led me, rather forcefully, through the rest of the crowd to one of the downstairs bathrooms.

“You realize forcing taksim üniversiteli escort a girl to go with you probably means you’d have to force who to sleep with you, too. And that’s illegal, asshole.” I barked as he grabbed my hands, holding them behind my back, pulling me close to him.

Wait a minute, he smells like-

“Marco!” I gasped, as he flipped on the bathroom light.

“I never meant to startle you, Kitten, it was just too suspicious to talk to you in front of everyone especially since they still think we fucked.” He whispered in my ear.

“Well, we didn’t.” I replied, a sense of relief washing over me as I realized I wasn’t in danger.

“Correct, but I sure hope this “asshole” doesn’t have to convince you to sleep with him, hmm?” He whispered in my other ear, causing me to giggle.

“Mmm, maybe. It depends on how good you are with your hands.” I teased, arching my back so that my ass pushed into his semi erect cock.

He released my hands and grabbed my waste while staring at us in the mirror. He delicately traced circles down my waste, giving my goose bumps. He stopped and placed his hands on my hip bones to lean down and kiss the back of my right ear. I watched in the mirror, silent, not wanting to ruin the moment. His left hand remained on my left hip bone while he used his right hand to move my hair away from my neck. He was moving slow, like we were covered in honey. I gave a breathy moan as he gently bit my ear lobe, tugging it downwards. He then traced the place where the top of my neck and my hair meet with his tongue, involuntarily causing me to close my eyes.

“Keep your eyes open, Kitten. I want you to see how beautiful you are.” He said, just above a whisper.

I nodded and opened my eyes, staring at myself. He hovered his hands at the hem of my dress, tickling my thighs.

“Are you okay with this?” He asked, with worry in his eyes.

“Yes, please. Do whatever you want to me.” I moaned, nodding my head eagerly waiting for him to touch me.

“Anything?” He breathed.

“Anything, please.” I replied.

He slipped one finger at a time under the hem of my dress, causing me to squirm under the intensity of how badly I wanted him but of how little I was getting of him.

“Patient, soon you’ll be begging me for mercy.” He chuckled.

He slipped my dress up over my head, hiding my eye roll from the mirror. I was standing in front of him in my mesh thong, braless, and horny as hell. I was dying from all of his gentle teasing.

“No, you’ll be begging me.” I replied, turning around to face him.

I pushed him against the door and rapidly unbuttoned his shirt, almost ripping it at the bottom.

“Really?” He chuckled, causing his brawny chest to flex.

I stepped back a couple of steps creating about a foot of distance between us. I stared at his blonde hair, which fell to the side giving him an adorable boyish look. I looked into his eyes, which were a deep blue, almost black. They sparkled under the dim bathroom lighting. I traced his pecks and biceps and every other muscle he had, until I had seen everything above the waste.

“Why are you staring at me like that?” He whispered, sounding nervous.

I smiled, feeling powerful. Marco very rarely was seen nervous or uncomfortable.

“Because, just looking at you makes tophane escort me insane.” I whispered in a sultry tone.

He smiled as I took a step towards him slowly closing the gap between us.

“Now, what were you saying about me begging you to stop?” I teased, tilting my head to the side.

He briefly smiled again as he grabbed my hips and turned us 180 degrees so that I now had my back pressed against the door. He placed a hand on my stomach holding me in place as he reached to my right, into the drawer underneath the sink. I couldn’t see what he grabbed but he slipped whatever it was into his back pocket, and shut the drawer.

“What was th-” I began to ask, but was silenced with his lips against mine.

His soft lips wrapped around my bottom lip, gently sucking. Then we switched, and my lips wrapped around his bottom lip. I gently bit his lower lip, eliciting a raspy moan from him. His tongue slipped into my mouth more forcefully and played with my tongue. He then broke the kiss and got on his knees. He slipped his hands into the waste band of my thong and peeled in down to my ankles. He leaned forward with his hands on the wall and deeply inhaled my scent. He looked up at me and into my eyes as he slowly used his tongue to separate my inner pussy lips. He blew a quick breath onto my clit causing my back to arch. He then placed his hands on my hips, keeping me in place as he slipped his tongue into my hole, tasting my juices. He drew his tongue from my hole, to my sensitive clit which was beginning to swell. He pulled away and moved to my outer lips, forcefully sucking down. He used his tongue to draw a line of saliva back to my clit, where he gently moved his tongue back and forth over the most sensitive part of my clit. I was struggling to breathe, craving his next touch more than oxygen. He placed his lips over my clit and sucked it, hard.

“Oh my GOSH” I screamed, finally getting the direct touch my body had been seeking.

He gave a low laugh, and continued sucking, swirling his tongue around my clit relentlessly.

“Don’t stop, PLEASE don’t stop!” I cried, reaching a climax.

Every muscle in my ass and lower abdomen began to tighten as the fireworks of a climax exploded in my clitoris. My whole body clenched up with pleasure and my eyes closed. He continued sucking on my clit, not giving me a break. I was extremely sensitive and tried to close my thighs, which he grabbed with his hands and looked up at me, removing his head from my pussy.

“Are you alright?” He asked, smiling.

“I-I uh.” I couldn’t form words, still coming down from my high.

He stood up and spun me around so that my right cheek was pressed into the door and I was staring into the mirror.

“Move and you won’t be allowed to cum again, Kitten.” He growled, gripping down forcefully on my hips with his hands.

“Yes, Marco.” I replied.

“Call me either sir or master, got that?” His grip tightened, making me even wetter.

“Yes sir.” I moaned.

“Good Kitten.”

He pulled the thing from earlier out of his back pocket which I quickly realized was a vibrator. When the hell did he put the vibrator in the bathroom?

“I had a few hours from our last encounter to prepare.” He smiled, answering the question he knew I was too shy to ask.

He placed the tip of it on my clit and turned topkapı escort it onto the lowest setting. It was so gentle that I had to stop my hips from bucking from the tickling sensation. He held it on that setting for a minute and gently swirled in down to my hole and then back to my clit several times. Once he made it back to my clit he turned it onto the highest setting without warning, causing me to tighten every muscle in my ass.

“I said don’t move, but I’ll let that slip. Do it again and you’ll be punished.” He growled.

I kept silent as the powerful vibrations ripped through my body, throwing me towards another climax. My muscles began to clench up again as my orgasm approached.

“Wait!” I yelled.

He turned off the vibrator, confused.


He was unable to finish his question because I turned around and dropped onto my knees in front of him, answering his question. I undid the top of his pants and belt, and slipped them down to his ankles. I then kissed his dick through his boxers and gently licked from the base to the tip. I hooked my thumbs into the waste band and pulled them down to meet his pants. His cock was rock hard and pre cum was oozing out of the tip, creating a shiny coating on the head of his penis. I took his left testicle into my mouth and gently sucked it while rubbing the tip of his cock with my hand. I then took his right testicle into my mouth and sucked it while tracing circles with my tongue. I licked my lips and placed kisses up to the tip of his cock. I used my tongue to coat the head in saliva before placing just the tip inside of my mouth. I massaged where the tip met the rest of his cock, causing his breath to hitch. Slowly I worked my lips down the length of his shaft until the tip of his dick touched the back of my throat causing me to gag. Saliva ran out of my mouth and down to his balls, coating his cock.

“I want to fuck you, now.” He said, pulling his saliva coated penis out of my mouth.

“Yes sir!” I smiled, agreeing.

He sat the vibrator on the counter and bent me over the sink so that my ass was in the air and forcefully shoved his cock all the way into my cunt.

“Ah- shit Mar- I mean sir.” I gasped in pain.

“Want me to stop yet?” He teased.

“Shut up and fuck me.” I ordered.

He placed his hands on my hip and began vigorously slamming into my. It was a beautiful sight in the mirror. My tits were smooshed against the edge of the counter and my hands were on either side of the sink. He then reached up and grabbed my neck with his right hand forcing me to arch back to meet him. He leaned forward putting us our torsos into almost a doughnut shape and gave me a deep wet kiss. He then pushed me forward and grabbed my hair with his left hand, using his right hand to grab the vibrator on the counter. He continued forcefully fucking me as he reached around with his right hand and placed the vibrator on full speed directly on my clit. Within seconds my body began to violently shake and clench around him inside me and my cum began to run down my legs as he kept the vibrator on my clit. I heard him begin to moan as he slammed his cock into me, holding it deep inside. He started to shoot his warm semen which filled me up and began to leak out of me. He turned off the vibrator which allowed me to stop squirming and held his dick inside of me. He placed his hands on the counter on either side of me and leaned forward, kissing the top of my back.

“Why haven’t we done that before?” He gasped smiling at me in the mirror.

“Beats me!” I giggled, enjoying the feeling of him still inside of me.

“Now I’ll have something to look forward to whenever family gathering get boring.” He laughed.

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