My Uncle’s Beach House

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Everyone is over 18 here.


Natalie looked at the imposing beach house, in the current sea fog a grey shape more than anything else. You could see the cute gables over the windows from this side of the house but that view was nothing to the front. The house nestled beautifully into the dunes. She couldn’t see the sea at the moment, blocked as it was by the building and the fog but when driving here along the seaside roads, she had seen how rough it was, so perfect for her mood.

She drove her car under the elegant 2-car carport, the roof of which seamlessly turned into one of the dunes and got out, breathing in the misty, salty air of Long Island and it felt like for the first time in seemingly months, she took a breath. She realised the irony of it all – that she started to feel better here, when it was her uncle’s fault that she felt so out of balance to begin with.

She walked towards the house, the path paved with heavy tiles and hemmed in by decorative white rocks. She picked up the fourth rock from the house, knowing it was the fake one and sighed when upon popping it open she found the key inside. Her uncle didn’t know that she was helping herself to his second home. No one even knew she was here. She’d basically fled from College and knew she couldn’t stand to be around other people, not even her best friend Melanie, who’d been asking her what was going on for months now and she couldn’t answer. Didn’t know what to say.

There were no houses close-by, as they were nicely spaced out and hidden from each other by the dunes, so the next neighbour was a ten-minute walk away. That suited her mood well. She wasn’t good company right now and hated other people checking in on her even more.

She took off her shoes when entering, knowing how much her uncle hated anyone having shoes on inside his homes and then took her duffle bag into one of the 3 guest bedrooms, using the one that had its own en-suite. She used the bathroom, showered and then got into her comfort clothes, which consisted of an old t-shirt, funnily enough stolen from her uncle when he’d visited them when she was a teenager and some nice, soft sleep shorts that went close to mid-thigh. She looked at herself in the mirror and admitted to herself how good she looked. She was small, barely 5’4 but her body was in perfect proportion and her friend Melanie, who carried around her DD’s on her equal height, cursed her daily for her perky B-cup tits and that she could get away with not wearing a bra.

She cupped her own breasts and admitted she liked the taut and perky halfmoon-rounded shape and wouldn’t exchange them, even for her best friend’s extraordinary rack, or as her friend always reminded her, extraordinary for the moment. Her brown hair reached the middle of her back and was her pride, thick and luscious and not a single strand dyed. She laughed caustically; her hair was as virgin as herself.

She sighed and trotted to the kitchen, remembering somewhat where everything was and too lazy for anything else, made herself a nice cup of hot chocolate with the long lasting milk she knew she’d find in the cupboard, not knowing that there was fresh milk waiting in the fridge. She stared out the kitchen window into the stormy sea, perfectly reflecting her mood still. The nearly boiling over milk on the stove – of course her freak of an uncle didn’t own a microwave – jarred her out of her musings and made her hope it wasn’t completely burned. It wasn’t. But all that excited distraction made her miss the noises of two cars pulling up.

She only noticed when the main door opened and her uncle stared straight at her.

Coming to his beach house this weekend was a last-minute decision for Connor, as he was looking at the weather forecast, and it wasn’t going to be great, but he loved that house and just wanted to be away from the city. He’d called up his local buddy Lucas, who usually looked in on his house when he was gone, who said that he’d get everything ready for his arrival.

He’d stopped at Lucas’ place a bit further along the road, to catch up quickly but Lucas came with him to show him where he’d seen some turtles laying eggs around his property. Connor smiled, Lucas, owner of a marine wildlife rescue, always trying to do good.

He arrived at his own house with a furrowed brow as he saw the car already in his carport. It was Natalie’s. Shit. He took a deep breath and parked next to her under the carport and Lucas parked behind it. They got out of the cars at the same time.

“Are you expecting anyone?” his friend asked with a raised brow.

“Ah, yeah, I know the car, don’t worry.”

Lucas gave him a shit-eating grin. For some reason, Connor didn’t want him to know it was his niece who was here.

“Let me just say hi.”

He opened the door, and there she was. In her favorite (his) shirt. Some shorts. Her long hair unbound. Jesus, fuck. He felt his cock stir.

“Hey.” He took off his shoes and saw, pleased, that she’d taken hers off and put ataşehir escort his next to them, neatly. He went over to her and before she could say anything, enveloped her in his arms, knowing no other woman had ever felt so good in them. With a hiccupped breath, he felt her arms come up around his neck and press her face into the hollow of his neck, going up on her tip toes. He felt her whole body slot against his right where it belonged and felt himself go hard, one of his hands sliding low on her back and pressing her into him even harder. She wasn’t wearing a bra and he could feel her perky tits against his chest.

Before the situation could get out of hand, he heard Lucas cough and he took a very slow step away from her.

“Ah, Natalie, sorry. This is my good friend Lucas who usually looks after the place for me when I’m gone. Lucas, Natalie.” He kept it short. He needed Lucas gone five minutes ago.

Lucas just chuckled. The dog knew what was up. Well, not really. Lucas would raise both eyebrows if he knew he’d just hugged his niece like that.

“I’ll just show you the nesting site and then be out of your hair.”

“Nesting site?” Natalie asked, the first words out of her mouth. One of her hands was still twisted into the low back of his shirt, where her hand had fallen as he’d stepped away, not wanting to lose the connection to him, he thought.

“Some turtles laid some eggs in the dunes outside. Lucas just wants me to take care when traipsing around.”

“Can I come with?” Ah, Natalie, ever the animal lover. He didn’t know how she stood not having a pet at College, when she grew up with no less than 3 dogs and 2 cats at any time.

“Sure,” Lucas started, “it’s cold outside so you should put on a coat or something though.”

Natalie went over to Connor’s cloak rack and put on the first one she grabbed, pushing her feet into her sneakers and stepping outside, not waiting for them, “Well, what are we waiting for?”

“Where the fuck did you meet her? A bit young, no?” Lucas raised his brows as Natalie vanished through the door.

“Don’t be jealous, it doesn’t suit you, Luke,” knowing how much his friend hated being called, Luke. He got a nasty look for his efforts. “Alright, alright, no more comments. But seriously, wherever you found her, send one like that my way.”

Connor chuckled and headed toward his front door. If he only knew.

Natalie didn’t know what to think. She was waiting next to her car, next to the path leading towards the beach. Fuck. Should she leave? She glanced at her car but then rethought. This might just be a blessing in disguise. They could finally have it out and be done with this ridiculousness and return to having what they always had. Her uncle was her favorite person in the world and it was strange not calling him and texting him constantly. It felt awful. She just wanted him back. Wanted what they’d always had back. A thought back on that hug though had her blushing. She had felt his big cock rubbing up against her for just a moment, had felt his hand cupping the small of her back against him and she was sure he’d felt her sharp breath at the action. She knew her nipples had pebbled.

When her uncle’s friend walked past her, he gave her a wink, and it was the first time she realised how good-looking he was as well. He was more muscled than Connor but not as tall. They both were dark-haired but Connor had a darker, swarthier look, while Lucas’ hair was slightly lighter and his complexion more golden, rather than Connor’s olive. And he had a delectable shadow of a beard on his face. One she knew her friend Melanie would find especially hot.

“Isn’t it quite early for the turtles to lay their eggs? It’s only May,” Natalie asked, walking behind Lucas, trying not to pay any attention to the man walking close behind her.

“Yeah, it is but there’s outliers every so often. We had a warm winter and an extreme warm spell not too long ago that felt like summer, climate change and all that, so it’s been happening more often. I work for a marine wildlife rescue, in case you’re wondering,” Lucas stated with a smile.

Natalie gave him a smile back.

“What do you do, Natalie?”

Natalie threw a glance over her shoulder, only to quickly turn back forward when she saw her uncle staring at her.

“Uhm, graphic design.” She didn’t mention that she was still a student, doing a Communication and Graphic Design course.

“Ah, cool, like for websites?”

“Among other things.”

“If you’re out here for longer and find yourself with nothing to do, maybe you could have a look at our website, it’s in desperate need of updating. Just to warn you, there’s not a huge budget for it.”

“Sure.” She was able to redesign a website by age 12. Nothing much to it.

“Ah, I see how you and Connor must know each other then. All you internetty people.” Her uncle was a hugely successful programmer. Hence the 7-figure second home.

“Internetty?” avcılar escort Natalie asked gleefully. This Lucas was fun. “What are you, 60?”

“Nah, a proud 39. And we won’t talk about the upcoming,” he whispered, “four oh.”

So he was the same age as her uncle then.

“Here we are then, people, the proud nesting place of caretta caretta, or more commonly known as the Loggerhead.” He pointed towards the dunes next to the path and Natalie tried hard but couldn’t see any indication that anything was even there.

Her uncle came up behind her and put his arm around her waist, pushing her slightly forward so he could pass by and she sucked in a breath. Their gazes met.

Lucas wasn’t an idiot, so he didn’t keep them long, just shooting a telling glance at Connor.

Natalie and Connor went back into the house and as soon as the door was closed, Connor had her turned around, pressing her against the front door and taking her mouth in a desperate kiss, making Natalie keen against his tongue, which he’d shoved into her mouth without preamble.

Fuck, they were really going to do this.

Natalie thought back to her 21st birthday party a few months ago that had started all of this. Remembered in hot flashes how she’d been buzzed from the alcohol. How, as usual, she’d hung around her uncle the whole evening, the two of them doing their own thing and talking about everything and nothing as they were wont to do when left to their own devices.

But this time had been different. Her uncle had given her careful caresses all throughout the evening, just a gentle glide against her forearm here or a teasing slide against her hips getting her out of the way there and that together with the alcohol and the crush she’d been fostering since before she knew what a crush even was, had let to their make out session in her bedroom. His hand between her legs, gifting her with her first not self-induced orgasm of her life, while he had rubbed his cock aggressively against her. Afterwards they hadn’t talked, they hadn’t texted daily as they’d usually do. They hadn’t called each other to rant about the newest movies they’d seen or latest Netflix show they’d caught. Nothing. Until now.

“I need to be inside you. Right now,” Connor gasped and quickly took off his own shoes, throwing his jacket against the cloak hooks, and before Natalie could even think about it she’d done the same. He lifted her and she wrapped her legs around him as if on autopilot, as if they’d done this a thousand times and her body knew exactly how to behave with him.

He hadn’t groomed her. After her birthday, she’d thought back to their interactions over the years, looked for signs of grooming, touching or other things that could be innocently misconstrued but he’d always just been her friend. Her very much older friend who shared many of her hobbies and interests but he’d never touched her inappropriately that she could remember, never guided her to see him in a certain way. There had been no time where he’d “caught” her unaware undressing or in the bathroom when she and some other cousins had spent a long weekend at his place here and there. It was as if her 21st birthday had been a watershed moment for him.

For her it was different, she’d been in love with him since before she knew what that even meant. Whenever she made herself come, he was always the one in her thoughts. No other guy even came close to him in getting her mind or her body to respond to them.

He was gorgeous. His swarthy good looks. He was toned and strong and him carrying her easily through his beautiful home just did it for her. So much. She knew she’d been getting wet since she saw him standing in the doorway and was now rubbing her thin shorts against his jeans-covered cock in desperate movements, while she was still trying to catch his lips in uncoordinated kisses as he walked them to his bedroom.

On arriving, he sat her on the edge of the bed, pulling her shorts and panties down in one swoop, before opening his own jeans, where she could see his dick tenting his jeans. She’d felt him that night of her birthday party against her, knew he was well endowed even then but when he uncovered his dick, she couldn’t look away. She was glad she’d been watching a lot of porn or she’d have run away. He was hairless. And not only was he long, he was incredibly thick, the circumcised tip was broad like a mushroom and he was very much thicker right after, as if a small bulge was trapped under his skin behind his cock head. Her pussy twitched.

She was so occupied staring at him, she didn’t even notice that he was doing the same, looking at her tiny pussy, free of any hair as well, which she’d left visible as she was slightly spreading her legs.

Connor got rid of his shirt while stepping up to her so he was naked before he reached for her and divested her of her shirt and suddenly they were both naked and Natalie sucked in a breath.

This was really happening. She couldn’t quite avrupa yakası escort compute.

He reached between her legs.

“God, you’re so wet for me already.”

“Your cock is so big, I’ll need a bottle of KY to make that fit.”

He smiled distractedly, not moving his eyes from where his hand was moving between her legs, breaching her body without fanfare.

Natalie shuddered. He mounted his body over her and for a moment she thought he was just going to pump into her then and there and she suddenly panicked. She wasn’t joking when she’d said he’d need a bottle of KY.

She quickly pushed against his chest, although there was no chance of moving him. He was over 6’4 and muscled well. She was a slender 5’4.

“I’ve never done this before,” she gasped, when she felt his cock slide over her wet pussy, smearing her with his precum.

She could see surprise on his face.

He pushed his two fingers, which were still fingering her deeper into her with a jerking motion that had her undulating against him hard.

“Your pussy says otherwise.”

“I’ve fucked myself with a vibrator, like, nearly every day since my birthday. But I’ve never done it with a guy.” God she was so embarrassed and looked away but it was difficult as his fingers continued to play with her cunt, changing up his speed, his direction and movements in masterful ways and she just couldn’t help herself and her hips were quick to move for him.

His eyes were pure fire.

“How big was that vibrator?” She felt him spread his two fingers apart inside her, stretching her.

She squirmed and looked at the heavy cock cradled between her legs and looked away quickly again, yep, she hadn’t imagined his size.

“Not as big as you.”

“How much ‘not as big as you’?”

“I don’t know.” She couldn’t think! Before she’d even finished, he grabbed her right hand, which she’d twisted into his duvet cover and made her wrap her fingers around him. She couldn’t close her fingers around him and she could see a gap between her thumb and her other fingers. A considerable gap. She gasped. She’d never felt a real cock. He was so hot and smooth and slippery. Before she knew what she was doing, she moved her hand along his cock to his root. Yes, it was like he had a slight bulge right behind the head of his cock. She couldn’t close her fingers at his root either.

He gasped above her and she shivered at hearing it. She’d just pleased him, she was so proud.

“Now then, how much bigger?”

She had to think about his question before answering, “Considerably.”

“This is not going to be easy, but I can’t wait anymore and you’re so hot, I can see the juices running down the crack of your ass.”

He leaned over her towards his nightstand and for a moment, reality intruded. Oh, of course, she’d nearly forgotten about a condom. He opened the drawer while lowering himself over her and she guided his cock towards her, swiping his head against her pussy bare, mixing his precum with her slippery juices. She shuddered when his head went over her clit, petting it with his heavy cock.

But what she heard wasn’t the crinkling of a condom wrapper, it was the unstopping of a bottle. She glanced over and a smile pulled at her lips when she saw the bottle of KY.

He drizzled the lube straight over his cock, which she held against herself, dripping, on accident or purpose, she didn’t know, over her mound as well.

With a no-nonsense movement, he smeared the lubricant over his cock, displacing her fingers wrapped around him but it was all good. Before she could feel his absence, he was entangling their fingers and bracing his arm next to her head, their fingers wrapped tightly against each other, despite their slipperiness. She rubbed their fingers against the duvet, though, trying to get rid of some of the lube that had dripped on her.

With his other hand, he spread the lube drippings over her already drenched pussy and into her quickly, giving her a bit of help before angling the broad head of his massive, meaty cock against her tiny cunt and pushing into her tightly before smearing his hand against the duvet and grasping for her other one and bracing himself above her, now both their hands entangled and next to her head. For him it was also a way of holding her.

With a mighty move, he came over her and breached her body. Natalie cried out, wrapping her legs around his hips in reaction and trying to press her ass back into the mattress to get away at the same time, while her pussy clenched down on him. But there was no getting away. In a relentless move, Connor continued pressing into her and she’d never felt so full, so stretched. She could feel her cunt opening up over the bulge behind his cock head and pressed her legs against his hips in a death grip, her fingers grabbing his even tighter, while her pussy collapsed to let him enter.

They had their eyes locked, neither looking away.

“Stop. Wait, give me a moment,” Natalie was panting and got lightheaded, trying to move away from the pressure at her center. She’d never experienced anything like this.

He didn’t wait, he continued pressing forward.

“Please, just a sec,” she begged looking at him, feeling the sweat collecting at the small of her back and under her boobs.

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