Naughty Ch. 3

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The next night, Courtney knocked on Denise’s door at about 9 p.m. The girls were gonna go out to a local dance club to pick up guys. Denise didn’t really want to pick up guys, she wanted to get into Courtney’s panties. She didn’t really expect to, but the thought made her pussy juice up like crazy. Denise answered the door, only to see Courtney standing there looking like a sex goddess. She had on a tight white tank top, and the TIGHTEST little red satin shorts Denise had ever seen. Denise almost came from the sight. She stuttered…

“uhh… h… h… Hi, Courtney…”

“What’s wrong, Miss thang?” Courtney teased, posing all pretty… she knew damn well she was getting Denise wet. Courtney knew that she and Denise had some serious sexual tension… she wanted it as much as Denise did, but they just couldn’t do it… they were always too shy.

Denise finished up getting ready, putting on her tight shiny leather pants, and a fishnet-style top. She was gonna make Courtney hot too, dammit.

The girls walked out the door to go out. As Denise strutted out, Courtney grabbed her ass… “Oooh…. what was that??” casino oyna Denise beamed…

“Ohh nuthin’… just playin’!” Courtney lied. Doing what she did had made her gush.

At the club, the girls started dancing and drinking. They each got hit on by about 30 horny college guys, but neither of them were interested in anything except each other’s hot bodies. About halfway through the night, Courtney and Denise were pretty buzzed. Courtney was actually REALLY buzzed. She was giggling and stumbling around. Denise pulled her out on the dance floor to calm her down. It didn’t work.

They started dancing to the beat, face to face, smiling and laughing, just having a good time. They started dancing sexy, wiggling their tight little asses and workin’ their bodies, doing a little bump and grind. Denise’s hands strayed down to Courtney’s ass… she didn’t even realize what she was doing. Her hands roamed all over the tight satin, feeling the perfect curves of Courtney’s beautiful ass. The same ass she had watched cum on a pillow just yesterday. Denise started to get REALLY horny. Plus, Courtney didn’t mind what she was slot oyna doing. She definitely felt it, though, ’cause she was grinding her ass just so, making it all that much more erotic for Denise.

Then, Courtney spun around and backed up against Denise. She grabbed Denise’s arms, and pulled them around her, bumping back and forth. This didn’t seem unusual to the crowd, as girls tend to dance together alot. But this was something more. Courtney was drunk… she bumped her ass back against Denise’s front in wild abandon. She didn’t really mean anything by it, but she also didn’t realize the effect it was having on Denise.

Denise pressed forward a little against Courtney’s hot little butt. Whenever she wiggled, her ass rubbed against Denise’s mound, and Denise’s pants were so tight, it squeezed her whole pussy. She immediately became wet. At first, Courtney didn’t notice what Denise was doing, but when she did, she grinned, and pushed her ass hard back against Denise, intensifying her rubbing actions. Denise shuddered and kept working it. Courtney pulled Denise’s ear to her lips, licked it, and said:

“C’mon baby… canlı casino siteleri fuck my ass… you wanna cum, don’t ya? Hmm? Oooh… c’mon”… she kept repeating these filthy little things to Denise… she was definitely drunk.

Denise almost passed out when Courtney started doing that. She reached her hands around Courtney’s waist, and down between her legs, and started to squeeze on her hot mound. Courtney’s crotch was wet. All the way through her shorts.

But Courtney still had enough sense to know people could see that. She pulled Denise’s hands away, and whispered to her: “Not here, baby… people can see… do that later!!!”.

With that, Denise started to cum. She pushed hard against Courtney’s ass, humping and pumping, and moaning softly.

“Cum for me, baby… do it… do it… cum all over my little butt… oooh… yeah… ohhh shit…” Courtney purred… Denise couldn’t believe it… she came harder than she ever had… this was too much!!!

After they had recovered, the girls went to get a final drink. Neither seemed very embarrassed about what they had just done – probably a side-effect of their drunken-ness. Denise couldn’t wait to see what happened when they got back to Courtney’s room… When they did, the burst through the door, flopped down on Courtney’s bed, and…

… passed out cold.

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