Neighborly Relations Pt. 09

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PART NINE: Block Party

CHAPTER ONE, The Burton Invitation

Cathy parked her new Camry in her grandparent’s driveway on Thursday morning and all but skipped up the walk to the door with a small paper bag in her hand. She was fairly eager to visit (more than usual, anyway) because of her new knowledge of the family dynamic. She hadn’t thought of her grandparents as sexual beings, but now that she did she wanted to see how they looked to her.

“Hi there Cat,” Ralph Burton said happily when he answered the door.

Ralph, 59, had retired from the family construction business two years ago, but he hadn’t gone soft in that time. He was a trim, muscular man with a full head of hair and a jaunty smile cut into his square jawed features. That’s what Cathy saw now, a man full capable of rocking a bedroom.

“Hi Grandpa,” she said, accepting his arms around her. “What’s Grandma doing?”

“Baking,” he said, with a laugh. “She’s always baking, but I never taste half of it. I think today’s work is for the Church dinner on Sunday. Oh, well, we’d just get fat if we ate everything she baked.”

The two of them walked back into the kitchen, where the smell of coffee cake baking filled the air.

“Hi, Grandma!”

“Oh, Cathy!” Her grandmother hurried around the central cooking island and hugged her granddaughter, and Cathy was immediately aware of her grandmother’s breasts against her and how she patted Cathy’s bottom at their parting from the hug. “What are you up to?”

“Nothing.” Cathy sat on a kitchen chair and looked at her grandmother. She was silver haired woman in glasses, 58, with tight figure, full breasts, and a backside pleasantly broadened by time to a clutchable cushion. “No job, so I’ve got nothing to do.”

“Well, get to work, then,” Ralph said. “It won’t kill you.”

Cathy laughed. “That’s pretty much what I thought, but Dad said that with unemployment where it was, it wouldn’t be fair to take work from someone who actually needs the money.”

“Oh, yeah,” Ralph said, thoughtfully. “Good point.” Then he laughed. “Your dad always was good at coming up with logical reasons to avoid work. So, what’s in the bag?”

“I just stopped by to bring you guys something,” Cathy held up the sack somewhat sheepishly. “Dad told me how you enjoy your family videos, so I made one for you.” She handed the sack to Ralph Burton and waited for him to look inside.

“Oh, why thank you, Cathy,” he said, leaning to kiss her cheek. “Look, Ma, a gift from Cathy.” He held up the DVD for his wife to see.

Betty Burton beamed at her as she took the cake out of the oven. When she’d put it on the cooling rack and turned off the oven, she hurried over and hugged her granddaughter.

“You made it yourself?” she said. She slid her glasses down her nose a bit to focus on the label Cathy had put on the DVD. “Should we go watch it now?”

“If you like, sure,” Cathy said. “It’s not much. This whole thing is new to me, you know.”

“Oh, I’m sure,” Betty said. “I’d love to see it now.”

“Well, I hope you like it, but I can’t stay. I’m on a run to the market for Mom.”

“Stick around,” Ralph insisted. “You mom can wait a few minutes for whatever you’re getting.”

“You don’t have to watch it with us, Dear,” her grandma said. “Ralph, she’s probably afraid she’ll end up seeing a couple old fogies fuck.”

“You’re not old fogies,” Cathy laughed. “Besides, I’ve already seen you fuck.” Cathy stood then. “I’d better go and let you watch it.”

“Sure you don’t want to stay for some coffee cake?” Betty asked.

“No thanks,” she said. “I’m going to visit Elaine Porter and then go to the market. Besides, you need that for church or something don’t you?”

“I can bake another.”

“Sure. I suppose you’ll be baking for the party tomorrow, too. Or don’t they eat at those things?”

“Party?” Betty was confused. She didn’t know about a party. “Where?”

“At the Peterson’s.” Cathy started toward the front door with her grandparents at her side. “I hear it’s going to be some kind of wild sex party,” she said. “Man, these people probably don’t know anything about throwing a sex party. You should give them some tips.”

“I hadn’t heard,” Betty said, absently, at the door. They had known the Peterson’s for as long as they’d lived there. Why weren’t they invited?

“Well, bye now. Love you!” Cathy departed, leaving the couple confused at their front door.

“What party?” Ralph asked, gruffly. “Sex party? This neighborhood probably can’t manage two hard dicks between them all, so where’s the sex party?

“Now, Ralph,” Betty said, lovingly, as she patted his arm. “Don’t get your blood pressure up about it. Cathy’s probably mistaken about the party. Or it’s a family thing, perhaps.”

“Sure, but Daryl would have said something about relatives coming over. He doesn’t like most of his in-laws.” Ralph scowled as the two of them walked back to the TV room. “What’s the matter? Do we smell bad? And what if it is some kind of sex party, as Cathy put it?”

“Think about it, Ralph.” Betty sat on the istanbul rus escort couch and used the tail of her blouse to clean her glasses while her husband slipped the homemade disk into the player. “If they were having some kind of orgy, it’s logical that they wouldn’t invite us. I mean, we don’t exactly advertise our sex lives, do we? If they knew what horn-dogs we are, they would have included us, but they don’t know.”

“Yeah, I guess that’s the problem with keeping things to yourself.” Ralph sat beside Betty with the remote and turned the TV on.

“Exactly. But, if they knew the whole truth about our family they sure wouldn’t invite us, either.”

“Probably call the cops.”

“No, I think we’ve been better neighbors than that.” Betty patted her husband’s arm as the video came up on screen. “Let’s watch our darling granddaughter now. I’ll go talk to Jenny later. Get it all straightened out.”

Ralph Burton slipped his arm around his wife’s shoulders and settled in to watch the show.

On screen, Cathy could be seen sitting demurely on a chair in her living room wearing a light cotton shift and smiling sweetly.

“Hi, Grandpa and Grandma,” Cathy said. “I don’t know if I’ll be joining in on all of the fun or not. Some of it for sure, though. But I figured I’d make you a little something for your collection so you’ll have one from me. I’m hoping you’ll get naked and relax when you watch this. That way, if something comes up, you can take advantage of it right away. Okay, here goes.”

The camera pulled back as she stood and began unbuttoning her dress. “My name is Cathy Burton, and I’ve been eighteen for six months now. I graduated high school about two weeks ago, and I am currently laying around the house like a bum until college starts in the fall.” She dropped the dress, and stood totally nude onscreen. Now the camera moved in close on her face. “I’m going to major in Business and Public Relations in college.”

The camera moved slowly down her body. It flowed over the graceful curve of her neck and over her slim, perfect shoulder to rest upon the sultry shape of her firm, young breast for a long moment, the pink nipple just above the bottom of the frame.

“I think I’m good at public relations,” she said, as the camera moved down over her navel in the center of her cute little stomach and then down, zooming closer and moving slower as it arrived at the vertical opening of her sex and stayed focused there for a bit. Her pudendum was shaved immaculately close, and the slit was a long dark line with a rounding at the top the way a needle widens just a bit to provide space for its eye.

“I’m five foot five inches tall.” The camera moved again, down slowly over her right leg to her foot, a slender, delicate thing with high arches and long toes. Her toenails were painted pink. “I’m not telling my weight or measurements, because it’s nice to have some secrets, isn’t it?” On the couch, her grandparents nodded in agreement.

“I will tell you that I had sex the first time when I was fourteen. I’m not saying with whom, because he’s a nice kid and that was over four years ago now. Since then I have had sex with a whole bunch of guys. I don’t know, maybe twenty?”

The camera moved up again, faster than before. When it arrived at her pussy it showed that she had moved fingers down to open herself up and stroke herself. The camera moved in close enough to see that she was glistening wet and her clitoris was erect.

“I blew more guys than that, of course,” she said, slipping two fingers into her wet cunt. “I really like fucking, especially if it ends with a hot shot of cum up in my pussy. That feels great. And that’s one reason I’m so glad I’m on the pill. I have a friend who really likes getting facials. She’s actually getting rather obsessed about them.” One of Cathy’s hands moved out of frame and returned with a realistically molded dildo. She sat, the picture jiggling a bit as the camera followed her. Once seated, she slipped the dildo easily into herself.

“I’m not up on facials,” she continued, though her breath was halting now. The dildo, meanwhile, was moving in and out in time with the finger rubbing her hard clit. “I don’t mind a belly shot or cumming on my ass or tits, but I’m afraid they’ll shoot me in the eye if they aim at my face. And what’s the purpose anyway? It’s not a porn movie. We’re just having sex.”

Cathy’s monologue stopped a moment while she laid back on the bed and brought herself to a very tidy little orgasm. She rose smiling.

“I don’t mind swallowing cum,” she said, catching her breath. “Kinda like that.”

At that point Ralph’s dick was so hard that he wished he’d followed her advice and removed his clothing. He paused the video.

“What do you think, Ma?” he said, standing and unbuttoning his shirt. “The video’s got thirty minutes left and it’s bound to raise my blood pressure in that time.”

“Has already, I see,” Betty said, looking at the bulge in his trousers. “Yes, I think I’d like to get comfy too.”

And so Cathy Burton’s grandparents kadıköy escort removed their clothing in order to watch the rest of the gift video wherein they would soon be watching their granddaughter and grandson having sex on the living room couch.

Though their grandson’s face was never shown, they knew it was him. As Betty Burton liked to say, “I never forget a cock once I’ve sucked it.”


“Hi, Mrs. Porter,” Cathy said, when Emily answered the door. “Is Elaine up there recuperating?”

“Yes, Cathy.” Emily spoke rather formally, staring at her daughter’s friend seriously. “Go on up.”

Cathy bounded past her and up the stairs, and Emily watched her cute little ass in those tight jeans all the way up. When she’d gone into Elaine’s room, Emily finally turned away and returned to the kitchen thinking that she should have a talk with that girl.

“Hey, sicko,” Cathy said when she entered Elaine’s room.

Elaine sneezed twice and wiped her nose, looking miserable wrapped in a blanket and sitting against the headboard of her bed. “Hey, your own self,” she said.

“Thought I’d come over and brighten your day. I was just at my grandparent’s place and gave them a gift. I made a DVD for them,” she said, smiling her ‘I’ve got a secret’ smile.

“I bet it’s a video of you fucking your brother,” Elaine said, figuring she’d beat her to the punch. It worked.

Cathy’s face went blank, losing all of it usual animation as her mouth fell open and she stared at her friend. Finally, she spoke, “Oh, funny joke. Why would I give my grandparents a video of me having sex with a family member?”

“Because that’s what they’re into,” Elaine said. “Come on, we saw them watching a video on that huge TV one night. We saw who was on it and what they were doing.”

Cathy’s mind raced through all the possible outcomes of Elaine’s knowledge, and arrived at the conclusion that Elaine would have ratted her out already if she was going to. Besides, they were in the same boat now, anyway.

“Why didn’t you tell me you knew?”

“We figured you would have told us if you wanted us to know,” Elaine said.

“I guess you are a friend,” Cathy said. “I’m not so sure I wouldn’t have made fun of your family if it were me.”

“You wouldn’t have.” Elaine sneezed.

“Well, I didn’t know until graduation. They weren’t going to tell me until the fall.”

“But, now that you do know, I bet you’re having a pretty good time,” Elaine said, taking a moment to blow her nose. “How close was I on the gift? Was it you and Carter?”

“You were right on. If I know my family, Grandpa and Grandma should be fucking like nuts and watching the tape by now. My family does everything in a group.”

“So, what’s it like?” Elaine’s voice dropped to a secretive level. “Have you fucked your father?”

“Yes.” Cathy felt herself blushing, and marveled at how dirty it sounded compared to how wonderful the act felt. “In the shower.”

“What was it like? What was fucking your father like?”

Elaine was expecting one of Cathy’s usual randy adventure stories, but her friend paused a moment instead. “It was sweet,” she told her, thoughtfully. “It was very sweet, and tender. When he came inside me, I felt absolutely and completely loved for the first time I can remember.”

“Wow,” Elaine said quietly,

Cathy blinked, cleared her throat, and shrugged, saying, “Yeah, well, he banged my brains out.” And then she laughed, restoring her normal jaunty demeanor. “So what’s with you peeking in windows?”

Elaine sneezed.


“Has everyone replied about the invites?” Jenny Peterson asked Daryl when he came in carrying three roles of crepe streamers. “And what the hell are you going to do with that?”

“String it up in the back yard. Just a crisscross, honey, I’ll keep it subtle.”

“Sure, like a train wreck,” she replied. “Do we have a total count, dear? I don’t know how many Jello shots to fix up.”

“Not too many. People get drunk on those things,” he warned. “I’ve got the list in my pocket.” He pulled out the invitation list and handed it to her. “I’m sure they all called. It’s not so big a list.”

The list held the names of six couples.

Emily and Robert Porter (check)

Andrew and Claudia Adams (check)

Charles and Patty Trent (check)

John and Terry Carter (check)

Robert and Tania Mosswell

Us. Peterson. (check)

“We haven’t heard from Tania Mosswell,” Jenny said. “I hope they can come.”

“She seemed pretty eager,” Daryl said. “I bet she’ll drag him along. And I bet he won’t be resisting too much.”

“What do we do about Ralph and Betty? If you go stringing streamers in the back yard, they’re sure to wonder what’s up. What are you thinking with streamers for a party of only twelve people? You act like you’re expecting fifty couples.”

“That would be neat, wouldn’t it babe?” He clutched Jenny’s substantial ass, squeezing it hard. “Fifty couples? A deluxe orgy.”

“I’d be cleaning cum off of the ceiling the next morning,” she kartal escort said, smiling at her husband’s grand desires.

The doorbell rang.

Daryl went to answer it while Jenny finished filling small plastic cups with her Jello shots. A moment later, he returned with Betty Burton.

“Hi, Jenny,” Betty said, taking a seat at the table and looking around at the scattered mess left from molding Jello shots, baking cookies, and slicing ham for sandwiches. “I’m just over to be nosey,” she said brightly.

“You’re never nosey, Betty. What’s up?” It was true, Betty wasn’t the nosey type at all.

“Well, we heard that you’re having a party. Ralph is beside himself thinking we were snubbed, but I told him it’s probably a family thing. Our granddaughter says you’re having a sex party, but that seemed farfetched. She’s probably teasing us. Still, we can stand not being invited to a regular party, but I’d hate to miss a sex party. So, what’s the party about, Jen?”

Jenny and Daryl looked blankly at each other a moment, and then Daryl walked out to the yard with his streamers, chuckling to himself. Jenny picked up the invitation list and added the Burton’s name to it, as she said, “Well, it’s a sex party.”

CHAPTER TWO, Well Hello, Mrs. Porter

Cathy Burton came down the stairs at the Porter house with a bright smile on her face. It was nice to have a friend who knew about her family so there was someone to talk to. Elaine wanted details, of course, but outside of her immediate family, Cathy couldn’t provide any. Still, what she could tell her was listened to intently. Now Cathy was on her way to the market and home.


Emily’s voice stopped her, and she turned toward the living room. “Yes, Mrs. Porter?” Cathy walked into the living room where Emily was seated on the couch with a book.

“Come here a second,” Emily said. She patted the cushion beside her and waited until Cathy sat down. “I’ll get right to the point, young lady. The next time you want to fuck my husband, I’d appreciate it if you let me know.”

Once again, Cathy had been surprised by the someone in the Porter family.

“Well, gosh, I guess it just happened, Mrs. Porter,” she stammered, blushing. “I mean, it wasn’t his fault, or anything.”

“I know that, Cathy,” Emily said. “Mostly not his fault, anyway.”

“Well, anyway, I’m sure it won’t happen again,” Cathy said, feeling a yawning hole in the pit of her stomach. “Really. I promise.”

Emily regarded the girl a moment, studying her nose and the angles of her cheekbones, the natural color of her hair. When she did speak, it was in a more forgiving tone. “I didn’t say it couldn’t happen,” she said. “Just that I should know about it. Understand?”

Cathy smiled tentatively, thinking of how different the Porters were now from a couple months ago. Different as night and day.

“Well, okay, I guess,” Cathy said, keeping her eyes fixed on Emily’s. “I guess I’ll tell you now that I do want to do it again.”

“There. Simple communication is all we need,” Emily said. “If I want to have sex with my husband, I don’t want to find out he’s been worn out by some teenager who got to him first.”

“Oh. Well, then, I guess I’d have to come and do you in his place, wouldn’t I?” Cathy smiled in the way that she knew melted men’s resolution. Would it work on a woman? “I mean, I’d hate someone to be unfulfilled because of me.”

“Well, that wouldn’t be fair, wouldn’t it?”

Cathy reached her left hand out and placed it on Emily’s right breast. Emily squirmed, and pushed lightly at the hand, but it was only something for the record. She didn’t move the hand away. She kept her eyes locked onto Cathy’s eyes, even when the girl slid her hand up along her thigh to push lightly at treasure hidden behind the fabric at the crotch.

Emily watched her eyes moving closer, and closer, until they were too close to focus on both of them. By that time, the pressure of Cathy’s lips had taken that focus away.

“I want to fuck you, too, Mrs. Porter,’ Cathy whispered in Emily’s ear before kissing down the side of her neck. “I want to suck on your clit.” She was unbuttoning Emily’s blouse now, still kissing around the older woman’s throat. “I want you to eat me, Mrs. Porter. Eat me and fuck me with your fingers.”

Suddenly, Emily began returning her efforts, and they moved with greater urgency to get each other’s clothing off while still kissing passionately. Soon, their clothing was out of the way of their hands and tongues. And the taller, auburn haired, forty-two year-old mother of two pulled the blonde, eighteen year-old high school graduate’s head down to her own wet groin. She laid back against the arm of the couch with one leg up over the back and the other hooked around Cathy’s back and reveled in the mounting glory of her approaching climax. It was quick and abrupt, but it was beautiful.

She moved over the young girl, overwhelming Cathy’s abilities with her womanly finesse. They rolled to the floor in a 69 position, legs clamping over ears, hands pulling at buttocks. Emily lifted Cathy to lay back on the arm of the couch and used her increasingly expert tongue on the young girl’s cunt while probing her ass with one finger, savoring what seemed to be a lighter taste than that of Patty’s cunt. Cathy cried out in orgasm, pulling hard on Emily’s hair and kicking her heels against her back.

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