New Year’s Surprise

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I’ve known Mandy Eckerson for almost a year and a half. We met at a new employee orientation and while both of us were already in what we thought were serious relationships, but we couldn’t help but strike up a workplace friendship, especially since we were both new in the same department, me a mechanical engineer, her an electrical engineer. Unfortunately neither of our relationships managed to withstand the post college separations, leaving us both single for the better part of the last year.

Mandy and I had talked briefly about dating, but both of us agreed that adding a romantic component to our friendship might spoil what we already had, not to mention the difficulties of working together if it went south. Consequently the two of us went out together, did things together, talked nearly every day, and while we were boy and girl and friends, we were most definitely NOT boyfriend and girlfriend.

New-years was not all that unlike other times we had gone out to movies or parties or even out fishing and camping, we went to a new-year party as friends, and endured the typical kidding and ribbing from our friends about NOT being together. The party was fun and both Mandy and I had way too much to drink and took a cab back to her house.

“Come on Eric.” Mandy said in slightly slurred speech as we walked thought the front door at nearly one in the morning. “you can sleep on the sofa and we’ll get your car back tomorrow morning.” She said with a yawn, plopping down on the sofa.

“Good party, huh?” I asked her as I dropped onto the other end of the sofa.

“Yeah, sweet.” She said with a frown.

“You didn’t have fun?”

“Yeah, I guess.” She answered a bit sullenly.

“So give. What’s wrong?”

“I guess I hadn’t planned on spending newyears alone again.” She answered.

“You weren’t. You were with me.” I chuckled.

“You know what I mean!” She said, frowning at me.

“Yeah, you and me both.” I agreed.

“Who the hell would have thought that a year and a half out of college I’d still be living at home with no prospects of a romantic relationship.” She said practically pouting.

“You’re living with your mom so you can pay your student loans off faster, remember? Besides, I didn’t think you minded living at home.”

“For the most part I don’t mind, but I get a little frustrated. She has more sex than I do!”

“Well, she is single and you have to admit, she’s pretty fucking hot.” I said, shaking my head.

“You really think she’s hot?”

“For a forty something, hell yeah. I’d be surprised if most of the guys that went out with her did it to get into her pants.”

“Guys are horrible. Always thinking about sex!”

“Yeah, right. Just who brought the subject up anyway?”

“I did I guess. But hell, it’s been six months at least since I’ve had any.” She said with a scowl. “I kinda hoped I’d have a boyfriend to ring in the newyear with.”

“You mean have a newyear fuck?”

“Hell yeah. You can’t tell me you didn’t hope for the same, can you?”

“Yeah, I guess I did. If it wasn’t for internet porn I’d never get any sex.” I joked.

“God! Internet porn? You can’t be serious!” she said with a scowl. “You really watch that stuff?”

“Yeah, fraid so.” I said a bit sheepishly.

“Boy, some pair we are, huh?” She said.

“Yep.” I agreed, slouching down on the sofa a bit farther and closing my eyes.

She was silent a long time, long enough for me to think maybe she fell asleep before saying anything. “You asleep?” she asked quietly.

“Nope.” I answered without opening my eyes.

“Eric. You wanna do it?”

“Do what?”

“Have sex. You and me I mean.” She said so quietly that I almost didn’t hear it.

I opened my eyes and looked at her, trying to hide my surprise. “You wanna have sex? As in boyfriend and girlfriend?”

“No. Nothing like that. I just thought, hell, you haven’t had any, I haven had anything. Maybe we can just have sex between friends, just this once.”

“Sure, why not.” I agreed, closing my eyes again since I didn’t think she was really serious. “We can just take everything off and fuck right here. I’ve always wanted to fuck you on the sofa, especially when you’re wearing those little pink shorts and a tank top.”

“You like how I look in those?”

“Hell yeah. Why wouldn’t I?” I asked, not really thinking about what I was saying because of the alcohol still in my system. “Your ass sticks out really nice in them and if you move just right I can see up the leg and see what kind of underwear you have on.”

“God Eric! That’s terrible. You really look at my underwear?”

“Yeah. Why wouldn’t I? You got a sexy body!”

“You think I’m sexy?”

“Oh hell, let’s see. Thirty eight C tits, twenty eight inch waist. Yeah, nice shape, good looking legs, pretty face. Yeah, you’re every bit as hot as your mom is. I’d get you naked in a hot second!”

“You know how big my tits are?”

“How could I not. It’s on the tag of your bra.” I chuckled.

“So, you really wanna see me naked?”

“Hell yeah. That ataşehir escort bikini you had on at the lake this year. Oh god. I had a hard time not having a hardon.” I said with a laugh. “But let’s face it. We’re not going to really get naked in front of each other.”

“I wouldn’t mind.” She said quietly.

“You wouldn’t mind what?”

“Seeing you naked.”

“Oh?” I asked opening my eyes and looking at her.

“Yeah. I kinda peeked at you when we were on that camping trip in august. You were changing into your swim suit in the tent and I could see though the window.”

“So you saw me naked?”

“Yeah. Wish you’d have had a hardon though. What I got to see was pretty fucking good looking. Made my pussy wet at least.” She said with a giggle. “REALLY wet actually. I had to finger myself when it was my turn to change.”

“Seriously? You got off thinking about me?”

“Uh huh. So how about it? Wanna show me what that hardon looks like?”

“What hardon?” I asked.

“The one bulging the front of your pants out. It’s been getting harder ever since you started talking about how big my tits are.”

“Oh geez.” I groaned.

“So? How about it?” She asked, standing up. She reached behind her and pulled the zipper of her little blue cocktail dress down, shrugging the material off her shoulders and letting it slide down her body. She had on pantyhose, little blue bikini panties and a lacy blue bra that matched her panties. I stared as she reached back behind herself and then shrugged off the bra, leaving her bare thirty eight C cup tits completely exposed. Her breasts sagged slightly, but not too much, and each had a large puckered pink areola with a rock hard nipple jutting out of the center.

I’d have just sat and stared longer, but she kept moving, hooking her fingers into the waistband of her pantyhose. She pulled them down, her bikini panties trying to slide down with them, uncovering her tiny little trimmed brown bush, shaped like a little triangle pointing down between her legs. She bent over to push her hose down, her tits hanging down and swinging back and forth as she moved from foot to foot, pulling off her pantyhose and panties, standing back up straight and completely naked. “You’re turn.” She said, holding a hand out for me.

“Damn.” I muttered as I let her pull me up. She reached for my belt and undid it and the front of my pants, pushing them down until they could slide down the rest of the way on their own. With a grin she pushed my boxers down, my hardon popping out and sticking out at her lewdly.

“FUCK!” she exclaimed as she stared at my nine inch hardon. “That’s a serious cock!” She added as she dropped to her knees in front of me and grasped my shaft with both hands. I stared down at her as she moved closer to my cock and then engulfed my engorged mushroom shaped head with her sexy red lips.

“Oh god.” I groaned softly as she gently bobbed her head on and off my shaft several inches, plunging my head to the back of her throat and then pulling off until I was almost ready to slip from her lips.

She pulled her mouth from my cock and gently licked up the bottom of my shaft from my balls to the sensitive spot under my head, her eyes looking up at me lustfully the whole lick. “Am I to assume you like that?”

“Good assumption.” I breathed as she engulfed my head with her soft hot lips again. “Ohhh damn!” I moaned as she again slipped her mouth on and off my shaft, making my cock twitch with my suddenly pounding heart.

As quickly as she started sucking my cock she stopped, pulling her mouth off of me and standing back up in front of me. She reached for my shirt and pulled it up, letting me lift my arms so she could pull it all the way off. She pushed my chest, forcing me to sit back on the sofa and then climbed on my lap, one leg on either side of mine, her tits pushed out toward my face. “So now’s your chance to see em up close.” She cooed softly.

I slid my hands up her body, letting my fingers dimple her skin as I traced up her body to her sexy tits, gently cupping them both and squeezing them into cones so that her nipples pushed out toward my face. I leaned forward and engulfed one nipple with my lips, sucking it greedily into my mouth while squeezing and kneeding her other soft breast.

“Oh fuck yes. Been so long since anyone has sucked my tits.” She moaned softly, her hands reaching for my head and gently teasing through my short hair with her fingers. “You have no idea how hot and wet my pussy is right now.”

She was right. I didn’t, but I also knew what to do about it. I let go of her tit with my left hand and slipped it down between our bodies, rolling it over palm up and slipping my fingers between her legs. My middle finger slipped easily between her full round outer lips and the modest amount of inner lip naturally protruding from between them. “God you are wet.” I mumbled around her tit as I took a breath and then sucked the nipple into my mouth again.

“And fucking horny too. I bet you know what to do about that too.” She moaned as I stroked avcılar escort my finger gently between her lips from the entrance to her tunnel, to the end of her slit and her hard nub of a clit and back again.

She was right, I did know what to do about that. I pulled my finger from between her lips and reached for my cock, quickly lifting it straight up at her pussy. She was holding herself up on her knees, but when she felt my head brush her lips, she lowered herself slightly, letting me rub my engorged head between her lips several times before settling it into her tunnel entrance. She lowered herself down on me, her incredibly tight pussy trying to expand to allow my fat head to penetrate, but resisting as she added more and more of her weight to press against it. “OH FUCK!” she cried loudly as my head suddenly pushed past the entrance to her sexy tunnel and pushed several inches into her. “Jesus fucking Christ!” she moaned as she began to bounce on me, each trip up and down my rock hard shaft driving me deeper into her until her clit was grinding into the base of my cock with each stroke. “Jesus you’re so fucking big!”

“If you say so.” I mumbled, moving to the other tit as she began to bounce harder, sliding her velvety pussy up and down my shaft, sending little tingles racing through my body.

“Oh yeah. I do.” She moaned as she bounced harder. “Fuck I’m going to come already. Ohhhhhhh fuck fuck fuck. Your cock is going to make me come!” she squealed loudly as she slammed herself down on my shaft, her whole body suddenly shuddering and shaking as her pussy convulsed and spasmed around my cock. “Ohhhhhhh god god god!” she moaned, leaning against me and panting for breath.

“I didn’t know girls came that fast.” I said quietly as she began to wiggle around on my lap again, her chest pulled far enough way that I couldn’t suck her nipples, but could play with both her fantastic tits.

“Not too damn often.” She mumbled. “God why haven’t we fucked before this?”

“Cuz we didn’t want to ruin our friendship.” I answered, my hips trying to push my cock up into her, my own desire to climax off the charts.

“Eric. You know I’m not on the pill right now, right?” She said quietly.

“Oh fuck. Well, at least you got a good come.” I groaned, seeing my chances to finish what we started going out the window.

“I did. And so should you. It’s not the best time of the month to get pregnant, but it could happen. But I still want you to come. As much as I want it in me, I’m not quite drunk enough to ignore that.” She said as she climbed off of me, her pussy pulling off me with a loud slurp. She moved to the other end of the sofa and lay down, hooking one leg over the back of the sofa and letting the other hang over the edge, leaving her pussy spread wide. “Fuck me. But before you come, pull out. You can fuck my tits or squirt all over me, whatever you want, as long as you don’t come in me.” She said, looking at me seriously. “I know damn well that tomorrow I’m going to buy a stash of condoms though.” She added with a giggle.

I stood up and pulled off my shoes and pants before repositioning myself on the sofa on my knees. I held myself over her as she reached for my cock and guided me back to her waiting hole. “Ohhhhh yeah. Fuck me baby.” She moaned as I pushed into her again, sliding all the way into her as she pulled her legs farther back to allow me to push into her until my body pressed against her bare ass. I started stroking in and out of her pussy, slamming myself deep into her with each stroke, making her tits bounce and wiggle on her chest as she rocked her hips in time with my strokes. “Oh god yes yes. Fuck you feel good.” She cried softly. “Fuck me hard baby! Fuck my hot little cunt!”

“Oh god. I’m not going to last long doing this!” I grunted as I pounded into her.

“Then don’t! Come for me!” she coaxed as I stroked in and out, my engorged head teasing her tunnel walls and her soft wet tunnel clenching around and gripping me, trying to hold me inside her as I inched closer to climax.

“Oh god! Almost.” I grunted, pulling my dick from her pussy and pushing forward, driving it along her wet slit until I was sticking up between her legs. She reached for my cock and began to stroke it frantically, her hands pushing my inevitable orgasm to its peak. My body bucked and shot a huge gush of cum out, sailing in an arc to land on her tits in a long white rope. Again and again my body jerked, sending even more cum onto her, leaving ropes and puddles of cum on her chest and stomach. My cock began to soften as she gently played with it, milking the last of the cum from it before letting go and reaching for me. She wrapped her arms around my neck and body and pulled me down, pressing our naked bodies together.

“God you came a lot.” She whispered as she pulled my face down to hers. I felt her hot lips press to mine and eagerly returned her sensuous kiss, sharing the taste of each other for long seconds. “I hope we don’t kill our friendship.” She whispered as the kiss was broken.

“Could make it difficult.” I whispered avrupa yakası escort back.

“Doesn’t have to. Friends with benefits maybe?” She asked quietly.

“I’m willing to try it.” I agreed, my cock already getting hard again . “Want some more benefits?”

“Yeah,” she grinned. “How about you fuck me from behind.”

“Sure. Kinda wanted to do that at the lake anyway. Just pull those bikini panties down and take you right there on the shore of the lake.” I said with a chuckle as she released me.

“I wouldn’t have appreciated it then. But after today, I’m not sure I’d object.” She grinned as I climbed off the sofa. She slid off herself and then stood up, stepping around to the side of the sofa and bent over, resting her elbows on the arm of the sofa, her ass pointed out toward me as I stepped around behind her.

My cock wasn’t rock hard, but it was plenty hard enough to push into her again. I grasped my shaft and pressed my head to her full round pussy lips and pressed, my still not quite fully rigid cock slipping into her velvety soft tunnel. I held her hips and started to pump my hips, driving my cock in and out of her pussy, my shaft quickly growing harder as I slapped my thighs against her bare ass. In and out I stroked, her moans of pleasure loudly filling the room as I stood behind her, stroking into her over and over again. She lifted one leg and rested her knee on the back of the sofa, spreading her legs wide apart, allowing me to drive even deeper into her.

“OH FUCK Eric! God damn you feel so good fucking my pussy! God I love how your cock feels in meeeee!” she cried loudly as I reached up her body and captured her swinging tits, gripping her nipples and squeezing gently as her swinging mamaries tried to tug and pull her nipples from my grip. “Ohhhhhhhh fuck fuck fuck!” she cried as my stroking cock pushed her orgasm closer to its climax. In and out I continued to drive, her cries and comments adding to the incredible stimulation of her spasming pussy.

“Fuck. I’m going to come again!” I grunted loudly, feeling my balls tingle and tighten.

She unceremoniously pulled herself off my cock, pushing my hands from her tits and dropped to her knees in front of me. She grabbed my cock with one hand, her other hand quickly pushing two fingers into her own pussy. She closed her lips around my head and frantically stroked my shaft with her hand, trying to tease me to come in her mouth.

“OH FUCK!” I cried as my body suddenly bucked in a massive spasm, a huge gush of cum lancing from my cock. Mandy gagged on the sudden surge, pulling her mouth from my cock to try and regain her breathing, my second and third shots of cum spewing onto her face. She continued to stroke my cock while I shot three more strong surges of cum onto her chest, adding to where the last load had gone and dried.

“God you come a lot.” She breathed before closing her mouth around my head again, sucking the now subsiding cum from my softening cock. I stood there, my body twitching periodically as she licked and sucked my cock until it had emptied all it was going to, and then pulled from it. She stood up in front of me, wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me to her cum covered chest, her mouth pressing to mine. I tasted my own cum on her lips and tongue as she aggressively kissed me, her tongue darting into my mouth to tease my tongue.

“Well, looks like you two had more fun that I did.” We heard from behind me, drawing our attention to Mrs Eckerson standing by the front door in her black long sleeved cocktail dress.

“Oh shit!” Mandy cried, quickly turning away and practically running down the hall toward her bedroom. For my part all I could do was try to cover my flagging cock as she walked slowly toward me, one foot crossing the other and making her hips sway as she stepped closer. Her dress clung tightly to her curves, which were considerable, and her tits wiggled and bounced slightly with each step, clearly unrestrained under the skin tight black material. I swore I could see her nipples hardening in the thin black material as she stepped right up to me, standing only inches from me.

“No need to hide it. I think it looks pretty damn good.” She said, reaching her hand down to mine and pulling my hands away so she could see me. “Looks like my daughter already used you up. Too bad. I could have used a good fuck tonight!” she said somewhat drunkenly. She reached to her shoulder with one hand, pulling on the material to while she tossed her handbag on the small coffee table. I stared as she peeled the apparently backless dress down one arm, slowly exposing one of her large round tits. I stared at her full round tit, at least half again as big as Mandy’s, while she reached her other hand up and pulled the other shoulder, slowly easing the material down her arm until she could pull it out, leaving her naked from the waist up. Hooking both hands in the material of the dress where it was bunched around her waist, she wiggled her hips slowly from side to side, pushing the material down an inch or so with each wiggle of her hips. Inch by inch she pushed the skin tight black material over her hips and ass, exposing more and more of her stomach and lower. The dress finally slipped down her legs, leaving me staring at her completely naked body with exception of an incredibly small thong panty that didn’t even extend high enough to cover her completely shaved mound.

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