Night Noises

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Big Tits

It was the noise that distracted me. It was so soft at first I thought I was imagining it. But it was there: a slow and steady hum broken with little noises I couldn’t identify at first, until they started coming faster and faster. They were moans. My mother’s moans, accompanying her vibrator as she pleasured herself in the next room. It was the sexiest thing I had ever heard.

I was 26, recently separated from my wife. We’d married too young and three years in found me cheating on her with a woman from work. I’d always had a high sex drive and thought getting married would cure my wandering eye. It didn’t turn out that way. My wife found the condoms in my car and kicked me out of the house. With nowhere to go, I turned to my mother.

Mom was divorced from my stepfather and at 46 was beginning her life over again. My 22-year old sister had just moved out so she had an empty room. I promised that I would only crash long enough to patch things up with my wife or until I found a new place to stay.

Mom was very cool about it, telling me I could stay as long as I needed, but I could tell she was a little frustrated by my presence. She had been looking forward to having the place to herself, to discovering who she would be without a husband and without kids at home. I was definitely putting a crimp in her plans but I had nowhere else to stay.

About a week after I’d moved in, we were having some wine and I finally told Mom everything about the break-up, confessing to my cheating and being honest about it for once. Her response surprised me.

“Sweetie, I can’t say I’m shocked,” she said. “You’ve never been able to be with one girl for very long. I love your wife, don’t get me wrong, but I always felt you got into this too young. You just have that high family sex drive. It’s a blessing and a curse, baby, I know. You’re not the only one who’s screwed things up by needing more than your partner can give.”

We’d never been shy about talking about sex at home but Mom had never admitted that she had the same kind of sex drive that I had before. I chalked it up to the wine but I couldn’t resist teasing her a little.

“So is that why you’re single again?” I asked. “You just too much woman for my poor old stepdad?”

“Damn right I am!” she laughed. She stood, a little unsteadily, and struck a cheesecake pose. “Ain’t many men can handle all of this, baby!” She sat down again, giggling as she took another sip of merlot.

I had to admit, Mom looked great. She wasn’t a workout fiend but she was lifting weights before it became cool and had been a runner since high school. She was toned and fit. I’d never asked but I figured she was about a 34B or so, perfect on her 5’3″ frame. Combined with a pixie cut of her brunette hair, flashing blue eyes and a smile that always seemed to be lurking on her lips, Mom could get any man she wanted and she knew it. There was an easy confidence about her that was sexy, as well. She loved to flirt and had never let being married stop her. Now I knew that she’d gone beyond flirting.

“So is my being here causing a dent in your schedule?” I asked.

She laughed. “No, baby. Mama is on a break from dating for a bit. I could use the affection but it’s hard to find men my age that haven’t let themselves go or have other issues. I’m kind of finding out who I am right now. Not who I belong to or anything like that. Just me. It’s kind bostancı escort of nice.”

I saluted her with my glass. “Well here’s to you discovering how awesome you are!”

She clinked my glass. “And you too, baby. Find out who you are right now. Be honest about your needs, your wants. Don’t get to my age and wonder what you’re doing. You got a lot going for you, sweetie. Take your time to figure it out. I wish I’d thought about it a bit more when I was your age. I feel like I kind of denied some real important parts of myself for far too long. Don’t make the same mistakes your mama made.”

We talked for another hour or so and then went off to bed. As I undressed, I had to admit that Mom was right. I’d never completely accepted the fact that sex was really important to me. I’d always been kind of ashamed of my needs. I needed to stop lying to myself.

I lay in bed and slowly stroked my hard cock. I couldn’t go to sleep without an orgasm. I thought about booting up my laptop, looking at some porn but being a little drunk, I couldn’t rouse myself from just laying there. I began running fantasies through my mind until I heard the low hum. I dismissed it as a house noise but it was different than anything I’d heard the past week. If I had been sober, I think I would have realized the source sooner.

That first moan caught my ear. Then another. And another. Not loud but in the quiet house I could make them out. As it came to me that I was hearing my mother masturbate with her toy, I felt my cock throb in my hand. It felt kind of naughty to keep on stroking but I couldn’t help it. I was already horny and hearing even these soft sounds of sex made me even harder.

Slowly her moans got faster and faster. I couldn’t believe how erotic it was to hear. I’d never heard my mother like this before. I’d heard my dad and my stepmom fucking quite a few times so a little passive eavesdropping wasn’t new to me but for some reason this was even more arousing.

I found myself stroking in rhythm to her moans, not even trying to fantasize about anything else. I just enjoyed the sounds of her pleasure as I felt my own orgasm approaching. Her moans turned to soft yips and then I heard her orgasm with a muted groan, no doubt muffling herself with a pillow or her hand. That proved too much and I cam along with her, muting my own grunts of ecstasy as best I could. It was only after I’d finished cumming, laying there, panting, that I realized how loud I might of been. But as I slipped into my post-orgasmic slightly drunken slumber, I felt nothing but satisfaction and pleasure.

The next morning, we both bustled about, getting ready for work. We didn’t talk much, kind of avoiding each other until we both ended up in the kitchen at the same time. Mom looked at me with a little guilty smile and I blushed a little. We looked at each other… and burst out laughing. We couldn’t stop giggling, both of us having to sit down. As our laughs subsided, I looked in her eyes and we both lost it again, doubling over as we giggled like teenage schoolgirls.

Finally, after a few fits and starts, we both settle down. Wiping her eyes, Mom said, “So, do anything fun last night?” making us both lose it all over again. Finally able to breath evenly again, we just smiled at each other.

“Well, I guess that was bound to happen,” I said. “We’re both adults with… büyükçekmece escort um… higher… uh.”

“We’re both horndogs, you mean,” laughed Mom. “It’s all right honey. You’re right, we need to be grown up about this. Let’s just forget about the whole thing and move on. Deal?”


With that, we finished getting ready and waved to each other as we drove our separate ways. I turned on the stereo and couldn’t help but laugh as I got on the freeway.

Chapter 2

Over the next few weeks, it became obvious that my marriage was not going to be easily mended. My wife wasn’t in a forgiving mood and, to be honest, I found I wasn’t really that interested in patching things up. We didn’t have kids, hadn’t bought a home. There was nothing big to keep us together if the spark was gone and she was going to never let me live down what I’d done. We decided better to just finish it off and move on.

During that time, Mom and I lived peacefully, not seeing each other as much as you might think. We both had busy jobs and social lives. I was dealing with the divorce, Mom traveled for work a bit.

There had been a couple nights, though, where we were both home and had gone to bed at the same time. At first, I was worried that I would have to struggle to be quiet while taking care of my need to cum but as I laid there in the dark I hard the hum again. Just as quiet, just as steady. Then the moans began. Again, soft and muted but steady and growing faster. Like a sensual replay, we went through the steps again of building moans and muffled cries, but this time sober.

The next morning we didn’t suffer a case of the giggles but did share a secret little smile as we went about our morning routines. The little kiss on the cheek she always gave me on the way out the door lost none of its innocence and yet felt like a deeper connection to her as a person, not just a mom. It’s hard to put into words but there was an extra feeling of closeness that just felt sweet and natural. It was nice.

One Saturday night, we were both home, which was rare. We decided to watch a movie, have some wine. The movie wasn’t thrilling and the wine made us sleepy so we finally gave up and went to bed. As she kissed me on the cheek to say good night, Mom giggled and whispered, “Um, baby, if you don’t mind… um… could you wear your headphones or something tonight? I’ve got to um… well… it’s getting real hard to be quiet.”

I blushed and giggled, too. “I know what you mean!”

We both laughed. She kissed my cheek again. “Okay, well, don’t blame me for anything you hear tonight, baby. Sweet dreams.”

I watched her weave a little as she walked to her room, admiring her gorgeous ass not for the first time in the tight yoga pants she’d taken to wearing around the house. As she got to her door, she looked back and caught me staring. She giggled and shook her ass and her finger at me. “Go to bed, bad boy!” she said.

I laughed, too and went to my room as I heard her door close. As I stripped off my pants, I was only half surprised to find myself already hard. Naked, I laid on the bed, not even bothering to turn off the lights. I was too horny to wait. I needed some relief.

I started stroking slowly as I realized I was waiting, listening. I didn’t want to start until she did. I was a little shocked at myself but the çapa escort wine made me feel like it wasn’t so bad. It’s not like it was the first time, I justified to myself. So I waited.

The humming was louder this time. I wondered if maybe she wasn’t under the covers this time. Or maybe it was a higher setting. I didn’t know but I could certainly hear it better than ever. And her moans were louder. Much louder.

I began to moan too as I stroked my hard cock, listening to the moans and whimpers coming from down the hall. It seemed like Mom had given up any pretense of privacy tonight. Like she couldn’t take it and need to just let loose, no holding back. I was right there with her. Week after week of trying to be quiet had slowly built up my need for more. I didn’t want to be quiet, damn it. I wanted to feel it.

Evidently, so did Mom. I could hear her panting and moaning and then, for the first time, words. I heard mumbles at first. I could tell she was saying something but at first I couldn’t make out any actual words until after a long moan I distinctly heard, “FUCK!”

I’d heard my mom swear before. She could have a mouth like a sailor when she wanted, especially if she’d hurt herself, stubbed a toe or something. But it had never been sexual before. “Fuck” had only meant pain or anger. Now it meant sex, it meant fuck.

I couldn’t help myself, I moaned, “Oh fuck yes” as I kept stroking. There was a half second of silence, only the sound of the vibrator before I heard Mom moaning again. And swearing.

“Fuuuuuck oh fuck yes mmmmm oh fuck that’s good oh god damn it mmmmmm” I heard coming from her room.

Pandora’s box had been opened and I couldn’t stay quiet either. “Mmmmm fuck its so good oh god yes I love it mmmmm fuck yeah,” I moaned as she kept talking and moaning with me.

“Yessss fucking so good mmmmm oh its good fuck fuck fuck mmmm,” I heard.

Without realizing what I was doing, I moaned out, “Oh fuck yesssss mmmmm it feels so good mmmm fuck that pussy…”

Silence. For the first time one of us had referenced the other one. I held my breath, eyes wide at what I’d done. Had I gone too far? I gripped my cock and waited.

It only took a second before Mom started moaning again and, in fact, louder. “Oh shit oh fuck mmmm yess I love it mmm I love fucking my pussy oh fuck…”

I moaned loudly and squeezed my cock harder to keep myself from cumming just at hearing those words. “Oh yes fuck it fuck it fuck mmmmmm so hot mmmm fuck!”

“OH fuck I’m fucking my wet pussy oh I love it my pussy is so wet mmmmm…”

“Oh shit my cock is so hard oh fuck this is so hot mmmm!”

I couldn’t believe what I heard next: “Ohhhhhh fuck stroke that cock baby oh fuck that’s hot oh god!”

That was too much; I couldn’t take it any more. I felt my balls tighten up as I fisted my cock. I could feel myself on the edge of cumming as I moaned out, “Oh fuck yes Mom I’m gonna cum oh god its so good fuck that pussy Mom I’m gonna stroke my cock and cum oh fuck!”

“Oh fuck I’m cumming son I’m cumming cum for mama cum hard baby oh fuck oh fuuuuuuuuuuuck!” and with a final cry, I heard her orgasm as I shot my own load, spraying my chest with my cum.

Suddenly the house fell silent. I could only hear my heavy breathing and the slight hum of Mom’s vibrator and then only my breath as she turned it off.

I lay there, panting, my chest heaving after having the most amazing, intense orgasm of my life. My brain was racing. What would tomorrow be like? What would we say? What had we done? As my brain whirled, the wine and the orgasm took their toll on my exhausted body and I fell asleep, not knowing what the world would be like when I awoke.

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