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Ashley slowly opened the door to her father’s room and called out to him, but he didn’t answer. She smiled. He never did. He was such a sound sleeper that he never woke up. Which is good, because as much as she wanted him to, she was glad he didn’t. That way she could keep doing what she loved. She glanced at the clock on his bed side table and smiled. It was 4:21. She had been 18 for a whole minute.

She walked into the room, the moonlight shining in through the window lighting the way as well as her naked body. She hadn’t worn any form of pajamas since she was 12 years old, around the time she realized her breasts were getting bigger and that it felt really good when she rubbed herself between her legs. That was six years ago, and in that time she had grown into a beautiful woman. All the boys in school wanted to go out with her, and who could blame them. She was very attractive, with shoulder length blond hair, and a beautiful smile. But her best features were her breasts. They weren’t as big as a couple of the girl’s in school, but at 32C, they were quite nice, and she wore cloths that showed them off, as well as the rest of her 5’8″, 110 lb figure.

She reached the bed and looked down at her sleeping father. He looked so handsome. She felt sorry for him. Mom had died when she was 10, and he hadn’t so much as gone on a date since. She asked him why he didn’t date, and he simply said that he didn’t want to yet. That he wasn’t over her mother yet. She hoped he would get over her death soon. She was glad that he still missed her, but he had to be miserable with just her in his life. She had tried to set him up on a few dates, which hadn’t been hard since çatalca escort he was tall-6’2″-and a muscular 235lbs, but they never worked. He worked out a couple of times a week, and it showed, even when he had his shirt on. And at only 42 years old, there was plenty of time left to find someone new.

She slowly pulled back the covers, the moonlight revealing his naked body. She had found out that he slept in the nude a few years back when she had woken him up on Father’s day with breakfast in bed. It was a bit awkward, but since then she had dreamed about her father, her perfect man. She slowly ran her hand across his chest, over his abs, until it reached its target. With a smile she wrapped her hand around his semi-hard cock.

No matter how many times she had done this, it always seemed to be like that when she started, and she couldn’t help but wonder if it ever went completely soft. She smiled as she slowly stroked it, sliding her hand up and down. Feeling it get harder and thicker in her hand as she watched. She loved to feel her daddy’s cock grow in her hand as she slowly rubbed him.

A few drops of pre-cum leaked out of the head and she leaned down to lick it of. She kept doing that, licking the fluids that came to the surface as she slide her hand up and down his cock until she knew it was completely hard. Ashley stopped for a moment to look at it, standing here. 8 inches of magnificent man meat, barely able to wrap her fingers around it. She smiled, licking her lips as she looked at it, feeling her pussy getting wetter by the second.

Soon she couldn’t take it any more. She leaned down licking up some new esenyurt escort pre-cum before she began licking the sensitive head, swirling her tongue around it, feeling it jerk in her hand. She began to lick it, dragging her tongue up and down her daddy’s big cock, feeling the thick vein on the underside of it, concentrating on the areas that she knew were most sensitive. This hadn’t been the first time she had done this; it had become a nightly habit, one she hoped never to give up.

She held his cock upright as she licked it while her other hand reached between his legs and slowly began rubbing his balls. She felt them inside their sack, heavy, full of cum. She smiled at the thought of all that cum as she reached the top of his cock and opened her mouth, sliding it in.

At first she sucked on just the head, her lips forming a tight seal as she slide more and more of he father’s cock into her mouth. Deeper and deeper it slide into her mouth until she felt the head pressing against the back of her throat. She relaxed her throat and slide deeper until she felt her face against his body, her daddy’s cock filling her mouth.

She moaned, loving the feel of her daddy’s cock in her mouth, loving the way it tasted as she began to suck on it, sliding it in and out of her mouth, her head slowly bobbing up and down. As she sucked on it, her hand continued to rub his balls, tickling them, massaging them, feeling them jump every time she slide it all the way into her mouth.

She began building speed, sucking her father’s cock faster, dragging her teeth against the smooth skin. She finally let go of his balls and began rubbing etiler escort her breasts before moving down to her pussy. It was dripping wet and she only rubbed it for a few seconds before she slide a finger in, feeling her tight cunt opening for it. She longed to climb into bed with he father, to straddle his body and feel his cock slowly slide into her body. But she knew that, while a blowjob wouldn’t wake him, her climbing into bed would. So she contented herself with that, happy that at least she could suck on this amazing organ that helped to create her.

She slide a second finger into her sopping wet slit, finger fucking herself in time with the cock sliding in and out her mouth. She could hear her father moaning as she began rubbing her clit with the palm of her hand, feeling herself getting closer with each second, and knowing that he was getting close too.

It only took a few minutes before she came, her eyes squeezed shut as waves of pleasure washed over her, her body shaking as her orgasm over took her. She fought to keep from screaming, moaning onto her father’s cock, making sure he could feel her pleasure as her pussy gripped her fingers.

And that was all it took to push him over the edge. As her orgasm died down, Ashley felt daddy’s cock stiffen as he came, firing hot cum into her mouth. She kept her lips locked tightly around his cock, not wanting to miss a single drop of his seed, the same seed that created her, loving the taste of daddy’s cum.

Finally he sighed contently in his sleep as the last spurts of cum entered her mouth. She swallowed it all and stroked his softening cock, milking the last few drops from it. Convinced she had gotten it all she licked her lips as she stood, smiling. She pulled the sheets back over her father’s body and kissed him on the cheek.

“Thank you daddy” She said quietly as she walked out of the room, rolling the last of her daddy’s cum around in her mouth as she walked back to her room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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