No Paradise by the Dashboard Light Ch. 05

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The Wedding

We got ready, got into out tuxes, called the Limo and made it to Wedding hall (I want to say church but no, it’s a non-denominational reception hall with a chapel) about 2 hours early. We hung around the chapel for a little bit and went exploring. Well we went down a long hallway and heard some noises, figuring it would be part of our group we followed. We came to the stairs where we heard what sounds like someone having sex. We went up the stairs very quietly, I mean really who wouldn’t love the chance to watch someone having sex. Well we were shocked, It was the Cop from last night and Ellen. She was wearing what looked like underwear for her wedding dress, and taking the largest cock I have ever seen into her pussy. It had to be a foot long. Well considering the activities of last night, I think Jim might have overlooked this but… they had to open up their mouths. I had my phone out recording them having sex, but don’t judge me.

Ellen was sorta moaning. “oh… that feels good… I wish Jim could do… doo… Doo… oh yes…”

The cop said, “That little prick only thing he’s good for is what you can get out of him. I bet he will give you anything.”

She replied, “You mean, give us anything baby, you know I could never love him. Oh yeah… Just like that… ohhhh ohhh…”

HE said,” as soon as your name goes on his accounts we can be together, and I can feed you to my SNAKE anytime you want it.” when he said snake he pulled his cock out of her and slapped her across the ass with it, the sound echoed. He shoved it back in.

“Don’t come in me baby, I don’t want him to … to… Damn I’m coming…” she shrieked a little as he kept pounding, and she came again. When he was ready he pulled out of her and she dropped to her knees and took the tip of his cock into her mouth. The Tip was all that fit. He let loose and her cheeks puffed out and just a little bit of it ran down her chin.

“What a good, good girl you are!” he said.

“Thank you baby, It won’t be long now… Can you believe he bought me being a virgin. What a dope,” Ellen said.

“Maybe, but sounds like he loves you,” he said.

“Well I got a wedding to get ready for, so OUT you go…” and she pushed him out the back door.

We retreated, down the stairs. Jims face was red as a beat.

“That fucking bitch. HE was right I did love her.” Jim said, “I could have accepted her fucking him, but the trying to take my money is just too much. This fucking wedding if off.”

“Hold on, I have an idea, but we need help,” I said, I hung up and called Terri. She came right over to the church.

Together Jim and I showed her the video, and I explained my idea and she was willing to help.

Fast forward to the Ceremony.

It was beautiful, The chapel was perfect, the flowers on the alters, her maid of honor, and bridesmaid was stunning. Jim’s best man was looking spot on and very sexy (okay it was me), and he other groomsman was looking good too I guess. The Chelloist, was in perfect pitch, the organ music filled the small chapel perfectly. Everything was perfect. Even all the candles were staying lit. Ellen was Stunning really. The Dress was beautiful, Her father walked her down the isle. The Minister did all the “We are gathered her… blah blah blah…” stuff and Let us have moment of silence and pray for the couple.

And this was Terri’s signal to start the video. The Minister looked behind him to the screen that should have stayed blank, but was displaying the brides dressing room and a very erotic scene. The volume of the pounding was great, but when it came to the worst part, she ran out the back of the church not to be seen by any of us ever again.

Jim announced, “The Wedding may be off, but we have tons of food and an open bar! LETS GET THE PARTY STARTED!”

Fast Forward again… To the end of the evening.

Dancing was fun, we had a great time, the three of us all went back to the cabin afterwards thanks to the Limo driver being sober.

The three of us sat naked in the hot tub for hours. Terri between us. We turned on the bubbles, and she leaned into me and said, “Can have a little fun and include him?”

I whispered back, “I don’t mind at all” and turned on the bubbles. The lights were dim and we all were feeling pendik escort relaxed.

Jim said, “Thank you guys for everything, I glad you was there for me.” Terri’s hand made it into my lap first, “I condiser you guys fammmmmmmmmmmmmilllyyyyyy.” My guess that’s where Terri grabbed his cock.

Terri spoke, “You know I’ve always wanted two guys naked in a hot tub with me. A cock for each hand.”

We scooter closer to her, she lifted up a little somehow had one of her legs over one leg of each of us. My hand made for her sex, and to my surprise Jim’s hand was already there. Terri had taken his hand and put it there sometime in the movement I guess. Jim pulled back and was like, “She put it there.”

Only thing I could say was, “It’s cool, she asked me if we all could play.” I took his hand and put it back. I was enjoying the look on her face as we both worked on her. Jim was doing great on the bottom half and I was doing wonders kissing her and massaging her breasts. She laid her head over on his shoulder and relaxed and he stroked her pussy under the water and she rubbed our cocks. Like all good thing the time on the bubbles ran out and I got the honor of getting out and I was about to reset it, and Terri got out too, leaving Jim all alone.

“Jim, why don’t you come join us for a quick shower and then we can get some rest.” Terri said.

We got in the oversized shower, the three of us, washed the chemical from the hottub off, and we all climbed into the big kings sized bed. Terri was in the middle(of course), Jim and I lay over onto her our cocks touching her legs on our side, or heads on our respective Boob, and believe it or not, we slept. The Sun coming in the window woke us up the next morning. Jim and I both had morning wood. Our cock almost meeting in the middle when she reached down to fondle them. She rubbed our cock heads together a couple times, and said, I gotta go pee, hopped up out of bed and went to the bathroom. Thank god the place had more than one bathroom.

When Jim and I returned Terri was back in bed, covered from then chin down, and our morning wood was at least a little less woody for now. We climbed in, and she said, “Sorry about last night, I kinda fell asleep on you guys.”

I replied, “I was just going to say the same thing.”

Not to be out done Jim chimed in, “I tried to wake you guys up but it didn’t work” and he got smacked by both of us wielding pillows.”

Terri said, “Seems like you are up now,” taking hold of his cock, “and I’ve seen you use this thing before. And I know it .ugh… ugh… um… Tasted good too…” She held it up for my inspection, “You wanna taste.”

I didn’t say it but have Friday night I was going to pass on that, “Nah… I’m good”

She then shocked Jim and be a little, she just threw a leg over him, and set down on his cock, taking the whole thing into her hot wet pussy. Jim moaned, “Oh that feels so good…”

It was very cool watching his cock go into her fire red pubic hair, without knowing it I was masturbating. They change positions and he was now taking her doggie style. I slid underneath her to where I could reach her pussy, and started fingering her clit as he fucked her. I love watching from this angle. She soon came and somehow I wound up being below her pussy and his cock was pounding into her with about at my nose level. I thought to myself, “This ain’t gonna happen again!” and just as I started to move, he pulled out and thrust back in, but missed and went into my mouth and started cumming. Like I said, I’m straight, but I’ve had more of his cum on me than I have mine.

I coughed and sputtered, and got up, spitting into the bathroom sink. Rinsing by mouth out with mouthwash. Terri wondering what the hell was happening, and Jim knowing, and whispering in her ear. Terri was now almost in tears laughing and said “My Dear dear brother, it serves your right for being there.”

Jim stopped laughing and just in awe, finally spoke, “You mean you two…”

I spoke up, “Yes, she my sister but let me explain…”, 30 minutes later we were all on the same page, Terri explained that we love each other and totally trust one another.

I threw an idea out, “You know Jim we all have tickets for a honeymoon, I bet your sister would sefaköy escort be up to go for one”

Jim said, “She might, I’ll call her.”

Terri in shock now, “He has a sister?”

“Jim you go call your sister, I need to fuck mine right now, come back if you want after you talk to her.”

Jim Never made it back into our room, I heard front door of the cabin open, and his bedroom door close. James later told me, he called his sister, and she came right over after she heard the outcome of the wedding. They went to his room to talk, and they talked for a few hours, occasionally hearing us go at it for what seemed like forever. She asked to see the video, and Jim showed it to her. After watching it, jim said, “She spotted my hard on, and just reached out and undid my pants, and hen her lose just disappeared and she was riding me.”

While all this was going on, Terri and I were enjoying ourselves. She tried a few things we’ve never done and it was fun. We stared out just going at it like animals. My cock pounding into her pussy with me on top. I know Missionary seems old and boring but I never get tired of it. I love looking into my sisters face as my cock slides in an out of her paradise of a pussy. Her muscles seem to milk me as her hips gyrate in almost circles below me. I say almost because she gets a circle thing going where she almost rips my cock out by the root, but in a great way. I can feel every little fold of her pussy and her clit rubbing along the top of my cock. Okay, I did say we tried different things, I think she must have found a book on sex or something or was attempting research on writing one.

She Rode me with her on top, which I always love, but she somehow moved her legs on the inside of mine, causing me to lose sight of where my cock was going into her red hot bush, but it was worth it. It caused her pussy to squeeze my cock so hard it drove me nuts. I never really was so aware of her clit rubbing against my shaft before this night . I had my hands on the curve hip, feeling her soft skin as she FUCKED me… She kept going higher and higher, her clit came into contact with my cock head for a couple of strokes and I came, and I came for what seemed like a lifetime. (Okay maybe 30-45 seconds, but really it was great) My eyes closed shut and I saw stars. When I started cumming I think it set her off. I’m not sure, did you ever have one of those orgasms where you just couldn’t remember anything but the cum. IT was like on the cosmic Level, or quantum level. I could feel myself going into her, and by that I mean I think I felt what my semen would feel. I felt it expanding, hitting her cervix, and working it’s way in. When I got to where I could think again, Terri was laying against my chest, and I could still feel every little nerve where our skin was touching. She kissed my earlobe, and said “Thank you!”

I guess it was good for her too. I felt myself get hard inside of her. Pushing my previous load down my shaft to flow warmly across my balls. We maneuvered around some and I soon had her bent over the bed, pounding into from behind, she told me, or rather ordered me, to “Spank me!” I’d never really done this before, but using my hand I spanked her three times as I was entering her and she started cumming, and I spanked her at least 3 times again as she came, and stopped with she called a TIME OUT” We lay on our backs on the bed for a bit, my erection still flying full staff, She glanced down at my wet and shiny cock, and went to work on it. She said, “I don’t think I have another orgasm in me but I can take care of this.”, and with that devoured me. I’ve already cam so I lasted longer, and soon I guided to where her pussy was in my mouth, and yuck. I got a mouthful of my own, but I didn’t want to give in, so I just lived with it. With my experiences the last week or so I should be getting used to cum, but I’m not. It wasn’t that bad really when it was mixed with the juices of the one I love.

For someone that said she couldn’t cum again, she rode my face hard and my tongue was giving out (for all you guys out there that say this never happens YOU LIE). I was getting close myself, and she could tell and it was getting her more worked up. She won this round, she pushed down on my face as she came, releasing silivri escort a flood of her juices and mine onto my face, and then I saw stars again, this time they hurt like hell and I screamed, “Oh My god, what the hell.” Somewhere along here I must have shot my load, but when she got off of me, she was more like “Oh no… Oh no… Oh no… Look at your poor face. I must have started my period, I’m so sorry.”

I got up, and my face was smeared, in our juices, and blood. I went into the bathroom to the sink and got a rag to wash up, and found the blood was from my nose. I told her, “Don’t worry about your period, you just busted my nose a little.”

She same in and it was my turn to laugh, she had my cum all in her hair even here eyebrows. The bleeding wasn’t bad, and we took the chance to shower, and changed the sheets, She said, “The cleaning people are going to love this.” They did, We left a good tip and a note saying sorry when we checked out.

We lay in bed snuggled up, Me holding her in my arms. We talked, some and I told her about Chrissy, and she was okay with my actions with her and Jim. My soft cock was nestled between her soft warm butt cheek, the cabin quiet of the cabin with only the squeaking of the bed down the hall and the occasional moan or screech of pleasure, we fell asleep as lovers.

The next morning I woke up alone and slipped into the bathroom, slipped on a robe and wondered out into the kitchen. Where I found Jim and Chrissy sitting on one bench of the breakfast nook bench watching as Terri was making breakfast. She had some sausage gravy going and had some eggs going on the griddle. Wearing nothing but slippers and a cooks apron. I came up beside her, slipped my hands inside the apron on each side and cupped her breasts, she crooked her head back and gave me a kiss followed by a real kiss.

Terri said, “Feels like you are happy to see me. But lets eat for now and talk about the trip. The plane leaves this afternoon.”

“Okay, Okay…” I said as I pulled my hands out of the apron, turning to go set down.

Chrissy noticed, “Nice wood there!” and pointed at my erection sticking out from the front of the robe.”

I peeked over, and saw where her hand was, and said, “Humm, looks like you have a handful yourself” Seeing her hand wrapped around her brothers cock.”

“Give us a break, I’ve only been with my brother for a day now. How long have you guys been a it.” She asked.

“I don’t know, what would you say Terri? About 3 weeks or so?” I asked.

“Sounds about right to me, Michael and I just sorta happened, and we found we love each other and we know we can trust one another. And yes Chrissy he told me about after the party. It sounds hot. And Michael, Jim told her about after the wedding too. So we are all open and all okay with it. But this is as far as it goes.” Terri then looked each of us up and down.

We all agreed, and sat down to eat. The good was good, and Terri and Christy found they have a lot in common. They told how they both would sneak peeks at us with they could, and we did admitted it too. But neither Jim nor I was ever any good at catching them. When this came up I added pointed it out,” Sounds like you girls got a lot better view than we ever did.”

Chrissy said, “Poor baby, we’ll just have to make it up to you.” She Stood and dropped her robe, sitting on it. Terri did the same with her apron. Not to be left out of this sudden naked breakfest Jim and I joined them.

Terri said, “I wish it was more open like this growing up. I remember hiding to even get a little peak at this monster.” And grabbed my cock in her hand.

Jim Said, “I would have killed to see these kissable breasts”, as he kissed her on each of her lovely nipples.

I just looked at Terri cupping her pretty little face in my hands I kissed her. All the kinky stuff we’ve done together, nothing has surpassed this moment for the amount of love I have felt for my sister.

The girls interrupted what might have become a makeout session, Terri, said, “We better get our stuff packed and call the cab, We got just a couple hours to be out of here and onto a plane.”

Chrissy said, “AND WARM WEATHER!! Thank you for inviting me Jim, I do love you so much!”

Jim said, “Chrissy, we already have the same last name, can we be Newelyweds for at least this trip.”

He just said what we were all thinking but afraid to suggest. Terri Looked at me, and I just nodded and got a “Thank you my dear Husband!”

I liked the sound of that, If only we could… But for now we have a carefree honeymoon to go on!

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