Oral Exam Ch. 13

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Once again, thank you for the comments and feedback. You guys have really motivated me to jot my thoughts down. A special thank you goes out to Rockcrawler & Company, and to Ally (my own personal Jessica) for the help and wonderful words of encouragement. Without you Ally, Chapter 13 would not have happened. There is some plot here so, if you haven’t read the first twelve stories you might want to start there. Feel free to send me your thoughts. I will respond. I’d love to hear where you think this should go next. Don’t forget to vote. Enjoy.


I was spending a lazy evening on my ratty, grad pad couch. A cold, fizzy beverage was on the end table next to me and the TV remote control was in my hand. I had been watching a lame suspense / thriller movie for the last hour and a half through half-closed eyes. Within the first fifteen minutes I had figured out the “twist” ending, and now I was going through the motions of caring. I had gotten comfortable. I was lying back, slumped in a couch potato position, practically molded into the couch cushions. And then….


Jessica took a long lick down the length of my cock. Her pink tongue slid along my glistening wet skin. My shaft from top to bottom was coated in her saliva. Long, viscous stringers of spit dangled between her lips and my crotch. Jessica held my balls in her hand, gently kneading them between her fingers. Up and down they went as Jessica lightly tickled and rubbed my nut sack. Everything was wet and warm, a perfect moist softness.

Jessica had been sucking, nibbling, licking, stroking, rubbing, and blowing my cock since the movie had started. That meant that she had been giving me a lazy blowjob for well over an hour and a half. I had been in a fully erect and aroused state of mind for at least that long. It felt like a fog of sex had descended over my head. Everything was hazy and lust filled. While I had never reached the brink — the point where I was almost ready to shoot my cum — I could probably be at that place in only a matter of moments. It would only take a decision for Jessica to go for the big finale.

But Jessica was enjoying the tease. She was all hot air and fiery breath. Her tongue was a dancing, caressing wonder, never resting or staying in the same place for very long. Her red, pillowy lips held me gingerly, never completing the suction that would send my dick spiraling out of control.

Jessica didn’t want me to cum — at least not yet. Instead, it seemed to be a matter of pride that she could suck my dick for so long. She was enjoying the game of it, the task of keeping me aroused without pushing me over the edge. I guess she just loved giving me head….

When I got the phone call from Jessica, it had been a couple of days since the library incident. She was bored and wanted to come over. Could I please entertain her? (Her plea was said with a particularly seductive, girlish pout.) With very little thought I agreed. This was really the first time that she had asked me to just “hang out.” Was this the first step toward a relationship? I didn’t know, but I was certainly ready to find out. So I picked her up and brought her over. After getting a couple of sodas, we settled in on my couch. At first, we chatted about her sorority rush activities. She mentioned something about a big end of the semester party in a week or two that seemed to be a pretty huge deal. Supposedly everyone gets dressed up in costumes and goes through some sort of ceremony signifying the end of the semester. She was pretty sketchy on the details (especially considering that she was a mere pledge and was getting everything second-hand), but asked me to come. I told her that I wasn’t sure. I was a grad student that was a school instructor. How would it look if I went to a party with a bunch of undergrads? Maybe, I thought, it wouldn’t be a problem if I was wearing a costume.

Jessica then said something that almost stopped me dead, “It is ok if you go, Professor. No worries. A bunch of the sisters have already seen you naked anyway.”

“What?” I sputtered.

“Well,” Jessica said looking a little coy, “You’ve seen Shannon naked like a couple of times. In fact, I believe she totally sat on your dick and fucked your brains out.”

I chuckled. “Yeah, I remember — pretty well, in fact. It didn’t sound, though, like you were just talking about Shannon. It sounds like you are alluding to some other people?”

Jessica grinned, “Guilty as charged. You are too smart for your own good sometimes, Professor,” she said as she laughed. “You remember that incredible night when I blindfolded you and I made you fuck someone anonymously by the fountain? You couldn’t see her, but you still fucked? And I wouldn’t tell you who she was. If I remember right, you came inside her pussy?”

“Yeah.” How could I forget? That night had tortured me ever since. It had played in my dreams on a never-ending reel. I wanted to know — desperately — who the mystery woman was. Who had the unknown female been that had gone for a ride on my cock? Which pussy wrapped around me so tight and sweet? illegal bahis I didn’t know, and now every woman I passed was a possibility. Did I fuck the blonde smoking in the entrance way? Was it the Asian hottie working at the bookstore? Could it be the cute and sassy brunette I passed on the way to class? Perhaps she was another one of my students from my public speaking class?

Jessica took a long pause for emphasis before continuing. “Well, she will be at the party and she would like another go around with you.”

My jaw dropped. Was Jessica joking?

“Trust me, Professor. She wants you again and I would like to see that happen. The last time was pretty fucking hot. But there is more. Wanna hear it?”

I grunted and motioned for Jessica to continue.

“Several of my sorority sisters were watching. It was a task for pledge. So in order to prove that it was done, I had to let them watch. I hope that is ok?” Jessica was looking at me with concern. It was obvious that she did not know how I was going to take that news.

For a moment my mind reeled with the weight of Jessica’s news. Great! It seemed like half the female student body knew how I was in the sack. That was pretty dangerous. The more people that know who I am, and about my extra-curricular activities the scarier things become. I was learning, though, to love that danger. I was getting a strange and twisted thrill from the possibility of getting caught.

As I thought about it, instead of getting angry I got turned on. A group of college coeds had stared at my uncovered cock. They then saw me slowly slide it into a wet and ready cunt. Finally they watched me publicly fuck one of their slutty sorority sisters to a crashing pair of dual orgasms. I couldn’t think of anything hotter. In reality, what did I have to complain about?

I wanted to get Jessica to clarify. “So you are saying that Shannon and some other random woman I have fucked will both be at this party? In addition, several other women who have watched me fuck will also be there? And because we will be wearing costumes nobody will know who the other people are?”

Jessica nodded.

“So what is keeping this party from becoming some-kind of major orgy?” I asked. Jessica’s eyes twinkled, as she replied, “Nothing. Wanna go?”

“Absolutely,” I replied.

“Good. I’ll make sure to get you the stuff you need for the party. I know it will be a lot of fun,” Jessica said. She then reached over and grabbed the remote control. She pointed it at the TV and said, ‘Why don’t you find something to watch? I am going to keep myself entertained for a little while.”

I looked at Jessica quizzically and she smiled wickedly. I felt her hand run up my thighs to my belt. With practiced ease, she undid the belt buckle and then the fly of my jeans. Another couple of seconds went by, and my pants were around my ankles and my cock was stuffed into Jessica’s mouth. She was happily bobbing up and down, working the soft, sensitive skin of my rod.

…..And that is how I found myself to be a participant in a blowjob that seemed like it would never end.

Time passed. The duration of the blowjob exceeded all reasonable expectations. My head was thrown back, my eyes slanted in ecstasy. I was dripping wet with saliva and pre-cum. I had been hard for so long, just waiting at the precipice for the nudge that could push me over. My balls were high and tight. They wanted to release the fluids contained inside.

I tried to remain calm. I focused on my breathing. In — out. Oh, sweet Jessica; it felt so fucking good. The tease was what made this experience special. This long, languishing blowjob was one in a million. While I felt the need for release beginning to boil in my balls, I had no desire to push. Nature needed to take its course. I didn’t want to force it by bucking my hips or pounding Jessica’s angelic face. This was about her setting the tempo and control. She was the one in charge of this blowjob. Let her decide when I was going to cum.

Jessica’s face, hair, and make-up were a sloppy, tousled mess. I looked down at her and she smiled — boy, did she smile — as she lovingly rubbed my rod all over her schoolgirl face. She was coated in smeared make-up and saliva. Jessica had kept me going for over an hour and a half forcing me to watch this idiotic suspense / thriller as she sucked my cock. It wasn’t a bad trade off, but my limits were quickly approaching.

“Oh Jessica, I want to cum….” I moaned, my voice trailing off.

“Not yet, Professor,” she said popping my cock out of her mouth. She slapped it against her tongue a couple of times before continuing, “You can cum after the movie is over. Only after the credits start rolling can you shoot your sticky white seed down my fucking throat.”

I groaned, and nodded in compliance. Consent was the least I could do for such spectacular head. My task be difficult, but not impossible. I sat back and relaxed, shifting into a more comfortable position on the couch. The movie seemed to be wrapping up. The killer was running from the police in a predictable and illegal bahis siteleri trite chase scene. Only a couple of more minutes and I would be golden.

I hadn’t counted on Jessica, though. She is the devil! Just as I was finding my zone, Jessica kicked into full gear. Her lips locked around my shaft, forming an oh, so tight seal.

The pressure around my dick was excruciating. Those twin, luscious lips held me tight and deep. I could feel the warm, wet massage of Jessica’s mouth encircle me with pure sensation. Just a few moments before Jessica had been a playful tease. She was no longer just a woman having fun giving me head. Instead, she changed the situation; Jessica wanted to test me against the restrictions she had arbitrarily placed. Could she make me cum before the movie ended?

It was a test of wills. I was torn. I wanted to give into the blowjob, to succumb to Jessica’s skill and artistry. But for some reason, I also didn’t want her to win. Would holding off prove something? Was this game about control? Was I trying to show myself to be her sexual equal? Whatever the case, I gritted my teeth, dug my fingers into the arm of the couch, and did my best to hold back the pressing torrent.

Jessica clamped down and kept on sucking. She held my shaft in one hand and my balls in the other. As she sucked, she also stroked. Jessica squeezed and caressed my nuts, coaxing out the cum that was about ready to boil over. God, she was a first class pole smoker!

My face contorted and my muscles tensed. My whole body shook as the orgasm overtook my body. I made eloquent “unh, unh, unh!” groans as my hips thrust involuntarily into Jessica’s face. Jet after jet of jizz spurted from the end of my dick, hitting the back of her throat. Jessica took it all, greedily slurping down every last drop of my creamy spunk.

….And still she held on. Jessica brushed away the blonde hair that had fallen down over her face. Then she coquettishly batted her eyelashes at me. She was pure seduction. Her mouth was still wrapped tightly around the end of my dick. Jessica made contented cooing sounds as she gobbled down the last traces of my seed. Her right hand gently tickled the soft-fleshy underside my balls. Her nails scratched my sensitive skin. The other hand was sliding up my stomach so that she could softly tweak my hardened nipple.

I leaned back on the couch. All traces of tension were leaving my body. I could feel the issues of the day melting away as I was overtaken by a fresh sense of satisfaction. I looked down at Jessica’s glowing face. She was smiling up at me, radiant and carefree. I crooked my finger and asked her to sit up on the couch with me. I needed to taste her lips. I wanted to convey the emotion that was pouring through me.

Jessica sat up, and I put my arm around her. I pulled her in close and buried my head in her hair. I breathed deeply, taking in her shimmering vanilla scent. Her hand was roaming under my shirt, gently stroking my chest. I kissed her ear, nuzzling her. I said softly, “So good…. Thank you, Jessica. Do you want me to return the favor?”

“You will,” she sighed, smacking my cum off of her lips. “But not right now. Later.”

So instead I drifted off to sleep.



I woke up with a start. My veins ran cold. I bolted upright from the couch, jumping to my feet. What was going on?

“Oops. My bad!” I heard Jessica giggle. Her head poked around the corner wall that separated my kitchen from the living room. “Sorry. I dropped a pot.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. I was never the best person to wake up. I was prone to wake up suddenly and with a fury. It was lucky no one was within reach when I came to. Who knows what might have happened then?

“Professor,” I heard Jessica call out from the kitchen. “There is nothing in your fridge or pantry. What kind of show are you running here?”

“Well I wasn’t planning on being seduced by a gorgeous, eighteen-year old coed tonight,” I said. “It’s been a little while since I have had a chance to go shopping.”

“That’s a great idea. Totally, let’s go!” Jessica shouted.

“Ummm, what?” I said, more than a little confused.

“Let’s go to the grocery store. We can get a frozen pizza and some snacks and everything would be awesome. Sound good?”

I smiled. “Sure. I’m ready to go anytime you are.”

“Oh, one thing Professor,” Jessica said with a wink, “you might want to pull up your pants.”


Jessica was humming to herself, happily pushing our cart down an aisle of the frozen food section. I was a few feet behind watching the gentle sway of her ass as she walked. Her firm and supple butt was a thing of immaculate beauty. I think I could bury my nose between those cheeks for weeks and be happy. I am sure Jessica could feel my eyes on her, undressing her, groping her. At one point she turned around to look at me, sticking out her tongue. She then reached around and spanked her ass. God! I could feel my heart beat right through my chest. Jessica knew I was looking and she enjoyed it — wanted canlı bahis siteleri it! That fact made everything so much sexier.

We stopped our grocery store stroll for awhile to discuss the merits of Stouffer’s French Bread Pizzas versus the more standard Tombstone pies. I don’t think either of us was willing to back down, so we compromised and put one of each in the cart. We also tossed in a couple of pint sized containers of Ben and Jerry’s. Nothing like a healthy dinner! I was ready to head for the check-out line when Jessica said….

“How about we head over to the produce section?”

I looked at her quizzically. “Veggies?” I said. “Sure we can get some celery or something. That could be good.”

Jessica smirked at me. She was up to something, but I wasn’t yet sure what. “Well, I was thinking about a zucchini for me and a grapefruit for you.”

Huh? I didn’t even like grapefruit. In fact, if I had a least favorite food, grapefruit would be it. And point blank I told Jessica so.

“Grapefruit sucks!”

Jessica bent over and laughed. Clearly, what I said had been funny. But the oddity was that I didn’t really see the humor in the situation. Something had passed me by. What was I missing?

“Oh silly, Professor,” Jessica said as she leaned up to kiss me on the cheek, “they aren’t for eating. They’re for fucking.”

It took a moment for the full weight of her words to sink in. Fucking?

Then it hit me. My cheeks grew red and I suddenly became very warm. For a second I couldn’t get air. My jaw dropped in disbelief.

“You mean….” I said, my voice trailing off.

Jessica just nodded and grinned. I grinned, right back at her.

She took the cart from my hands and pushed it in the direction of the vegetable aisle. The area was deserted except for one lone stock clerk, who was busy reorganizing the green peppers. He looked young, probably about Jessica’s age. He had a slightly stressed out, geeky look to him. He was disheveled, awkward, and clearly bored with his work.

I saw him look up and ogle Jessica as we entered the area. A lascivious leer crept onto his face as a dirty fantasy played out in his mind. His eyes traveled up and down her body, making sure to take in every sensuous curve. For a moment, they stopped on her boobs, but then they quickly veered away. The look would have been creepy if he hadn’t been so obviously bumbling and embarrassed.

As Jessica walked over to a large mound of grapefruit she seemed to put a little extra sway to her step. Her hips wobbled back and forth seductively, swinging like a sexy pendulum. She stood up extra tall and proud, her breasts jutting out on display. I could see her nipples, hard as glass, poking through her shirt. Jessica was putting on a show, and she loved every moment of it.

Jessica grabbed two large and round grapefruits and said, “So what do you think of these two?” Her voice was slightly louder than usual. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see the stock boy eavesdropping on the conversation. “Aren’t they perfect?” She continued. “They both are pretty round and firm. What do you say?” Jessica held both of the fruits against herself at breast level.

“I don’t know. How do they feel?” I responded.

Jessica stuck out her chest and the fruits even further, “They are pretty firm, but supple. I bet they would totally feel good in your hands. What do you think? Why don’t you squeeze my grapefruits?”

I chuckled silently to my self as I heard the stock boy drop a green pepper. It rolled across the floor unnoticed. I reached out my hands and gave the two grapefruit a generous squeeze. I paused for a moment, as if in deep contemplation. Jessica just played along, pursed her lips, and pouted. She was so fucking sexy.

“They are perfect,” I replied. I looked into her eyes with true sincerity. “They are soft, but only give so much. I am not sure if I have ever seen better fruit. They feel so good in my hands.”

Jessica squealed with delight. She looked genuinely pleased with my reaction to her grapefruit. She leaned over kissed me on my cheek and whispered in my ear, “That was fun. If it is all right with you, I am going to go play some more.” Juggling the grapefruits, one of her hands slid down my back and cupped the cheek of my ass. I felt everything get warm as the fever of my arousal hit again.

Jessica placed a grapefruit in our cart and said, “Wait here. I think I need some special help.” She turned with a flourish. Jessica’s skirt flared up and her perfect teen ass (encased in some delightful white, cotton panties) came into view for a brief instant. It was enough to fuel my hard on. God, I wanted to take her right there on top of a mountain of citrus.

With confidence and an extra swish in her stride, Jessica sauntered up to the bedraggled stock boy. He was trying to avert his eyes, or perhaps to dissipate into thin air. But Jessica wasn’t having any of that. She stood maybe a foot away from where he was stacking green peppers so attentively, and tapped her foot. Slowly, he raised his head. His eyes took in everything along the way: her rounded hips, her slim teen waist, her flat stomach, her lush tits, and her sweet face. I could see him memorizing every detail, holding onto it all for the dreams that would come later that night.

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