Original Angels Ch. 34

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All characters are over the age of eighteen


The phone rang three times before I picked it up. I was surprised that Tracy and Teri had ignored it. I wondered for a moment what they might be doing that would keep them from answering the phone.

‘Hello?’ I said.

‘Hello…Mr Rob? This is Lucinda…from the Phoenician Hotel. You remember me?’

I immediately recalled our sexy Mexican maid and the exciting ways that she found to brighten our mornings on my visit to the valley with Trish, Dawn and Rhonda.

‘Lucinda! How are you? Are you in Sedona?’

‘Yes I am. I’m here for three days visiting my sister. I told her all about you. I hope you don’t mind. She works at Enchantment, but I told her that you and Ms Trish need help for your wedding. She would like to help too.’

‘That sounds great! As a matter of fact, we are meeting with our wedding planner this afternoon. Could you and your sister stop by today around four thirty to meet with her? I’ll be cooking some supper too. Would you like to stay and eat with us?’

‘Oh that sounds wonderful! Melinda and I are making tamales today. We will bring some, OK?’

‘Oh Lucinda, you know just how to get to me! I love tamales!’

‘I like your tamale in my ass!’ she kidded.

‘I like that too. We’ll have fun today! Do you have a pencil? Here’s how to get to my house…’

I gave her instructions and we said goodbye. In my mind I recalled her hot young Latin body and wondered if her twin sister was identical. Then I put down the phone and went to find the girls.

I heard slurping sounds coming from Tracy’s room. As I peeked in the door I saw Teri on the floor between Tracy’s legs. Tracy was lying on her belly and Teri was busy licking her ass hole. Tracy was moaning with pleasure as Teri twisted her fingers inside of her sister’s cunt.

‘Oh yes! Oh Teri I’m cumming!’

I watched as Teri manipulated her older sister and brought her to an explosive orgasm. Teri continued to lick Tracy’s cum and finish her off. When she looked up and saw me, she smiled.

‘Hi Rob. How long have you been watching us?’

‘Only for a minute or so, but I think I saw the best part.’ I grinned.

Tracy turned her head to see me. She smiled sweetly. ‘I guess that my baby sister really is good for something! She knows just how and where to touch me with that awesome tongue of hers!’

Teri spanked her sister playfully. ‘You owe me now! I want you to lick my ass hole and make me cum too!’

‘There now girls, you’ve got the whole weekend.’ I tried to calm them. ‘Teri, you know Carol is coming over this afternoon to talk about the wedding. Do you have any business to discuss with her?’

‘Oh I talked to her on the phone last night and gave her all of the information that she wanted. Mom answered most of our questions when I talked to her yesterday.’

‘OK.’ I said, ‘I’m going to cook some fish on the grill, and we have some other guests coming too. It’s our Mexican maid from Phoenix and her sister. They’re bringing tamales that they’re making today. And I want them to meet Carol, because they could be a big help at the wedding.’

I winked at the girls. ‘And I think you’ll like them too. Lucinda made waking up in Phoenix a lot more fun than normal!’

‘God Rob! Did you fuck the maid at the hotel?’ Tracy asked.

‘Let’s just say that your mother and I enjoyed her services! And Dawn and Rhonda had a good time too.’

‘You guys are amazing!’ Tracy went on, ‘You have sex with everyone you meet!’

‘Only the beautiful people…’ I told her. ‘And when you meet her, I think you’ll understand why.’

I turned and walked back across the house. Trish was just arriving home from the shop. I kissed her and took her packages and filled her in on the phone call and our schedule for the afternoon. It was just three o’clock and Carol and the twins were due to arrive at four. That gave us enough time to lie down in the bedroom and rest for a while.

Trish stripped off her shirt and laid on the bed. I kissed her nipples and stroked her tummy through her shorts. No words were spoken, just the deep understanding that is communicated through touch. We rested on the edge of sleep, and forty five minutes later, we got up refreshed and ready for our company.

I heard the doorbell chime and Teri called out that she would answer it. At the same moment, the phone rang. It was my friend Ralph.

‘Hey Ralph! What’s up?’

‘Rob! I had to call to let you know I aced the seventh hole today! It’s my first one. I bought drinks for everyone here, but I wanted to share it with you too.’

‘Congratulations Ralph! That’s great. Are you going to go out with Sandi tonight?’

‘No. I’m so bummed. She’s out of town. She won’t be back until next week.’

‘Well that’s a drag.’ I told him, ‘Why don’t you come over here? I’m gonna throw some fish on the grill and we’ve got a couple of friends coming by. Do you like tamales?’

‘Yeah! I love ’em.’

‘Well then get your ass over here. I’ve got a couple of girls who made bostancı escort some up today and we’re going to have a good time.’

‘That sounds great Rob. Are you sure I won’t be intruding?’

‘Well the fact is, you and I will be the only guys with about six women. And they might be in a mood to take off their clothes. Are you OK with that?’

‘Oh God Rob! Is Tracy going to be there too?’ I was reminded of the little show that she put on for him the last time he stopped by.

‘Yeah, and you know, she was asking about you the other day.’

‘I’m on my way!’ he said as he hung up the phone.

I went into the living room and found Carol surrounded by Tracy, Teri and Trish. They were all giggling and hugging each other.

‘Rob look!’ Teri cried, ‘Carol brought me a present!’ She held up a package that was wrapped and tied with a pretty ribbon.

‘What is it?’ I asked.

Carol spoke before Teri could. ‘I just wanted to thank Teri for all of the help that she has been in coordinating the arrangements for your wedding. She really does know everything about you two, and I think that we’ve put together a plan that you’re going to love. But Teri, you might want to wait and open the present later on.’

‘Oh do I have to? How come?’ Teri was disappointed.

Trish comforted her. ‘Now Teri, if Carol wants you to wait, then you should do as she wishes. You trust her don’t you?’

Teri smiled. “Of course I do. But I want to know what’s inside!’ She shook the box, but it made no sound.

The doorbell rang again. I opened it and was greeted by Lucinda and her identical twin sister Melinda.

‘Mr. Rob!’ she cried as she reached out to hug me, ‘How are you? This is Melinda.’ She stepped back and Melinda stretched out her arms and hugged me too. It was a warm and sincere hug, as if we had known each other forever. And I felt her pressing her groin into mine as well. This was more than just a polite greeting. Lucinda must have told her all about us.

I lead the girls inside and introduced them to everyone. I explained to Carol that they were interested in helping at our wedding. They offered to work as servers or do whatever Carol wanted them to do.

Carol looked them over and smiled. ‘Well you certainly are pretty enough! And having a pair of good looking twins running around here should add to the fun. Are you staying for dinner too?’

Melinda turned around and went back over to the doorway where she had placed the large casserole dish with the tamales. ‘We brought some tamales for you! You like tamales?’

The girls all clapped and cried out with joy. We all moved together toward the kitchen. Trish led the way showing Lucinda and Melinda all around. Carol opened the door to the patio and stepped outside. She held her arms out and proclaimed ‘This is such a great spot for a wedding! Are you all getting excited?’

Trish smiled and put her arm around my waist. ‘I just want to spend the rest of my life with this man!’ She turned and kissed me. Trish’s kisses are so deep and true. I’ve never known anyone who can show so much love in a kiss. She just has a magic way of melting my heart. And she did it again.

I heard the bell ring again. I knew it was Ralph. ‘Tracy, would you go and get that?’ I asked.

‘Sure Rob. Who can it be?’ she asked as she went for the door. When she opened it and saw Ralph standing there, her smile beamed. ‘Hi there Ralph. How are you?’ she asked mischievously.

I called over to her. ‘Congratulate him Trace. He made a hole in one today.’

‘Why Ralph! That’s great! Congratulations!’ she reached up and gave him a big hug and a kiss.

C’mon in Ralph!’ I called to him. ‘Meet Carol, our wedding coordinator. And this is Lucinda and Melinda. Lucinda lives in Phoenix and Melinda lives here in Sedona. They’re going to help with the wedding and they brought the tamales! And have you met Teri? This is Tracy’s sister. And of course you know Trish.’

Trish stepped forward and hugged Ralph. ‘A hole in one! That’s awesome! I’m so glad you can join us. Where’s Sandi?’

‘She’s in Chicago visiting her mom. She’ll be back next week.’

‘Well it’s good that you’re here. Rob needs a little more testosterone around here.’

We all laughed and went back outside. We sat down and Carol started talking about the wedding ceremony and how she wanted to set things up. She pointed out the staging area and how everything would flow. Where the guests would be, and how Lucinda and Melinda could work with the caterers, and where they would set up the food and beverages.

We talked about the guest list. Ralph and Sandi were included so he was taking an active interest in the whole thing. Gradually the conversation shifted to how we had all gotten to know each other. We learned more about the Mexican twins. Lucinda was not a typical hotel maid. She and Melinda are well educated and fluent in English despite having left Mexico and moving to Arizona only three years ago. And their smiles are contagious. Both of the twins exude a sensuous ümraniye escort bayan aura and I could tell that we all felt it. Carol had taken an instant liking to them and Ralph was amazed at the way everyone just seemed to enjoy the company of each other. Tracy was quietly flirting with Ralph and he was relaxing and enjoying it.

‘I love your swimming pool.’ Melinda commented. ‘Can we go for a swim?’

Trish looked over at her. ‘Of course we can! Who else wants to get wet?’ She looked around and everyone was nodding in agreement.

Ralph looked at me and asked, ‘Rob, I didn’t bring a swimsuit. Can I borrow one of yours?’

I grinned and then quietly said to him, ‘You’re welcome to put one on, but I have a feeling you’ll be the only person wearing one.’

His eyes lit up as he saw Trish stand up and pull her shirt up over her head. Lucinda and Melinda stood up and unbuttoned their skin tight jeans. They peeled them down their legs revealing white lace thong underpants. The contrast of the white against their dark olive skin was striking. Teri and Carol were busy undressing each other. Tracy walked over and stood in front of Ralph as she unbuttoned her shorts and pushed them down to the floor.

‘You know that we swim naked around here, don’t you Ralph?’ She winked at him as she unbuttoned her shirt and exposed her breasts to him.

He stuttered and rather than answer, he nervously fiddled with his belt and finally got his pants undone. I had dropped my shorts and taken off my shirt and stood watching the strip shows that were going on all around me. Lucinda took her sister’s hand and walked over to where I was standing. They were indeed, identical twins. Their bodies were perfect, and all of the wild fantasies and dreams of making it with twin girls were buzzing through my brain.

‘You like my sister? I told you she is just like me, no?’

I recalled that morning in our hotel room when Lucinda had me fuck her ass and then offered that she had a sister who was just like her. I wondered if she had the same ideas about sex. It certainly looked that way at the moment. I reached for them both and pulled them to the pool steps. We walked down into the water and they wrapped themselves under each of my arms. Trish followed us down into the water and completed our four way hug.

‘You seem to have your arms full,’ she kidded, ‘is there enough room in here for me?’ Then she spoke to Lucinda and Melinda. ‘You two are so beautiful together. Have you ever done any modeling?’

The girls looked at each other and shook their heads, no.

Trish was fondling them both as she talked. ‘I love the tone of your skin and the curve of your asses. Your bodies are so hot! It’s no wonder you wanted to get in the pool and cool off.’ By now her hands were between their legs and her fingers were stroking their pussies from behind. Both girls spread their feet apart and accepted Trish’s fingers as she probed their waiting vaginas. Lucinda turned to Trish and they kissed. Melinda looked into my eyes and I kissed her mouth as Trish brought her closer to her first orgasm of the afternoon. I reached down and played with her clit while she grabbed a hold of my cock. Her mouth tasted sweet and she moaned as her orgasm approached. Trish’s magic touch was working. She managed to get both girls to cum together as we stood in the water. I helped them to remain standing when I felt their legs buckling as the pleasure overtook them.

I glanced over to see Tracy with her legs wrapped around Ralph’s waist. He was resisting hugging her too close, but she was making it hard for him. Teri and Carol were seated on the pool steps, kissing and playing with each others’ nipples.

Ralph looked over at me. ‘Rob, tell me how you put up with this everyday?’

I laughed. ‘It’s tough sometimes, but I have to be honest, Tracy was asking about you, just the other day. I think they’re all tired of me. They want some fresh meat!’

Tracy giggled. ‘I’ll never get tired of you Rob and you know it. But I am glad that Ralph is here. I think he likes me. What do you think?’

With that she let go of him and dropped into the water. She swam over to her sister and splashed her. Carol splashed back.

‘C’mon, let’s play chicken fights!’ Tracy begged.

Teri looked at Carol with a yes in her eyes. Tracy swam back to Ralph and climbed on his shoulders. He came up out of the water holding on to her thighs. Teri mounted Carol’s shoulders and the fight began. I let go of Melinda and she and Lucinda whispered to each other. Then Lucinda ducked down in the water and Melinda got up on her shoulders. The three way battle was on.

Trish and I watched as the girls all fought for a chance to pull each other down. Ralph was in a sandwich on the lower level with Lucinda and Carol pressed tightly against his naked wet body. He seemed to be enjoying himself.

Teri was the first to fall down. I know she hated being the first one out because she is so competitive. Melinda turned her attention to Tracy and their hands were flying kartal escort in every direction. Lucinda stepped in close to Ralph and started pushing him with her body. I’m sure he loved the feeling of her breasts against him, but he started to back up. Tracy lost her balance and fell off his shoulders. Melinda raised her arms in victory.

The other two teams remounted and round two began. Trish and I waded over to the steps. I announced that I was going to start getting the food out for dinner and that Trish would be the official referee. The fights went on.

I turned on the grill and went inside to get the trays of food that we had prepared. When I brought it back outside there were bodies falling and splashing in the pool. They were all laughing and giggling and teasing Ralph. I’m sure that he loved having five naked women around him. They were gently pushing him towards the steps and the edge of the water. I could see their hands stroking and fondling him. Lucinda and Melinda were kissing his face and flirting madly. Tracy had her hand on his penis and it seemed to have grown in her grasp. Carol and Teri were playing with each other since it was hard to get close to Ralph through the other bodies.

Ralph looked over at me as if he needed help. I glanced at Trish and we both laughed at him.

‘You’re on your own buddy!’ I chuckled. ‘Try not to mess up the pool.’

Tracy put her head down and took Ralph’s cock in her mouth. Trish and I watched as she demonstrated her newfound talent. Again, Ralph looked over at us in amazement that Tracy was giving him a blowjob, in front of her own mother! And again, Trish and I laughed and let him know that we were OK with the whole thing. He leaned his head back and closed his eyes. Lucinda and Melinda continued to kiss him and lick his face and ears.

Carol had Teri up on the edge of the deck and she was busy with her face buried between Teri’s legs. Teri had her hands on Carol’s head and guided her tongue as she neared orgasm. The water was sloshing around Tracy as she bobbed her head and hands up and down on Ralph’s stiff dick. He started to moan. Lucinda silenced him with a wet sloppy open-mouthed kiss while Melinda moved down and sucked on his nipple. His body lurched when he shot his first load of cum down Tracy’s throat. She swallowed it all and sucked him dry.

The Mexican twins kept him engaged in a three-way kiss while Tracy kept up her oral ministrations. Finally she released him and everyone turned to watch Teri rocking with joy as Carol brought her off.

‘Oh Carol! Oh yes! Right there! Oh God! Oh yeah, Carol…’

We all cheered and clapped our hands as Teri began to realize that she had become the center of attention for us all. She blushed and then smiled a big happy smile letting us know how happy she was to be Carol’s favorite young toy. Carol turned around and grinned at us too.

‘You know,’ she said, ‘I’ve never had so much fun planning a wedding before! I need to figure out a way to make this fun last!’

‘Don’t worry.’ Trish answered. ‘When the wedding is over, we’ll have the rest of our lives to continue the fun! We just won’t be paying you for it then!’

That made everyone laugh. Ralph was probably laughing the loudest. He was regaining his strength and really enjoying the banter.

I had the fish on the grill and it was just about ready. Trish asked Tracy if she could help set the table. Gradually everyone moved over to the buffet and with everyone’s help, we had dinner ready in just a few minutes. We all sat down at the table and began to eat.

‘You know.’ said Ralph. ‘Today has been an amazing day! I won my match at the club, partly on account of the hole in one. That’s a first in my life. And now here I am having a gourmet meal, naked, with the most beautiful people that I know. That’s another first.’

‘And you got a BJ in the pool from me.’ Tracy added. ‘That’s another first.’

Ralph grinned. ‘Yes it is. And don’t think that I forgot about it. I just wasn’t sure how to mention it politely.’

We all laughed again.

Trish spoke next. ‘Well we’ll all be together here again in just a few weeks to celebrate our wedding. There’s nothing that could be better than being surrounded by the people we love to share our love for each other. Rob and I are glad that you’re here tonight, and we want you to know that you are always welcome in our home. We look forward to many more days and nights together with you all.’

The conversation continued to be light and lively. I couldn’t help myself. I was watching the twins and I was totally amazed at how identical they are. Not just their faces and their bodies, but their manners and motions are the same too. I had to ask…

‘You two are so pretty together, and so sexy. I know that you both enjoy sex, but do you also enjoy sex with each other?”

They looked at each other and then smiled back at me. Lucinda replied. ‘My sister and I have enjoyed sleeping together since we were little children. We only had one bed in our room and we did everything together. We learned how to make love with each other long before we ever tried it with any other boys or girls. It was so natural to have a person to touch and feel in bed with you every night. Now when I sleep by myself, I miss Melinda so much. So I think of her when I masturbate.’

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