Our Little Secret

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*Daddy taking advantage of his 18 year old virgin daughter as she sleeps. This is intended as a roleplay between consenting adults.*

As her heavy lashes flutter and her breath softly slows, she cradles deep within her Daddy’s arms, the picture of peace. Gently he holds her, rocking her to sleep as he traces her fair features with his thick fingers. He runs them along her perfectly pouted mouth, starting first at the gentle dip of her cupid’s bow and over the plump silky rouge of her upper lip, lingering, just for a moment, at the moist parting between her lips before his fingers continue on their errant way. Up and over a second mound of luscious red flesh, he softly caresses her pale cheek that gives way into her smooth and graceful neck. His fingers lace themselves through her long, dark hair. He tugs at it in schoolyard fashion and relishes in its softness as it passes through his fingers. She looks so peaceful lying beneath him, so yielding, so innocent.

Three buttons lay open down the front of her nightgown. His hand slowly finds them, slipping beneath their feeble defences he fondles the tender flesh below. Soft heaps of forbidden bosom topped off with little pink nipples, like cherries, that stand to attention as he rolls them crudely between his thumb and forefinger. Pinching and pulling he feels the desire to take what is his build with in him.

Gently he unbuttons her gown. His desire growing with every inch of flesh bostancı escort bayan that is revealed. His heart rate quickens, his hands shake, he knows he must stop himself, but chooses to let himself go. She is lying there all pink and pale and fresh, so unaware of the bizarre scene she is apart of. He caresses her skin, rubs her small rounded belly as he thinks of filling it with his seed. His hands trail off, massaging her inner thighs, dangerously close to the warm sweetness he so desires.

Finally he reaches out for the forbidden fruit that lays between her loins and traces the line that runs from north to south between her legs. Lips as smooth as the ones on her face, but twice as sweet. His fingers explore her sleeping cunt, probing the soft folds between her legs. He finds her clit and gently circles it, pressing harder as it grows. He slips his finger lower, sliding carefully into her. Dipping one finger, two fingers, three fingers inside. He moans as her warmth and wetness coat those wayward fingers. He brings the sweet nectar to his lips and breaths in the smell of his treachery before hungrily licking it from his fingers.

She stirs as he mounts her, feels the carnal beast that is the joy of taboo arrest him. She does not quite know what is happening or who he is. She feels the forcefulness of his body and hears the need in his voice. “Be good and spread your legs for Daddy baby girl.” His body presses ümraniye escort hard into hers involuntarily spreading her legs. She realises what is happening to her and arches her back in protest. She pushes and pulls at him, but this only makes him more forceful. He strokes her hair and hushes her. His power is gentle but firm and unrelenting. He reaches down between her legs presses himself to her. He feels the fruits of his earlier labours as his cock parts her lips and slowly enters her pussy, so soaking wet from his earlier teasing.

She cries his name as he enters her, “Daddy!” The perverseness of it spurs him on. He pushes deeper inside his baby girl, feels her tight pussy all around him. He strokes her with his cock to silence her fears. Gently rocking her now as he had earlier. She clings onto him in desperation. Desperate to feel some sense of security, protection, peace. He holds her tight and tells her he loves her, that he will always take care of her, but that he will always be stronger then her, in body and in mind. She spreads her legs wider and he slips deeper in and out of her, there is something about the power he has over her that ignites her soul. She knows it is wrong, but the guilt will find her later. Right now all she wants is to take care of her Daddy as well as he takes care of her.

She lies back now and lets her head rest in his trespassing hands. Those hands that tempt and tease and kartal escort violate her. She feels her body give in to his demands, it betrays her. She pushes her hips up to meet his. Deep, long strokes of his cock that penetrate her to her very core. She meets them with passion, a dark longing that he awakens in her. Their passions collide and he fucks her hard, throwing her body around like a rag doll. She whimpers and cries, moans and wails. He slaps her hard and growls, “Whine for Daddy.”

They twist and claw and feverishly fuck one another with the pent up forbidden carnality that lay dormant inside them for so long. He feels release beckon and knows that the pinnacle of all those years of longing will soon be upon him. He looks deep into her blue eyes and commands her to cum. He pushes her over the edge and holds her their, her pussy contracts around his cock, embracing it as his own orgasm builds. He grits his teeth, stares into her eyes and drives in deep, releasing a flood inside her he cums harder then he every has before. It fills her till she overflows and cum leaks down the crack of her ass pooling beneath her shaking body. He lays above her panting, stroking her, abating her worries and fears. He scoops her up and kisses her. “Our little secret,” he whispers.

“Our little secret,” she agrees and kisses him deep. Guilt mixed with relief mixed with satisfaction fills her. She smiles at the power he has over her. She longs to serve him again, but promises to hide her submission away until he gives her the key. She locks what happened away inside her until he brings it out again. Her heavy lashes flutter and her breath softly slows, she cradles deep within her Daddy’s arms, the picture of peace.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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