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Big Dick

“Pass me another beer,” Adam told his sister as they sat in the basement of their parent’s new house, watching a movie. They were drinking from the beers he had brought home from college since he did not want to waist them, though he did not think he would be drinking them with his sister, who was a year younger. There was not really any other option though, since he knew nobody else in this neighborhood, which his parents moved into while he was away, three hundred miles from his hometown.

“Here you go,” Becky said, leaning over giving Adam a clear view of her perfectly shaped breasts underneath her shirt. They were not too big, but hung nicely as she leaned foward. She knew he was looking, but it only excited her, as his looks always did.

Before he left for school, the two of them were always playfully flirting and she would only smile knowingly whenever he glanced up her skirt or down her shirt. They never went any further than that, and Adam had only seen her near nude once when he accidentally walked in on her in the bathroom while she was wearing only a pair of panties. Both just stood staring at one another for a few seconds, and he left without either saying a word. It was never brought up again.

Becky sat back in her seat and took a sip of beer, thinking about how much fun the summer would be. Even though it would be a few months before starting her first year of college, and they were nowhere near her high school friends, she had her brother to tease and hang out with. She would just have to make the most of it.

“It’s a good thing I remembered you were back this morning. I almost walked out of the shower without putting my towel on. I’ll have to get used to not just walking around naked when mom and dad aren’t home.” Becky could not help but get a little flush after saying this. The combination of the alcohol and watching her brother realize that he nearly saw her naked this morning was too exciting.

Adam himself blushed and took another sip of his beer, trying not to let thoughts of his sister’s body get hold of him. He had to remind himself that he could not push it too far, but it was going to be tough if he had to do this every night. “Well, don’t worry about it if you ever forget. I’d probably be too tired to notice anyways.”

“I think I could wake you up.”

“Yeah, I guess so. Especially since you’re the only girl around here.”

“Oh, so that would be the only reason, huh?” Becky retorted, feigning offense.

“No, no, I’m just saying. It’s going to be a frustrating summer.”

“Yeah, but we can see what we can do to fix that.” Becky was not really sure what she meant by that, and neither did Adam. He did not raise any protest however. He simply shifted in his seat, trying to conceal his growing erection from Becky, but she was keenly aware of it. ataşehir escort There was never anything he could do to hide it from her, and every time it happened she could not help but marvel at how large it seemed.

“I’m probably going to be on the computer a lot,” Adam said.

“Well, if you just want to look at naked girls, I mean, I could…”

“What?” Adam did not want her to drop it so he kept her gaze.

“If you wanted to, I could get naked for you.” Becky was hoping that Adam would not be repelled by this idea and he definitely was not, though he said nothing. “Maybe it could make this summer a little more bearable for both of us.”

“You’d be into that?”

“Yeah. I mean, I know you find me attractive from the way you always look at me, and it kind of turns me on. There’s no reason, if I let you look down my shirt, why you can’t just see me naked, right?” Becky was not sure if she was pushing this too far, if it was just the alcohol and her horniness that was making her say these things. But she could not take it back now, and she wanted to know Adam was going to say.

Adam’s cock swelled beneath his shorts. The promise of his sister’s body was almost too much for him. He imagined how wet she would be and how he could lift her small frame onto him and fuck her all night until he came, letting loose all over her tits. But he had to contain himself. It would be enough if she just took off her clothes, and he did not want to ruin his chances of that happening, possibly for the entire summer.

“I can’t say I wouldn’t love to see you, but…”

“But what?”

“Only if you wanted to.”

“I do, but I need to hear you say it.” Becky relaxed in her chair, pulling her shirt over her trim stomach slightly. “Tell me to take off my clothes.”

It was past the point of pussy footing around. Adam had to tell her or it would all fall away.

“Becky,” he said nervously, “I want you to take off you clothes.”

“Good.” Becky stood up and pulled her small gym shorts over her firm, slender legs. Now she had nothing on but the large tee shirt which fell just below her crotch. She turned around and slowly peeled the shirt off, first revealing her firm ass and then her tight upper body. Her dark brown hair fell just below her shoulders. With her hands over her breasts she turned around, giving Adam a perfect view of her pubic hair, which was neatly trimmed though by no means sparse. He imagined running his fingers through it to spread her lips and take him inside of her. This thought turned his cock to steel, and it became sensitive against the cloth of his shorts.

“I want you to stand up. I want to see just how hard you are.”

Adam hesitantly stood up, the shape of his cock was clearly visible beneath his shorts.

“God, Adam, I’ve always kadıköy escort bayan knew you were big, but damn.” Becky’s hands fell from her chest and she knelt down, pulling Adam’s shorts down, letting his cock spring free in front of her face. There was a bit of precum on the tip, and she imagined taking it into her mouth and then letting it slide into her increasingly wet pussy. She had never fucked one as big as her brother’s, and thought that it would be pure ecstasy.

Becky resisted the urge to take it in her hands, mouth, and pussy, and stood back up. Adam, without saying a word, had taken off his shirt, and now both siblings stood looking at the each other’s naked bodies.

Adam was almost a foot taller than Becky. He was broad shouldered and muscular, in stark contrast to the tight, petite body of his sister. Becky’s body was toned and tight, and her breasts were just big enough to fill any hands that found themselves running over her body.

“I hope this is better than the internet.” Becky said, lauging a bit.

“God, yes. I just wish I could finish myself off looking at you.”

“I have an idea,” Becky said, grabbing her shirt off of the ground and walking excitedly toward the stair. “Do not get dressed, I’ll be right back.”

Adam could not believe what was happening. He wondered if it was the alcohol that was doing all of this, but neither he nor his sister had more than a couple of beers. It was hard to resist the urge to just jerk off right there with the image of his sister fresh in his mind, thinking that she would come back fully clothed and regretful. But, to his delight, she came back with her digital camera in her hands.

“Why don’t I give you something you can look at whenever you want,” she said and handed him the camera. “Just be careful not to let anybody see these. I don’t know how we could explain this.” She took her shirt off again and handed Adam the camera. “What do you want me to do?”

“Actually, could you put your clothes back on? I’d love to get you undressing.”

“Yeah, but you have to stay naked. If I’m going to stay excited I have to know you are,” she said glancing at his erect penis. She put her shirt and shorts back on and stood in front of the camera. “Ready?”

“Yeah, just start slowly undressing, I guess.”

Adam started snapping pictures while Becky slowly took off her shirt once more. Dramatically, she threw it onto the floor. “Would you like me to play with my tits?”

“Damn Becky, that would be great.” Through the lens Adam watched Becky tug on her erect nipples, arching her head back in pleasure. She then took her breasts into her hands and rubbed them, pushing them up and together, her eyes closed and back arched.

With every picture she heard being taken Becky grew in excitement. Her escort maltepe shorts were being soaked through with her juice and she could not wait to take them off. Before being prompted to by her brother, she slipped them off and lied down on the couch, spreading her legs before the camera and Adam.

“I need to…” she said, but trailed of as her fingers, running through her pubic hair, parted the lips of her pussy and began rhythmically working her clit. Her shoulders dug into the couch and her hips lifted into the air as she quietly moaned and writhed.

Adam took shots of her from overhead, getting her whole body lifting as she masturbated. He then began taking pictures of her spread vagina, getting shots of Becky’s fingers rubbing her clit, then penetrating deeper and deeper inside of herself. He could smell her sex as he got closer, filling the frame with shots of her ass and dripping pussy. He snapped more and more rapidly, trying to keep himself as occupied as possible so that he did not drop the camera mount his sister.

The sound of the camera going off added urged Becky to push her hips into her fingers, imagining Adam’s cock pushing itself deeper inside of her than she had ever been penetrated. “I’m gonna cum,” she said through her shortened breath. Suddenly, her hips drew in and she started to shake, cumming violently on the sofa. Beneath her, she left a wet stain smelling strongly of her own sex. She sat up and looked straight into the camera and gave a tired smile.

“God, I hope those will be good.”

“Becky, I can’t believe this. They were amazing. You were amazing.” Adam sat down on the couch next to his sister, leaning back so that his cock, dripping in precum, was easily visible.

“I think I want some for myself now. Could you take care of yourself for me?” She picked up the camera and pointed it Adam, who nodded and, without saying a word, began to slowly masturbate.

Becky took picture after picture, capturing his hand work that large, hard dick that was in front of her. As his hand began to jerk faster she knew that he was close to orgasm and said, “just cum on you stomach.”

Just then, thick ropes of Adam’s cum exploded from the head of his penis, traveling in the air onto his stomach and chest. He sat, covered in his own seed, breathing hard and sweating.

The siblings sat in silence, naked and tired from their masturbation. Adam was the first to stand up.

“I’d better go wash myself off.”

“Yeah, I think I’m going to go up to my room. Thanks for tonight. Hopefully the summer won’t be too bad now.”

She kissed him on the cheek and took the camera upstairs. Adam hoped he would get to see those pictures again, but he would have to wait to see how things were tomorrow. Hopefully this would just break some ice between them and he would have plenty of other times to watch see his sister’s naked body.

Becky went to her room, thinking only about tomorrow. Their parents would be at work most of the day, and there was no way that was going to be the last time she got to see that huge dick of her brother’s.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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