Pleasures of Masturbation Ch. 03

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I can’t believe how horny I am always feeling. I start to think about sex and my pussy starts getting so wet. I was at work and working alone and my mind started drifting to sex. My first thoughts were of what it would be like to be with a woman. I started looking at the women that I work with and trying to decide which one I would love to be with. Although most of the women I work with are nice, a lot of them are average looking.

The woman that always catches my eye is my friend Kari. Kari and I have been friends now for about 6 years. She is about 5’7, long brunette hair, brown eyes, about 38B breasts, and the nicest, roundest ass that I have seen in a long time. She kind of has the Shania Twain look to her. I have gotten to touch her ass quite a few times at work. She always says she has a big ass and sticks it out, so I slap her on the ass and say “no, you don’t.”

The last couple of years a group of us from work have been going on a camping trip. On these camping trips I have gotten to see Kari in her swimsuits. I have got to say, looking at her in them makes me wet. She is the type of person that is always self conscious about her looks, so she is constantly asking how she looks. I always tell her that she looks great and that I wish I had her body and her looks.

This one day while we were camping it got extremely hot so we decided to go up to the pool. Because I am a bigger woman I always wear a t-shirt over my swimsuit. Besides the fact that I am really shy when I am around a lot of people.

We were sitting around by the pool and Kari was laying in the lounge chair tanning her sexy body. I had my sunglasses on and I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She had on a 2 piece suit. It was a bright fluorescent orange color and looked great on her tanned body. The more I stared at her, the more I wanted her to spread her legs so I could get a glimpse of her pussy.

Soon my thoughts were answered. Kari brought her fingers down to her bikini bottom and slid her fingers under the material pulling it away from her body straightening it out. From where I was sitting I could see a small patch of public hairs. I wanted to reach over and help her straighten her bikini bottom out, but I couldn’t.

I closed my eyes as I laid there in the lounge chair and thought about Kari and what I would love to do to her. canlı bahis şirketleri I pictured myself crawling between her legs as she laid there tanning. I ran my hands up her thighs. She opened her eyes and asked, “Donna, what are you doing?”

I told her, “Kari let me make love to you, I have wanted you for a very long time.”

She started to protest but I started to kiss her thighs and run my hands up them. She started to relax. I continued up towards her hot pussy. When I got to her pussy I slid my fingers under her bikini bottoms and rubbed against her pussy lips. Kari shivered. I went further up her bikini and took the top of her panties in my mouth as my fingers pulled them down over her hot ass and pussy. Slowly sliding them down her legs letting them drop to the ground.

When I finally got a good look at Kari’s pussy she had just a small patch of hair at the top, the rest was shaved. I climbed back between her thighs spreading them farther apart. My hands roamed her thighs as I kissed and licked my way up them again. The closer I got to her pussy the more heat I felt from it.

When I reached her pussy Kari spread her legs even farther apart almost like she was inviting me to dive right in and eat. I blew lightly on her pussy. I could see her pussy lips shudder. I let my tongue dart out against her lips, licking them up and down. A soft moan escaped Kari’s lips. Taking my fingers I spread her lips apart as I sucked gently on her clit. It was hard against my tongue and lips. Kari was so wet. I slid my tongue deep in her hot pussy, tasting her juices. Kari was moaning softly, I could barely hear her. “Donna, eat my pussy. It feels so good.” said Kari. I licked harder and faster on her hot pussy, she was getting wetter and wetter. I slid 3 fingers in her hot pussy as I sucked on her clit. Kari started thrusting her hot pussy against my mouth. She told me, “eat me Donna, suck my clit and make me cum.” Faster and harder I sucked as she bucked wildly against my face. Kari screamed, “I’M CUMMING.” her hot cum exploding into my mouth and down my chin. I licked faster, swallowing her hot cum, not wanting to miss any of it. She tasted so yummy.

When I felt Kari relax, I released her hot pussy from my mouth and looked up at her face. The look she had was one of disbelieve that I could give her so canlı kaçak iddaa much pleasure. I made my way up to Kari’s lips and kissed her passionately, letting her taste her cum on my lips and tongue. I was so turned on by what I had just done to Kari, that without touching myself I had cum. When we pulled away from each others lips, Kari thanked me for giving her such pleasure. I just smiled and said, “The pleasure was all mine sexy lady.”

I opened my eyes and Kari was looking at me. She asked me why I was squirming so much. I just told her that I was having an awesome dream. I was so wet and horny I told her that I needed to go into the pool for a bit and cool off. Once I got to the pool, I jumped in and got my whole body cooled down. I swam around for a bit and soon Kari was in the pool. I could see her nipples were hard from the cool water. I couldn’t take it anymore, I needed to find a place to masturbate. I got out of the pool telling Kari that I was going back to my campsite. When I got back to the site there was so much activity going on that I had to forget my wanting to masturbate.

Later that night sitting around the fire, there was about 15 of us, we were drinking and I had made some jelly bean jigglers. I got them out and we were passing them around when Kari’s husband started tossing it at Kari trying to get it in her mouth. Before you know it, jigglers were being tossed around and then they were being put down Kari and Kim’s shirts. Kari and Kim started wrestling around and ended up on the ground rolling around. We were laughing so hard. They finally stopped and Kim went up to her husband, who I was sitting by, and lifted her shirt up and told him to lick the jello off her. I got a look at Kim’s tits and I was drooling, I wished that I was her husband. She has big tits. I would say they are about a 44DD. My pleasure of seeing them was short lived though as she pulled the shirt over his head. I could hear him sucking on her tits and I was getting so horny.

I decided that I needed to do something about my horniness. I got up and grabbed a blanket and went and sat in one of the lounge chairs. I covered my body with the blanket. I was laying there in a t-shirt and shorts. I let my eyes close and think about Kari and Kim. I wanted to suck on Kim’s nipples so bad. I am in awe of woman’s tits…. they canlı kaçak bahis turn me on so much. I let my hands start to rub my own 42C tits. Pinching on my nipples and twisting them, making them hard. I had to open my eyes to see if I was being watched.

Everyone was talking and not really paying much attention to me. I slowly raised my legs up a little and spread them apart. I let my hand drift down to the waist of my shorts and slowly eased my hand inside them. I could feel the heat from my hot pussy. I was so horny but also afraid of being caught. My finger reached my slit opening, my clit was aching to be touched. I did slow circles on my clit. It got hard immediately. While one hand was rubbing my clit the other was still pinching my nipples. I was getting so wet. I was afraid that someone would catch me or hear me if a moan escaped my lips. I didn’t know if I should continue or not.

I had to continue, the ache that was deep inside my pussy needed to be tended to. I let my fingers slide into the slit of my aching pussy. They slid in so easily. Slowly I worked them in and out of my hot pussy. I closed my eyes again thinking of Kari’s hot pussy and Kim’s big tits, pretending that they were there with me. One eating my hot pussy and the other covering my mouth with her hot pussy. My fingers went deeper and faster into my hot pussy. Faster, deeper, harder my fingers were going. I started to move my hips with my fingers and remembered that I was among other people. I spread my legs more…. fingering faster and faster. My other hand was rubbing my clit. I could feel my orgasm building… I needed to cum. I was so close to cumming when someone said my name…. “Donna, do you want another drink?” I froze. I stumbled on my words… “Um, um, um, no i’m ok, thanks” I said.

I didn’t know what to do. I was still horny and needed to cum. I could get up and say I was going to bed, but I wasn’t ready for that yet. I put my fingers back in my hot pussy. I started fingering my pussy as fast as I could, wanting to cum so bad. The orgasm was building. I rubbed harder and faster on my clit. Oh my god, I was going to cum right here in front of all these people. My body shook as my orgasm hit me. I stifled my mouth into the blanket as I came. I squeezed my legs together as my orgasm squirted from me, my juices all over my fingers and thighs. I wanted to lick my fingers off but couldn’t do that with everyone around. I opened my eyes and seen Kim’s husband John staring at me, smiling, almost like he knew what I was doing……

Until I masturbate again,


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