Promises Made and Promises Kept Pt. 01

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While it is possible to read this as a stand-alone story, you really should read ‘Tomorrow is Promised Pts. 1 — 3’ first before reading this story. It explains the events leading up to the start of this story, which picks up right after ‘Tomorrow is Promised Pt. 01.’

Note: PM&PK needs to be told from both Points of View (PoV). In order to do that, I am alternating between Virginia and Judy in each part of PM&PK. Because of this, the five parts of this story will overlap each other so you will see some scenes from both PoVs. Parts 1, 3, and 5 are written from Virginia’s PoV while parts 2 and 4 are written from Judy’s PoV. For example, the first half (roughly) of this story (from Virginia’s PoV) overlaps the last half (roughly) of ‘Tomorrow is Promised Pt. 03’ (from Judy’s PoV). Conversely, the last half of this story (from Virginia’s PoV) will be covered in the first half of ‘PM&PK Pt. 02’ (from Judy’s PoV). Keep in mind that each woman will also have experiences unique to them that will not be reflected from the other woman’s PoV.

© 2020 Candy_Kane54


March 1994

I was flying back to LAX from Dayton, Ohio. I had been in Dayton to visit Alexis ‘Alex’ Summers, a Major in the USAF that I had had a brief affair with, nearly 13 years ago. We had both been 1st Lieutenants in the USAF then. Because homosexuals weren’t allowed to serve in the US military, I broke off the affair to avoid being caught when I was being investigated to get a Top Secret clearance. Although we were still in love with each other, we went our separate ways to make careers in the USAF. Alex never stopped loving me, and, as it turned out, I never stopped loving her either.

Four years after breaking off my relationship with Alex, I fell in love with Bonnie Steiner. I was stationed in Los Angeles when I met Bonnie. She was a divorced mother of two sons, Matthew and Mark Taylor. Bonnie had retaken her maiden name after the divorce. Matthew and Mark retained her ex-husband’s last name since he was paying child support. While I was in a relationship with Bonnie, we met up with Alex when she had traveled out to Los Angeles on business. I didn’t know it then, but Alex, who was still in love with me, went back to Dayton, upset and mad because I had moved on. She determined to forget about me. She failed.

Bonnie and I had been in a seven-year relationship when she died of pancreatic cancer in May 1992. Since Bonnie and I couldn’t legally marry, I had no legal standing with Matthew and Mark. They had to go live with their grandmother, Bonnie’s mother, Grace Steiner. After Bonnie died, I had no choice but to resign my commission, even though I had earned my line number to be promoted to Lieutenant Colonel. I had to, due to my having been outed as a lesbian. Nearly two years later, I discovered that I was still in love with Alex and traveled to Dayton to see her and work out our relationship.

Alex and I spent three days together and reconciled. We decided that, even though we still loved each other, a relationship just wasn’t possible. Alex had decided to pursue her Air Force career and not have any lesbian relationships until her military career was over. I was busy raising Matthew and Mark while completing my Master’s Degree in Computer Science. We would remain the best of friends. If sometime in the future, it was meant to be, we’d be together. Until then, we were moving on with our lives.

As the airplane bore its way westward toward home, I reflected back to this morning …

I woke up, Alex’s body spooned up against me, and her arm draped over my ribs. I snuggled back into her body, enjoying the feeling of security and love. I wished it would never end, but I was leaving today to fly back home to Matthew and Mark.

Alex’s arm tightened around me, and her breathing sped up, indicating that she, too, was awake.

“Hey, you,” Alex whispered in my ear.

I spun around to face her and whispered back at her, “Hey, you, too.”

Alex’s beautiful gray eyes opened, and I fell into those pools as my arms tightened around her.

Our eyes closed as our lips met. The silky softness of Alex’s lips molded to mine as if they were made only for my lips. For a while, the world went away, and the only thing that existed was the feeling of her lips on mine, our tongues slow dancing to a tune that only we could hear.

Eventually, the world forced its way back into our awareness, and our kiss ended. Our eyes opened, and as I again lost myself in her gaze, I sighed, “Oh, how I wish this would never end.”

“That’s a wish I share with you,” Alex said, the gleam of unshed tears appearing in her eyes.

I felt the prickly presence of tears in the corners of my eyes. I sternly told myself, “No tears today!”

“But,” I said, “as much as I want this, I need to be home with Matthew and Mark.”

“As much as I want this,” Alex replied, “I need to let you go illegal bahis to them.”

We laid there for a while, each thinking our own thoughts. I finally voiced mine, saying, “I almost wish we had never met. Then we wouldn’t have to keep saying goodbye to each other.”

“I know,” said Alex, a desperate look of longing coming over her face. “Now, we have to do it one more time.”

Our lips met again, this time with passion as the emotions we’d been holding back burst their bonds. I rolled over on top of Alex as our arms tightened around each other. Our mouths opened simultaneously, and our tongues battled each other in a frenzy of lust.

I spread my legs and straddled Alex’s core as our kiss deepened, our breasts crushed together. My nipples hardened, digging into her breasts. Her nipples dug into my breasts. My arms slid out from behind Alex’s neck, and my hands cupped her face as we broke the kiss, gasping for air. As we panted, my face hovering over hers, I stared into her eyes, wanting to forever remember every detail of this last time. I felt Alex’s hands cupping my face as she returned my stare. I knew she was thinking the same thing I was, that she wanted to remember every last detail.

I leaned in, and our lips mold together once again. I kissed Alex as though for the last time. My tongue invaded her mouth, and I memorized the inside of her mouth as her tongue explored my mouth. I moaned into her mouth, and Alex did the same into mine, the resonance making a beautiful noise. I started rolling my hips, rubbing my pussy against her core, the friction on my clit sending pulses through my body. Alex’s hands left my face and moved down to cup my breasts, squeezing them and digging her fingers into my flesh. I moaned again, louder and longer as I reveled in the sensation.

Alex arched her back, nearly lifting me off the bed as I continued grinding my pussy into her core. I broke our kiss once again and straightened up so that I’m sitting on Alex’s abdomen. I took my hands off of Alex’s face. I placed my right hand on her left breast, using it as a handle to balance myself as I reached back behind me with my left hand. I started stroking her pussy, running my middle finger up and down her lips, feeling her hot juices seeping out from between them.

Alex spread her legs wider and moaned. She gasped, “Oh, God, Virginia,” as my middle finger worked its way between her lips and plunged into her hole. Our eyes locked as I worked my ring finger alongside my middle finger, hooking both fingers so I could stimulate her g-spot on each stroke. Alex arched her back again, digging her heels in, so her hips actually left the bed, lifting my whole body up. This caused me to grip her breast even tighter to keep my balance. I continued grinding my pussy on her core, pistoning my fingers in and out of her pussy.

My mouth opened, and I gasped out, “Oh, God, Alex,” as she tightened her grip on my breasts, my hard nipples scoring the palms of her hands. Alex started gasping, “Oh, God,” repeatedly as I used my thumb on my left hand to stimulate her clit on each downstroke. I locked eyes with Alex, willing her to crash over the edge as she arched her back one more time.

Alex gasped in a huge breath and held it for so long that I thought she would pass out. Then Alex started spasming as she expelled her breath in a scream while crashing into her orgasm. Alex spasmed so hard as she bucked her hips that I nearly flew off. Alex gripped my breasts so hard I knew I would have bruises tomorrow, but I didn’t care. They would remind me how much I loved this woman.

Alex’s eyes closed, and she slumped, loosening her grip on my breasts. She lay there, breathing in huge gasps as I slowly let her down from her orgasmic high. I finally pulled my fingers from her pussy as a small gush of fluids came out. I brought my fingers up to my mouth and licked them clean. I enjoyed the taste of her quim. When I was done, I slid off her core and lay down beside her, stroking her hair as she recovered from her orgasm. Eventually, her eyes opened as her breathing settled down, and she turned her head to look me in the eye and said, “God, Virginia, I love you so much!”

I could see the love she had for me in her eyes, and I hoped she could see the love I have for her in my eyes. I nearly teared up as I said, “I love you too, Alex.”

We lay there for a minute staring into each other’s eyes before Alex said, “Now, it’s your turn.”

Alex directed me to get up on my hands and knees and to spread my legs. When I did, Alex crawled behind me, put her hands on the back of my thighs, and pushed my ass up as my head and shoulders went down onto the bed. As I looked over my shoulder back at Alex, I saw her eyes focus on my pussy exposed to her between my thighs. A predatory look came over her as she leaned in and licked me from clit to perineum in one stroke.

I gasped from the feel illegal bahis siteleri of her tongue on my pussy and the look of bliss in Alex’s eyes as she tasted my juices. I pressed myself back at her, wanting more pressure from her tongue. Her hands tightened on my ass and squeezed my cheeks as she once again licked me from clit to perineum. This time Alex flicked my clit with her tongue, causing a bolt to shoot through my body, making me gasp, “Oh, God, Alex!”

I felt Alex’s right hand slide over my ass until her finger worked its way between my lips, running it the whole length of my slit. Then as she licked me once again, I felt her finger swirling around my anus, pressing in on the center as Alex flicked my clit once again. I relaxed my anus, and her finger slipped in, making me gasp again, feeling her finger wiggle around. Alex slowly pressed her finger in until I could feel her palm flat against my ass. Alex licked me again, flicking my clit and making me gasp and start rolling my hips, pressing back against her.

Alex started pistoning her finger in and out of my ass. She started slowly and then sped up as I started moaning, “Oh, God, Alex!” over and over. Then her left hand slid over my ass until it reached my pussy, and I felt her work a finger into my slit. Alex pressed it in, and I felt it enter my hole until her knuckles nestled between my lips. I felt her wiggle it around, hitting all of my walls until it reached my g-spot. When Alex tapped it with her finger, I jerked, feeling another pulse shoot through my body.

Then I felt Alex wrap her lips around my clit and start sucking on it while both fingers pistoned in and out of me. The sensations were piling up, and I could feel my orgasm building like a tidal wave, rising up, and up, and up, until it crashed down over me. I screamed, “Alleeexxxx!!!!!” as I started spasming and shaking as I fell apart.

Alex continued her assault on me as I gasped, “Oh, God” over and over. I felt another orgasm start crashing over me, making me scream Alex’s name once again. I strained to get air in my lungs, feeling a gush of fluids flow down my thighs as my vision started going gray around the edges. I collapsed onto the bed, still shaking and spasming as Alex moved up and lay next to me, wrapping her arms around me as I tried to recover.

Alex whispered, “I love you, Virginia,” repeatedly as I struggled to stay awake.

I eventually got enough control of my body to wrap my arms around Alex and whispered back, “I love you, Alex.”

Eventually, I recovered enough to want to continue, so I pushed Alex onto her back. At the same time, I got up on my knees and clambered down between her legs, lifting and separating them until my hands were on the back of her knees. My thighs were on each side of her hips as I sat back on my heels. I squirmed up until our pussies were in contact.

Locking eyes with Alex, I started rolling my hips, grinding my pussy into her pussy. Alex began to rock her hips, creating a counter-motion to mine, increasing the friction generated. We both produced copious fluids, attempting to reduce the resistance we were trying so hard to make.

“I love you, Alex,” I said.

“I love you, Virginia,” Alex replied.

Our breathing increased as we continued grinding our pussies together. We kept exchanging “I love you,”‘s as we proceeded because we both instinctively knew that this was going to be our last shared orgasm.

As our grinding grew more frenetic, I leaned forward, letting go of Alex’s knees, grabbed her breasts for leverage, and supported myself just as she gripped mine. I could feel my orgasm slowly building, and I pushed back against it, not wanting it to come too soon. I wanted this to last as long as possible, and I was in no hurry to rush it. I could see in Alex’s eyes that she had the same struggle.

My hands crushed Alex’s breasts, and I loved the feel of her flesh yielding to my fingers, her hard nipples scoring my palms. I wanted to remember every sensation since this would be the last time. Alex crushed my breasts in her hands, her fingers digging into my flesh, pulling me down as she tried to get more friction generated between our pussies.

Despite my best efforts to delay the inevitable, I could feel my orgasm approaching. I felt like I was speeding toward the edge of a bottomless abyss. I saw it in Alex’s eyes, and after I gasped as much air into my lungs as I could, I screamed out, “Come with me, Alex!” just as I went over the edge.

Alex screamed, “I’m coming, Virginia,” at the same time. We both spasmed, losing our coordinated grinding as our sensitive clits collided, each time making us jerk from the sensation. My vision started graying out on the edges as I kept my eyes locked with Alex’s eyes, wanting to share my orgasm with her as she shared hers with me.

I slowly collapsed on top of her. Both of us were gasping, “Oh, God!” canlı bahis siteleri over and over. We had both just experienced the most incredible orgasm ever. A gush of fluids hit me just as I felt a flow of fluids leave my pussy, and I knew we had both squirted. My thighs and core continued spasming as the waves of my orgasm splashed back and forth throughout my body like waves in a bathtub. I was dimly aware of Alex spasming as I lost myself in the sensations I was feeling. I eventually rolled off of Alex so she could breathe easier.

As we laid there in our post-coital glow, our breathing finally returned to normal. I locked eyes with Alex and said, “One last time, not one more time. If we ever meet again, it’ll be forever. I won’t be able to say goodbye to you ever again.”

“If we ever meet again,” answered Alex, her eyes glistening, “I won’t be able to ever let you go again.”

With our declarations made, we laid there, wrapped in each other’s arms, our bodies tight together.

Inevitably, the time came when I had to get ready to go. We showered and dressed separately, not wanting to spoil the memory of our last time together. We ate a simple breakfast before I finished packing my bag. As I put on my coat, my bag by the door, we embraced one last time before I opened the door and walked out of Alex’s life.

The tears that I had managed to hold back so far finally overwhelmed my defenses. I silently wept, keeping my face turned toward the window so no one could see them. Eventually, they stopped as I thought about what was waiting for me at home.

Finally, my plane landed at LAX. It took forever to taxi to the terminal and get off the plane. Matthew and Mark were waiting for me when I came out of the jetway. I was so glad to see them.

Matthew, who will be 18 in August and graduating from high school in June, came up and hugged me, saying, “I’m glad you’re back, mom.”

I had to tilt my head up to look him in the eye since he’s now 6′ 2″ tall like his father with blonde hair and blue eyes, towering over my 5′ 2″ height. I hugged him back, my cheek against his chest, saying, “I’m glad to be back. I missed you while I was gone.”

After a moment, before it got awkward for Matthew, we broke our hug. By then, Mark, who will be 16 next month, came up and hugged me, saying, “I missed you, mom.”

As I had to with Matthew, I had to tilt my head up to look him in the eye since he’s now 6′ tall and still growing, with brown hair and eyes like his mother. I hugged him back, my cheek near his clavicle, saying, “I missed you, too, Mark. I’m glad to be back here at home with you.”

I broke my hug with Mark. Matthew took my bag, and we headed out to the parking garage. Sensing my mood, neither Matthew nor Mark asked me about what happened on my trip. I was thankful for that because I didn’t want to break down in front of them. Matthew drove us home in El Segundo, only three miles from LAX. Even so, it took about twenty minutes to get there.

Grace met me at the door, pulling me in for a hug. I didn’t have to look up to her since she was my height with brown hair touched with gray and brown eyes, basically an older version of Bonnie. I had always been amazed by how similar they had looked, more like sisters than mother and daughter.

“I love you, Grace,” I said, tearing up a bit as I hugged her back. “I missed you. I’m glad to be back.”

“I love you too, sweetie,” Grace said. “I’m glad you’re back, too.”

We went in, Mark taking my bag to my bedroom. As I shrugged off my coat, Kathy Jones came downstairs. With blonde hair and gray eyes, Kathy was Grace’s lover. They had been together since they had turned 18 years old, 46 years ago. They had been inseparable except for four years when Kathy had made a mistake and hurt Grace. They did eventually reconcile. However, during that time apart, Grace had dated John Steiner, a guy she had dated in high school as a beard to hide her lesbian relationship with Kathy. She had done it to ‘punish’ Kathy.

While with John, Grace had gotten pregnant with Bonnie and married him. John died in a tragic accident when Bonnie was three years old. While Grace and Kathy were back together again, they never lived together because Grace did not want to expose Bonnie to the hate that people had for homosexuality. Once Bonnie had grown up and moved out on her own, they were set in their relationship of living separately, although they were always visiting each other and staying the night.

Since Bonnie’s death, I had bought a four-bedroom townhouse condo, and Grace has moved in to live with me. While Kathy still had her own place, she spent a lot of time here now that their relationship is no longer a secret. She had stayed here with Grace while I was gone to Dayton.

I went up to Kathy and hugged her. “Thanks for everything, Kathy,” I said, looking up into her gray eyes. At 5′ 10,” it was a long way up.

Kathy hugged me back, saying, “Any time, Virginia.”

With the greetings out of the way, I went into my bedroom to change outfits. Once I was refreshed, I came out into the living room to find everyone looking at me expectantly.

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