Pushing Her Limits

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I always knew he wanted to be the first guy in my ass. He never pressured, but he certainly made no secret of his lustful desires. I must admit, I got turned on at the thought of having him in my ass. I just didn’t think my virgin ass could handle his cock.

But I decided to give it a try.

A faint creak escaped as James clambered on the bed. I felt a slight dip in the mattress as he shifted into position behind me. I trembled in anticipation as I heard the pop of the lid. After a few seconds, it shut close with a click.

“Oh!” I startled as he spread the surprisingly cold lube in and around my asshole with his thumb. His other hand was used to lather his cock in preparation.

“Go very, very slow,” I warned him.

“I will,” he replied, as his right hand embraced the curve of my waist. “You look so fucking hot right now!”

Tenderly, he pulled my body slightly closer to him. He stopped just as the head of his cock started to press against my ass cheeks.

“Wow,” he muttered, as his most craved fantasy was about to come true.

I felt a deep pressure as the head of his cock started to enter my ass. My raspy inhales grew louder with each movement of his throbbing cock. He rubbed my back to ease my tension, and I felt my body relax. He slid in a bit more.

“Are you almost all in?”

A small laugh erupted from him.

“Babe, I’m not even a half-inch in.” Damn, I thought to myself.

“I’m not sure I could take much more right now,” I whispered softly. “Sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry, this was hot as fuck! But I think I know a way to continue.” Before I could ask how he reached over and grabbed the vibrator on the nightstand. The familiar buzzing started. Instinctively, I placed my head on the bed, causing my ass to sink deeper on his cock.

“Ow -fuck!” The sudden jolt of the pain from landing on his cock gave way to the pleasure of the vibrator launching into my cunt.

The brutal force he wanted to use in my ass was directed illegal bahis to my cunt. I heard myself moaning as the vibrations got louder. Stronger. The intensity increased as he drove the vibrator in and out of my soaking pussy.

I knew he was pissed that I couldn’t take his cock in my ass, even though he would never confess as much. I was secretly gleeful though. I loved it when he took his frustration out on my pussy.

Especially when he used my favorite vibrator as punishment.

Perfectly curved, and slightly ribbed, the vibrator hit every spot each time James thrust it in. Each time it parted my lips, I felt the buzz of the internal simulator as it massaged deep within me. The external clit stimulator rubbed against its target, causing the friction needed to send me to the edge.

I was so distracted by my own ecstasy, the sound of his growl surprised me. Looking back, I caught sight of him jerking off with his free hand. The tip of his cock was still in my ass.

I felt the moment arrive. My toes curled. A tremble shot through my body. In a quick response, James shoved the vibrator deep inside my pussy. The external stimulator sent my clit into overdrive! Locking the vibrator firmly in place, I shuddered against his hand. My moaning turned into a long, high-pitched orgasm as the waves of pleasure rushed through me over and over.

His dick erupted soon after. He shot a rope of thick creamy cum into my ass. Massaging his cock, he milked the rest of his load out. I didn’t realize how full I was until I felt a trail of cum slide down my ass, slowly edging towards my soaking, satisfied pussy.

During the next few weeks, we pushed my limits further and further. James reveled in the chance to train my ass solely for his cock.

Or so I thought.

The bedroom was on the small side, its simplistic design making it appear more spacious than it was. As I lay naked on the warm cotton sheets, the natural moonlight poured through the open window. The soft glow from illegal bahis siteleri the bedside lamp further illumined the cozy space.

Two shadows reflected on the bedroom wall. Two?

I turned to look. The extra shadow belonged to our friend Daniel. Two steps behind stood James.

“What-” I began before James interrupted.

“I’ve been telling Daniel how well you’ve handled the ass training, and he wanted to see for himself.”

“Ok,” I hesitated.

Daniel stood at the door as James purposefully made his way in, sitting beside me on the bed.

“Get the pillows,” James demanded. He looked to Daniel, “She’s a champion at ass fucking now. But her body aches for a bigger challenge. I know she secretly craves for a bigger cock to stretch her open.”

Our eyes met as I stared up at James. A smirk on his face, a smile on mine.

Without any misgivings, I pushed two pillows under my stomach and opened my legs for a much-needed anal fucking.

The slide of Daniel’s zipper sliced through the air as he undressed. Holding his massive cock in his hand, Daniel strode towards us. He was easily packing nine inches and thicker than anything I’d seen. He made James’ average dick look almost tiny in comparison.

James passed him the lube, and Daniel slathered a copious amount on his dick. My legs spread wider, as I awaited his cock to spread me open. He did not keep me waiting long.

“Fuck!” I screamed out as Daniel pushed his cock in my ass with no warning. I let out a submissive cry as he sunk his entire nine inches in my ass. He grounded himself, adjusted his hips, and began to own my ass. James caressed my face as Daniel started to screw my asshole with his full nine inches. With each thrust, his swollen balls slapped against my pussy.

“Fuck me, Daniel!” I moaned. “I’ve always wanted your cock.” Damn, that wasn’t meant to slip out.

The sudden tight grip on my neck told me James had heard what I said. The sound of his belt dropping to canlı bahis siteleri the floor told me I was going to be punished.

My heart thundered against my chest as James climbed on the bed in front of me. He sat upright. His legs opened. His glistening cock in my face. I knew my role.

Arching my back, I got into a better position to allow James to face-fuck me. His hands enclosed the back of my head as he pulled my face towards his crotch. I opened my mouth just as he rammed his dick down my throat. I sucked it eagerly.

“You’re a filthy bareback slut,” he whispered so only I could hear. I felt like it. A cock buried in my ass, and one stuffed in my mouth. I was in heaven.

I was so immersed in my bliss that I did not even notice when James passed my vibrator to Daniel. I was surprised when he suddenly pulled his cock from my mouth, but I soon realized why.

I didn’t know what was going on until I heard him spit. A second later I felt the length of the vibrator bearing down on my ass. I clenched my teeth tight.

“Shit,” I choked as the first few inches penetrated my ass. An incredibly tight fit with Daniel’s cock still inside of me. “Fuck, you’re going to split me open,” I roared as he pushed the vibrator deeper and deeper inside my ass.

I clenched my fists. Felt the soft cotton sheets in the palms of my hands. It hurt like a bitch to start with.

“Just breath,” Daniel commanded from behind as he continued to stroke my ass. I obeyed. Amazingly I felt my pain recede.

James caught my smile. He knew. I was elated that I could handle my ass being doubled penetrated.

“Fucking slut. You love this, don’t you?” But James already knew the answer.

“I’m nearly there,” Daniel suddenly blurted out. “Can I cum in your girlfriend’s ass?” he asked James.

“Of course,” came the answer.

With that reply, I felt the weight of his body against mine. He yelled as my asshole squeezed the base of his cock. I reached back and gently tugged on his balls as he filled my ass with his hot load.

For a second, we were all silent.

He pulled out, removing the vibrator as well.

Daniel gave my ass a hard slap, as his cum flooded out of my well-used asshole.

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