Rachel’s Teddy Ch. 01

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Rachel awoke to the gentle rays of the sun shining through the window onto her pillow. She already had a smile on her face. This had been the best vacation ever. She was in Hawaii with her husband, staying with relatives, and everything about the place was SO relaxing. She’d always been a sexual person, but this place seemed to bring it out in her even more. She had been horny 24/7 since she got off the plane, it seemed.

It didn’t help matters that her brother-in-law seemed just as tall and desirable as her husband. It also didn’t help that his wife was a well-tanned island girl with a nice body and luscious round tits. And it REALLY didn’t help that her twin sister lived in the same house with them. Talk about a fantasy overdrive for her!

She had spent the past week fucking her husband endlessly and she still wanted more. She’d been at it so late last night, in fact, that she had asked to sleep in this morning while everyone went shopping for their camping trip this weekend.

That thought woke her up instantly – she sprung out of bed, still naked, and looked out the bedroom window… sure enough, all three cars were gone. She was alone! Her pussy tingled just at the thought. She had wanted so badly to call out her brother-in-law’s name last night during sex, but dared not. Now she wanted nothing more than to act out one of her fantasies and make believe he was taking her. Fortunately, her sister-in-law had unwittingly provided the perfect gift – a VERY large teddy bear.

They had bought it for her as a gift, and the moment she saw it she knew it was going to be abused soon. It was a full four feet tall, with nice, soft fur, and oh-so-cuddly. They had even promised to mail it home to her since there was no way it was fitting on the plane.

And there it sat, on the chair in the corner, starting at her nude body. She sauntered over to it, swinging her large breasts for show, picked it up, and held it to her naked self, and ohhhh did that fur feel nice against her skin.

She carried it back to the bed, lay down on her back, and held teddy tight in her arms, his head between her soft breasts, his arms draped over her sides, and one of his legs dangling deliciously over her bare slit. Every small movement made it tickle her down there. Wanting more, she reached down with one hand and pressed teddy’s leg firmly up against her pussy, which was extremely sensitive. A gasp escaped her lips, then another as she slowly rubbed teddy back and forth against her. She couldn’t believe she was this horny so early, especially after such a long night of fucking, but she wanted güvenilir bahis nothing more right now than a nice, deep, soul-shaking orgasm that she could feel all the way to her toes.

And so she breathed the words she dared not say last night –

“Oh… take me Tim. Take me however you want… Lick me suck me fuck me do ANYTHING you want to me.”

With one hand she rubbed teddy’s face against her nipple, and with the other she stroked his fur against her shaved pussy, both sensations sending little shock waves through her body. Oh how she wished he was here right now… his mouth sucking on her nipples (as she pinched one of her nipples)… his big cock rubbing up against her slit (as she slid one finger inside).

“Ohhhhhh,” she gasped.

It felt sooo nice having something on top of her that she could feel while she thought of Tim. But as good as it felt, she wanted to ride him! She laid teddy on his back on the bed, climbed on top of him and straddled his belly. She held his hands to the bed, and lowered her pussy onto his furry torso, and began grinding.

OHHH but it felt nice, she thought. She’d grown so wet that she could feel some of her juices being smeared onto teddy, but she didn’t care, she could clean him up after.

“Ahhhh fuck,” she breathed, as her nipples brushed against the fur beneath her. All she could think of was HIS mouth on her, his cock in her, his arms holding her. She grinded like this for a few minutes, enjoying every moment that fur caressed her pussy lips.

But as nice as teddy was, he was TOO soft, too pliable. She wanted something hard between her legs, badly. She looked around the room for something to add to this fantasy, and saw the exercise bike. Nah, she’d tried that before at home and it wasn’t all that. But then she noticed that at the front of the bike was a 3″ wide pipe that stuck out about 8″ and was about waist-high. It looked like some kind of attachment bar, but also looked like the perfect place to ride teddy. She carried teddy over to the bike, and sat him on the attachment bar with his back up against the front of the bike, and draped one of his legs along the full length of the bar. To add to the sensation, she pulled the bike right up against the bedroom door, so that there was just a tight space between the door and teddy, just perfect for her to fit into.

As she slid into position she could feel what a good idea this was. The bar below firmly pressed teddy’s leg up against her pussy, and she could rub her tits against teddy’s upright body. The bar was a bit high, so she had to stand on her toes to türkçe bahis get into position, then lower herself firmly onto him, and Ohhhhhhhh did it feel nice.

She reached up and squeezed both of her breasts firmly, imagining Tim was right in front of her, holding her to the door, fucking her deeply. She spread her arms and held on to the door frame grinding her dripping wet slit along teddy’s fur.

“Oh fuck ohfuckohfuckohfuckohfuckkkkk,” she moaned. “Oh take me.”

She began to thrust her hips harder, imagining that he was pounding up into her. With each thrust she would slap her ass against the door, then grind it the full length of that bar. Over, and over, and over. She could feel her orgasm building and moaned loudly.

“Fuck me Timmmmmmmm.”

“Oh Timmm fuck MEEEEEEEEE!”

Her breathing was rapid, her thrusts increasing, and her whole body began to tingle from what she could tell was going to be an explosive orgasm.

She felt like she was about to pass out and scream all at once, when suddenly, there was a knock at the door.

“Rachel? You okay?” a voice asked.

“SHIT! OMG somebody’s home!” Rachel was scared witless, but her body didn’t care, she was SO close. She remained silent, not knowing what to say.

“Rachel?” the voice asked again.

She looked down and saw too late – the doorknob turning! Before she could react the door began to open. She tried to push against it but she had no leverage. The door opened an inch as she resisted, then pushed open a few more inches – deliciously forcing her throbbing pussy along the full length of teddy’s leg, and pressing her up against him tightly. She gasped and her eyes flew open wide.

“Everything okay?” the voice asked again, it sounded like Jolette, the twin sister, but she couldn’t be sure, he mind was so foggy and her body was screaming for release.

“Um…” she stammered. “I’m nak-… I’m changing,” she squeaked out, barely able to talk.

After a moment the pressure on the door eased off – with the unexpected effect of her oh-so-sensitive pussy lips being dragged back across teddy beneath her. She quickly stood on her toes to ease the pressure on her swollen pussy.

“OMG,” she thought, she might cum without even touching herself she was so close. Somehow she managed to squeak out a few more words.

“I’ll com—mmming out in just a minute…”

“You sure?” Jolette asked again, pushing once more against the door.

Unfortunately for Rachel, that little nudge knocked her slightly off balance, and pushed her tits up against teddy again… and the fact that güvenilir bahis siteleri someone else had caused it was just too much for her mind to take. Her legs buckled, her eyes clamped shut, her pussy was forced firmly down against the bar… and she gave in.

“Yessssssssss,” she cried aloud as an intensely strong orgasm crashed into her unprepared body. She clutched onto teddy, lifted her feet off the floor and bucked wildly between the door and teddy, her cunt exploding as she came! All of her focus was on her spasming pussy. She could barely hear, she could hardly see. She rocked her body repeatedly against teddy, cumming soo hard she could hardly even breathe!

Her knees were spread up in the air, her toes pointed, her body supported by that one point of contact at her pussy as she came and came and came! She could practically see Tim here with her, holding her body in the air, fucking her while standing up. She could feel his thrusts every time she rocked back and forth on teddy, feel his hands massaging her huge tits, feel him pushing her up against the door and TAKING her.

Several minutes of this pleasure passed. When her orgasm finally subsided, she found herself clutching onto the bike for support, her whole body shaking, the door closed behind her. She hoped Jolette hadn’t a clue what was going on, but had enjoyed it too much to care.

She pushed the bike back into position, laid teddy back on the bed, dressed quickly, thought up a few excuses to tell Jolette if she asked any questions, and went out into the living room hoping for the best. Jolette was there, washing the dishes from breakfast, wearing a rather tight and very short sundress. The light from the window highlighted all of her curves through that dress.

“Mornin sleepy!” Jolette said as she looked back, then back to the dishes. “We saved you some breakfast but everybody wanted to get an early start picking up camping supplies so they went into town.”

“They take all the cars?” Rachel asked, trying not to sound too inquisitive.

“Oh, Tim took mine so he could go pick up a hammock from a friends house on the north shore. Jolene and your husband took the other car into town. But your rental’s still here, they parked it around the side of the house. Going somewhere?” she asked, sounding almost hopeful.

“I’m not sure, I don’t know my way around anywhere.”

“The guys are gonna be gone for a while, and there’s a really nice park just up the road…” again, sounding anxious.

Rachel began to wonder what Jolette was up to, and figured she’d humor the girl. She agreed it’d be a nice day for a drive, packed up her breakfast, and headed out to the car.

Jolette stood at the door watching as she drove away, with a big smile on her face. Of course, this made Rachel all the more curious…

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