Rahab Bk. 05 Ch. 05: Negotiations

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We woke refreshed and loving. Sleeping next to Ana made me feel safe and warm, and with her I slept so well that I found it hard to believe that for most of my life sleep had been elusive. When I told her she smiled and teased me:

“Ah, my Rahab, have I so tired you out that finally you sleep?”

I giggled and kissed her.

“You complete me,” I told her, smiling and kissing her on the lips.

We broke our fast, bathed, and dressed.

The day ahead would be one of talks with the Khan Hamid. He viewed Ana and “the Romans” as possible allies against the Ottomans, and was happy to maintain good relations, although he was obviously ill at ease treating a woman as an equal. He was also aware of her contacts with the Viceroy of Syria (me) and of the nature of that relationship, and no doubt hoped to gain benefit from it. Ana and I had agreed the line she should take.

It was, we both agreed, so different from the palaces and courtyards of the Romans and Ottomans. There things were on a grand, spacious scale, here things were smaller, meaner, narrower, reflecting the spirit of the Mongols who had ended up here. Once world conquerors, by this stage their power was in retreat, and decline. But it would not do to underestimate our enemy.

The Khan’s face accurately reflected his character. The lines in it showed his characteristic expressions were ones of contempt and anger, and in diplomatic negotiations, it almost looked as though his features were out of place.

As is usual on such occasions, the conversations were carried on by the chosen representative, with the Principals being there at the start, and then withdrawing, signalling that people of their status had better things to do, and that underlings could get on with such business. If they failed, they would be disposed of.

“Highness,” said Ana, bowing as she entered, as I did.

“Excellency,” said Hamid, with a slight incline of his head, as though acknowledging as a favour, that she was worthy of being in his company.

“I see you have a new secretary, is she in imitation of your great leader the ‘little vizier?'”

Ana smiled graciously.

“Highness, you discern my flattery to my Mistress. She is reliable and has power to talk with Abdullah.”

He smiled, pleased at the acuity of his perception (if only he had known the truth).

“As he does with her, so let us withdraw and leave them to it. Will you take a tour of the gardens with me?”

They went, leaving Abdullah and myself. I could see in his eyes that he thought I was of no account. Not only was I a woman, but I was a child. Well, that was to the good.

As we talked I took care to drop into the conversation what I wanted him and his master to know. So, yes, I confirmed that the ‘little vizier,’ was planning to invade the Armenian territory in the spring, and in force. There would be, I told him in deepest secrecy, a feint attack towards the Plain, but the Ottomans, as ever, would take them by surprise by going through the mountain passed, hoping to distract the Mongols by the feint.

“And you know this how?” He enquired, his shifty eyes shifting.

“As you know, my Mistress and the vizier are lovers, and where lovers talk, more than is meant gets out. As you also know, we are Christians and have no love for our Ottoman conquerors, and would not see their power expanded.”

He smiled. Such lines of reasoning made sense to his rather narrow view of how the world worked. I could see he had taken the bait.

What did we want? That, I told him was easy. We needed, for obvious reasons, to be on good terms with the Ottomans, and it was not, until Russia became more powerful, in our interest that their Empire should fall, but we would not wish them to become more powerful. From our point of view the Mongol kingdom was a known entity with which we could work. So for us, this was a way of maintaining the status quo.

From the way he was smiling I could see that this all made sense and filled with the views he had already formed; his Master would be pleased with him.

There was, however, one thing we wanted from his Master, if only to explain to the ‘little vizier,’ why we had come.

As men of power do at such moments, he stiffened his sinews. He had already obtained what he wanted, and looked loathe to pay any price.

“You know she will hear about this, and for our own protection, and therefore future use to you, we need to give her something. You know she cares for the Jews, who are her own tribe, and our one request would be to allow us to visit them so we can report back to her.”

I could see his mind weighing the options and coming to the conclusion that he would come out of our negotiations with far more than he had given; he looked satisfied.

“Well, little one, we should, as allies, sustain your position. I will talk to my Lord, but am sure once we have discussed the matter, he will allow what you need to retain credibility in the eyes of the little perverted bitch.”

My features remained placid. I knew how such men regarded çıtır escort me and my sexuality, and had no intention of blowing my cover by reacting. If he suspected my identity, there was no sign to him that he was correct.

His Master was as good as his word. Late that afternoon we received news we could travel to the Jewish area to conduct a tour of inspection. It was, we were told, a sign of favour, that we could go unaccompanied. As Ana said, it was more a sign of their over-confidence, after all, what could a couple of women and their bodyguard do against the power of the Mongols?

I was pleased with the results of our conversations, and so was Ana. It kept lines open with the Mongols, but gave them enough misinformation to keep them happy until the last minute when they would realised they had been tricked. But by then it would be too late.

We left for Yeghergis the following morning, en route back to Syria. We arrived in the early afternoon to be greeted by a delegation, including the Rabbi, who was called Rabin.

After a formal greeting, we were shown into a chamber where food had been laid out for us; my people were always hospitable.

As expected, they were wary of us. As I also expected there to be informers in the group, we maintained what protocol and common sense demanded, which was to enquire after local conditions, which were even more dire than was known back in Beirut. People were starving, and as they had no means of paying what the Mongols needed, no way out.

Maintaining the deception that I was merely Ana’s secretary, I asked Rabbi Rabin whether, as a Jew, I could talk privately about spiritual matters. There was, of course, the risk that he was the informer, but there was no help for that. I had to have faith in Our Lady’s promise, and this was the evidence that I had.

That gave us the excuse to slip away to the synagogue as Ana and the others talked.

“What can I do for you little daughter?”

“Rabbi, the question is what I can do for you. I am Rahab, the ‘little vizier,’ and I come to help lead my people to safety. You have perhaps heard of me and from Rabbi Samuel?”

He started and gulped.

“My lady, is it you? We were told you were our Moses, but we scarce dared believe that He Who Is had raised up one in our time!”

He fell to his knee and kissed my hand.

“Teacher, teacher, I am, like you, a tool in the hands of the Almighty, but if it is His Will then we shall do this thing, and you will all be taken from the shadow of the valley of death. Now listen, and carefully, for we have little time, and you will have to deal with the risk of the traitor in your midst.”

He looked me in the eye.

“And how can you be sure that I am not that man?”

“Because He Who Is would not have led me to you, Rabbi.”

He smiled in relief.

“You are correct, and in thinking there are traitors in our midst. I know who they are, and if there is hope, then we can rid ourselves of them and flee.”

So I laid out the plans.

The invasion would come from the south-east after the Christian Pascha. Our forces would come across the plain, deceiving the Mongols about the plan. It was clear to me that the Mongols intended to try to exterminate the Jews, and it would be necessary for them to be prepared to flee if necessary.

There we left it.

With our bodyguard we travelled south and did not draw breath until we reached our own lands, where we stayed the night at the fortress of the local Emir, who welcomed us with a feast in Ana’s honour, not, of course, knowing who I was.

I smiled at Ana’s impatience.

“Well, my darling, now you know how tedious my life can be,” I giggled.

As she went off to eat with the Khan and his allies, I was shown to the kitchen by a rather pretty woman servant, who very kindly prepared me something to eat, and stayed to dine with me.

I thanked her for her care.

“I am Rachel,” I told her, “secretary to Vizier Ana.”

“I am Aly,” she said, “servant to the Khan. Are you also her lover? I hear that she and the Viceroy are lovers.”

Clearly the Empire had no secrets.

I blushed a little, with flashbacks suddenly to my earlier life. Aly reminded me of Jess. She was bigger than me and more forward. The way she was looking at me gave me shivers of pleasure.

“Yes, Aly, I am her lover. Of her and the vizier I can, of course, say nothing.”

She looked at me.

“Oh, how I wish that I had a female lover, but here in the provinces, it is frowned upon. I have a friend at the Khan’s Court, and we meet when she comes to the market here, but we have never managed to make love. Is it as wonderful as I would think?”

My heart went out to her. Oh how I understood her plight. I had been in a similar situation back in Chilea only a few years previously I held her hand and looked into her eyes.

“Yes, Aly, it is more wonderful than you can imagine.”

“Thank you, you are very kind, very reassuring. It is, then, perhaps worth my while trying to demetevler escort bayan create time when she comes next market day?”

I confirmed it was, then, on a sudden inspiration, asked how easy it was to get messages from her friend at Court. Aly said it was quite easy as the Khan was so confident of his power that he spoke freely.

“Could you do Ana and the little Vizier a favour? You will be well-rewarded.”

“Of course, you are kind to me, few, if any others, treat a little servant girl as though she were human, and I like you and would be glad to help. The money might be useful in helping things move quickly, and I won’t say it would not be useful.”

At that point a message came from Ana ordering me back to her Chamber.

“Oh, I do so envy you Rachel, I wish I could be with my friend.”

“Well, Aly,” I reassured her, “if you do as I say, you will be, and sooner than you think. If you do this service for us, then I promise you will be with her.”

She looked at me, her brown eyes shining with tears.

“I trust you, and thank you. If I hear anything of interest, what should I do?”

“I will get Ana to talk with your Master, and if you do, he should send a messenger post haste to me in Beirut.”

Aly looked at me.

“You are her, aren’t you? You are the little vizier herself?”

“Yes, yes I am Aly, and that is why you can trust me. Come here.”

She came to me, and I kissed her on the lips.

“There,” I said, as we parted, “that is but a foretaste of what you and your friend have to come.”

She kissed me back.

“Thank you a thousand times, God bless you Rahab.”

I told Ana what had happened, and she smiled.

“Oh my little Rahab, so what would have happened had the servant girl made an attempt on your virtue. Would the little Vizier have yielded and become the servant’s servant?”

As she said this she was massaging my cunt, having stripped herself, and pulled me to her, half-naked.

“And would the viceroy herself have knelt before the servant and eaten her out? I can feel that the very thought is making you wet little one.”

She thrust two fingers into my cunt, which was indeed wet. I gasped as she took me there. Her kisses were like fire across my lips and breasts, and soon I was gasping.

“Eat your Mistress maid Rahab.”

I knelt and pushed my face against her wetness. Gracious, it I had been wet, Ana was dripping.

Making my tongue stiff, I parted her swollen lips with my fingers, prising them apart of reveal her red, wet softness and the entrance to her cunt, then making a tube of it, I thrust it into the tangy juiciness, pushing my face into her. I could hear her moan as I took her. My own cunt was wet and needy, but I wanted her so much.

My fingers traced the path followed by her juices from her cunt to her arsehole, and and they tacked it, my index finger rubbed her there, fingering the rim of her hole. She shivered and moaned as I did so, exhaling mightily as I pushed in slightly. She was gasping now, her breath ragged.

Aroused by her arousal, and loving the effect on her, my finger and thumb began to slightly pinch her bud as my tongue fucked her. As I pulled and fucked, she groaned. I pushed deep into her arse, at which the moan redoubled in intensity, and her body began to shake. She ground her cunt into my face so that my tongue was deeply embedded; that had the effect of doing the same to her arsehole.

As I took both her sex holes, my finger and thumb played with her engorged bud, softly, but pulling and pinching just enough to make her moan even more.

“Rahab, Rahab, no, no, I can’t, I can’t …!”

But she could. She orgasmed there and then. Her cunt sprayed into my face, and her arse clenched my finger greedily.

“Oh my goodness!” She exclaimed as she shook against me.

I heard another noise, she was not the only woman who had just orgasmed. Out of the corner of my eye I could see in the little window above, a pair of eyes, and I guessed that little Aly had enjoyed the spectacle.

As Ana recovered, she pulled me to her, and she whispered into my ear:

“Do you suppose the little servant enjoyed that?”

I giggled and nodded.

“Aly, come down and join us, do not be afraid.”

Ana’s tone gave no room for refusal. There was a rustle, and a few minutes later Aly came into our chamber.

“I was not spying Highness!”

“You were looking though. Give Rahab your finger to suck.”

Aly did as Ana told her. I licked it, tasting her own juices.

“So?” Ana asked me.

“You were right, she has been playing with her cunt.”

Aly blushed, but admitted it.

“So, Aly, I have cum and you have cum, but there is one here who has not, shall we let her?”

“Highness, is it right that I get to decide whether the Viceroy has an orgasm?”

Ana smiled broadly.

“It is right that I ask you, and be assured it will excite her. Doesn’t it darling?”

Ana was being so naughty, but she knew me dikmen escort bayan so well. She had brought me a long way to full arousal, and then let me service her, building up my own frustration.

“You are still very aroused, are you not Aly?”

She was shivering with lust.

“Oh my god, oh my god, yes, yes I am.”

“Would you like to see how I use Rahab, and will use you?”

I don’t know how Aly felt at that moment, but I could have cum on the spot. I knew the game she was playing for us. She knew this was arousing me to the point of orgasm with not a touch of her finger or tongue; her mind probed me to the point where I could almost have orgasmed at that moment.

“I should love it Highness,” she gasped.

“Adore me Rahab.”

That was my signal to get the cock-shaped instrument she used on me, and to strap it to her thighs. As she stood there, tall, blonde and powerful, again I almost came. Aly was looking at her in lustful amazement.

“Slaves, kneel and kiss my girl-cock.”

We did as we were told, and I kissed Aly across the cock, our lips and tongues meeting and lubricating it. We kissed and licked until we were both wet,, Ana’s hands in our hair.

“Present!” She ordered.

I showed Aly what to do.

We both knelt on all fours, heads down, backsides raised and our holes on display. I turned toward Aly who was looking at me as though to ask if this was my wish. I nodded.

“New slut first, old slut second,” Ana growled, as her girl-cock went into Aly, who groaned loudly. I kissed her as my wife fucked her hard. She gasped when Ana pulled out, and then it was my turn to moan.

“My girl-cock is wet with her, my darling, and you are getting her juices into your slutty cunt.”

At that I moaned. Ana knew how to press my buttons.

Aly and I kissed while I was fucked, then Ana turned back and took her, leaving my cunt empty and leaking. I felt so envious as Aly was fucked, kissing her passionately as though that was the route to feeling what she must have been feeling.

I wanted to scream that I was Ana’s and should be getting this, but as that was precisely what Ana intended, I could just think it for fear of alarming Aly. Then it happened, as Ana slammed in, Aly shuddered and came as we kissed. As she did so, Ana followed, just as she plunged into my cunt. Oh gosh, I felt frustrated and just needed release. But Ana was playing a longer game.

“Come and kiss me Alyslut.”

Aly turned and kissed Ana.

“Thank you, thank you, that was better than I could ever have imagined. I think I love you Highness.”

Ana laughed.

“So do all girls when they have climaxed so. And I have enjoyed it equally. But it seems there is still one who has had no orgasm. Would you like your sex cleaned up?”

Aly had her arms around Ana’s neck.

“Yes, I would love that, I am very messy down there, shall I get a cloth?”

Out of the corner of my eye as I stayed bend over, I could see Ana was stroking her breasts.

“Yes, you could, but of course if there were a slave in this room, she could be commanded to do the job.”

A shiver shot through me.

“Oh Highness, I wish it were so.”

“There is, command Rahab to clean you, call her slave. Lie in front of her, legs apart.”

Aly lay in front of me, legs apart. Her hairs were liberally coated with her juices, and her cunt glistened wetly. She looked at, shyly at first, but when Ana nodded, less so.

“Are you a pussy licking slave, Rahab?”

“Yes Mistress Aly,” I answered in a way I thought would please Ana.

It did, as she thrust her girl-cock into me deeply, forcing my face into Aly’s wetness. She tasted delicious, and I lavished attention on her sex, sucking her hairy lips before thrusting my tongue into her gooey hole.

Ana took me hard, forcing me into Aly’s cunt, and fucking her through fucking me.

“How does it feel having the Viceroy cleaning out your cunt, slut?”

Moaning at my ministrations, Aly shook more at Ana’s words.

“Is she a cunt slut Mistress Ana?” She asked.

“She is, she is mine, but I share this with you as a token of better times.”

Aly grabbed my hair and pulled me into her, as Ana fucked me hard.

The more Ana fucked, the more my face was pushed into Aly, and the more the latter groaned. I tightened my cunt, knowing the effect would be to force the cock up against Ana’s clit.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Aly sighed and grunted, her third orgasm not far off. Ana thrust in harder and deeper, it felt like she would split me in half. From the leaking onto me and the timbre of her moans, I could tell she, too, was close. I sensed my own orgasm building.

“May I? May I?”

“Ask Aly, beg her!”

“May your slave cum Mistress Aly?”

At that, both she and Ana began to cum. She gasped her assent and, at that moment, my own orgasm overtook me.

I felt her juices in my face, and my own and Ana’s down my thighs.

Ana pulled out, pulling me to her and kissing me, tasting Aly.

“How was that my darling Rahab, was that what you needed by way of release?”

“You knew it was, you know me so well.”

“I hope I did right?” Aly asked, uncertain now the tide of lust was ebbing.

We both reassured her she had pleased us, and she went back to her chamber an exhausted but happy devotee of Sappho.

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