Road Trip Ch. 02

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Double Penetration

Reminder, this is about love and romance. It’s not a quick “fuck and go” story. I want it to be more. I hope that it is. Reading the first part will help to establish the characters and the background.


“Mmmmmmmmmm, so good. Oh, yes, right there. AAAAAAhhhhhhhh!!”

My shoulders and back were so tense after a day of driving. Jimmy, my beautiful son, was massaging the aches out of them. He dug deep with his thumbs into my shoulders. “God, sweetheart, that feels so incredibly good. Thank you!” I turned and gave him a kiss, then another, smiled, giggled, and looked deeply and longingly into his eyes. I put my hand to his cheek and ran my fingers over his face, tracing the contours, lightly, lovingly. Jimmy closed his eyes and smiled, letting the sensation of my touch envelop him.

“I love you, Mom.”

“I know, sweetie. I love you, too.” I kissed him again, looked deep into his eyes, then tousled his hair and said, “Time for dinner. Let’s go eat, I’m starved.”

This was our last night together on the road. Tomorrow, we would be home. Tonight, well, tonight I wanted to be special. We couldn’t go to anyplace fancy. I never thought to bring any fancy clothes. This was supposed to be a vacation for the two of us, mother and son, away from the world, on an adventure. My God, what an adventure it turned out to be.

“Come on, let’s go to that steakhouse we saw coming into town.” I put on a nice light blouse that I bought at a shop along the way. It was slightly sheer, so it showed a bit of my titties. I was braless, so I felt a bit scandalous! I pulled on my clean jeans, sandals, and some jewelry. I put on the ring that Jimmy bought me, proudly wearing it on my right ring finger. A little make-up (Jimmy likes my shade of light pink lipstick) and I was ready to go. Jimmy dressed in his casual best. He looked so handsome.

Dinner was a dream. Jimmy was a gentleman. He insisted on calling me by my real name all evening. I just winked at our waiter when he seemed a bit confused. He smiled and treated us like a couple all evening. I was so happy. The food was wonderful, as was my handsome companion.

Afterwards, we went for a walk by the glorified creek that ran through town. There was a bridge over the creek. We walked to the middle and stood there against the railing, silent, listening to the water, looking at the stars.

Jimmy put his arm around my waist and hugged me close. I leaned over and kissed him. Just a quick kiss. His face shone with love.

“I love you, Sharon.”

“I love you, too, Jim.”

“Sharon, can we talk?”

“Of course we can. What’s on your mind? Is everything okay?”

“Yes, everything is fine. Everything is more than fine. Everything is perfect!”

I leaned over and gave him another kiss, a real one, this time. Long, deep, and full of love.

“I love the taste of your lipstick, Mom. I can’t describe why, but I do.”

“I’m glad you like it. I want to be pretty for you.”

“Oh, Mom, you are! Mom, what happens when we get home tomorrow? Is this all just a dream? It feels so real and I don’t want that to end. There are so many feelings wound up inside of me. I love you. I want to be with you forever. I want to be everything that you want and need in a man. I … I want to be more pendik escort than just your lover. I feel like more than just a lover. I feel… I feel…”

I pulled closer to him, resting my head against his chest. I snuggled in.

He continued, “I want to be more than that. I want US to be more than that. I … the ring I gave you. Please don’t freak out. I want it to be an engagement ring. Or I would like to think that you would accept it as such. God, I’m just babbling. I’m sorry.”

I squeezed him and gave him a peck on the cheek. “No, honey, don’t be sorry. I know how you feel. I know what buying that ring meant to you and you need to know what it meant for you to give it to me, for me to accept it from you. I love you, too, honey. I don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow or the next day, but I know this. This has been real, totally, absolutely real. You’ve made me feel more than just a Mom on this trip. I’ve felt like the woman that I once was. I feel like the woman that I deserve to be. These past two weeks have been magical. After we first made love, I felt like a giggly school girl, just losing her virginity to her dreamboat. In so short a time, we’ve matured. I’ve matured. It’s not just a fling for me. It’s love, it’s passion, it’s intimacy, it’s all of the things that a woman, a real woman, wants to feel, to be.

“Jim, yes, I’m your mother, I’m your lover, and I’m your girlfriend. And, yes, Jim, I want you to be my husband, if that is what you want. But, let’s take that part slow. That is too big a commitment to make in the heat of passion and in such a short time. We need to make a life together, more than what we had before this trip. We need to see if we grow into that.”

Jim looked a little crest-fallen. I lifted his chin and said, “This is one of those times that I have to be your mother. You’re young and this is all new. You’re a wonderful son, a fantastic lover, and oh so romantic a man. But to be more, well, we have to see if that grows.”

He sighed. “Okay, Mom. You’re right. Can we go back now?”

“Sure, baby. Let’s go.” I gave him one more kiss. This one tasted a little salty.

The walk did him good. By the time we got back to motel, he was himself again. We changed and went for a swim in the pool. God, he looked good in that tight trunk. I wore my bikini. Not itsy-bitsy, but not a typical Mom suit. It was just us. We fooled around like we always would, splashing each other, diving under and grabbing each other from below. At times, Jim would cop a feel or kiss my pussy from down below. I, in turn, would grab his crotch or nuzzle his cock. One time, I moved his trunks aside and give him a quick suck. Even underwater, I could hear him go, “Oh, shit!”, when I did that!

Back in the room, we showered, individually. I wanted to let him have some more time to think. I knew that he still needed it.

We got into bed and snuggled in each other’s arms. I felt so at peace. After a bit, I nuzzled Jim’s nose and gave him a kiss. I looked into his eyes and smiled. I kissed him again, a little longer this time, still playful. Then, I kissed him for real, pressing my lips to his and feeling their softness, their movement, and their heat. We kept the kiss going, not wanting to break its spell. I opened my lips a bit, just enough to slip escort pendik my tongue out and tease his lips. I felt a shudder go through him, then a calming, and then he kissed me harder, deeper, sending his tongue out to entwine with mine. My nipples went rock hard and my pussy turned very moist. I reached around him and ran my nails up and down the back of his neck. He shuddered again, then moaned.

Jimmy reached down and pulled my t-shirt up, just over my small breasts. He ran his fingertips over them, tracing the tips of my nipples.

“Hoooooo, Jim, that feels so good”, I said, breaking the kiss, moving my lips up to his ear. I licked the lobe of his ear, then nipped at it, running my teeth along its edges. Jimmy buried his mouth into the sensitive area of my neck and nuzzled it deep. My pussy was wet and hot, but it had to wait its turn.

I pushed Jim’s t-shirt up and pulled it over his head. He did the same with mine. We sat there for a moment, taking in the sight. Mother and son, lovers, soulmates, devouring the sight of our topless bodies. Jim reached over and kissed me again, gently, before moving down to kiss and lick my tits. He kissed each in its turn, licking, then sucking on them. This was my favorite part of our foreplay, having my handsome son nurse at my breasts, just like he did so many years ago. But he wasn’t a baby any more. He was a man, my man. While I was his mother, I was also his woman. His sexy, horny, loving, devoted woman.

“Sharon, I love you.” I loved it when he called me by my name.

“I love you, too, Jim.” And with that, I pulled him down over me, glorying in the feel of his naked chest against mine. Our hands roamed freely over our bodies, touching all of the sensitive places until, finally, we broke apart, just long enough to remove our underwear. His cock was so hard, so perfect. I ran my fingertips over the 6″ shaft before putting it in my mouth. I was so glad that Jim was normal-size, as I had no problems sucking him to its full length. I ran my tongue up and down his shaft, caressing every inch with my lips. I paid special attention to his cockhead, running my tongue over it, playing with the piss-hole, sucking on it while moaning, a moan that made my lips vibrate, sending another wave of pleasure through my man. I ran my nails over and around his scrotum.

Jim placed his hands behind my head, firmly, not pushing, letting me do what I do best. I could feel the heat rising in him. I could feel his body tensing. But this was just the beginning. I picked my head off of his cock and said to him, “No, not yet.”

Jimmy’s eyes were glazed as he looked at me, questioningly. I said,” Not yet”, again.

I got up, covered his cock with my pussy, moving my full bush out of the way. Slowly, slowly, I moved downward, letting my pussy welcome his cock. First, the head, that beautiful crown, touched my clit and I gasped. I let my labia caress his shaft, as I moved him back and forth in my wet valley. I move the head to my cunt and let it slowly slip in. Oh, sweet Jesus, that felt good. My pussy was so wet that Jimmy’s cock had no problem slipping effortlessly into my pussy. Every cell, I felt every fucking cell of my cunt connecting with every cell of his cock. Now, he was all the way in. So hot, so hard.

I looked into pendik escort bayan Jimmy’s face and moved upwards, seeing the want in his eyes, the desire, the passion, the lust. I moved down, slowly, seeing his face change to gratitude. Then we started fucking, really fucking. Faster, harder, wetter, hotter, fucking.

“Fuck me baby, fuck mommy, fuck me good. Oh, God, Jimmy, you’re so fucking good.”

“Oh, Mom, Mom, yes, fuck me, too! Fuck me, Mom. Yes, Mom. Just like that.”

It had only been one week since we became lovers. Jim was a true beginner, but he learned so fast. He was a natural. As much as he loved his own sensations, he seemed to be more interested in pleasing me. He told me that his greatest pleasure was seeing me happy. I was very, VERY happy!

Faster and harder, we fucked. The bed was bouncing. We were moaning and grunting, and the sounds were so dirty, so naughty, so fucking good!

“Ram me, baby. Don’t be afraid. Mommy doesn’t break. Just don’t stop. Don’t ever stop!”

Suddenly, Jimmy grabbed me and turned us over. Now, he was on top and pounding away at my pussy. His eyes were wild with passion as he fucked the ever-loving soul out of me. My legs were around him, heels dug into his back, fucking back at him with all of my strength. My nails were biting into his sweet back. I was holding on for dear life.

Then it began. I began to cum. I couldn’t help it. It was too much. I wanted to make it last longer, longer for Jim, but I was too far gone. I started to keen, high and long. The keen became a growl. Finally, I screeched out my passion and my cum. “FFFFFUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKKKKK, AAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIII, AAARRRHHHH!!”

My body jerked and spasmed and my cum seemed to pour out of my cunt. I was on fire! I felt Jimmy cum, too. He whined, shook, then he pushed load upon load of his sweet cum deep into my cunt. My cunt nursed his cock like his lips had nursed my tits. Jim’s eyes were rolled up into his head as he came. I was shaking all over, my legs and thighs vibrating, uncontrollably, with the explosion within me. My boy, my man, collapsed upon me, cock still inside my oh so grateful pussy, still throbbing. I held him close to me, little aftershocks still hitting me, spasms of pleasure sending tremors to my pussy and through to my Jimmy’s cock.

We calmed, we relaxed, and we fell asleep in each other’s arms, still connected at our root.

In the morning, I woke up to Jim leaning on one arm, watching me, rubbing his middle finger over the crease between my pussy lips.

“Good morning, handsome! Did you sleep well?”

“Good morning, Mom. Yes, I slept well, but I didn’t dream. I woke up to my dream.” He kissed me. “You’re my dream, Mom. I love you so much.” He kissed me again. He was so sweetly corny!

This was all too good to be true. Yet it was true.

After breakfast, we packed the car and headed home. I so didn’t want to leave, but reality called.

We got home from our vacation in the early evening. Our road trip was over, but a new road had opened before us. We left home as mother and son. We came home as so much more. I thought about what Jim had said last night. Husband and wife? Yes, that would be nice. Jim and Sharon, husband and wife. In time, maybe. All things in their time. We had a lot to talk about. A whole new life had opened before us.

I stopped and pondered. A whole new life. A whole new … life? I looked down at my abdomen, placed a hand on my uterus. Maybe? All things in their time.

(to be continued)

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