Rob Ch. 01

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Because of a remark to the story “Rob Ch 01”, ‘non-English’, to be able to read it in English, I decided to give it a try, although English isn’t my mothers tongue. I would like to say sorry to all readers for errors in my English, not only for the words but also for my way of describing facts and feelings.


Rob was shy boy of 19 years old. He was 1m85 tall and weighted 82 kg. He had a well build body, developed by sport. He still lived at home, in a small cottage with garden, with his mother Marina who was 42 years old. His father Luc wasn’t with them because he divorced his mum 10 years ago and went abroad, so that the contact between them was only by postcards and letters, and recently by e-mail.

A year ago Rob had a car accident and was taken into the ER of the nearest hospital, where he received the best aid he could get. He was brought in in a coma of which he came out only after one month, this to the great relief of his mum and the rest of the family. He did need quite some time to coop with what happened, not only for the fact that he was missing some time of his life, but also and especially for bursa escort the fact that there was something strange going on with him. At first he thought that he heard voices, but finally he did understand that he was able to hear the people around him think. This was as a great shock to him, certainly when there was a difference between what people said and what they thought.

Rob was very pleased by the visits his mother made to him. He thought how much trouble this certainly would have made to her to make arrangements at her work, later on he heard that she returned to work after her evening visit in order to finish her work, but every noon and evening she sat by his bed. Due to the divorce Marina and Rob grew towards each other and as therefore Marina and Rob were more like friends, rather then mother and son. It goes without saying that there were some troubles during his puberty, but because Marina was always there to explain why and by doing so she convinced her son, there was only little trouble.

Finally it was the day that Rob was dismissed from the hospital. Marina had taken the day off so that both would be together for the whole bursa escort bayan day. At 10 am Marina came to the hospital to collect Rob. The drive home was made in silence because Rob was enjoying every second of it admiring what he saw. The window was open so that Rob could smell as well all the smells around him. Finally they arrived at their home. Marina parked the car; they both got out of it and went into their house.

His mother did take care of him and was practically almost around him, like a mother hen would act. Because he was still most of the time in bed, this was the place where they both had long talks. Further he did notice that his mother more and more impressed him and he found out that he did look at her in a different way. She had half long red hair that hung besides her face where, her and there, there were crowfoot noticeable. Her breasts were rather small, he thought that she had an 80A. Her body was neither too small, nor too fat. The most beautiful about her were her legs, which had, according to him, a good shape.

One of his moms’ tasks was to help him wash himself. He was able to wash his own face and his arms, escort bursa but when he decided to stand up in order to do other washings he had to lay back because everything around him started to spin round. Marina thought that it was only normal that she would start helping him. Rob however found it to be embarrassing, but finally he agreed. He enjoyed her work, certainly when she washed his crotch. As time went by Rob noticed that he had more and more difficulties of avoiding a hard on, but in the end he seemed to succeed in it.

One morning Marina entered his room. Rob did need all his will for not letting out a wolfs whistle.
His mum, as always, was a real picture, but this time she surpassed herself. She did wear a light blue velvet blouse under which was a black miniskirt. Under her skirt there were black stockings and on her feet were some black shoes, medium heeled. She also had pouted her lips red.

Marina wasn’t conscious of the fact that her son was admiring her. She was busy with preparing to set everything ready in order to wash him. All of a sudden something fell down and without thinking she bent over to pick it up, unaware that she thus gave Rob a good site of her legs. Because her skirt did rise, Rob had now a good view of the end of her stockings and the beginning of her naked tights. This gave him within a second an incredible hard on.

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