Sailing Vacation

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Female Ejaculation

This is a work of fiction, inspired by a real cruise, all names have been changed.
Please do not copy or print without my permission.
Please enjoy, comment, and vote. I love to be told how to make my stories better.

The warm, humid air hit me as I exited the big jet from New York. The sounds of the tropics accosted my hearing, welcoming me to Martinique, and a well needed break from the frozen north. The formalities at customs and the taxi to the marina were not really too long, but they increased my anticipation of the pleasures ahead. My vacation really began as I stepped onto my boat and started preparing it for the days of cruising and relaxation planned.

I was busy getting things ready while waiting for Amy to arrive. Even though she was not due for two hours I knew if I wanted to cast off when she stepped aboard I needed to work fast. There was plenty to do to prepare a forty four foot ketch for sailing. Getting food, fuel, ice, and wine took me the better part of those two hours. Making sure everything was properly stowed and the bunks had sheets on them caused me to laugh at how boats turn a man into a housemaid. Yet we never complain even though we never do the same work at home. I was on deck removing the sail covers as the taxi bringing Amy from the airport arrived.

Amy is a lovely brunette with an athletic build and hair that reaches halfway down her back. Her long legs and high breasts make her a dream to watch. Her smile and joyful disposition make her the perfect companion. We had been friends, and even lovers, for many years, but living in different cities had kept us from ever becoming more seriously involved. When she had called me a month earlier complaining of her need to get away from a bad breakup and a cold city, I insisted she take time off to join me for ten days on my yacht in the Caribbean. So there she was wearing a white skirt and a blue blazer looking as if she belonged on a sailboat. Her hair was up in a bun seeming very business like and making her too formal, I hoped I could change that quickly. I jumped onto the pier to pay her cab and greet her. We hugged warmly, feeling genuinely glad to see each other. I grabbed her bag and ushered her on board.

I was glad I had prepared the boat, for I showed her where to put her things and told her to relax and change while I took the boat to sea. As we headed out I was busy with the process of clearing the mooring area and raising the sails. I cut the motor and was about to go below to offer Amy a tropical drink when she came up the companionway. Her long dark hair was flowing over an extra large T-shirt, she looked like a different person. Her feet and those magnificent legs were bare to the sun, and she had the aura of a person on vacation. I gave her the wheel, showed her the course we were on, and went below to get those drinks. When I returned I almost dropped the glasses. At the wheel of my boat was not the proper businesswoman I had welcomed an hour earlier, but an incredibly sexy lady wearing only a tiny red G-string and a wicked smile. She laughed at my reaction and took a long gulp of the punch I had handed her.

“Come on George, we’re in France here and you know nobody wears any clothes. So relax and do the same.”

Her high, firm breasts swayed with the movement of the boat, and her thighs tensed as she shifted her weight with each roll. She was a close friend, and even though we had been lovers I had planned to wait for her to make the decision as to whether we would be again. But the way she looked steering the boat almost naked, with her hair flowing in the breeze, and a mischievous smile, was asking a lot of my self-control.

“Amy, you look much too sexy for me to remain a gentleman.” I told her.

She laughed again and answered, “I want you as much as you want me, George, but I think we better anchor this boat before we start anything.”

I took the wheel and headed for the first cove to anchor and find out if she really meant what she said. While dropping the hook and furling the sails I couldn’t keep my eyes on what I was doing, her tight ass and lovely tits drew my attention constantly. As soon as the boat was secure Amy dove into the clear azure water and swam calling out for me to join her. I stripped and dove in to catch her. She swam to me and took batıkent escort my breath away with a deep, passionate kiss. Her hands caressed my ass and between my legs while her tongue played with mine. We broke for air laughing and romping in the warmth of the sea. All tension seemed to be floating away to be forgotten. She grabbed my hand and said.

“Now let’s climb aboard and see if we are still as compatible as we used to be.”

I scrambled up the ladder behind her almost dying as I watched that taut, scantily clad rear end ahead of me. The minute we hit the deck we fell onto the cockpit cushions in a deep embrace. Not even bothering to dry off we kissed with a hunger I could barely believe. The evening sun still warmed our wet bodies, but there was another source of heat keeping us from feeling a chill. Our passion mounted as we kissed wetly and my hands pulled off the only piece of clothing left between us. I knelt on the cockpit floor and embraced her belly, licking her navel and moving my lips slowly to the moist fur below. She placed her foot on the wheel opening herself to my eager mouth. I savored her mixture of sea and woman with delight. I let my tongue explore her pussy and washed her with my saliva, sucking and nibbling every inch. She ran her fingers through my hair and pushed her hips against my mouth. I drove my tongue into her canal fluttering it as it entered. Then I sucked her nub while pulling her ass to me. She pushed harder on my head almost drowning me in that briny heaven at the onset of her orgasm. She held onto me as the waves rolled over her, and I could feel her muscles contracting on my tongue as she came.

I kept my mouth on her drenched opening tasting her juices and inhaling her muskiness as her body slowly regained its normal rhythm. She pulled me up to her face and kissed me deeply savoring her own fluids as she ran her hands down my back and caressed my ass.

“I want you in me.” she purred, “Take me slowly, it has been so long since I’ve felt your body on mine.”

I was thrilled to oblige. My own desires were boiling over. I ran the tip of my iron like manhood along her slit, then I felt her dripping warmth envelope me as it slid in. She still had a powerful craving for she thrust her hips against me driving my shaft deeply into her channel. We developed a rhythm and soon were making the boat rock beneath us. As I moved in harmony with her I was beguiled by the visual beauty of her desire. Her cheeks were flushed, her eyes shone, and her dark wet hair clung to her shoulders. Her nipples were puckered, and standing out of her round breasts. Her skin was rosy and moist with goose bumps on her tummy, and her glistening pubic hairs were meeting mine in their own erotic dance. Watching all this was taking me to an even higher sexual condition, arousing me beyond control.

Soon I was feeling my entire being wanted to release itself into her womb, and trying to hold back only increased the tension and excitement. Luckily her lust was overflowing and she started coming just as I felt the explosion arise in my balls. I pulled her to me and stopped all motion as I emptied my energy into her. I could feel the flood pulsing up her canal, and the response of her pussy milking me dry.

This was not just two orgasms, but a true collaboration of craving bodies. Gradually we came down to earth and found our breath. We hugged tenderly as I told her over and over how glad I was to be with her. She stood up pulling me with her as she dove into the sea again. The water felt so good. After having put out the fires of desire it was heaven to just float in the warmth of the Caribbean waters. Amy took my hand, placed it on her pussy, and said.

“I remembered we had been good as lovers, but I didn’t think that good. Thank you for encouraging me to take this vacation. This is heaven.”

We climbed back on board feeling refreshed and contented knowing wonderful days were ahead. I took her below to shower off the salt and plan the evening. As we sat wrapped in our towels watching the last rays of the sun disappear, Amy asked me if I didn’t mind if she spent most of the time on the boat in the nude. Seeing that we were in the French islands no one would be surprised or shocked, and it certainly was a nice change from winter beşevler escort in New York or Chicago. So we unwrapped the towels, put our feet up, and planned the evening naked as the sun set.

The cove we had anchored in had a wonderful restaurant where after ten at night the owner would play the guitar and sing until the last customer left. I offered to take the dingy ashore and make a reservation. Amy said she would love that but needed to know how to dress, I told her a skirt and blouse would be fine. I threw on jeans and a shirt and took off in the dingy.

On my return 45 minutes later I found her below on the settee trimming her bush to almost nothing. She told me she wanted to get the maximum tan while on this cruise. Then she asked me to give her a massage to make her skin soft. She handed me the oil and went to lie on the v-berth in the forward cabin. Stretched out face down she presented me with an exquisite vision of long well tuned legs leading to a remarkable ass just begging to be fondled. I stripped off my jeans and shirt, spread the oil on her back, and started to seriously massage her.

Soon my concentration began to waver and my hands departed from their original task and started caressing her succulent body. As I molded the globes of her behind she moaned and wiggled with obvious pleasure. I let my hands wander to the insides of her thighs and return to her ass. She opened her legs indicating her desire for a more intimate caress. I lightly let a finger slide along her cleft feeling the smoothness of her lips and the warmth of her lust. I drew circles around her cheeks and returned to her slit on every revolution, each time her hips rose to meet my fingers seemingly in an attempt to increase the pressure.

Suddenly she rolled over pushing her pussy against my hands. I complied by focusing my strokes there. I added more oil making her mons glisten. I opened her lips with one hand and gently slid the other from her anus to her clit. As I made contact with her button her hips lurched involuntarily and she groaned her desire. Reading those signals I massaged her labia and fluttered a finger on her slippery clit. As her moans increased I spent more time making little circles around her button as I inserted one, then two, digits into her sopping channel.

It became obvious she was nearing climax so I backed off and positioned my rod at the opening. Slowly I wet the tip with her juices and used it to rub her nub some more. She grabbed my hips and pulled me into her, impaling herself in one motion. I let her lead as her craving was making me hot. Watching her desire was building my own lust as her skin took on a glow and her eyes become pools of passion. Her movements were uncontrolled as the inner heat drove her. I reveled in the sensations she imparted to my loins, and let myself be guided by her runaway appetite. My own hunger was about to boil over so I took her clit between my thumb and forefinger and gently milked it. This drove her over the edge. Her back went straight and all motion stopped as I felt her pussy rhythmically clamping down on my prick. Needless to say that took me right with her and I pumped my passion deep into her belly. I fell onto her breasts exhausted but thrilled that we had truly gotten back together.

We showered and prepared for dinner. While getting dressed I asked her to leave off her panties so I would be excited all during the meal. She laughed and said it would keep her excited also. As I rowed the dingy across the cove to dinner we both expressed our happiness at being so close again. The evening breeze played with the hem of her skirt and provided me with a glimpse of her perfect legs and their junction. I was to be tantalized by that view the whole evening. We disembarked to a rickety pier. I enjoyed the unobstructed view of her upper thighs again and led her to the bistro.

Creole cooking, and sweet scented plants, created the feeling of exotic vacation. We lost ourselves in the sensations while enjoying the excellent food. Amy was lively and full of mischief. She frequently flashed our seductive Creole waitress who never missed a beat and seemed to enjoy the show. The warm air, the spicy food, and the heat in our loins made us oblivious to all the other patrons. Between courses ankara escort I could not resist nuzzling and caressing Amy’s neck and hair. I was whispering naughty phrases into her ear when the serveuse placed a hand on each of our shoulders and said;

“I must interrupt for it is time for the lovers to order desert before the music begins. Perhaps after I finish my duties I may share an old rhum with you as we listen to the lovely ballads.”

Amy didn’t even look at me as she answered;

“Oh, yes, please, we would love that!”

As she spoke she looked into those dark Creole eyes and ran her hand up the back of the woman’s thigh.

The Creole beauty moved closer to Amy, obviously enjoying the contact. She looked at me and laughingly told us her name was Vivienne, and that she would love to “party” with the lovers. As I introduced us, Amy hugged her and kissed her on her bare midriff. Clearly Vivienne needed no further encouragement. She took our orders and left with a seductive swing to her walk.

Amy expressed her excitement and told me she had never felt free enough to try anything as wild as this. I certainly was in the same boat, and the anticipation was making me hotter by the minute. My hand was drawn to her thigh and higher. I felt her dampness and knew she was enjoying herself.

The music began. The owner played the guitar beautifully, playing local ballads and other love songs. The lights had been dimmed, only the candles lighted the few remaining couples. Vivienne brought us three snifters of dark rhum and told us she would return in a few moments. When she did she sat between us, put her arms around us, and said;

“My beautiful lover friends we shall have an enchanting evening together.”

We drank, recounted our lives, listened to the music, and let our hands wander under the table. As the songs ended we were old friends with fires raging. Vivienne asked us to follow her through the lush vegetation to her beachside home. It felt so natural in this exotic setting. She opened her house but left the lights off only lighting a few candles and putting on some Martinique music. She turned to Amy and gently kissed her mouth while letting her hands explore inside her top. Amy began to moan and lifted Vivienne’s short blouse. Soon they were both free of their tops letting their hands roam each other’s breasts.

I stood in dim light watching two hot women discover the other’s body. Vivienne’s was round, soft, and smooth, her breasts were high perfect circles with dark areolae. They were not very large but Amy’s hand could not cover them as she felt every inch. Now they were dropping their skirts, and caressing their butts. As Vivienne dropped her skirt I noticed she was sans panties as Amy and I wondered if she had been when Amy had slid her hand up her skirt. She was shaven below which I had never seen on a dark woman. Amy, on discovering this, dropped to her knees and pulled Vivienne to her. She held her ass and buried her face in Vivienne’s pussy. I watched as she tasted the Creole honey barely able to contain myself but knowing this was not for me.

Vivienne fell onto the canapé holding Amy’s head in place. She was talking in French as she stroked Amy’s hair. It seemed as if Amy understood and increased her attention. While she feasted on Vivienne’s muff she let her hands roam to those round dark breasts whose nipples were showing signs of severe excitement. Vivienne’s nubs looked hard as pebbles, as Amy pinched and twisted them. The intensity of their actions increased with their arousal, and it was becoming difficult for me to simply observe. I shed my clothes and approached Amy’s rear end. I dropped to my knees and buried my face in her ass. She was wet and hot. I couldn’t wait and buried my shaft in her steaming pussy. She pushed back onto my rod and rotated her hips while never missing a lick on Viv’s box.

The action was too hot for any of us to last and we soon came together with many groans and a mixture of languages crying “Yes, yes, yes!” Vivienne pulled Amy next to her on the couch and I joined them. We caught our breath and invited Vivienne to spend the day with us on the boat the next day. She told us it was her day off and that she would love to be with us. That settled we made unhurried love for the next hour and then returned to the boat knowing tomorrow would be even more wonderful.

I fell asleep thinking how beautiful it was going to be, the three of us, free of clothing sailing under the azure Caribbean sky. I knew Amy had forgotten all her troubles and we had started the best vacation of our lives.

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