Sam and Jake Pt. 02

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Sam spent Monday morning at work getting back up to speed. A week off of work meant a lot of emails to read and respond to, and it was noon by the time she was done. Slipping out for lunch, she stopped by a pharmacy to get the morning after pill. It was the only thing that made sense but she still felt a twinge of regret upon taking it. The path not taken.

Now with her head freed from work and worry, she turned her attention to memories of last night. She felt a twinge whenever she sat down as a physical reminder of it. His size, his enthusiasm.

In the light of day her mind was a mix of regret and joy. It should never have happened, and who knew how it would affect her relationship with her son, but it had been so very good. Never before had any other lover clicked with her needs so completely. There was usually some awkwardness and some feeling out as her lovers got accustomed to what she liked and how she liked it. Last night it was very smooth and natural.

Sam pushed down those thoughts. That way lay madness. She was determined that her and Jake put the last 24 hours behind themselves. All they had to do was return to the world as it was last week.


Jake spent the day at school with his head in the clouds. He did nothing but replay the memories of last night over and over in his head. It was incredible to him, what he and his Mom had done. He knew it was wrong but he didn’t care. It had been his first time having sex and it had lived up to every one of his dreams. All he could think about was doing it again of course, but they had both agreed it couldn’t happen again. Well. His mother had agreed. He had gone along because it made sense but that didn’t mean he wouldn’t jump at the chance if it came up again.

Jake got home at 3 and noticed a plain brown box on the step as he walked up to the door. Grabbing it he saw it was addressed to his Mom, so he left it on the kitchen counter.

He finished some homework and went for a swim but his heart wasn’t into it. He wanted his Mom to get home. He knew nothing would happen, he just wanted to spend time with her.

At 4pm he wandered into the kitchen and looked at the box. It had to be the gardening equipment she had ordered. Thinking he could get it set up or put away, Jake opened the box. Inside was a colourful box with the words ‘Peter Pounder’ on it, with a picture of a very lifelike, though large, penis. He half-laughed and picked up the box to get a closer look. His Mom bought a dildo! He glanced down at his crotch in his shorts and wondered, it seemed like it could be close to his size.

He thought about his Mom using it on herself and couldn’t see it. It didn’t seem like her type of thing. Besides, she didn’t need this type of thing if she had a real life alternative.

He left the opened shipping box on the counter for his Mom to find. He figured there wasn’t any point in hiding the fact that he found it. They might even laugh about it.


Sam got home, tired and ready to sit down for a while before dinner. She dropped her stuff at the door and spotted the opened box on the counter. There it was, sitting proudly perched upright inside, the dildo she’d ordered a couple days ago. She giggled nervously as she realized Jake must have opened it. What did he think? As she looked at it in the flesh, so to speak, it was pretty close to the one her son was packing in his underwear. His balls were bigger, she noted, critically.

Jake came downstairs after he heard her moving around. He smiled.

“Looks like you really know what you like,” he said. “Is this to replace the real thing?”

Sam stiffened. “That’s not how a son talks to his mother. Remember that we’re moving on from yesterday, right?” Her words were more severe than her tone.

Jake nodded. “Sorry, it slipped. I’ll be better.”

He walked up and gave her a hug. She returned it with a squeeze. “How are you?” she said into his shoulder.

“Do you mean: ‘Am I scarred for life?'” he asked.

She nodded.

“I am just fine. I had a great day, though I didn’t hear much of my classes. Last night was the best day of my life. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

“I’m glad you’re not scarred.” She hesitated and then said, “I enjoyed it very much too. I wouldn’t say it was the best decision I have ever made, but I also wouldn’t take it back. But that is in the past.”

They stood there in silence for another 30 seconds, enjoying the hug. Sam was surprised that she didn’t feel anything growing below but she was also proud of her son. He was doing his best to follow her wishes.

Jake fought harder to not get an erection during that hug than he ever had. All of his old tricks while also blocking out the feel of his Mom’s tits pushed against his chest. It was difficult, but it was what his Mom would want. No temptation, just a mother and son hug.

They parted, and Sam went to grab a drink and sit down for a bit. “TV later?” she asked.

He grinned and nodded. “Love to.”

They continued pendik escort in this routine for the next two days. Neither of them speaking of their adventures on Sunday, but both aware of the other in a way they’d never had before. They got back into a rhythm of companionship that was comfortable without being intimate.


Wednesday arrived, the day Bill was to return home.

Sam got a text as she was driving home from her husband. He was in a taxi on the way to the house. She smiled and then panicked a bit. Had they cleaned everything up? Was there any evidence of Sunday they’d missed? She started driving faster to get home before him, but then forced herself to slow down. They hadn’t missed anything. She had gone over the place with a special eye for anything out of place. She’d even put the dildo away in her dresser.

She had missed her husband and would show him how much tonight in bed.

Just as she pulled into their driveway Bill’s taxi pulled away. Sam parked and hopped out of her car, quickly joining Bill at the door. She could feel her smile practically splitting her face in two. She wrapped him up in a big hug, but was disappointed to only feel a limp arm around her back. Bill gave her a quick kiss but it wasn’t a passionate kiss of a person missing their lover. It was the kiss of a husband and wife who’ve been together for 20 years. She buried her feeling of dissatisfaction though when she looked at his face and saw the fatigue drawn in his features.

“Long flight?” she asked.

He nodded wearily. “Very. I got rerouted through Chicago. I should have been home hours ago. Are you good? I’m going to lie down for a while.”

Sam was glad to have him back, but recognized she’d have to wait for a more energetic greeting. “I’m good, you go lie down,” she said. “Do you want me to call you for dinner? I was going to make some chicken.”

“Yes please. I haven’t eaten anything normal in days it feels like.”

He entered the house while Sam returned to her car for her things. She tried to shake off the lack of enthusiasm he normally would show on a return from a trip. It was nothing.


Jake popped his head into the house through the patio door.

“Hey Dad, welcome home,” he said, as evenly as he could. Would he be able to tell what he and Mom had done?

“Hey Son, thanks. It’s good to be home. I’m just going to take a nap; I’ll talk more at dinner okay?”

“Sure thing, have a good sleep.”

Bill turned and headed up the stairs, head down, feet dragging like he was asleep already. Jake shook his head, that trip seemed to have really taken the life out of his Dad.

His Mom walked in a minute after his Dad. She stopped to look up the stairs after him.

“Do you think he noticed anything?” he whispered to his Mom. She turned and glared at him, walking to him quickly.

“I thought we discussed this. No word about Sunday at all,” she whispered to him from close up. “I mean it. Everything is normal; no talk, no looks, no touching. Just normal family behaviour, right?”

Jake nodded. He understood, he was just very nervous, and told her that.

She nodded. “I get it. I do, I feel the same way. But the only way we can be normal again is to act normal. Think back to your routine before last week.”

“I’ll try, but I have to be honest Mom, I’m having a hard time forgetting about Sunday. Like, a really hard time. It was so good. I – “

His Mom interrupted him with a gentle hand on his shoulder. “I know. It was good for me too, I told you that. I want my memories of that day to be happy ones. But they’re just that: memories.” She glanced up the stairs. “Let’s give it more time, ok? Give your Dad a couple days to recover, and for us to be a normal family. The more we act as a normal family, the more it’ll be true,” she said.

Jake smiled. “Ok Mom, I’ll try.”

“That’s all I ask,” she responded, and she gave his arm a squeeze.

They went to their respective normality, to mask the fact that anything abnormal had occurred, ever.


The next few days were uneventful. Bill stayed home for a mini-vacation to rest up after his trip, and Sam and Jake went about their regular lives. There was no blowup. Their lives didn’t disintegrate around them. In fact, by Friday Sam was feeling comfortable enough to hug her son at home again. Completely platonically of course, but it was nice to not feel like she had to be wary around him.

That weekend, however, was eventful.

Sam woke up and looked over to Bill’s side of the bed. He had fallen asleep early every night since he got home and she was hoping that he’d be interested in some Saturday morning nooky, but he wasn’t even there. Bill hadn’t been as affectionate as he normally was when returning from a long trip. It had her worried. Sure, he was tired but that didn’t normally stop him from jumping all over her.

She got dressed and headed downstairs to look for him. A quick survey of the living room and kitchen found nothing. She headed escort pendik to the patio and found him. He was wandering the yard checking out the lawn, dressed in light shorts and a tank top. He must be feeling better.

Relieved, she put on some coffee to brew and went to get dressed. She climbed the stairs, wearing nothing but a black camisole and silk boxers, she didn’t hear Jake coming down the hallway from his room. At the top they collided and she started to teeter, her arms going up to stop the fall. Jake recovered quicker and lurched forward to catch her but he could only grab her top, between her breasts. The material stretched out as far as it could and then started to rip, but it was enough to slow her fall. She grabbed onto his arm and pulled herself back to safety.

They stood there, chest to chest, her neckline ripped and stretched so much it lay beneath her breasts, exposing them completely. He only had eyes for her nipples, it seemed, and watched as the areolas contracted and her nipples grew to hard points. She only had eyes for his face, ultra-aware of his warm presence so close to her.

Her heart was beating from the near fall and his proximity. She lifted her hand and gently rubbed his arm, not willing to do more. He lifted his own hand and she could see it shaking as he slowly cupped her breast, thumb contacting her nipple, and giving it the lightest of lifts to feel its weight. She moaned as his rough thumb rubbed her nipple and the pleasure ran through her body to her pussy. She looked down and could see the lump in her son’s shorts grow, the pipe shape lengthening as it reached to his waistband. Her pussy grew warm in response.

As Jake wrapped his other arm around her and leaned his face to hers, they both froze; the patio door had just opened below. They quickly split and walked to their rooms. Her heart was hammering for more than one reason.

Sam fumed as she stripped the torn top off and threw it on her bed. That had been too close. Why, after being so good for almost a week, had they come so close to being caught?

The thing is, she had not stopped him from touching her breast. She had stood there for him, allowing him to touch her. She would have allowed him to do more if they’d not been interrupted. She had wanted it as much as he had, clearly. For all her talk of moving on there was still something inside her that remembered their passion and wanted more of it.

How were they going to fight this? She put on the first shirt she could find from her dresser and left to go see what Bill was up to.


Jake retreated to his room, his hardon pushing on his shorts. It had risen fast and now was pulsing against his belly. He gave it a push and the pressure radiated into the rest of his groin pleasurably. It felt like a pulsing heat. He kept giving the occasional push, conflicted between leaving it to go away naturally and stripping down to stroke it. He’d learned after years of masturbating that the longer between cumming he went the better it was. It was hard to stick to sometimes, but he hadn’t touched himself since being with his Mom. Jerking off wasn’t nearly as good as what they had done on Sunday, but maybe if he just gave in now it would help take his mind off his Mom.

He shoved his shorts off and fell on his bed, dick waving at the ceiling. It would be better this way. He wanted to start slow but really after almost a week and after being so close to his Mom a few minutes ago he didn’t think he’d last long. The pleasure at the first touch was enough to make him groan out loud.


Bill was down in the kitchen making a smoothie.

“Hi Honey, how was your sleep?” Sam asked, padding over in her bare feet to give him a hug.

“Excellent! I think I’ve recovered from my trip. I’m going to do some lawn work. Is Jake up? He didn’t quite finish the list I gave him before I left.”

“I think I heard him wandering around. Do you want me to check?” she asked.

“Sure, I’m just going to head to the garage, get him to meet me there.”

“Okay,” she said, giving him a kiss on the cheek.

“By the way, I like that top. Maybe you should find something else to wear before talking to Jake?” He pointedly looked down at her chest.

She looked down and blushed. The shirt she had grabbed was a skimpy tank that hung over her breasts down to her navel. Thankfully her nipples had softened after her brush with Jake.

“Yes, good idea.”

She headed to the stairs and trotted up. She decided against changing her shirt. It didn’t matter if Jake saw her in this shirt, he’d seen more very recently. Heading to his room, she popped open the door and poked her head in.

Her vision immediately narrowed to one thing: The Man Cock thrusting to the ceiling from her son’s middle, his hand wrapped around it. She watched as he fisted up and down it in a steady but urgent rhythm.

“My God Jake, don’t you ever lock this door?” she asked.

He yelped and threw his blanket over himself before seeing it was her. pendik escort bayan “Ha, you scared me. Don’t you ever knock?” he retorted.

“Your Dad is looking to do some lawn chores this morning and wants you to meet him to finish your list. You better not go down with that, though.” She nodded to his cock.

“Ha-ha, very funny. I wouldn’t have this if it weren’t for you.” He tossed the blanket away. “And it’s not going anywhere with you in that top either,” he finished. He looked at her chest and wrapped his hand around his cock again.

Sam sighed and felt her nipples contract again. “This is not as easy as I thought it was going to be,” she muttered.

He evidently heard because he pushed at the base of his cock to make it stand up proud. “It’s pretty hard alright.”

Sam stared at her son’s cock for a few seconds and then looked down the hall to the stairs. No sound. She stood there, teetering between walking away and moving to get a closer look. All of her carefully reasoned logic telling her to walk away flew out of her mind. She entered Jake’s room and walked to his bed.

As she looked down at his cock memories started to flood forth from last Sunday, reminding her of the pleasure it gave her. The sheer virility that radiated from his cock sent mating signals to her brain…and other places.

“I think you need some help with that,” she said, and got down on her knees. Her mouth filled with saliva in preparation. He took his hand away from his cock, letting it slap down to his belly.

She brought her hand up and started at his balls. Picking them up gently, cradling them, pushing his sack up to the base of his cock. They were warm and soft, full and heavy. She moved on to his baby maker, gripping it tightly so it stood up proud, and leaned over it. She admired the texture of his head as she opened her mouth in a lover’s kiss and covered the end of it. Sucking lightly brought the bead of precum there onto her tongue. She took a moment to savour it, swirling it around.

Now slowly opening her lips further, she slipped her mouth down until she had his entire head fully in her mouth. Licking around the head, she took even more of his cock in until he hit her palate, and then sucked hard.

He groaned and put a hand on her shoulder, as if to encourage her.

She used her tongue to massage under his head while sucking, giving it a pulsing pressure. Her hand gripping the base of his cock started to massage up and down. Did his cock just get even harder?

He moaned. The hand on her shoulder moved down and slipped under her shirt, finding and then fondling her nipple.

She continued the up and down of her hand and mouth and before long was pleased to feel his head swell in her mouth. Quickly moving her mouth back to his tip, she was ready for him to deliver a massive gobbet of cum directly into her waiting throat. She swallowed quickly, in time for the next two shots. Swallowing again, she continued to stroke his cock with her hand, feeling it throb as it fired load after load.

The taste of him brought back all of the memories from last week in one go. They overwhelmed her. His flavour brought her right back to the same mental insanity that resulted in her fucking him last week. She couldn’t get enough of it.

She continued to milk and suck his cock, trying to get as much as she could. Eventually he started to soften. She looked up at his face and almost laughed, seeing the tears in his eyes. She gave his head a thorough bath with her tongue and then with a slurp let his cock languidly slip from her mouth.

She sighed and remembered her husband. She had delayed Jake too long as it was. No time for him to help her own pleasure; she’d just have to take care of herself in the bedroom. She couldn’t resist digging into her shorts and sliding a finger through the center of her pussy. The sensation caused her to give a full body quiver.

Jake saw and lurched up, reaching for her, but she smiled and darted to the door. As she left she said, “Don’t forget your father’s waiting for you.”


Jake hurriedly put on some underwear and older pants good for gardening. His dick was now only half hard and deflating fast. He didn’t even need to wipe it, his Mom had done such a good job of cleaning up. Pausing for a second in reflection he realized he had to stay away from that train of thought, or he’d be hard again before he got to the garage.

What had that all been about? His Mom was going on and on about being normal and then that? If she thought he was going to just ignore a blowjob in his room, she was very mistaken.

He grabbed an apple from the kitchen and wandered out to see his Dad, eating as he went. He found him oiling up the lawn mower.

“I see you messed up the back 40,” his Dad said.

Jake knew it wouldn’t be missed. “Sorry Dad, I stumbled and almost fell in the pool. The mower kind of kicked a bit.”

“Okay, but try not to do it again. The grass needs to grow in the same direction to keep the uniformity.”

Jake nodded. He’d heard it before. He’d hear it again. Didn’t grass just grow where it wanted? He continued to munch on his apple and then tossed it in the pile of grass compost. “What should I work on?”

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