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Micheal Jenkins, Mike to all his friends, was looking forward to this evening. He was in his second year at the state university, and since this was his 21st birthday, his fraternity had set up a party for him. They used any excuse to party, but they had planned a big one for tonight.

Josh, his best friend in the frat, had let him in on a secret. They had “purchased” a young lady from Craigslist. She was to be the entertainment for the evening, and the alcohol was going to flow copiously. He had told them what kind of girl he liked, so he was looking forward to what they had found. After they were all done with her, she was to spend the rest of the night in his room (after a shower, of course!).

He was waiting in his room to be led out for his “surprise”. Josh came in and looked at him. “Ready, dude?”

“Always ready for a birthday present!” he laughed.

“Mike, they did good! She’s hot and willing for everything! I don’t know where they got her, but… Man, I want one of these for my birthday too!” They both laughed as Josh put a blindfold over his eyes. “I’m steering you out here… You get the pussy first! Everybody has to wear a rubber, that’s this chick’s only request. We have some out there.”

When Josh pulled off the bandanna, he saw in front of him a nice firm ass, longer blonde hair, long legs, and a side view of firm b-c cup boobs jiggling with her efforts. She had her face buried in the frat’s president’s crotch and was giving hand jobs to two other officers. They pulled back and knelt so she could get to all fours and continue. Mike took a deep breath and pulled a condom from the jar, putting it on quickly. His “brothers” all began to sing happy birthday as he got behind the girls, rubbing her thighs appreciatively. She was already wet, he found with his fingers. He looked at his brothers, then grabbed the two swinging titties as they cheered. He lined himself up and began to push in. He was surprised how tight she was as he pushed, bottoming out on his 7-1/2 inch dick. It wasn’t huge, but it had some girth. He began to move, slowly at first, then began to pound her hard, watching her ass cheeks quiver.

His brothers all cheered as he began to really pound her hard. Any number of crude comments were thrown out, but he could barely hear them as he struggled not to come. She was squeezing him with her pussy muscles, giving him on the best fucks he’d ever had. It was much sooner than he wanted when he began to fill the condom, moaning as he did. “Happy Birthday!” his brother screamed out to him as he pulled back and threw the condom in the waiting trash can. He sat back and was given a beer as the girl was taken to a king mattress on the floor, where she mounted one of his brothers. The president had already come while in her mouth and was replaced, one more guy was lubing her ass. Mike was planning on taking a shot in each of her holes before even taking her to his room.

Mike eventually got his turn in her ass, which he found tight even after the five guys before him. Josh gave him the last of the good news. “You get to be the only one bareback in her mouth before we’re done. Wouldn’t want you to kiss a girl after we’d all blown a nut in her, y’know?” Mike smiled and waited his turn in front of the girl as Josh got his blow job. When Mike was done, she was coming to his room. He planned to make the blow job last for a while too!

When Josh exploded in her mouth, filling his condom, he backed away. “Dude, if she gives head like this with a condom, you’re gonna love this!” Her head was down as Mike moved up on his knees, watching her tits shake as she was pounded. Then she looked up, and Mike froze. “What the fuuuuck?”

“Dude, you know her?”

She quickly shook her head and opened her mouth, looking up at him with pleading eyes. “N-no. She just looked familiar for a minute.” He put his cock in her mouth and she began to slobber on him. He idly realized it was a great blow job as the rest of his mind screamed at him. The lovely young lady who was working him over with her mouth, who he had already been given two orgasms by, who he was to spend the night with, was his older sister Sarah. He hadn’t seen her in over two years, but he knew… he knew she knew as well.

His brain was whirling as she blew him. She had left home after a blowout with his parents a long time ago. He made sure she had his phone number before she left, but she’d never called. While he knew she was pretty, he’d never seen her like this! As most of his brain chewed on this, a small part of his brain took over his motor skills as he fucked her mouth. She was gagging, but he barely noticed. Without any warning to her, he began to spew in her mouth, making her choke and pull him out. He finished with a weak spurt that barely made it to her titties, then sat back. “Guys, is she all mine now?”

The guy in her pussy had just finished, and the guy in her ass began moving as fast as he could. Just a few seconds later, he pulled out with a full condom load too. altyazılı porno “‘K man, she’s all yours for the rest of the night! Make us proud, Mikey!”

He stood her up and took her hand, smiling shyly at her. She was wobbly on her feet, so he took her by the shoulders and led her out of the room and to his bed, shutting the door and locking it. He put his head on the door for a second, gathering his thoughts.

“So… how ya been, Sarah?”

“Not gonna lie, it’s been rough lately.”

“Sarah… how did it come down to this? What happened?”

“Mikey…” She had always called him that. “I have to eat. I have a ‘real’ job, but it pays almost enough to starve to death on. I made more tonight, especially with the tips, than I make in a normal month. I’m not proud of it, but I also don’t need anybody else. I don’t need your judgement either.”

“Didn’t say I was judging, Sarah. Hell, some of my money went to hire you, so I’m just as responsible as anyone else. I… Sarah, why didn’t you call? I’ve missed you.”

“Don’t try to act like a brother now, I can still taste you in my mouth. I know, I still have your phone number, but what can I say? Dad kicked me out after finding me with George… they were good friends until George offered me $200 bucks to fuck him. Dad didn’t see him as a good friend after that. I… needed the money. Mikey, I had to… just know that. Once you flip that switch, once you take money for sex once… it gets easier. I take care of myself, and I do this once a month or so. I didn’t know you were in the frat, or I wouldn’t have taken this gig. Mikey… you’re the only one in the family who gave me so much as a phone number. You’re really all the real family I have left… Please don’t tell them. Please.”

Mike looked at the single tear rolling down her cheek. He wiped it with his finger and sat beside her. “Sarah, I won’t tell… but you have to keep in touch. Miss ya sometimes. I’ve thought about you at least once a day for two years, just… just be careful. ‘Kay?”

“I will Mikey. I have one friend who always knows where I’m at.”

“Good…” He reached out and he hugged her, both still naked. His dick began to rise without him even realizing it.

“Mikey… I still owe you something tonight… After everything else that’s happened, I don’t think it matters anymore, if you know what I mean.”

“You would still… even knowing… really?”

“Mikey, if we don’t make some noise, at least, your friends are gonna laugh at you. I don’t think you know, but I actually like this job when I get a nice-looking guy like you. How about we give them something to think about?”

“We could just make noise, I guess.”

“Mike… seriously? You’ve already come in every hole I have. C’mon, lets have a little fun… Don’t make me feel like a whore, Mike, don’t make me beg. Just… love me for a while…”

He looked in his sister’s eyes and smiled. “I always thought you were the hottest girl… that I’d never get. I suppose… this once… wouldn’t hurt.” He leaned forward and gave her a light kiss on the lips.

When they parted, he looked at her and she smiled. “This seems to be the only way I know how to show love anymore,” she whispered. She reached down and found his cock, already mostly hard. “Let’s find out how many licks it takes to get to the center!”

She slowly got on the floor and put her hands behind her back. She leaned forward, taking him in her mouth and slowly moving up and down. He put his hand on her head, then pulled back. “No hands for either of us!” He began to solidify in her mouth, and spittle was dripping to her breasts. She suddenly drove herself forward, taking him down her throat to the root. His eyes began to roll in his head and he was groaning, then she suddenly pulled off him.

“I think that was fun, but I don’t know how many more times you can come. I want you to do it in me.” She pushed him on his back and crawled up his body. She kissed him with a passion that could melt steel as she reached behind her and put him at her entrance. As she slipped down, she hissed and sat up straight. “You got a nice dick there, Mikey!” She began to move up and down, slowly picking up speed. Blonde hair flying about her head, she leaned back and clenched him in her pussy. “Fuck this feels good! Harder, Mikey!”

He was pushing up hard, but she was losing her rhythm as she came. He pulled out and flipped her over, raising her hips. He put himself back in hard and fast, reaching around to grab her breasts and pull her nipples. He felt her grip him one more time, and that was it for him. “Saaaaarah!” he yelled as he came harder than he ever had in his life.

He fell over her and to the side, breathing heavily. “Did you… really… come twice?”

“Told you I liked sex. But not gonna lie, you’re pretty good. Some of it was probably the whole taboo thing, but… I’d give you five stars. We can do it again if you’d like.”

“I don’t know if I really can… amatör porno but… I do want to see you again, I want us to keep in touch, ‘kay?”

“Just what a girl wants to hear after a guy comes inside her, you romantic man you!”

“Hey, I didn’t mean it like that… this is so… weird. Do we shake hands goodbye? Give each other five minutes of oral? Hell, I don’t know. I… I’m just glad I found you again, despite how strange this is.”

“I was teasing you, ya goof! Look, I’m leaving my number and email, ‘kay?” She got up and went to the bathroom. She came out a few minutes later, hair combed and cleaner. “Mike, I do have to leave soon. Will you walk me down? Sometimes people think they can get a second shot as I’m walking out. I wouldn’t mind a little protection, if you will.” As she said this, she was putting on her clothes. She had a white button up blouse and blue jeans on in record time. Mike was pulling up some sweatpants and pulling on a t-shirt while she waited. “Mikey… for what it’s worth, this was really fun. Weird, but fun. I’ll call you soon, but on the way down you gotta call me Susie, that’s what they hired me as. I… I’m glad this happened.”

“Me too. Shoot me a text when you get home, just so I know you’re safe, please?”

“Sure… just don’t forget about me again, ‘kay? I… I just want to keep in touch.” She looked like she had more to say, but then closed her mouth and went to the door. He unlocked it and they walked out together and down the stairs. There were a few catcalls, one of his ‘brothers’ asking when they were getting married.

“Next week, asshole” he growled back. Everybody got quieter after that, and he walked her to her car. After it was started and she was ready to go, she waved through the window and pulled away from the curb, driving away. He sat on the curb for a minute, thinking.

When he went in, there was a chorus of questions. Some of them were pretty rude. He looked at them all as they sat around the table. “Hey, y’know she’s somebody’s daughter, somebody’s sister. Don’t treat her like an animal. She’s actually a pretty cool person.”

“AAAAaand a whore, don’t forget!” Josh said, laughing. Mike grabbed his throat and squeezed.

“Josh, you need to learn when to shut the fuck up…” he said before releasing him. “You’re all dicks…” He turned and walked up to his room and they began to whisper all kinds of things behind his back. He knew he would pay for that, and that they didn’t know who she was, but… he was still pissed off.

She did text when she got home, but he didn’t hear from her for a week. He called her on a Sunday morning, hoping she was up. She answered after several rings, sounding like he had woke her up. “Sup, bro?”

“Just trying to keep in touch, I don’t know when you work or anything. Let me know a good time to call and I can call you back.”

“Nah, it’s ok. Have to get up soon anyway. I have to go to the real job at one.”

“So… I was wondering if you wanted to get together again sometime. Y’know, I’ll even pay for dinner.”

“If I didn’t know better I’d think you were asking me out on a date! Anyway, how does your Wednesday look? I’m off Thursday and I’m done at 1 pm on Wednesday at work.”

“Sounds good, I’m done with classes at one. I’ll come your way so you don’t have to drive.”

“Hey, I can text you my address, then you can find me. How about 4 pm”

“Works for me. See ya soon, Sarah.”

“Love ya, Mikey. Wednesday!” And with that she hung up. She looked over her empty apartment and began to clean, knowing a guest was coming soon. She found that she had a little smile on her face, something she hadn’t seen in a while.

Mike stared at the phone after she hung up. Something she said was bothering him. He felt like he had just asked a girl out on a date. He let the thought roll around his head for a minute, then banished it. He had a test to study for, and he didn’t need any distractions.

The days went by quickly, and Mikey was anxious in his last class on Wednesday. He had everything he wanted in his car and was already dressed, so he went straight out after it was over. It was a 30-minute drive to the next town where his sister lived, so he had plenty of time. He headed over two hours early, for no reason he could think of. He found the address easily and sat across the street from her apartment. It was part of an old house that had been converted. It looked nice, he thought. He had stopped for a quick bite, so he sat munching fries waiting for time to pass.

At 3:00, Mike could wait no more. He climbed out of his car and found the right door at the top of a set of stairs. He stood there for a second, knowing how early he was, then pulled up his hand to knock. Just as his hand should have hit it, the door opened.

“You’re here early… good to see ya though!” she said, standing in a short skirt and thin bandeau bra. “C’mon in!”

“Hey Sarah… how’d you know I was here?”

“Saw you in car an hour arap porno ago. After my shower, I looked again. I saw you get out of the car a minute ago and just waited.”

“I guess you didn’t want to finish dressing first… “

“At this point, it hardly matters. Let me show you around!” She showed him the place. It was in good shape and had a nice feel to it. The end of the tour, she opened the last door. “This is where none of the fun happens… my bedroom!”

“The place looks great, Sarah. It’s really nice.”

“I’m not sure how you noticed… Somebody keeps watching my boobs in this strapless bra!”

“Hey! I was looking at the place!”

“And my dick is bigger than yours… Wanna know something strange, Mikey?”


“You’re the first guy I’ve ever let in my bedroom. Crazy, isn’t it?”

“Really? Just seems… weird.”

“My activities don’t lend themselves to much of a dating life, as you can imagine.”

“Well… you said something about this being a date… “

“Mike… stop.”

He just looked at her as she sat down on the bed. He took her hand and stood her up, pulling her into a hug. She hugged him back tightly, and Mike’s pants began to get tight. He felt her lightly grind on him, and his hands dropped to her butt, squeezing them gently. She turned her head up, looking him in the eye.


He bent down and kissed her, and she kissed him back. He was nuzzling her neck and she began moaning. His hands moved back up and unhooked her bra, then he slowly walked her back up against the bed. She fell back onto it, and he followed. She began to pull her skirt up, and he reached under to find a white thong that he pulled aside as she was pulling his pants down. She was wet, he was hard, so the preliminaries were over. He put himself inside and she moaned. “Mikey…. Do it Mikey…”

He began to move, slowly at first, then picking up speed. He was pinching her nipples, squeezing her breasts, running his hands over her. He reached behind her and grabbed a handful of her hair, pulling her head back and attacking her neck. He felt her clinch around him and she began to chant his name, over and over. It changed to a scream, and he couldn’t hold himself any longer as she began to come. He let go, then fell to the side when he was done, panting.

“Mikey… that was… was… really good.”

“You’re the best, Sarah.”

“Was this a good idea?”

“Too late to think about that now… but the way I feel, it was a great idea. If you feel anything like I do, well…”

“It did feel good, Mikey… “

They laid in bed for fifteen minutes or so, then got up and straightened their clothing. She found the shirt she was going to wear and went to the bathroom to clean up. He sat on the edge of the bed, wondering if he had screwed up. When she came out 15 minutes later, he was still sitting there. “Had to fix my makeup too. Sorry I took so long.”



“What are we doing?”

“I wondered that for a minute. Then it occurred to me that I just had one of the best orgasms of my life in my bedroom that had never seen a man… and I realized that I just didn’t care. It felt good… no, it felt great. I don’t want to give that up, and I do want to see you, and… I’m just glad you’re here, Mikey. Don’t make this weird, whatever this is will figure itself out, y’know?”

“Sarah… ok. Just… I just thought you might be mad at me.”

“If a girl gets mad because of an orgasm like that, she’s stupid.”

“No, not about that… I don’t want to treat you like… like a hooker or something.”

“Oh, Mikey… nobody screws a hooker like that. It’s ok, we’re ok. Let’s go get dinner!”

She took him to a place he’d never heard of, but the food was excellent. The waitress seemed to know her, and she took very good care of them. At the end of the night, the waitress brought the check and set it on the table. “Sarah, I just have to ask. Who is this hunk of man you brought in? I always assumed you… didn’t like guys, I guess.”

Sarah laughed, “I love guys, but I can be picky. Jean, this is Mike. He’s a truly rare specimen of man, one who actually treats us with respect!”

“Lucky you! Hey Mike, got a sister? I swing the other way, but I can’t find a decent woman either!”

“Yeah, but she’s attached right now. Sorry!” Mike replied, smiling to Sarah. He reached for the bill and she grabbed it away.

“I got this tonight. You get the next one. And yes, I’ll fight ya for it!”

Mike let her pay and they left, making their way to a small nearby bar. He bought all their drinks. They danced a few times, and she drug him out to the dance floor for a slow dance, grinding on him through the entire song. When it was over, she locked lips with him and held on for a minute, then whispered in his ear, “Go cash out, it’s time to go home.”

He paid and they walked to his car. He didn’t drink that much, so he drove them the short drive back to her place. She got out and he sat in the car. She walked over to the driver’s window and leaned in. “Surely you can’t think the night is over yet…”

“I… I just didn’t know what to do.”

“Let me help you. Come upstairs and fuck my brains out. That easy enough for ya?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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