Secret Silence

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Double Penetration

Elizabeth woke in the darkness as the howling of the air raid siren drifted through the night air. It was followed almost immediately by the faint clumping of anti-aircraft fire from the city just a few miles away. Their sleepy coastal town was unlikely to be a target for the bombers but she still felt the now familiar uneasiness that came with every raid. There was always the chance of an enemy pilot deciding to ditch his deadly load indiscriminately, before scuttling back across the English Channel.

Elizabeth’s husband Frank had already gone and so the bed beside her was empty. He would now make his way to the centre of town where he would patrol the streets, making sure that nobody was abusing the blackout. It was essential. A stray shaft of unclothed light reaching up into the night sky might be all that was needed. Death and destruction rained down virtually every night. The bombs were aimed at the city of course, seeking out the densely pack streets and factories. But they found their route to earth through light. There were no second chances for carelessness.

Frank would be gone for hours. She should be proud of him, she knew that. But she hated him. Fifteen years her senior, he was an ignorant bully who made her life a misery. She had been a naïve nineteen year old fool to let him impress her all those years ago, and even more of a fool to agree to marry him. That mistake had dragged her into twenty years of loveless drudgery. Now at thirty nine, she felt chained to a drunken brute.

The only goodness to have come out of those years was Jack. Her handsome, quiet and kind eighteen year old son was the only thing that made her life bearable. Had it not been for Jack she would have left years ago, or perhaps even done something she would regret.

As the sounds of the raid grew nearer the fear began to grow. It was then that she needed him.

Elizabeth hurriedly made the short journey from her own bed to his room. She could only just make out the shape of his outline in the pitch blackness of the room, the windows covered in heavy curtains to hold in any light. He was still sleeping. She found comfort in the way that he could sleep so easily through the noise, his innocence and goodness seeming to protect him from the fear of the night. She paused for just a few seconds and then gently drew back the bedclothes, slipping silently in beside him.

Jack stirred slightly as she wrapped him in her arms. As he woke, he sleepily returned her embrace. Neither of them spoke because they didn’t need olgun porno to. This was a world that was theirs and only theirs. It was a hidden place that they shared in a secret silence. They felt no need to express it in words and the darkness took away any awkwardness that may have arisen should their eyes connect in these moments. Neither of them needed any other communication. They spoke through the gentle care they displayed towards each other as they touched.

Their mouths joined instinctively. Elizabeth wanted him to feel the warm softness of her love. She knew that gradually, as he became more fully awake, their contact would become deeper and more urgent. But she took everything from these first few moments when they shared the simplicity and purity of their embrace.

Each time they joined in this way it was like a small re-enactment of how this had started. Huddled together in the tight space of his single bed, protecting each other from reality and fear. They had pressed against each other in those first nights. Elizabeth had at first been nervous and confused by the feel of him stiffening in reaction to her body. She had been uncertain and scared but eventually, in time, she welcomed the reassurance of his boyish excitement at her physical presence.

The first time they had kissed had left her paralysed by a devastating realisation that she wanted him sexually. The first time they had touched intimately had triggered a need that had been undeniable. The first time she had made love to him had made her realise he was the only person that had ever really mattered to her. She had taken her own son’s virginity from him. She felt no shame, just a sense of contentment at finally finding something that mattered.

Now, as they caressed each other in their nightly ritual, the noise of the raid above them intensified. They lay side by side. Her tongue found his and she felt his touch as he drew his hand slowly up over the back of her thigh, brushing the cotton of her nightdress over her skin. Her own hand moved downwards to touch him, loosening the cord and pushing down into the waistband of his pyjamas. Her fingers danced lightly over the tip of his penis and a slight but definite wetness leaked from him as she traced her fingertips across him.

Elizabeth moved slightly to apply a light pressure against his body so that he lay onto his back. As she did so she took her mouth from his and applied just the faintest of brush of her lips to his chin and then his neck. Simultaneously, she playboy porno circled her hand around his hard cock and set a deliciously slow rhythm in motion. Jack closed his eyes and lay his head back against the pillow, enjoying the sweetness of the sensation as his mother began to masturbate him.

The almost imperceptible rise and fall of his hips in response to her caress was something she adored. Knowing that he welcomed this contact and that her touch pleased him was precious to her. She loved him totally and ached to give him the wholeness of herself both as a mother and as a lover.

The cold of the unheated room and the noise above them was forgotten as the movement of Elizabeth’s body downwards pushed the bed sheets away from him. She closed her own eyes as she covered his cock with her mouth and began to softly suck him.

Elizabeth hated doing this with her husband. Frank was greedy and rough, gripping her hair and forcing her onto him. It was cruel and unloving. But with Jack it was an act of warmth which signified the tenderness between them. She enjoyed the feel of his pleasure swelling in her mouth and loved the sense that she was sharing something so intense with him.

Elizabeth was attentive and slow as she worked her mouth back and forth. She breathed in the sweet scent of him as she sucked. Now and again, she released him from her mouth and allowed the heat of his excitement to subside slightly. As she did so, a thin line of precum hung between their bodies like the silk thread of a spider’s web. Each time she returned her mouth to him she first used her lips and tongue to clean him, both of them spellbound by the feel of this contact.

She was aware of her own wetness as it began to spread between her legs, Elizabeth’s body telling her that she wanted and needed to have him inside of her. She raised herself from him, resting on her knees as he lay beside her and she pulled the nightdress up and over her head. In daylight Elizabeth would have been too self-conscious to allow him to see her naked, feeling too ashamed of the thinness of her slight body and pale skin.

She touched him again, this time as she manoeuvred herself across him and straddled him. He flinched with exquisite pleasure as she guided him inside. The feeling of her son’s penis entering her was beautiful. She could barely make out his face as she looked down at him through the darkness, but every nerve in her body vibrated at the incredible colour of this sensation. They rested for just a moment, pornhub porno allowing themselves to adjust their senses before they began to move against each other.

Nothing else mattered in these moments. The brutality of life seemed to evaporate. For Elizabeth, nothing could ever match this. Sometimes, when she thought of what they had become, she feared that she was destroying something fragile through her greed. But, as she felt her son penetrating her now, she knew in her heart that this was something that completed her. The emotional and physical wave she experienced as they made love could only come from this. Nothing else mattered.

They rode against each other. The deep thrust of her son’s cock cut through her with each motion. Jack’s breathing quickened in time with their movements. She rested her hands on her son’s chest as she screwed him. Knowing that he was enjoying the feel of her intensified the dark mental thrill of their incest as much as the physical sensation.

Her orgasm was rushed and greedy. She gasped audibly and her body shook as her climax washed through her. He followed almost instantly. Elizabeth shuddered as his cum spurted and spread itself deep inside of her womb. The few seconds at which their mutual release overlapped were the most cherished for Elizabeth. This was the time at which her child returned to her.

They held each other afterwards. The noise of the raid had abated now. Jack rested in her arms. Soon she would return to her own bed, leaving him to sleep peacefully until morning came and the mundaneness of their lives resumed. She closed her eyes, wanting to enjoy these last few moments of closeness with him.

People were too concerned with the desperate struggle for survival to ever question what really happened. Every few days another tragedy struck the community thanks to the hate and pain that came with war. People quickly forgot one loss and focused on the next. That a woman had been widowed young and left with only her teenage son for comfort and support paled into insignificance when compared to other tragedies.

The neighbours talked about it for a day or so. Frank had lost his footing on the stairs and fallen backwards. Returning home in the blackout and stumbling on an unlit stairway in an unlit house. It was a terrible accident. His neck had snapped instantly as he tumbled heavily down the stairs. They talked about it and then moved on to talk about something else. Poor Frank, such a nice man. Decent, hard-working and doing his bit.


Elizabeth and Jack never needed to discuss it. They didn’t need to talk to anyone about the raised voices, violence and struggle that had followed Frank finding them together.


It didn’t matter. They had each other. That was all that mattered.

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