Seducing Your Sister Ch. 02

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Note: If you absolutely hate second person then don’t read the following story. It is also posted on chyoo and lushstories, i posted it here at Literotica because not everyone here visits those sites.

Looking into your eyes and taking in a breath Katie says, “Look…I’m sorry about how I reacted…you just…kinda threw a lot at me…” Reaching over and taking your hand into hers she continues, “Ill admit it shocked me at first to hear what you had to say and it must have taken a lot of courage to admit it. I know we get along great and I have always thought you are a great guy but why me? Why do you love me so much? I mean…there’s plenty of other girls out there…”

Cutting her off you say, “Katie I have loved you for years, you have always been there for me through good times and bad. You were always there to comfort me when one of my girlfriends dumped me and I was always there for you when your boyfriends turned out to be assholes…” Scooting closer to her and bringing your other hand on top of hers your continue, “It wasn’t until recently I realized my true feeling for you…I’m fed up with the other girls at school! They’re so shallow or cruel whereas you’re so smart, sweet, and caring…don’t you see Katie? We’ve both been looking for who we belong with out there we failed to see that what were looking for is right here!”

As tears welled up in her eyes, Katie asked, “You really feel that way about me?”

Soon after you nod your head in agreement you notice that ever so familiar smile grow on Katie’s face as she releases your hand and wraps her arms around your back, bringing you in close for the inevitable kiss.

You both sigh with pleasure as your lips meet and you engage in a passionate soulful kiss. As she breaks the kiss, she leans forward and whispers in your ear, “I love you too big brother…more than you know…all these years I fought it but I’m not gonna fight it anymore….”

Kissing her way back to your lips you again meet for another amazing kiss as you both start exploring each other’s bodies with your hands. The feel of your sister’s soft skin and amazing body was quickly bringing your cock back to life and your lust for each other builds.

Breaking the kiss, Katie stands up and pushes you down on your back. Your cock swells as Katie lifts her tight tank top over her head and tosses it to side, revealing her lingerie encased C cup tits. Noticing the building lust in your eyes and pants, Katie giggles and says, “Quid pro quo brother!” Katie finds it amusing as you tear the shirt off your chest so quick you probably made a world record. As your shoes, pants, and boxers go flying across the room, Katie slowly drops her bra, revealing the perfectly shaped breast you always dreamed of. After dropping your boxers, revealing your hard throbbing cock to Katie’s eyes she sticks her thumbs in the waist band of her boy shorts and slowly lowers tecavüz porno them down her smooth thighs until they suddenly drop to her feet, quickly kicked aside.

You are overwhelmed by your sister’s beauty, as she stands naked before you, her body belongs to a model you think as your eyes travel from her perfect boobs, down her hourglass curves, to her shapely hips, and down her well formed perfectly smooth legs.

Taking in the sight of her beauty you blurt out, “My god Katie! You’re absolutely gorgeous!”

Smiling and letting out a short, sexy laugh, she replies, “Thanks big bro…your not so bad yourself stud! Just wait until you find out what happens now…”

As you stare upon your sister’s body you shake with anticipation as she slowly approaches you, her eyes feasting on your hard cock…

Katie quickly straddles you with her thighs and leans forward, your lips meeting as you share another incestuous kiss. Both of you letting out passionate moans of pleasure as your tongues explore each others mouths and your hands run wild over Katie’s body, again taking in the feel of her soft skin and perfect curves. Both of you become lost in the lust and pleasure of your newfound love.

Breaking the kiss, Katie smiles deviously as she rotates her body around. You are met with the sight of your sister’s dripping pussy as you groan, feeling your sister’s hand grasping your hard cock. Turning her head to face you she says, “Well…looks like my little friend here needs some attention…”

You let out a cry of pleasure as your cock is slowly engulfed by your sister’s hot wet mouth. As Katie begins to bob her head up and down your cock, you lean forward and start slowly licking around her soaking cunt lips…slowly making your way to her swollen clit.

Katie moans on your cock as you massage her clit with your tongue, both of you enjoying the pleasure your mouths are giving each other. As your orgasms approach, both of you start sucking and licking each other faster and harder, desperately driving each other towards each others orgasms. The taste of your sister’s dripping wet snatch is amazing as you lick up her sweet juices and tease her clit with your tongue. At the same time, Katie’s mouth is doing wonders on your cock! The feel of her hot mouth and smooth slick tongue on your cock causes your balls to tighten up and the familiar feeling of your impending release brews in your cock.

Overwhelmed by the feel of your approaching orgasm, you throw your head back and cry out “Oh god Katie! I’m gonna cum real fucking soon!” Lifting her head off your cock, she continues stroking your pole, your sister’s hot slick spiddle makes the perfect lubricant as her hand stokes up and down your shaft. Giving you a wicked grin she yells out, “Then cum big bro! I wanna feel your hot jizz fill my mouth right before it slides down my throat as I swallow travesti porno it all down!”

Katie replaces her mouth back on your cock just in time. You let out a loud moan as the first spurt of your cum shoots into your sister’s mouth. Katie expertly catches your entire load of hot jizz in her mouth as you are overwhelmed by the power of your orgasm.

As your cock softens, Katie slowly brings her mouth off your cock, closing her lips to trap your massive load inside her mouth. Spinning back around, Katie brings her face to yours and opens her mouth showing you all the hot cum you shot in your mouth right before she snaps her mouth closed and swallows it all down effortlessly.

Wrapping her hand around your neck, she brings you in for a passionate kiss as she strokes your chest with the other, slowly moving down towards your shaft. The kissing and fondling continues for what seems like hours. Your cock swelling back to life at the feel of your sister’s warm silky smooth body snuggled against you. As your hard cock rubs against Katie’s thigh, she breaks the kiss and looks down at your revived cock.

Crying out with excitement, Katie stares deep into your eyes and says in a sexy voice, “Oooooo is my big brother getting horny from his poor little sister’s hot body…hehehe…you know I didn’t get to cum yet…and I’m dying to feel that monster inside my tight little pussy.” You groan with excitement at her words as your heart pounds in your chest with lust. Katie, noticing your excitement, continues, “Does that turn you on dear brother…the thought of rolling on top of me as you mercilessly thrust your hard cock in and out of your little sister’s tight, wet, hot, silky smooth pussy?”

Unable to handle her teasing anymore, you wrap your arms around your hot little minx of a sister, roll her onto her back, and crush your lips against hers to share another passionate kiss. Her legs slowly rise up to straddle your hips as her arms wrap around you, gently stroking your muscular back. Breaking the kiss, you slowly move your cockhead forward until it touches the lips of Katie’s sopping wet pussy. You look into your sister’s eyes waiting for her permission. She smiles, finding your care for her cute, and says, “After tonight we are no longer just brother and sister but lovers forever…go ahead bro…thrust that cock inside of me and make our love complete.”

With a final kiss, you thrust slowly into your sister’s waiting cunt, spearing through the lips of her twat and savoring the feeling of her hot, tight, and slick walls of her pussy enveloping your cock. You both moan with pleasure at the exquisite feel of your long awaited union.

As your cock bottoms out inside Katie’s cunt, you both stare deeply in each other eyes. Panting hard with passion, your sister’s soft tits press against you as her hot, slick pussy squeezes your shaft. Running tumblr porno her hand through your hair, Katie smiles and sweetly says, “Mmmm…we did it brother…were finally together, lovers forever.” Sealing your love with a kiss, you slowly thrust in and out of your sister’s smooth cunt. Both you and Katie let out moans, grunts, and sighs of pleasure as you continue your tender lovemaking. As you slowly thrust your cock, you enjoy the sight of your sister’s tits bouncing to every thrust.

You both knew you wouldn’t last long, but there would be plenty of time in the future to enjoy some long and hard sex. For now you are both content expressing your newfound love with a short tender lovemaking session, the emotions combined with the pure erotic nature of incest drove both you and Katie closer and closer to orgasm.

“Ooooo Katie…I don’t know how much longer I’m gonna last…oh god…this feels amazing!” You cry out.

Letting out a cry of pleasure, Katie replies, “Oh god, it’s…ok big brother…I’m gonna…god…cum soon too…just don’t stop!”

As hard as you try to hold off your incoming orgasm, the fact you are finally fucking the girl of your dreams, your little sister to boot, combined with the feel of her warm, perfect body against you, and the feel of her silky smooth tight pussy on your cock is becoming too much for you. Overtaken with pleasure you cry out,

“Oh god Katie! I’m gonna cum!”

“Yes! Me too! Just a few more seconds and we’ll cum together! Don’t stop big bro!”

“Awwww shittt!! Here it comes! Im Gonna cum! God Katie I love you sooo much!” You cry out, as your orgasm builds.

“Ahhhh yes! I love you too bro! Ohhhh Gawwwdddd!!! I’m cumming!!!! Ahhhhhh!

As your orgasms hit, you thrust hard into Katie, burying your cock deep inside her welcoming cunt. As Katie feels your river of cum flowing inside her hot pussy, her orgasm hits and she cries out with pleasure as her cunt contracts around your cock, milking every last drop of your seed into her fertile womb. Neither of you care about the consequences as your sister accepts your seed into her body.

Coming down from your orgasms, your cock shrinks and falls from Katie’s cum soaked pussy. After a few minutes of teasing and kissing, your sister finally speaks up, tracing lines on your chest she says,

“You know brother…we can never go back to how things were…not after this…”

Stopping her sentence with a passionate kiss you run your hands all over her soft skin, again paying homage to your sister’s perfect body. Breaking the kiss you look into her eyes and say,

“Things never will go back to how they were…I’m still your brother but now I am your lover too and that’s never gonna change.”

After the reaffirmation of your love, both of you roll onto your sides cuddling into the classic spooning position. You enjoy the feeling of holding your sister’s warm body against your own, you enjoy it so much your cock starts poking her on her soft thigh.

Turning her head Katie says with mock anger, “What again? You are an animal!”

Smiling at her mock disgust, you tease, “How about it sis? Ready for round two?”

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