Sex in the Sahara Ch. 03

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Chapter Three: Out into the Sahara

As Curtis picked up the telephone for a second time, and waited for the car hire representative to answer, he saw his wife Linda and her best friend Adele descend the stone staircase from their room and his eyes alighted on their naked legs that were only just covered at the top by their tight fitting, sandy coloured shorts that hugged their hips so sexily. He began to reminisce over the night of passion and lust that the three of them had just experienced and his cock began to harden inside his own shorts as his mind again thrust his shaft into those female mouths and pussies and arses that were now gliding sexily towards him. His wild thoughts were suddenly interrupted as his mind dwelt on the feel of Adele’s tight arse as it squeezed his throbbing cock until he had erupted so frantically inside her. The interruption came from the voice on the other end of the telephone but before Curtis could demand to know where his hire Land Rover was he heard the sound of the vehicles engine as it pulled to a halt outside the open doorway of the hotel reception. Without a word he dropped the telephone back onto its cradle and headed for the hotel entrance to scold the driver for being late. Once the admonishment was over Curtis, Adele and Linda wasted no time in loading the pre packed supplies into the rear of the vehicle and all three climbed aboard. Curtis slid behind the wheel while the two girls sat in the back chattering as if they had not seen each other for weeks let alone having just spent the night fucking each other as well as their driver; who had now eased the lever into first gear and set the Land Rover headed south towards their first destination.

The trip had taken months in the planning, mostly by Adele who was living in Morocco already, and so things were easier to arrange from her Rabat apartment far easier than if Curtis or Linda had tried from their home in England.

The plan was to drive the Land Rover from Bou Arfa south west across the edge of the Sahara with overnight stops at various small towns, villages and the occasional oasis. At the oasis of Jal Ouffa they would turn their tracks westwards through the narrow gorges and rough terrain of the Atlas Mountains until they reached Marrakech where they would rest and play for a week before setting out again towards Safi on the western coastline of Africa. A few days drive northwards on the well built coast road would see them to Casablanca before finally hitting Adele’s apartment on the outskirts of Rabat.

The journey would cover approximately 800 miles as the crow flies but Adele had estimated that, as they were travelling by tortuous roads and not by crow, then a figure between 900 and 1000 miles would be more accurate. No particular time frame was involved in the plans only the anticipated sight seeing, lots of smoking of the local mind blowing resins, plenty of drinking and even more mind blowing sex between the three of them and anyone else they cared to involve in their sexual pleasures along the way.

The blazing African sun had reached its zenith by the time the first small oasis was reached. Two hours solid driving had kept Curtis occupied while the two girls talked, joked, kissed and fondled in the rear seat. The fondling had turned from just light play to a sexual desire to fuck each other just as the green trees of the oasis came into view.

“What perfect timing my love.” Adele whispered to Linda as she removed her index finger from the open zipper of her friend’s shorts where it had been slowly probing an entrance way beneath the thin panties that encased her slender hips.

Curtis had seen the two girls kissing in his rear view mirror and could imagine what Adele’s hidden finger was doing inside his wife’s knickers. His cock had begun to harden again, despite the fantastic action it had partaken of during the long night behind them, despite the sucking and fucking that it had undergone in that hot hotel room with two lovely girls as his play things. He had almost decided to stop the vehicle in the deserted openness of the sandy road and get into the back to ‘fuck the shit’ out of his two ladies when he had spied the trees of the oasis on the horizon.

His foot had hit the accelerator harder and the gap between his planned ‘fuck spot’ decreased rapidly as the vehicle had shot forward. Adele and Linda smiled at each other as they realised why Curtis illegal bahis had suddenly accelerated and they knew that cock would soon be cumming their way.

The Land Rover had hardly stopped before Linda jumped from her seat and headed towards the shade of a nearby tree. Taking no notice of her two companions, who were easily within viewing distance, she dropped her shorts and panties, squatted and began to pee unashamedly. Adele averted her eyes and they alighted on some thin rope in the rear of the vehicle and without a second thought she pulled it free from the luggage partly covering it and turned to whisper into Curtis’s ear. He smiled back at Adele before heading towards where his wife was squatting.

“We might as well all pee in the same place.” He told Adele as he noticed her following him and guessed that the cool beers they had been drinking now needed an outlet for all of them.

His cock back in his shorts he waited beside his wife while they both waited for Adele to finish. Linda turned and headed for the land Rover to break out some more beer from the cooler but was halted by Curtis who had grabbed at her departing wrist and held it firm.

“One moment my sweet love.” He rasped at Linda. “If it’s a beer your going for it can wait a little while.”

Adele was pulling her panties up as Linda queried;

“What for baby?”

Adele reached their side and took hold of Linda’s free wrist as she and Curtis pulled Linda across the small open space towards another group of tress close to the edge of the clear water that fed the green trees of the oasis.

“Never mind what for you sexy bitch.” Smiled Adele as she pulled her friend towards the trees.

Once reached the plan devised a few minutes before, at the side of the Land Rover, was put into action and before Linda could protest one end of the rope Adele carried was tied around her wrist, the other end thrown over the branch of a tree and then fastened around her other wrist as it was lifted upwards so that her feet were barely touching the soft grass beneath them. The surprise showing on her already tanned face, as it gazed out from between her long red hair, caused the smiles to widen across Adele’s and Curtis’s faces as they stood looking at her strung up beneath the tree. Curtis turned and headed, at a stroll, back towards the Land Rover where he pulled 3 cold beers from out of the ice that still remained in the cooler, opened them, and returned to the tree where his wife was asking Adele what the hell they were up too.

Adele took the beer offered by Curtis without answering her friend and proceeded to take a long swig from the cool bottle. Curtis did the same before they both turned to the now protesting girl, strung up beneath the tree, and while his free hand began to undo the buttons on her white blouse Adele reached for Linda’s zip on the front of her shorts and slid it expertly down. The top button was eased free and Adele pulled her friend’s shorts down and off her feet before gripping the elastic of her knickers and pulling them off also. Linda’s breasts swung free of the open blouse and Curtis leaned forward, took her left breasts in his hand, and began to suck on her nipple; still clutching 2 bottles of beer in his free hand. Adele meanwhile had dropped to her knees and had commenced to run her tongue up and down Linda’s shaven pussy; her own cold beer in one hand whilst the other ran up and down Linda’s inner thigh.

A low moan escaped Linda’s lips as she suddenly realised she was in for a fucking as she hung, helplessly, beneath the tree. For 6 or 7 minutes Curtis continued to suck and bite at the nipple in his mouth while Adele continued her licking of the now wet slit in front of her. A quick probe with her tongue into the recess of Linda’s cunt sent her body into a tremble as her moans increased in frequency and intensity.

Curtis’s hips were in line with Adele’s face as it pressed into Linda’s womanhood and she suddenly ceased from caressing Linda’s thighs and reached, instead, for Curtis’s zip. With dexterous movements she released the fastenings and allowed his shorts to drop around his ankles. Curtis, meanwhile, ignored what was happening at his lower regions and continued with his administrations of his wife’s tit.

Adele followed Curtis’s shorts with his boxers and they joined together around his ankles before he silently stepped out of them. His cock was already illegal bahis siteleri hard and now pressed itself against Linda’s hip while Adele continued on her knees beside him with her tormenting of her friends pussy. Linda, meanwhile, was going wild with the attention she was receiving from her two lovers and had started to thrust her hips back and forth against Adele’s face in an attempt to fill her wet cunt with Adel’s tongue.

As well as to add extra torment to the girl in front of her Adele also decided she could no longer resist the cock that was standing out stiff beside her head. She pulled her tongue away from the protesting Linda and slid her lips over the shaft of Curtis’s huge cock; swallowing the whole length in one movement. It was now Curtis’s turn to start the moaning as he felt Adele’s wet mouth grip his now throbbing cock tightly between her lips. This added blow job had not been pre arranged and he felt himself cumming after just a few deep sucks from the delightful mouth engulfing his rigid cock. He suddenly pulled his hips away from Adele’s sucking mouth and told her to be patient. She would have his spunk soon enough.

Adele smiled up at him before returning her tongue to the depths of Linda’s pussy, bringing welcome relief to her friends face. A few more licks, a little nip at Linda’s clit, more deep probing with a stiff tongue and Linda headed towards heaven as she began the first trembles of an orgasm. Curtis bit a little harder on her nipple before releasing it and murmuring to his wife that she was not going to cum just yet; she was going to get fucked first.

Adele slid her tongue from Linda’s wet cunt and got to her feet. Both she and Curtis stepped away and took swigs from their beer bottles that they still clutched in their hands. They smiled to each other as Linda came down from her threatened orgasm and Curtis turned to Adele and kissed her briefly on the lips. Linda watched as her husband began to undress her friend until she was totally naked in front of her. She then reached for the hem of his T shirt and slid it over his head so that he joined her in her nakedness once his boots were free from his feet. Adele and Curtis looked at Linda, who still wore her open blouse around her shoulders, and decided together that it was more trouble than it was worth to relieve her of it as it would mean untying her for a few minutes. Instead Curtis raised the spare bottle of beer to his wife’s lips and permitted her a slow swig of the still cool liquid. After a few gulps he pulled the bottle away and, smiling at her, commenced to pour the remaining beer over her shoulders and down the front of her blouse. The liquid soon caused the material to cling to her slender body and the outline of her waist and breasts served only to make his cock harder as it stood out, naked, in front of him.

Adele saw the sudden quiver of his manhood and reached for his hand; she then proceeded to lead him a few feet away from Linda but still in open view of her gaze. The couple reached a fallen tree that lay across the small clearing and Adele sat, open legged, on the hot bark. Curtis dropped to his knees between them and his tongue immediately found her moistening slit. Her hands encircled his head and forced it down hard into her womanhood as the low moans began to emit from her throat with the delight her cunt was feeling from his probing tongue. Deeper and harder he reamed into her over and over again. His teeth suddenly bit gently on her clit and she screamed in pleasure as he worked his magic on her. Faster. Deeper. Thrust followed thrust as he tongue fucked her wet cunt. Her juices began to seep out onto his face and mouth as he fucked her even faster; even harder. Suddenly his hand slid upwards and 2 fingers rammed into her and she screamed. Her orgasm hit suddenly and fiercely and he felt her hot cum squirt onto his thrusting fingers. Her whole body shook with the pleasure that flooded through her and her knees closed tight around the head and face between them. Curtis continued to tongue fuck her sweet cunt as she slowly relaxed her body and her orgasm subsided.

Pulling his tongue out suddenly Curtis climbed to his feet; his swollen cock so ready to feel the warmth of a wet hole around it. Any female hole would do; and he had six to choose from. Two mouths, two wet pussies or two very tight bums. He watched Adele as she stood up and the pair of them canlı bahis siteleri almost ran the short distance back to the watching Linda. Adele again dropped to her knees in front of her friend and her tongue and two fingers rammed hard and deep into her waiting pussy. Linda almost screamed again as she felt the thrust into her. Her legs opened in expectancy while Adele reamed and sucked at her dripping cunt as she hung helplessly from the tree.

Seeing Adele on her knees tongue fucking his wife made up his mind as to where he was going to ram his hard cock. He moved behind Linda, grabbed her hips tight and thrust his own hips forward. Adele, meanwhile, pushed her hands against Linda’s pelvis and forced her backwards onto the stiff hard cock behind her. She screamed as Curtis entered her. She screamed with the sudden pain but mostly she screamed with the pleasure of having her arse fucked so roughly while her cunt was serviced by her friend’s tongue and fingers deep inside her.

Adele increased the pace of her fingers as they fucked deep into Linda’s waiting cunt; her tongue licking at the juices flowing out from the depths of her swollen slit; her teeth occasionally nibbling at the tiny bud of Linda’s clitoris while Linda herself continued to scream and moan in pure sexual delight.

Curtis’s rigid cock penetrated the depths of his spouses arse and he felt her almost naked body tremble as her orgasm rose up inside her to erupt onto Adele’s tongue and fingers. At the feel of Linda’s cum hitting her tongue and fingers Adele licked and fucked her friend even harder as the orgasm ripped through her friend’s body. No sooner had Linda’s orgasm reached its peak than Curtis felt his throbbing cock swell a little further and he knew he could hold back no longer.

“I’m going to cum. Oh My God I’m going to explode my hot spunk into you baby.” He yelled at the top of his voice.

Suddenly he heard Adele shout at him;

“NO No. My mouth. Spurt it into my mouth.”

She pulled her fingers and tongue out of Linda’s soaking cunt and moved her head to the side of her friend’s hips just as Curtis pulled his cock from the depths of Linda’s arse and thrust it forward towards Adele’s open mouth. He was not quite fast enough and before Adele could wrap her wet lips around the head of his thick cock he exploded his hot spunk over her face and hair a fraction of a second before he felt the wetness of her mouth encircle his shaft and impale itself on his thrusting cock. Wave after wave of white globules hit the back of Adele’s throat as she frantically swallowed it down into her waiting stomach. Curtis grabbed the back of her head and fucked hard into her mouth as his cum rushed out from the depths of his balls and sped up the thick shaft until, finally, his spurting ceased and his cock began to go limp inside Adele’s sucking mouth.

Adele stood up, her face and hair covered in dripping spunk, and placed her lips on Linda’s, forcing some of the remaining cum that she had not swallowed into her friends mouth. She then pulled her face away slightly and allowed Linda to lick the cooling white cum from her cheeks and eye lids where it had splattered so suddenly moments before.

Fifteen minutes later the trio had washed and dressed; Linda pulling a clean T shirt from her bag before hanging her wet blouse, now washed in the cool water taken from the oasis, on the back of the tail gate of the Land Rover.

With fresh bottles of beer in their hands they climbed aboard the vehicle; this time with Linda at the wheel and the other two squeezed into the front seat beside her.

The Land Rover sped along the rough, sandy track with the Sahara desert on either side of it as the three adventurers drank, smoked a few joints, and laughed and joked together in the dwindling heat of the sinking sun as it dropped, silently, behind the peaks of the Atlas Mountains.

The journey had taken longer than planned and it looked like the trio would be spending their first night under the stars of the African sky; the small village they were aiming for still many miles ahead of them. In the dwindling light, her head spinning slightly from the bottles of beer and the affects of the narcotics she had been inhaling, Linda failed to notice the unmarked fork in the sand covered road. Their spirits high with the fun and sex they had experienced already on their first day all three of them failed to notice the sun sinking behind them.

It should have been sinking to their right.

End of Chapter Three.

Thank You for reading my stories. I hope you enjoyed it and any feedback is welcome along with your votes.

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