Sexiest Gambling in Sin City

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As the Cirque show emptied out of the ‘O’ Theatre we slowly made our way out into the Bellagio Casino. The gamblers enthralled with their cards, dice and slot machines we decide to bypass and head out to see the Bellagio Fountains and their magic. As I lean against the railing mesmerized by the dancing waters you stand behind me and put your arms around me… leaning in to gently kiss my neck and behind my ear. Immediately she wakes beneath the new skirt you bought me earlier today… and my nipples harden as you reach for my breasts discreetly and pull me closer. Hmmm… and now I feel something hard pressing against my ass… I suggest returning to our suite soon and you politely decline and say “Not yet my sweet… I want to take you somewhere first.”

You grab my hand and we head next door to Caesars and you lead me directly into the Casino. “I thought we weren’t gambling tonight?” I ask.

“I’ve changed my mind but we’re gonna spice it up a little.”

We head to the Craps table… you hand me a twenty and say “We play for 30min. Every time the Pass Line wins I’ll give you an orgasm… but if a 7 is rolled… I get an orgasm”.

“Ooo!” I say with excitement. Feeling like this could be in my favour!!

“There’s one catch though”… I ask what it is and you say, “Half of your orgasms will take place in public on the Strip in places of my choosing and the other half will be in our suite. Deal?”

Hmmmm… this could be dangerous. I’m nervous but excited at the same time…

“Deal!” I reply. I can already feel the excitement building between my legs. 30min later… we emerge from the Casino… I’ve won myself 4 orgasms and you get 2. A little weary about how my first two will go down… I decide to just let go and see where this leads us.

You take my hand and we casually head down the Vegas Strip towards the the new Linq hotel over by Harrahs. Intrigued to see the new promenade you tell me to check out a couple of the shops which of course I do not object. You return quickly with two tickets for us to ride the High Roller Wheel! Beyond excited we wait for our turn to board. Shockingly the lineup isn’t all that busy and even more shocking we end up alone in our own cabin to ourselves. Once the ride begins we make our way to the front to take in the views of the Strip. So gorgeous at night… all those lights. I realize quickly that we’re in the exact same position as we were while watching the Fountains. You begin kissing my neck… all the way up and down… so slowly… you take my earlobe in your mouth and gently swirl your tongue around it. You know just the spots to get my juices flowing.

I turn my head and kiss you softly… slowly… gently nibbling your bottom lip. I reach down and feel your hardened bulge begging to be released from your jeans. “No baby… not here… everyone can see and I need to get a head start on yours”. Disappointed… I retract my grasp and turn back to face the Vegas lights below. “But illegal bahis you’re wearing a skirt… ” you whisper in my ear. The next thing i know your fingers reach around and underneath… immediately finding the absence of underwear. “That’s my good girl”… As our cabin gently climbs to the apex… you dip your finger into my juices and begin to slowly swirl it around my hard wanting clit. I moan softly… fuck… you know the perfect pressure to use… I know I’m not going to last long…

All at once… we begin our descent… your finger on my clit and then suddenly a wet finger slowly enters my ass at the same time… that’s it… that’s all it takes and my orgasm hits me as gravity pulls us downward towards the Strip below. What a feeling!! My pussy is aching for your cock like you wouldn’t believe but of course the ride ends just as you unzip…

One of my public orgasms down… one to go… where to next I wonder…

We make our way back to the Strip and head South towards Paris Hotel… We head inside and I have a feeling where we’re going… Sure enough you come back to me with two tickets to head up the Eiffel Tower. Ooo, this should be interesting. The elevator ride is a bit busier than the High Roller Wheel so many more eyes around and I wonder how you’re going to pull this off. We head out to the observation deck and find a spot overlooking the Strip below. Its very dark up here and even though people are constantly passing behind us… you take advantage… and as I lean a little further over the railing… I feel you enter my pussy with your rigid hard cock. Geezus! I didn’t even hear you unzip… and now I know why you made me wear a skirt tonight.

Anyone walking by thinks you’re just standing behind me… not knowing that your slowly thrusting into me as they take pictures on either side of us. When the people clear to the other side of the observation deck you thrust a bit harder and faster. Omg… this is a rush in itself. I can tell you’re getting off on it too… your breathing gets more intense in my ear and I can tell you’re close. You grip me tighter with your arms and I feel you explode inside me. So difficult to keep quiet but that’s enough to send me over the edge too. I cum hard with you still inside me. Geezus that was good. You’re already starting to spill out of me… Remembering I have no underwear on… you hand me napkins from your pocket and slowly pull out as I reach down to catch your load before we give ourselves away with a mess on the floor. You tuck yourself away just in time for the next elevator ride down.

I’m a bit weak in the knees as we head back to the Strip… reeling that you’ve managed to get me off twice already… right in public… and we’re both only half done…

We decide that the rest of Vegas will just have to wait for tonight… and make our way to our hotel. The elevator ride seems to be the slowest in history… as I can still feel the aftermath of our orgasms illegal bahis siteleri soaking my pussy lips. We best get to the suite before it starts dripping down my leg…

I actually can’t believe I’m ready to go again…

All that excitement on the Strip made me forget about the amazing suite you got us… front and centre overlooking the Strip… even the bed is surrounded by windows. I reach for the lights and you tell me to leave them off… you take my hand and lead me to our bed… only the lights from the Strip illuminating us… you sit me down and kneel in front of me… taking my face in your hands and kiss me with so much passion and intensity I can feel you shaking. “Thank you for the public pleasure my darling” you whisper… I smile in return… confirming how much I enjoyed it too.

You stand up and undo your jeans… I pull them down to your ankles and as I sit up I immediately take you in my mouth. Finally! I’ve been waiting for this all night!

You cry out in pleasure as I take my tongue all over your hard already dripping cock. I trace every inch… every vein with my tongue and I can feel you pulsating in my mouth. I begin to stroke you gently with my hand and as my hand gets more wet… I slowly take my finger and gently massage as it makes its way to your ass. This is the first time I’ve tried this so I don’t know what you’ll do but the moans tell me to keep going. I slowly swirl my finger around your opening and before I have a chance to push in… you push down right onto it. Wow! I guess you like it.

Slowly penetrating with my finger making sure there’s lots of lube for you… I still have you in my mouth and I can feel you building a rhythm… you’re getting close so I keep going. Part of me wants to stop because I want your load so badly in my pussy again but I can tell you’re enjoying yourself so much too so I continue. Not even a minute later I hear you say “I’m gonna cum baby… I’m gonna cum”… and within seconds I let you spill your load over my mouth and my tits… you scream out as the orgasm runs through you and release every ounce within you. You can’t even stand anymore so collapse on the bed beside me to catch your breath. I’m beaming as I lay next to you… and you look at me and say “turn over… lay on your stomach”. I comply immediately wondering what’s in store. You immediately get off the bed and head to the bathroom… Hmmm… what are you up to?

You return and tell me to put my face down… and as odd as this sounds I’m open to whatever you have in store… and the next thing I know you’re straddling me. I still have my clothes on but you immediately start taking care of that by lifting my shirt off along with my bra. Tossing them aside I hear you unscrew the cap of a bottle and suddenly i feel oil dripping down my spine… you gently begin massaging my back and shoulders slowly spreading the oil all around. You lean down from time to time and kiss my neck and shoulders… canlı bahis siteleri and every time you sit back on my hips… I feel you getting harder and harder against my ass. Your hands make their way down my back… gently grazing the side of my breasts… teasing… then to my hips and massage them slowly… the anticipation of where your hands will go next is killing me and my pussy is in agreement… getting wetter by the second. I’m battling with how good the massage feels… making me feel more relaxed… and yet being turned on at the same time. I decide to close my eyes and savour every second of it and the next thing i know I feel you lift my skirt and you slowly drag your tongue from my pussy all the way up to my ass. OMFG!! Where did that come from?!?! I didnt even feel you lift off of me!

You continue to explore my pussy and ass with your tongue I can feel the intensity start to build for orgasm number three… but you stop and I feel you lower your body onto my back and kiss my ear and say “How did that feel sweetheart?”… and as I’m about to answer… you immediately enter my pussy with your rigid hard cock in one fell swoop. I cry out in pleasure and you slowly slide In and out of me as you kiss my neck and shoulders. I arch my pussy up to meet every thrust and we break into a rhythm that feels as though our bodies are one.

You rise off of me and pull out… “Nooooo!!” I cry out… “Relax baby… it’s your turn again”… you crawl up beside me and lay on your back and say “Come baby… straddle my face”. I oblige immediately… firstly removing my skirt… and then bracing myself over your mouth with my hands on the window completely nude to the Strip below… I lower myself down to meet your tongue… and as you glide it along my pussy opening and clit I rock my hips back and forth… within seconds I’m cumming on your mouth and crying out as the orgasm reaches every cell in my body. “Slide back baby”… and before I can even recover from the orgasm your hands gently guide my hips and lower me onto your hard cock. I brace myself on your chest and slowly rise up and down on that delicious meat stick as I stare into your eyes. Your hips rise up as mine lower… we’re in perfect rhythm… I even swirl my hips a bit side to side as I grind down on your cock. Your eyes and moans tell me how much you love it. So I keep going… and occasionally lean down so you can take each of my breasts in your mouth as I ride you.

Your hands grip me tighter… your intensity is building… I sit back up and you quickly sit up with me wrapping your arms around me as you thrust hard upwards spilling into me… you throw your head back and cry out. “Fuuuuckkkk!!” Your entire body convulses as every last drop empties into my tight pussy… there’s so much wetness between the two of us as I rise off of you… all it takes is two glides over your cock and I’m cumming yet again… all the wet sex between us sent me over the edge. We immediately collapse next to each other in unison. I look over at you and say “Well… I guess you got a bonus orgasm… he he” You smile and say “Mmmhmm… Lucky man I am!”… kissing me one last time before we fall asleep… under the lights of Vegas.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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