Sexomnia Ch. 03

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As I called around to invite my friends to Aunt Sylvie’s cabin, my story was that Sylvie was a hot cougar I knew from the gym. She liked to have young men up to her place in the woods and sometimes things could get wild. I didn’t make any promises. I had no idea what Aunt Sylvie would do, so I left the details vague.

My selection process was simple. I short listed young studly guys from the gym and a few horny college friends. We ended up with six guys, including me.

The cabin had four bedrooms, so we would double up in three rooms and Aunt Sylvie had her room. On Friday morning, she asked me to carry two large suitcases down from her room and put them in my Jeep. I knew better than to say anything, but she saw the look on my face as I calculated how many outfits she could wear in two days.

“You’ll think it’s worth it when you see what I’ve packed,” she said as I humped the heavy cases downstairs.

On our way to the mountains, we went shopping. We filled three grocery carts with food, wine, beer and supplies. I packed it in the Jeep and then we drove on to the cabin. After a long haul down a rough gravel road, we parked the car and hiked through some woods. It was cool and aromatic in the shady trees. The cabin was on top of the hill and the front deck had an amazing view of the surrounding mountains.

“This place is amazing,” I told Aunt Sylvie. “You should spend more time here.”

“Perhaps I will after this weekend,” she smiled, “This is the first time I have been here without Jack.”

We carried in the supplies and got busy storing things away. Aunt Sylvie cast off her melancholy mood as she gave me cleaning instructions. I swept the wood floors while she cleaned the bathrooms. We ate lunch and then put the finishing touches to the cabin. Aunt Sylvie laid out chips, nuts and snacks for our guests.

“I’m going to take a shower now and get ready,” she said and disappeared upstairs.

Pretty soon after that I heard voices in the woods behind the cabin and the first two guys arrived. I helped them carry in their stuff and just as I was offering them a beer, the other three appeared.

I showed them all their rooms and helped them carry in their bags. We lit a wood fire in the fireplace and were sitting around drinking beer and relaxing, when Willie, my friend from the gym, asked the big question.

“So where is Sylvie? When do we meet our hostess?”

As if on cue, Aunt Sylvie appeared at the top of the stairs. She was dressed in a maid’s uniform with a short dress that showed off her toned thighs and jutting breasts.

“Good evening gentlemen,” Aunt Sylvie greeted us. She made her way down the staircase with all eyes on her. “Is there anything I can get female fake taxi porno for you? I am here to serve you so please tell me if there is anything you need.”

Sylvie went around the room and introduced herself to each of the guys. She took drink orders and soon returned with a tray of beers. As she bent over to place the drinks on coasters, the maid costume rode up her thighs and her breasts strained to escape the low cut bra.

The guys exchanged glances. They were still unsure how far they could go with Sylvie, so I decided to take the lead. As Sylvie leaned over to place my beer on the coaster, I brushed her wrist with my hand, causing her to spill beer on my shorts.

“I am so sorry sir,” Sylvie said,”Let me get some tissues and clean that for you.”

“No Sylvie,” I said commandingly,”Clumsiness needs to be dealt with firmly. You know that. Now bend over the table.”

“Yes sir.”

Sylvie walked to the round breakfast table, put down the tray and bent over obediently. I lifted the maid’s dress, revealing Aunt Sylvie’s pale round ass. A black g string clung to the space between her cheeks.

“Willie can you hold her dress up?” I asked.

Willie obliged. I began with a few light slaps. Then I turned to see the guys’ reaction. They were all staring at Aunt Sylvie’s bare cheeks. Two of them had serious bulges in their shorts. They were stroking themselves as they watched.

Soon Aunt Sylvie’s cheeks were glowing pink with my handprints.

“We need to pull these panties down,” I said, “Mark can you help with that?”

Mark eased the little thong from between Sylvie’s cheeks and drew it down her thighs. Now her smooth shaved, swollen pussy lips were displayed invitingly.

I wanted to get the other guys involved, so I turned to one of my friends from the gym.

“Alan, can you take over? My hand is getting tired.”

Alan caressed Sylvie’s burning red cheeks. Then he spanked her hard for a few minutes. Her tits bounced provocatively with each slap. Then Alan gently pulled her cheeks apart to give us a better view of her pussy. Alan patted and caressed Sylvie’s pussy lips and slid his finger into her slit, making her sigh with pleasure. When he drew it out, his finger was shiny and wet.

I stood up. There was a huge bulge in my shorts from watching Alan manhandle my aunt.

“Turn around Sylvie,” I said.

Aunt Sylvie turned to face her audience, keeping her eyes on the floor.

“Undress her,” I said to Alan.

Alan unzipped the maid’s dress down the back and let it slide to the floor. Now Aunt Sylvie was naked except for her stockings and heels. Her nipples were stiff and aroused. Alan ran his hands genel porno over her tits. He and I lifted her and positioned her ass on the edge of the breakfast table. Aunt Sylvie spread her thighs. I was intending to be the first to fuck her, but Alan quickly undid his shorts and stepped in front of me. He stood there for a moment between her open legs caressing his big erection. Then he placed the head of his cock between Aunt Sylvie’s lips and slid into her tight slit.

Aunt Sylvie gasped with the shock of being entered so suddenly, but she responded to Alan as he took control. The guys gathered around to watch. Alan got a nice rhythm going and his thrusts made Aunt Sylvie moan and grip the table.

Mark pulled out his erect cock and held it out to Aunt Sylvie. She lay back on the table and opened her mouth for him. The swollen head of his cock slid between her lips and came out all shiny with saliva.

Willie and Kyle moved in on either side of Alan and began rubbing their cocks on her breasts. Kyle was jacking off and he must have been extra horny because all of a sudden his cum squirted all over Aunt Sylvie’s breasts and neck.. Blake got behind Alan and stroked himself, as he waited his turn.

Alan’s rhythm got faster and then he pulled out and jerked his cock hard.

“Fuck! Fuck!” he yelled and squirted cum on Sylvie’s shaved mound.

Mark started moaning and cried out “Oh Shit!” as he ejaculated in Aunt Sylvie’s mouth. She swallowed but a few drops escaped her lips and dribbled down her chin.

The smell of cum and pussy was heavy in the air. When Aunt Sylvie slid off the table, her big tits and shaved mound were shiny with our deposits.

“If it’s alright with you gentlemen, I will take a shower now,” she said.

“That’s fine Sylvie,” I said.

Sylvie turned to the guys,”If you need anything, please knock on my door. I’m here to serve you at any time.”

That night everyone was tired and relaxed after the relief that Sylvie had provided, so we all turned in before midnight. I was sharing a room with Alan. There were King size beds in all the rooms, so we shared a bed. We were so tired we soon passed out.

I woke up some time later with my bladder telling me I needed to pee. Alan was snoring so I slipped out and headed for the bathroom.

As I passed Aunt Sylvie’s room, I noticed the door was ajar. I peeked in. Her bed was empty. I knew she must be sleepwalking, so I went to check my friends’ rooms. I put my ear to Willie and Kyle’s door, but it was silent. As I approached Blake and Mark’s room, I heard telltale sounds. I stood outside for a moment, listening to the steady rhythm of someone getting fucked.

I slid the door gently open glory hole secrets porno and peeped inside. Aunt Sylvie was kneeling on the bed in a sheer black negligee that showed off her pale, pointy breasts. Blake was riding her doggystyle. Mark was in front with his hand wrapped in her hair holding her head down as she sucked his cock. I wanted to go on watching, but I really needed to pee, so I backed out of the room and headed to the bathroom.

On my way back, I stood and waited outside Blake and Mark’s door. Finally Aunt Sylvie emerged from the room, naked and dishevelled, with her lustrous dark hair tousled. She was still in her sexomniac trance and I pressed her against the wall and ran my hands over her through the thin, transparent negligee. Her body was hot from fucking and she smelled of sex. I slid my hand down her belly and lifted the nightie.

Her shaved lips were slippery with cum. I smelled the mixed juice on my fingers and my cock throbbed. I lifted the negligee higher to play with her big tits as she leaned against the wall. Her breasts were sticky and her nipples looked red and sore. I fingered her slit. She was still wide open from being fucked. I kissed her, tasting salty cum on her mouth.

“I was such a slut Jack,” she whispered in my ear. “Were you watching while your friends fucked me?”

I took her hand and led her back to her room. I pulled back the covers and pushed her sleeping body gently back on the clean sheet. Her sex scent was strong and sweet. I felt the heat coming off her as I puched my rigid pole between her slippery lips. Sticky cum coated my shaft. Sylvie moaned as she opened up for me.

“I need to cum, Jack,” she said, “I have been fucking for hours and I need to cum so bad.”

Apparently Blake and Mark had got their rocks off and left her high and dry.

I stroked her swollen tits and she moaned.

“My tits are so big and horny,” she whispered, “suck my nipples Jack.”

I kissed her sticky tits, smelling the cum on them.

“You smell of cum, you dirty slut,” I whispered in Aunt Sylvie’s ear, “You have been giving that sticky pussy to all my friends, haven’t you?”

“Oh yes,” Sylvie moaned, “I had two hard cocks in me tonight, Jack. I sucked them and they both fucked me. “

“Did your pussy like that?” I asked her.

“Oh yes Jack! You know I like to make men come!”

“I smell the cum on your tits, you slut,” I whispered, teasing her clit.

Aunt Sylvie was getting closer and closer to orgasm and she whispered faster and faster in my ear, arousing herself more and more as she told me how bad she had been.

“I relieved their stress, so they can sleep better Jack. You like me to give your friends, relief, don’t you Jack? I’m going to give it to all your friends Jack. My pussy’s going to be fucked so hard, I’ll be red and sore… Oh, I’m coming, I’m coming!”

Her pussy gripped my rigid cock and she came again and again. I pounded into her hot slit as she moaned and soaked my squirting cock.

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