Sexual Healing

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It had been a long year for Dan. The longest, most difficult of his life. His wife of 15 years – Emily, the love of his life and mother of his two beautiful daughters – had passed away two months ago, after a long and grueling battle with breast cancer. Now that the funeral and the initial chaos of it all was over, the reality of it all had begun to set in. She wasn’t coming back. Things would never really be normal again. He was on his own.

And that’s why he had come back here, to Montana, to where he had grown up. The only reason he’d ever agreed to live out East was because his wife was from there and she couldn’t stand the thought of moving far away from her family. But that wasn’t an obstacle any more and now, more than ever, Dan needed to be where his heart was, where his family and best friends still lived, in Missoula. He’d flown out without the girls (who were with his wife’s parents) so he could interview for jobs and try to find a house for them. As much as he hated to leave them so soon after their mother had died, he really badly needed some time without them, to get his head right and to figure some things out. And it would only be a week.

Rather than stay at a hotel, he’d taken up his friend Mark’s offer to let him stay at his place. Mark was Dan’s best friend since middle school, and his wife, Alana, was a wonderful person who had been very close with Emily. They had both insisted that Dan stay with them in their amazing log cabin. They had no kids and plenty of room, and Dan really liked the idea of staying out on their ranch, which reminded him a lot of the property he’d grown up on, the one his parents had sold years ago. It was absolutely beautiful, the grass fields, the evergreen trees, the mountains in the background. He’d forgotten how much he loved Montana. There was nowhere better to clear his head.

But it was clear that Mark and Alana, like everyone else, didn’t quite know how to act around him. Everything was tentative, like they didn’t want to do or say the wrong thing, like they thought they had to be serious and somber instead of their normal funny and fun-loving selves. So Dan did his best to encourage them to just be themselves and to treat him like they would have if nothing had happened.

It took them a while, but by the second night, they had adjusted to his presence and were acting much more like the couple he’d known for so long. Mark grilled up dinner, cracked an occasional joke (though not as many as he normally would), and Alana, who was one of the more beautiful people Dan had ever met, inside and out, was a little closer to her normal effervescent self.

Dan had always been a little captivated by Alana, though he’d tried his hardest not let it show around Emily. Alana was a professional masseuse. And she was gorgeous. She had long curly brown hair that went halfway down her chest and made her look a little like Alannis Morrisette, which was funny given the similarity of their names. She was much prettier than Alannis, though, with striking features and plenty of curves. And like a lot of people in Missoula, she had just a bit of hippy in her, often looking illegal bahis like she just stepped off the set of Dazed he never seemed to fear where a conversation might go.

She continued, “We had a good time with you last night, and more to drink than we normally do, and, well, we weren’t really thinking. I hope we didn’t make things awkward for you.”

For a moment, Dan considered playing dumb, acting like he didn’t know what she was talking about. But what was the point? Plus, he suspected his own climax had been audible as well, in which case, she’d know he was lying. So he decided to just be honest.

“You don’t have to be sorry. It’s your house, and I’d hate to think that I was cramping your style by being here. And … well … if I’ve learned anything over the last couple years, it’s that life is short. Too short to pass up moments like that.” Tears welled up in Dan’s eyes and he barely got those last words out.

A moment later, he felt Alana’s lips press against his cheek. “You’re a wonderful person, Dan.”

She resumed the massage, getting progressively higher up his leg. His erection, which had disappeared for a while, was soon back with full force. Then the moment he dreaded happened; she asked him to turn over on his back.

As she turned around to get more oil, he slowly turned over, careful to let the towel stay draped over his mid-section. He had hoped that, with the towel over him, his raging erection might not be obvious. He was very wrong. Though he tried to adjust himself, there was just no hiding the pitched tent.

When Alana turned back around, there was no question she noticed. He saw her eyes track down to his mid-section and saw the flicker of recognition. But she betrayed no discomfort or surprise and soon she was massaging his chest and shoulders, her warm smile unchanged. She continued to work through every knot in his body, eventually making her way down to his legs and then slowly working back upward. Eventually she broke the silence again.

“Dan, I’m going to ask you something very personal. You don’t have to answer it, and I apologize ahead of time if it makes you uncomfortable.”

“Um. Okay.” Dan wasn’t sure where she was going with this and didn’t know what else to say.

“When was the last time you were…intimate with someone?”

Wow. Dan had really not been expecting that. How long had it been? A year? Maybe longer?

After a substantial pause, Dan finally said “probably at least a year.”

“That’s what I thought,” she said. Her expression was kind, but with a measure of pity mixed in. “I want to do something for you, Dan, and I hope you’ll let me.”

Dan’s mind was a whirlwind. What was she talking about? Where was this going? Before he could get much beyond that, Alana’s hand was on top of the towel, pressed against his cock. If her touch to his shoulders had been a jolt of electricity, this was a lightning strike. The sensation was so powerful that his hand shot up reflexively to grab her arm.

“What are you…”

“Relax, Dan,” she interrupted him, her tone still so calm and reassuring. “It’s okay.”

“But…but…” illegal bahis siteleri Dan sputtered, “what about Mark?”

She smiled, “he’ll be glad to know you said that. But believe me, he’s fine. I believe his exact words on his way out this morning were ‘don’t forget the happy ending.’ He said if anyone ever needed one, it was you.'”

Dan was having a hard time processing all this, but he wasn’t actively fighting it either. Within seconds, Alana had removed the towel entirely, exposing Dan’s now rock hard cock. She gave him a mischievous smile and a wink and then wrapped one of her oiled up hands firmly around the shaft of his cock.

It was all Dan could do not to come right then and there, but he willed himself not to. She soon had both hands working up and down his cock as he stared, transfixed. Given how long it had been since he’d had anything like this done to him, she could have been terrible at it and it still would have felt great. But she was quite skilled.

“You have an amazing cock, Dan.” God, she was sexy. He couldn’t take this much longer. In fact, he was just about to come when, perhaps sensing it, she let go. “Before I finish, I just want to even the playing field a little bit. I’ve seen you naked. It’s only fair that you see me.”

With that, she reached up behind her neck and undid the string that was holding up her cover up. Down it came, revealing a truly magnificent set of breasts. Her chest fully exposed, Alana once again reached out and grasped Dan’s cock. She began to stroke faster, working up a lather with the oil.

Dan was completely out of his mind with lust and ready to come. Sensing this, Alana slowed her pace. Then she looked him right in the eyes and said, “come for me, Dan.” With that he finally let go, letting out a groan and shooting a rope of cum that shot across his stomach and chest. She grinned from ear to ear.

“My god, Alana, that was incredible. You have no idea how badly I needed that.”

She grinned, “you don’t need to thank me, Dan. It was absolutely my pleasure. You needed that and I’m glad I got to share it with you.” The way she said it, so calm and matter-of-factly, she almost had Dan convinced that this wasn’t strange, that this was just something that friends do for one another, like picking him up at the airport or something. Casually, she grabbed a towel and wiped the cum off his chest and stomach. Then she pulled up her cover up and re-tied its straps around her neck.

Taking his cue from her, Dan sat up and tried to remember where he’d left his clothes. Before he could get to his feet, Alana leaned in again and kissed him once more on the cheek. She whispered, “if you need a release again tomorrow, just ask. I’m here all week.” Then she winked and turned around to head back to her bedroom.

Dan sat there for a few minutes, still completely naked, just trying to gather his thoughts. His mind was a jumble of questions. Did all of that really just happen? Did she really mean that all he had to do was ask and she’d do this again? What if he asked for something else? Was Mark really okay with this? Did he just canlı bahis siteleri betray his best friend?

That night, when Mark got home, Dan initially felt very awkward, but Alana had such a way of putting people at ease. Before long, he’d almost forgotten about the events of that morning; it was like it had never happened. It was just three old friends, sharing each other’s company.

The next morning, after Mark had left for work, Dan sat on the couch watching TV. Though he’d thought about nothing else all morning, he’d resolved that he wasn’t going to take Alana up on her offer to “ask” for a second round. He just couldn’t bring himself to do that. That said, if she offered, it would be rude to turn her down, right?

Eventually Alana sat down on the couch next to him. She was in a pair of jogging shorts and a tank top and looked like she was ready for a workout. “Any interest in going for a run with me, Dan?”

“Oh, no thanks, Alana. I gave up running years ago. Too hard on my knees.”

“Fair enough. Can I get you anything before I go?”

“No, I’m good. Thanks, though.”

“Are you sure?” Was she asking what he thought she was asking? “My offer from yesterday still stands, you know.”

Dan paused, not really wanting to ask, but not strong enough to say no.

Alana looked at him expectantly, a mischievous smile slowly forming on her face. She reached out a hand and touched his knee.

“Alana, I…”

“It’s okay, I won’t make you ask.” With that, she slowly maneuvered onto the floor in front of him until she was on her knees and facing him. Then she reached up and began to undo the button and fly on his cargo shorts and slowly slid them down, taking his boxers with them. His cock, which was already nearly fully erect, sprung out into the open. Alana continued to pull his shorts and boxers down until they were all the way off.

Then she sat back and lifted her tank top up over her head, removing it completely in one motion and again displaying her exquisite breasts, natural and round, the size of peaches, with large, dark brown areola the size of quarters. As Dan admired the view, she reached over to grab his cock with her right hand and began to stroke it gently. Dan silently wished she had brought some of that massage oil with her, but he wasn’t about to complain, not with this view.

Then, without warning, Alana leaned in and before Dan could even register what was happening, his cock was deep inside her mouth. Was this really happening? Emily had seldom gone down on him even in good times, and Dan had no idea how long it had been since his last blow job. Three years maybe? As he watched Alana’s head bob up and down on his cock, he tried to put all thoughts of Emily or Mark or anything that might complicate this moment out of his mind and focus on the incredible sensation. Alana was applying just the right amount of pressure and she was using her hands at the same time, sliding them up and down the shaft of his cock in sync with her mouth. She was so very good at this.

And so beautiful. The way her breasts bobbed up and down. The way her long curly hair draped over his stomach. He gathered her hair up in his hands and held it up so he could get a better view of her beautiful face. She stared up at him with wide, soulful eyes as she continued to suck his cock. He wasn’t going to last much longer.

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