Shaving Jane Ch. 01

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All characters 18+

© 2017 Scott Free


So I guess this all began when I left my wife at the ripe young age of 39. She and I had been married 9 years, and we had been through it all. She promised things and cried; and she did nothing. We did marriage counseling, and she promised to change; and she did nothing. It finally boiled down to me having a moment of clarity. I had money, she wanted money, so she would string me along if I kept letting her spend my money. When I was single, I only slept alone when I wanted to be alone. In the last two years of marriage my wife had sex with me a grand total of two times. So like a petulant little kid, I packed up my balls and went home. Well, not home, but my parent’s vacation house about 20 miles from where I worked. This is the house that I wrote about in the “3 Is A Magic Number.” No, that story wasn’t true, but I did base the house on the vacation house. This story is true.

I ended up meeting a very horny girl online named Nikki, who had a big mouth, and who had a lot of cock hungry friends. I have plenty of story material there, so I am going to leave this subject alone. One of Nikki’s friends was named Summer. She was hot in a punky-goth kind of way. She had a tattoo of the poison apple from Snow White on her right ass cheek. She was 19, and belonged to this super-fundamentalist church in town. This is one of those churches where women always wear skirts, and women can never be alone with a member of the opposite sex unchaperoned. I even saw one of their guys refuse a ride home with a girl in a blizzard. I probably should have given the dumb bastard a ride home, but I just couldn’t manage to do that. Women in this religion are also supposed to be chaste until marriage, and they always defer to, and obey their husbands. Needless to say; with all the sexual repression, I found out that quite a few of these girls had sinning on their minds.

I met Summer in late April. She was the first of Nikki’s friends that I met. I was sitting at home when I got a random text. It was a picture of this hot girl with long wavy black hair. The next text that I got was:

Hi Scott, my name is Summer. I am a friend of Nikki’s 🙂

I heard something really hot about you…

I think the thing that she heard was that I could give Nikki about 20 orgasms in an hour; or, it could be that I was packing serious wood, and I knew how to swing it like a home run champ… Either one.

So Summer and I picked a place to meet. We ended up meeting at a bar in another town, so she didn’t have to dress like “Little House on the Prairie.” Her words, not mine. She wore a short skirt, with ripped thigh high hose. She topped it off with a sheer white button up, and a black bra. It was an emo version of the Catholic school girl outfit. After seeing her outfit, I was feeling very optimistic of my chances that night.

She wasn’t tall, or short. She wasn’t skinny, but wasn’t fat. She was buxom. She had really nice size tits, but still proportional, and thick ass and hips, but not fat at all. She was a Midwest girl, born of good solid child bearing stock. If you are from on of the states close to Canada, you will know what I mean.

It turned out that she was smart, and funny in a twisted sort of way. I ordered drinks, and the waitress didn’t even card her. The twenty something waitress gave me a knowing smile when she brought back our Jack and Cokes.

This normally would be the part where I would put in my witty repartee. If you have read anything else that I have written, you would see the connection between the stories and real life. After drinks and some food, she invited me to follow her back to her duplex.

She gave me a kiss in the parking lot that promised me that things could be very interesting back at her place. It was the perfect first kiss. It was not sloppy and slutty, but it was in no way chaste. It wasn’t too quick, or too long. My hand wandered over her short skirt, feeling the tight young ass that was underneath it. Then I felt the garter belt leading down to her thigh highs; and I smiled, ending the kiss. My cock was as hard as a tent peg, and she had to know it. It was trapped at my belt, and bent into an uncomfortable bow.

“I guess that Nikki wasn’t exaggerating when she told me about you. Damn.” She slid her finger up the front of my jeans, and I saw a hungry look in her eyes. “My roommate might be home, do you care?” I shook my head. At that point I really didn’t care if the Democratic National Committee was meeting in her bedroom. If they were, they would get the show for free.

She hopped into her Subaru, and I followed close behind. She had asked for me to follow her as quickly as I could into her place once she had the door open. I knew that this was the fear of roaming eyes. It was still daylight out; but day or night, nosy people will always be around.

I followed her into her duplex, and she slammed the door, and pounced on me like a mountain lion. She leaned up to kiss me, bahis firmaları all the while fighting to get my belt undone. It was a special belt used for concealed carry. It was double thick with a core of plastic that would not flex if I drew my Glock 21 from it’s holster. The gun, the belt, my pants, and my underwear hit the floor a few seconds later, and Summer bowed in front of my thick cock. It was then that I noticed the girl that was sitting on the couch, reading a book.

She had been reading a book, anyway. She was a tiny thing, with mousy brown hair pulled back into a pony tail. She was wearing a cotton skirt that would have reached her ankles, had she not been sitting cross-legged in it’s huge confines. Her eyes were huge behind her glasses with surprise. I guess this was not a regular occurrence in the house, which was a good mark in Summer’s favor.

Summer took me in her mouth, and proceeded to give me a blowjob whose technique had to have been learned from watching porn. It was toothy, dry, and full of gagging at Summer’s end. The only reason that I let it go on as long as I did was because the little mouse on the couch seemed unable to take her eyes from it.

I leaned down, and kissed Summer full on the mouth, which seemed to take her by surprise. After the shock wore off, she melted into the kiss, and was easily pulled to her feet. I slid her black lace panties down her thighs, and she kicked them to the floor. I heard her mumble “Bedroom… Now…” She led me away into the room on the right.

Her room was a mishmash of girlhood and womanhood. It had posters of Fall Out Boy, and My Little Pony. Another poster exclaimed, “The Bible is my sword, and God is my shield,” and sported a very Spartan looking warrior. That one was a bit creepy. There were still some stuffed animals scattered about the room. It made me feel a bit like a cradle robber, but only for a moment.

She kissed me again. I have to say that the girl new how to use those pouty pink lips; at least to kiss with. I unbuttoned her sheer blouse, and slid it off her shoulders. The bra soon followed, and I pushed her back on the bed. She landed with her legs spread, her completely hairless pussy framed by the hiked up skirt, and the artfully ripped hose. Her wavy black hair fanned out around her head like an ebony crown.

She had a very pretty pussy. I say that, having seen a fair few that looked like they had went a few rounds with a professional boxer. It was very puffy, her outer and inner lips were swollen, and parted by the level of her excitement. I could see the wetness that had leaked onto her thighs, and I couldn’t wait to taste her.

I usually liked more foreplay, but I kissed up her thighs quickly until I tasted her juices. She tasted clean; a little musky, with a slightly sweet undertone. This is not to say that I am an expert by any means. Mostly, I fake being really bad at eating pussy, but I appear to be trying really hard. Within a few frustrated minutes the woman will usually pull me up so that I can use my fingers, and my cock on her. Women usually don’t mind if you are bad at one thing, as long as you are phenomenal at everything else.

I have magnificent fingers. If an accident happened and I lost my cock, I am totally confident that I could keep a woman fully satisfied with just my two hands.

I didn’t bullshit around that way with Summer. I licked her, and sucked her until she was close to cumming, and then I would back off. I loved the way she ran her fingers through my short brown hair. I enjoyed having my head rubbed. By the third ‘almost’ climax, she had enough, and held my mouth onto her clit. I sucked and flicked, and the next thing I know she wrapped her legs around my head, and tried to use my ears as handles. She came hard, and very, very vocally. I had a feeling that sometime in the next few hours, Nikki was going to be getting a really good text from Summer. She spasmed, and jerked, and in a little over a minute she let me out of the ‘leg lock of death.’

I slid up the bed, and held her in my arms. She melted into me, and I have to admit that I hadn’t felt this comfortable with a woman in a long, long time.

She lay still for quite a while, breathing steadily, and muttering “Oh my god,” under her breath. After awhile she broke her reverie with a good hearty laugh. She slid up, and looked into my eyes. “Wow,” she said quietly.

“Are you OK?” I asked.

“I am really good. How about you?” I felt her grip my cock, and felt a little pride that her fingers couldn’t stretch all the way around it, down by the base.

“I am in bed with an exquisitely beautiful woman, how could I not be fantastic?” She flushed even more than she already was at the compliment. I had a disturbing thought. I hadn’t even went hardcore and used my fingers while I sucked her off. What if she was still a virgin?

“Can I ask you a question, Summer?” Her dark brown eyes were still looking into mine.

“Sure, shoot.” Her index finger played kaçak iddaa with the precum leaking from the end of my fuck stick.

“Have you had sex before? With a guy?” She smiled a wolfish grin at my qualifier.

“Yes, and yes. I had sex with a guy in high school. He was my best friend, and we wanted to know what it felt like. It hurt a little, but overall it was a bit disappointing. It turned out that my friend was gay, and I guess I was his final attempt at being straight. Things were weird between us for a couple of weeks, but then they went back to normal. He came out later that year. I kind of knew, but I figured I could experience sex with someone that I cared about, with few strings attached. I figured that the worst thing that could happen was being in a relationship with my best friend.”

“That doesn’t sound so bad.” Her dark brown eyes had tiny gold flecks in the irises.

“It wasn’t, but it certainly was nothing like what you just did. Wow!” I smiled at the compliment. “I want you to fuck me, but please be gentle; at least at first.”

“OK. No problem. I have some condoms in my pants pocket.” She shook her head, as she was undoing her skirt.

“Could we do it like this, and you can just pull out?” I nodded.

“That isn’t even close to foolproof for birth control. You still could get pregnant.” She tossed her skirt aside, and kissed me deeply. I guess that answered my question. I knew that I was making a dumb decision, even as I rolled over on top of her. Despite our height difference, the head of my cock rested at the top of her pussy. I broke this kiss and leaned back, and then she really got a good look at my johnson. Her eyes were wide as I slid the tip of my cock through the slippery folds of her cute little pussy. I touched her clit with the head of my cock, and she moaned loudly.

She was pinching her nipples. I had to admit that she had spectacular tits. They were big, and natural; but they were on a teenager, and had almost zero sag to them. I felt the entrance to her holy of holies, and I began to apply gentle, but steady pressure.

She was very tight, and gasped when my head popped inside of her slippery fuck hole. I worked it gently until I had another inch inside. She was very tight. She might use a finger or two on herself, but definitely no toys. It helped that she kept herself in such good shape, I guess that exercise is good for the cunt muscles too.

I got myself in about a third of the way when she came again. Instantly it was like a fist gripped my cock so hard that it almost hurt. I kept my cock where it was, and slipped my hand between her lips, until I found the hard little button of her clit. I didn’t need to moisten my finger because her cum was squirting out around my cock.

I began to rub her little nub in gentle circles, and was immediately rewarded by her orgasm doubling in strength. Her back bowed like she was being electrocuted, and she screamed a primal howl as her body tensed with the pleasure that radiated through her body from between her legs.

Her door popped open, and the little mouse was standing in the doorway, eyes wide with terror. I guess she thought that I had been hurting Summer, and that is why she screamed bloody murder. Summer’s eyes were still looking at the ceiling, but were unfocused, not really seeing anything.

“She’s OK?” asked the mouse. I nodded. Summer’s bed was perpendicular to the door, so she saw Summer’s legs wrapped around me, her back arched, and two thirds of my cock still sticking out of her friend’s puss. After taking this all in, she stood there with her mouth hanging open. I smiled at her, put my hands on Summer’s hips, and pushed another inch of my cock inside.

“Oh god, yes!” Summer exclaimed as I continued to feed my cock into her. Her orgasm was almost over, and she was as slippery inside as a greased eel. Summer fell back to the bed in a semi-conscious state. I took her legs from around my waist, and pushed them back so that her legs were up, and cocked wide open. The mouse in the doorway got to see every inch of my thick, meaty cock slide into her friend’s tight pussy. I could swear that a heard a tiny moan slip from her lips as I bottomed out, and clenched my butt muscles to shove a tiny bit more inside her best friend.

“If you want to watch me fuck her,” I said, “you can climb in bed. You don’t have to stand over there. I won’t bite.” I pointed to the bottom of the bed. Her eyes widened in shock, she shook her head, and ran out of the room, slamming the door behind her.

“Was that Jane?” I guess that was the “Mouse’s” name.

“Yeah, she thought I was hurting you, so she came in to save you. She hung around a bit, so I invited her to watch.” Summer giggled, shaking her head in the negative.

“Not her, Jane is too much of a goody-goody.” I laughed, and slid my hard cock out slowly. “Now I feel so empty. Put it back, please.” Summer made a pouty face. Damn this girl was dangerously beautiful. If I wasn’t careful I could make kaçak bahis a lot of poor choices around her.

“Since you asked so politely…” I said, as I slid my cock back in to the hilt. She shivered, breaking out in goosebumps all across her chest, and up her neck. I began working it in and out. Eventually, after several minutes of this her pussy seemed to get used to me being inside of her. It still was tight, but not in an uncomfortable way.

“Can you do me doggy style?” Her voice was curious, like she might be asking too much of me; or that she wasn’t sure that missionary shouldn’t be the only approved sex position. I slid out slowly.

“Sure, gorgeous,” I said dryly, “I will fuck that hot pussy of yours while you stand on your head, if you want.” She rolled over, pointing her tight ass up towards me, and laying her head on the mattress. ‘Face down, ass up, that’s the way we like to fuck!’

I scooted in behind her, and ran my cock up and down through her folds, before pushing myself in to the hilt.

“Oh yeah,” she said loudly, “Fuck me like that, Scott.” I needed no further encouragement. I grabbed her by the hips, and began to plow her in earnest. She was still slippery with her own cum, and I had no trouble making my balls slap against her pussy. She got worked up immediately. This church girl liked to get fucked hard. She came again a minute later, and collapsed to the bed.

I liked to fuck a little on the slow side. I enjoyed feeling the sensation as her pussy gripped me on the way out, and the way that she opened up inside when I pushed my cock in. She was laying straight out on her stomach, with her legs together, and it felt heavenly. I fucked her slow, and listened to her moan.

“Are you close, Scott?” Her voice was very breathy. I wondered if she was trying to talk sexy, or if she was just nervous about me cumming.

“Yeah,” I said, my voice a little hoarse. “Where do you want me to cum?”

“Mmmmhhh…” she moaned. So not nervous. “Cum anywhere you want.” A small silence stretched between us. “You can cum inside if you want. I’ve always wanted to know what that feels like.” This was a new element in the mix. I watched my cock squeeze into her as I knelt on either side of her thighs. The eminent approach of my orgasm might have been clouding my judgment.

“I don’t know if that should be… like a…” My mind was clouding over. “Like a… first date kind of thing.” She was pushing her ass up a little with my thrusts to allow a little bit more of me inside than before.

“Does it really matter if you do it now, or in a couple of days from now? I really want you to cum inside me. I want to feel you fill me up.” I could feel a tingling begin in my balls, that were flat against my body in preparation for launch. “It’s the wrong time of the month for me, anyway.”

“Really?” I guess it only took the flimsiest of pretenses to convince me. My head should have been ringing alarms like a Star Trek red alert.

“Cum inside me, babe. It’s OK.” And I did. It was probably the hardest orgasm that I had in years. My ex was stingy with sex like her pussy only had a limited number of fucks left in it; and while Nikki was fun, and good in bed, Summer was much hotter, and erotic. The whole sucking my dick in front of her evangelical roommate really got me going, even if the blow job was nothing to write home about. Even Jane the mouse running in on us had been hot, even if I wasn’t really attracted to her.

I came hard, and she must have been excited by feeling me cum inside her, because she was almost ready to cum again. I fucked her as hard as I could, knowing that my dick would try to do me wrong, and go soft in just a couple of minutes. She came again, and very vocally. I don’t know why she was so worried about someone seeing me going into her duplex if she was going to scream like someone getting surgery with no anesthesia. I bet that the people across the street knew that someone was getting laid in here.

When her orgasm wound down, I pulled out, and snuggled in beside her. We made spoons after she recovered. I smelled her light, spicy perfume, and her hair smelled like cherry blossoms. It felt really nice laying there with Summer in my arms. I knew that I had fucked up by cumming in her, but there was nothing to do about that now. I did love holding her.

I woke up a little while later. I had nodded off while cuddling. Apparently, she had too, since I heard her slow, rhythmic breathing. It was dark outside. I lay there, enjoying my quiet time with this beautiful young lady.

It wouldn’t be long, I thought, that even having a big cock and making a girl cum a ton wouldn’t make up for how old I was. I was almost the big four oh. This didn’t really bother me. Life was what you made out of it, and it wasn’t the end, but the journey that mattered. I was enjoying my journey.

She woke up, and we fucked twice more; relatively silently this time. I had to be out before light hit, so she kissed me languorously at the front door at 4am. I bet she would sleep most of the day away. I had given her quite a work out. I unlocked the Porsche silently, and rolled down the windows to feel the cool air on my face on the drive home.

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