She Is My Heaven

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Tiffany was a former administrative assistant at my office who worked for us for a short while before leaving to take a teaching job that she had been looking, for in the mean time. She was offered and accepted a job teaching 4th graders. Teaching was her true calling which matched her sweet, kind, loving personality. Her beauty was just as sweet as her personality.

We ran into each other at a Relay for Life event. She approached me with an always warm smile and gave me a long, soft hug. I could feel her soft breasts pressing against my chest. I wanted to hold her forever. When she pulled away, we exchanged greetings and chatted about the events in our life since we last met.

We walked together from booth to booth until the dark settled in. The hot, humid day was exchanged for a cooler night, now that the sun had set. A cool breeze started to pick up and felt splendid against my skin. We took a seat on the grass in the middle of the football stadium, where the event was being held, and prepared to watch the candle lighting event. The candles represented a family member who was lost to cancer.

I sat next to her, wanting to wrap my arms around her and hold her close. We sat in silence and watched the candles as they were lit one by one by several volunteers. The candles formed words. First, the word “Hope” was illuminated, followed by “Faith” then “Love”.

Tiffany leaned in and rested her head against my right shoulder. This was my chance to hold her close and I did. My right arm wrapped around her waist and pulled her close to me. I looked at her and saw her staring back at me. We smiled warmly at each other before turning our heads back to the direction of the candles. The candles had been repositioned and now spelled out, “Forever remembered”. Everyone began to clap.

After the lighting of the candles, there was a survivor walk. We stood and joined the crowd in forming a wall around the track that circled the football field, cheering on the survivors. After the victory lap, everyone was invited to walk the track with the survivors. I took Tiffany by the hand and walked next to her. The candles placed on the outside of the track were the only lights to be seen.

I enjoyed the surreal moment of silence in the dark, holding her soft hand in mine and walking next to her for a full lap around the track. I was feeling nervous. Several thoughts raced through my mind as I tried to gather the strength to ask her to spend time with me away from the event.

“I want to buy one of the brownies that were for sale on the South end of the track. Do you want to join me?” she asked.

She was looking at me so I turned and looked into her brown eyes and replied, “Yes. I want to buy one as well.”

As we were walking, I finally gathered my courage and said, “Would you like to hang out with me after we are finished here?”

I wanted to say more, but my thoughts suddenly went blank. It felt like an eternity before she responded. I felt her take me by the hand and squeeze my hand softly. “I would like that”, she responded softly.

After purchasing Brownies, Tiffany followed me across town to a cafe’ where I bought her a cup of hot chocolate and a cup of coffee for myself. The hot day had transformed into a cool night. A storm was slowly rolling in and the winds picked up, cool the air. We sat outside on the dimly lit patio. I listened to her tell me about her first two months teaching. She also told me about the things she learned and about many of the students she was teaching. I was happy to sit and listen. Her voice was calming to my soul.

If she knew how in love with her I was, she would probably have ran the opposite direction screaming like a wild woman. I wondered if she felt any feelings similar to mine. My eyes moved back and forth between her full, moving lips and her enticing eyes, as she spoke.

After she finished telling me about the funny boy in her class, she changed subjects without a segue. “It is getting a little chilly out. Would you like to come back to my apartment? I get scared when it storms because I am all alone there.”

Caught off guard by the change of subject and unexpected invitation, I did my best to act calm and pretend to be contemplating my options, even though my answer was going to be an emphatic “YES”!

I followed her back to her apartment building. My body was flushed with adrenaline and excitement. I felt as if I must be dreaming. She was the girl of my dreams, the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. She was out of my league, so I never intended to ask her on a date, even though I wanted to do so a thousand times while we were working together.

She unlocked the door to her apartment and I followed her inside. The thunder was starting to rumble in the distance. She flipped on a dim lamp light in the living room that the doorway opened up to. My left hand rested on her left hip and my arm wrapped around her back as I stood on the right side of her.

“You are such a good man.” she whispered illegal bahis softly. “Thank you for coming and keeping me company.”

“Trust me, it is all my pleasure. I have wanted to spend time with you for awhile.” I blurted out, unable to hold back my feelings for her anymore.

“Really?” she asked with a surprised tone of voice.

“Yes, you are the sweetest, kindest, most selfless and generous person I have ever met.” I said, spilling out my adoration for her.

“You are so sweet, Ryan. Many people do not get to see how caring you really are, but I see it. That is what I like about you.”

“Thank you” was all I could muster up for a reply. She was making my heart swell in pride and joy.

I couldn’t think of anything else to say. She placed her left hand against my hand resting on her hip and started walking toward her leather sofa. I followed a half step behind and joined her on the couch. Her body turned toward me and I felt her left leg rest on top of my knee.

“I want to get to know more of the Ryan underneath that tough exterior. I want to see more of that sweet, caring person you hide from the world. Can I do that?”

Was she really asking this of me? Did this mean she wanted to spend more time with me? My mind was not truly accepting the full meaning of her words. I wondered if I was simply misreading the meaning of her words. Her actions were not vague nor indirect, however. I felt her place her hand on my knee and massage it softly.

She smiled softly at me with anticipation of an answer on her face. “Yes, I want to show you all of me and learn about all of you” I answered.

My groin was starting to stir. The combination of her spread legs and her soft, warm touch on my knee was exciting me. I placed my hand on her shoulder and started rubbing it softly. I could not help but glance all over her body. She was wearing a pair of brown dress shorts and a yellow, sleeveless top. With her one leg propped over my leg and the other leg on the ground, the pants hugged her body, giving me a teasing look of the outline of her crotch. I did my best to pull my eyes away from her spread legs.

The sleeveless top was loose, but laid against her body as she leaned back on the couch. I could see the faint outline of her breasts and realized I was staring a little too long. I moved my eyes up to her face and saw her giggling as she watched my eyes. I leaned forward to kiss the back of her neck. Just as my lips were about to touch the skin on her neck, she leaned forward and stood up.

“I am going to go change into something more comfortable if you don’t mind.” she said.

I shook my head back and forth, telling her that I didn’t mind, but spoke not a word. A large crack of thunder outside, rattled the windows, followed by the sound of a strong rain outside the apartment. Tiffany squealed in surprise and jumped into my arms. I caught her and held her shuddering body for a moment before she stood back up.

“I hate storms. Will you walk me upstairs? I am too scared to go up there alone now and the light switch is at the top of the stairs.” she requested with fear in her voice.

“Yes, of course.” I uttered.

She put her arm around my waist and my hand was around hers as we walked up the stairs. I wondered just how these events were going to proceed as we carefully navigated each step in the darkness. I held onto the side railing as I felt her body move against my hands with each step she took.

Soon, the light to the hallway turned on, ruining my excitement of holding her close in the darkness. She took me by the hand and guided me into her bedroom. I wondered if she was using the storm as an excuse to pull me into her bedroom and changing clothes was her guise.

Tiffany guided me to her bed where I sat down and watched as she opened the middle drawer of her oak dresser and pulled out what appeared to be silk pajamas. She turned toward me and smiled again. I could never get enough of her heart-melting smile. She passed me as she walked across the room and entered the master bathroom.

The bathroom light flipped on and the door closed behind her. I looked around her bedroom as I waited in anticipation of the events that were to follow. Her room was painted a cream color and decorated with dragonfly collectibles. There were dragonfly pictures on the wall, glass replicas on her dresser and night stand and drawings of dragonflies carefully places around the room.

The sound of the hard rain and rumbling thunder continued outside. My eyes wandered around the room as the rain on the rooftop was soothing to me. The rain was coming down hard, which was normal for the summer, but it was raining later than usual tonight. I wondered if the rain would last long.

My attention was quickly redirected with the opening of the bathroom door. I watched with baited breath as Tiffany stepped into her bedroom once again. She looked absolutely stunning with her white, silk pajamas on and her curly brown hair hanging over her shoulders. I illegal bahis siteleri caught a quick glance of her black bra next to her brown pants and yellow top on the floor of the bathroom, just before she turned out the bathroom light.

Tiffany had a serious look on her face for the first time. I wondered if she was nervous or just setting the mood. I watched her intently as she moved across the room. She walked in front of me and paused.

“Do you like my silk pajamas?” as asked with an soft, inquisitive voice.

“Yes. They look great and bring out your sheer beauty.”

Her smile returned from ear to ear. “I am going to go downstairs and get a bottle of water. Do you want one also?”


“Why don’t you take off your shoes and get comfortable while I am gone. We can watch a movie to distract us from the storm, if you would like to stay for a bit.”

“I would enjoy that.” I said as she turned away from me and headed out of the bedroom, toward the stairs. I could not help but stare at her butt, through her pajamas, as she walked away. Her butt cheeks clenched with each step she took.

While she was gone, I removed my shoes and socks, placing them at the foot of the bed in the corner. I heard her footsteps as she made her way back up the stairs. When she reached the top of the stairs, she turned out the hallway light, leaving us in the dark. My eyes struggled to adjust to the darkness for a few moments, before the lamp light illuminated on her night stand. Tiffany placed both bottles of water on the night stand behind me then walked around to the foot of the bed and stopped next to me.

She took a seat on the side of the bed with her one foot resting on the floor and the other bent slightly, resting against the mattress. She moved close to me and rested her hands against the palms of my hands. Her fingers intertwined with my fingers. She leaned in, hesitating slightly, as if she wanted to kiss me, but was not confident in the action. I leaned in and gave her a soft kiss that lasted a couple seconds before pulling back and smiling, full of excitement. I could not believe we finally kissed. This was a moment I had been dreaming about for months.

How far things would go was a mystery to me, but it didn’t matter. Even if we went no further than kissing and holding hands, I would be ecstatic. That day was a victory for me already. I reached out and softly stroked her shoulder and arm while staring deep into her brown eyes. The way her long, auburn brown hair was shining in the dim light was amazing. It looked as if her hair was glistening.

The faint smell of her sweet perfume drifted into my nose as I leaned forward once more. I cupped her chin with my right hand, feeling her smooth, warm skin against my fingertips. Her eyes closed as I leaned in toward her. I paused for a split second to stare at her beautiful face while her eyes were shut. The freckles on her short, slender nose were so cute to me.

Leaning in another inch, I felt the hot breath of her exhale from her nose on my top lip just as our lips touched. The warm air sent a chill down the back of my spine and caused me to shiver momentarily. My lips surrounded her bottom lip, sucking it gently into my mouth. I felt her top lip press down gently over my top lip. Our lips sat motionless for an instant before they readjusted and kissed each other once again. Her free hand moved to my upper thigh. I moved my right hand from her chin and ran it up her jaw line, then just behind her ear lobe and rested it along the back of her neck.

Her shoulders shrugged and I could feel the hair on the back of her neck stand up. She moaned softly against my lips. The sound of her sweet voice was equivalent to larks singing in unison, to me. I pushed gently against the back of her neck, moving her head closer to me.

My body was starting to react positively to the moment. My heart was starting to beat wildly, the hair on my body was standing straight up and I was feeling my pants start to stir. I wondered if she was as excited as I was at this moment. I would have loved to reach inside her pants and check for signs of her excitement, but I resisted.

I reached down, grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it over her head, revealing the freckles on her shoulders and neck which matched the freckles on her face. Dimples formed on her cheeks as she smiled shyly at me. Her full lips were inches away, making me want to kiss them and suck on them until my desire was satisfied. She opened her eyes and looked deep into my own eyes with a look of lust and desire. I could have simply stared at her for days and would have been completely content.

My eyes moved to her naked upper body. Her shoulders and arms were tanned, but her breasts were milky white. The red freckles were the only color on her chest. I studied her small breasts which were possibly “B” cup size. They were firm and perky. Her puffy nipples stood erect, poking out from her milky breasts. She moved in closer to me and canlı bahis siteleri gave me a long hug, hiding the view of her breasts from my eyes.

When she began to pull away, she reached for the bottom of my shirt and pulled it up over my head in one swift swoop. I was temporarily blinded by the shirt, but when I was able to see again, Tiffany’s lips were a mere inch from my face. She kissed me deeply and passionately. I returned the kiss for several moments until she pulled away.

“Let’s get under the covers and watch the movie.” she stated.

I helped her pull the covers back and watched her quickly disappear underneath the sheets before joining her on the bed. She grabbed the remote control off the night stand and turned on the television that was mounted on the wall, at the foot of the bed. I saw the word “Play” on the top corner of the tv. The screen went black for a moment before I heard music and saw that she was in the middle of watching “Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves”.

My body turned toward her and pulled her close, ignoring the television. I closed my eyes and leaned in for a kiss. The feeling of her warm, soft lips felt wonderful against my mouth. We kissed over and over with much passion for a few minutes before she pulled away and turned onto her back.

“This is my favorite part.” she exclaimed as she looked at the television. I glanced at the screen for a few moments and watched the battle in Sherwood forest. My left hand was massaging her bare stomach. I could feel the clenched muscles of her tight stomach through her skin. It was evident that she worked out. My hand slowly inched up her body until the back of my fingers bumped the bottom of her breast.

When the action scene was over on the television, I pulled the sheet down below her chest and leaned in, planting kisses all over her chest. I heard her moan and whimper softly a few times as my lips planted soft kisses on her skin. Her hard left nipple poked my face, demanding attention. I surrounded it with my wet lips and was rewarded with another moan. Tiffany’s back arched in reaction. I used my left hand to massage her other breast and hard nipple while I continued to softly suck on her left nipple.

Her moans were growing longer and louder as I continued focus my mouth’s attention on her nipple. I was surprised by how aroused she was becoming by my stimulation of her nipples alone. Not wanting the other nipple to feel jealous, I rolled over on top of her body and placed my mouth on her right nipple. She gasp for a breath of air as my lips touched the tip of her nipple. Her upper body was already becoming wet and sticky. I could feel my chest clinging to her skin.

My tongue rolled around her heard nipple as my hand cupped her other breast and kneaded it. I could feel her hips starting to grind against my body. Her breathing was already hot and heavy. Figuring she was ready for me to move on, I pulled my lips from her breasts and started to move further down her body. She grabbed my by my armpits and pulled my back up her body until we were face to face.

Tiffany’s hands cupped the back of my head and pulled my face to her. She started kissing me with the hardest, deepest kisses I had ever experienced. Her kisses were so long that I had to pull away for a split-second to take a breath of air. Her tongue darted into my mouth and swirled around my tongue. I could feel her hips grinding harder against mine. I was very hard and erect at this moment.

“Keep doing that to my nipples.” she whispered in my ear.

Not one to disappoint, I returned my attention to her nipples. She rolled her body and mine onto the left side. I started sucking on her left nipple, closest to the bed and used my free left hand to roll her wet right nipple between my thumb and forefinger. Within a matter of moments she was moaning loud and gasping for air.

“Ohhhhhhhh that feels so good. Keep going.” she exclaimed.

I rolled my tongue over the tip of the nipple then moved my tongue in circles to the base of the nipple before I surrounded the nipple with my warm lips. I sucked on the nipple over and over. Her moans continued to grow longer and stronger. Her legs intertwined with mine and her hips were thrusting against my thigh.

“Don’t stop. Pleasssssse DON’T STOP!” she pleaded over and over while gasping for air.

To my amazement, she was getting close to having an orgasm simply by my attention on her nipples. My hips rocked against her thrusting hips. She was getting me close to cumming in my pants myself. I used my left hand to pull her stomach against me while my mouth focused on her right nipple. Her mouth was sucking on the back and side of my neck and grabbing hands full of my hair as I licked and sucked on her nipple.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. You are…gonna….make me cum. Ohhhhhhhh.” she exclaimed.

I adjusted my body so that I could reach up with my right hand and squeeze her left nipple gently while my mouth and tongue concentrated on her right nipple. It didn’t seem like more than a minute before she was clenching my head with all her might and her hips were thrusting forcefully against my inner thigh. Her back was arched away from me with her head was now thrown back. Our bodies were now covered with sweat.

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