Shooting Star

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Peter sat in front of the campfire, now diminishing to hot cools, he poked it with a long stick. The fire wasn’t necessary, more a camping custom. It was a warm August evening and by all predictions would say that way. He looked down at the five remaining cold Leinenkugel beer cans and secretly thought how the night might `heat up’ but also wondered if he would be finishing the six-pack on his own. Leaning his head back to take another swig of beer, his gazed moved across the thousands of stars in the sky, across the Ursa Major and Ursa minor, passed Orion with his belt and the red star Aldebaran, through and Milky Way and across Cassiopeia. Then he saw a shooting star. He remembered the Pereid meteor shower usually peaked around the second week of August. He smiled inwardly as the memory of the first time he saw a shooting star streaked through his mind. He was just 7 years old visiting his grandparents in Wisconsin, sitting out on their pier and watching the stars. He remembered the feeling of awe, watching that brief yet fantastic display of celestial light. He was young and innocent then, dreaming of the future. Now he sat by the dying fire thinking of the more immediate future. He wondered if Carmen got his message. It had been rather short, in after thought maybe too cryptic. It was just a time, a date, a location (including the campsite number) and that she wear practical shoes and a smiley. The request to wear practical shoes wasn’t really necessary, but sometimes Peter had the habit of stating the obvious. It was his way of reminding himself of the obvious.

Peter had planed this rendez vous for the past month. He reserved this particular camp site at the Warren Dunes State Park because he knew it to be at the end of one of the more secluded paths in the camp ground. It was just north of Mount Randall, the 240 foot high dune that as a teenager he had climbed dozens of times. Sheltered from the winds by the huge dune to the south, this camp site had a magnificent view of Lake Michigan. Just as when he was 7 and dreamed of the future, he now sat before the campfire dreaming of the more immediate future when he heard a car approach the site. An excitement built in his chest as adrenaline leapt into his veins. He could hear the engine and the crunch of the tires on the gravel as the car grew closer. He sat motionless as its headlights swept over his back, his small Northface tent and rest of the tiny camp site. Then the car engine turned off and the lights went out. He heard the door open and he imagined a leg stretch out of the car to the ground. The image of her beautiful leg sprang clearly into his mind. The firm, shapely calf stretching to the sandy soil. He pictured the leg being covered at the top by a pair of tan shorts and he mind wondered to what might be beneath them. Then he heard both legs touched the ground and the car door closed. He heard her foot steps approaching him and he stood up, stretched to his full 6 foot 5 inch height and turned to face her. He could just make out what looked to be the sleek shape of a Corvette, but what interested him was the shadowy figure, bathed in the warm rosy glow of the coals of the fire that was walking toward him.

When he reached Carmen, he reach forward and ran his right hand through her long red hair, thick like the mane of one of Assateague island’s wild horses. He bent down to put his right cheek against hers. They stood together in an easy embrace, casting a single shadow in the glow of the campfire.

“Woof,” illegal bahis he whispered in her ear and he heard her say, “meow.” Savoring the moment of their first touch, they remained rooted in the same spot feeling the growing heat of their bodies. Then he pulled his head back and kissed her lips, a kiss as hot as the coals of the camp fire. Peter’s heart beat raced and his groin ached as her breath quickened. Their tongues danced together to the beat of their hearts. His right hand slid down the back of her supple neck, along the valley in the middle of her back, lightly touch it as it left a trail of goose bumps. His hand paused in the small of her back, cupping it and pulling her closer to him, savoring her warmth. Then his hand went to her hand at his side and held it as he guided her through the dim light into the little camp. When they entered the camp he stopped at the edge of a blanket spread out at the edge of the fire pit. Then he knelt in front of her and saw she was wearing a sarong, not shorts as he had imagined. He wondered what other surprised lay ahead. He ran his hand down the back of her smooth, left leg, as she gazed out across the lake. A shimmering path lead across the lake to the setting moon. A setting moon that in its waning phase was a crescent the shape of a C, her first initial. Peter’s hand continued down the length of her leg, passing the hollow behind her knee until it reached her firm calf. The he lightly grasped it, to lift her leg and with his other hand he removed her shoe. He smiled, it was a practical shoe. As he did this he crouched lower to kiss the arch of her foot. She gasped at the light sensation of his tongue tracing the upper limits of her foot and at that moment she saw a streak of light divide the night sky and pierce the crescent moon.

Then Peter gently set her left foot down on the thick blanket and moved to lift her right leg. As he did a glint of light caught his eye as an ankle chain draped across her lovely ankle. This too, he had not pictured in his minds eye, but its thin trail of glittering light increased his arousal. While he removed her right shoe, he crouched and this time kiss her ankle tracing the path of the thin gold chain over the top her ankle and around its sides with his tongue. Then he ran his tongue along the top of her right foot as his finger traced the curves below its arch. Placing her bare foot on the blanket Peter stood and with a sweeping motion of he arm across the sky he said,

‘In Xanadu did Kubla Khan
A stately pleasure-dome decree:
Where Alph, the sacred river, ran
Through caverns measureless to man
Down to a sunless sea.’
“Welcome to my pleasure-dome.”

Carmen giggled and Peter asked if she would like a drink. She said she would and he walked over to a the remains of the six pack and extracted another can. He stood and turned to face her in time to she her lift her arms and in one fluid motion removed her tank top. He felt light headed, like a school boy seeing her body glow in the dim light of the red coals. No words came to his open mouth. All was silent save for the sound of the waves on the beach 200 yards away and the rustle the leaves in top branches catching the wind. Then. PFFSST, Peter opened the Leinenkugel and grinned. He handed Carmen the beer and slipped out of his shoes and onto the wide blanket.

Standing next to her, she reach up and started to unbutton his plaid flannel camping shirt. She said, “You are over dressed,” illegal bahis siteleri as she kissed his hairy chest under each button. As the trail of kisses descended, his excitement ascended. At his navel, her tongue darted in and out, tickling it and leaving a light trace of her warmth. After the last button was undone, she moved her hands up, under his shirt along his chest, following up to where his arms met his chest. Here she gently pushed the shirt over his right shoulder and kissed that junction of arm and torso. Running her tongue along the it inner recesses. A moan escaped Peters parted lips, his desire becoming more uncontrollable. Carmen moved to his left shoulder and gave it the same pleasure. Holding him close by pulling his shirt behind him and down his arms her lips moved down the front of his chest. First to his right nipple that she teased and tickled mercilessly. Next she did the same for his left nipple. Moving down his stomach she pulled his shirt lower behind his back and again kissed his navel. Peter was having trouble standing, trouble concentrating, his member aching madly in his shorts.

Carmen’s left hand pulled his shirt to his wrists and bunched it there, limiting the movement of his arms, while with her right hand she unsnapped and unzipped his shorts. With a tug on his underwear, she released his manhood that stood erect pointing to the North Star. She grinned and pulled his shorts and underwear down a little further. Then her right hand ran up and down the length of his shaft and down and around his balls. Peter was being driven insane with pleasure. More moans escaped his mouth as his hips moved uncontrollably. Peter looked down to see he lips engulf the swollen head of his cock. The warmth of her mouth and her hand messaging the sensitive spot behind his balls was nearly too much. His mind pounded with delight as he groaned. Then she stood up kissed him. He could taste himself on her lips and their tongues wrestled. As she said, “I want to feel you inside of me,” she lower him to the ground, controlling him with his shirt.

She effortlessly undid the tie of her wrap-around skirt with her right hand and it fell freely to the ground reveling red silk underwear. Peter’s cock pointed directly up at red silk panties, as on a mission to probe. Then Carmen’s right hand pulled her panties to the side exposing a portion of her shaved self. In the light coals the clean shaven mound of flesh looked red and inflamed with desire. He leaned forward as much as she would allow and extended his tongue to touch it. His face moved up and touched her shaved bush and his tongue rested over its goal. He could feel the heat and moisture. His tongue glided in and could feel that small button of flesh that can give so much pleasure. His tongue cupped it. Feeling its heat and the wet sides of the smooth skin pressing in on it. Enjoying the moment his tongue rested there and then started to make small circular motions. Now it was Carmen’s turn to moan and as she held his head close to her, he slide his tongue as deeply into her as possible. After this far reach into her with his tongue, he pulled it back to that pleasure button and resumed the circular motions. Then again he pushed his tongue as deeply as he could into her, hearing her gasp, feeling her hot desire, and the hard cut of his teeth across the back of his tongue as it strained to go deeper. Then back to circles. After several cycles of this Carmen’s moans were increasing and canlı bahis siteleri her pelvis moving.

With her free hand she pulled Peter’s head back and slid her dripping wet vagina over his chin, down his throat and chest, to his waiting erection. As she did this her abdomen and breasts followed the wet trail her loins had left and his tongue traced a path along her body as she descended. When her body reached he aching cock she paused her descent and held herself over him for what seemed like an eternity. Teasing him, as her juices ran onto his swollen head. She eased herself down, her body swallowing his head and then stopping again. Peter and Carmen stared into each other’s eye, glowing red hot in the light of the fire, touching one another’s souls. After another eternity, she settled down on his hard shaft. They rocked back and forth, slowly, in rhythm to magical music that only they could hear. Back and forth they rocked, the tempo building. Their breathing was synchronized and increase as was their passion. Then Carmen pulled his shirt off Peter’s wrists, releasing his arms. He wrapped his arms around her holding her close, feeling her body heat, her breathing next to his ear, the beating of her heart next to his chest. Peter buried his head in the nape of her neck, his right hand moved up to run his fingers through her hair and his left hand moved to back of her hips to hold her close. The rhythm still increased. Their union mounted in excitement.

Then Peter carefully shifted and rolled Carmen onto her back. As he did this he moved his arms under her legs and supported her knees. He rose to his knees lifting her legs with him so he remained inside her, penetrating deeper. With her back on the ground and legs over his bent arms and butt in the air, the pressure inside her was moved forward onto the illusive area that could drive her wild. He pushed in and out of her to the rhythm of her moans and moved his right hand over her leg toward her secret place. Rocking in and out of her, he ran his fingers over her smooth mons, feeling the soft flesh and the silk of her panties. The rhythm increased as his hand moved lower, to come to rest on the special button of flesh his tongue and caressed what seemed like a lifetime before. Sliding in and out, he could feel his shaft just below his searching fingers, as the started to circle her pleasure spot to its rhythm. Their heat eclipsed that of the campfire. No longer could they hear the sound of the waves or the wind. The stars no longer existed to them. They were the center of the universe, the only beings melting into a single force. Then that force was too much for them to contain. It flowed from him into her. A gush of energy and fluid. Her body responded gripping him tighter, pulling him deeper, she moaned and her body wreathed as she was overcome with pleasure. Their ecstasy together flowed between them and Peter eased her body to the ground. They were exhausted from the experience. They breathed heavily, smiling at one another, knowing one another as only two people can who have shared such an experience.

They lay in the warmth of the coals and gazed up at the night sky. The moon had set and the stars ruled the sky. Then they saw a shooting star together. Peter thought again of the first shooting star he had seen that night and how much he had changed in those few hours. The look at one another, kissed. Without saying a word they rose and Peter lead them to tent with its waiting sleeping bag. They shed all their cloths and wiggled in. They embraced their skin in warm, smooth contact. Peter was erect again as they kissed deeply, his manhood found where it wanted to go and glided into her warm, wet womanhood.

Their rhythm started again.

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