Sibling Sex Education

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DISCLAIMER: Every character in this story is at least 18 years of age or older when these events occurred.

My name is Dylan. My parents named me after Bob Dylan. My folks are what people used to call “hippies” back in the 1960’s. They used to tell my sister and I stories about Woodstock, Haight-Ashbury, the Grateful Dead and free love. They were both extremely liberal and free spirits. My mom was a nudist. My father was an organic gardener. They tended to have some far out ideas. Personally, I think they smoked too much dope and dropped too much acid when they were younger.

My parents had my sister Dawn and me when they were very young. I’m in my 40’s now, but when I was 19 years of age and my sister was 18 years old, mom caught us kissing one time. One time! It’s not like we were in love or anything like that, we were just curious about the opposite sex, I guess. We grew up on a commune in Oregon and were home-schooled, so there weren’t a lot of other people our age around to date or fool around with. We wanted to know what it felt like. We thought it was harmless. Our parents thought differently. Like I said, they were different than normal parents, but we didn’t know that at the time.

My sister Dawn took after our mom. They were both very open-minded and very much free spirits. My sister Dawn to this day still has straight long blonde hair and a lithe figure. She has piercing blue eyes and freckles dot her nose.

Dawn and I had designated chores on the commune. Mostly feeding the animals, milking the cows and goats, making cheese and butter, that sort of thing. We were supposed to be milking the cows that time mom caught us kissing.

These days, Dawn and I are vegans and environmental activists and are grateful for everything our parents taught us. Especially what they taught us about sex and sexuality. Sex education was not a normal part of our home schooling. But after my sister and I got caught kissing our parents figured it was time to give us a lesson.

That same night, after having been caught making out, our parents called us into their bedroom. Our parents were dressed in their typical evening kimonos. Dawn had on her usual nightshirt and I was wearing boxers. We all sat on their bed crossed-leg in a circle.

“Kids,” mother addressed us, “I know you’re both young adults now, but your father and I have never given you a proper lesson in sex education. I guess we sheltered you a bit and were avoiding the topic for as long as we could. But love and sex are wonderful gifts that have been bestowed upon us by Mother Nature and we shouldn’t be embarrassed by these things. These gifts need to be tuned to the right frequency to be appreciated. It appears to your father and me that you should be educated about these things. We won’t stop the two of you from having sex now that you’re both over 18 years of age, if that’s what you want, but if you’re going to explore each other’s bodies, we want you to do it safely and without feeling guilty about it. ”

What? Our parents were weird, but even for them, this was red-alert weird. Dawn and I looked at each other in shock. My sister and I having sex? Exploring each others bodies? Sure, we were curious about the opposite sex, but Dawn and I weren’t planning on exploring our bodies or having sex at any point. I mean, she’s my sister. We never even discussed it. We had just kissed each other to see what it felt like. We thought it was fairly innocent, but our parents figured otherwise.

Mom continued with the lecture. “We understand why you two were kissing. You were exploring your sexuality and your father and I don’t want to discourage that. But if you’re going to engage in sexual exploration with each other, we want you to do it in a safe manner. You’re too young to be having babies.”

Babies? What was she talking about? I just looked over at Dawn and she shrugged and smiled at me. She grabbed my hand holding it firmly in hers. She seemed excited by the subject.

Our father brought out a box of condoms. “Do you kids know what these are?” He asked and answered his own question without waiting for a response from us. “This is what a boy wears on his penis so that he doesn’t get his female partner pregnant.”

“Show them how to put one on, dear.” Mom said to father.

This is embarrassing, I thought to myself. My sister was paying close attention as if we were ankara escort going to be tested on this.

Dad got up off the bed and opened his kimono and dropped it to the ground, his flaccid cock hanging out for all of us to see. Neither mom or dad ever wore clothes underneath their kimonos. Mom was a bit of a nudist, but this was getting stranger by the minute. Our parents were acting like this was natural and no big deal. But it sure shocked the hell out of me. Dawn didn’t seem as concerned.

“Uh, I might need a little help here, Jane.” Dad said to mother. “If you know what I mean.”

“Pay attention now kids. This will be a good exercise on the importance of foreplay and how to give fellatio. Do you kids know what fellatio is?” Mom asked us.

Dawn and I looked at each other puzzled and shook our heads.

“Well, fellatio is when a woman takes a man’s penis in her mouth. It’s referred to as oral sex. It’s also called “head” or “giving head.”

Suddenly, a look of recognition came across Dawn’s face. She raised her hand. “Is that like a BJ?”

“Yes. Very good, dear. A BJ, which is short for blow job. Which is a slang word for oral sex.” My mother instructed. “Now watch closely and pay attention as I suck your father’s penis.”

Just then mother grabbed father’s flaccid cock with her hands and began kissing it with her lips. We watched in shock as father’s cock grew longer and fatter as she did this.

My sister raised her hand again as if asking permission to ask another question. “Wow! Why is that happening? Why are you getting bigger, daddy?” My sister asked innocently.

Father answered. “Your mother is stimulating my penis with her mouth, which causes it to become engorged with blood. It’s called foreplay. She’s getting my penis prepared for vaginal intercourse.”

“What’s vaginal intercourse?” Dawn asked. She was clearly getting into this lesson. At least she didn’t raise her hand this time.

“Well, honey. That’s when a man puts his penis in a woman’s vagina. They do that when they want to make a baby. Of course, men and women also have sexual intercourse just because it makes them feel good and brings them closer together and strengthens their relationship. It’s also a great stress reliever. We’ll get to all that and show you how to engage in sexual intercourse later, but first let’s focus on the oral sex part for right now.” Father said.

Our mother robustly sucked on our father’s fat cock, and we watched as he pumped it in and out of her mouth. At one point, it looked like his entire cock was in her mouth.

“That’s called “deep-throating.” Dad explained. “Pay close attention to what your mother’s doing Dawn, men like this kind of thing.”

Dawn squeezed my hand really hard. I turned to look at her and she looked at me and then looked down at my lap and giggled. My cock was erect and had pushed its way through the hole in my boxers. I tried to cover it up, but the tip kept poking through.

“Uh, oh! Honey, I’m going to come. I can’t hold back any longer.” Dad suddenly shouted as he pulled his cock out of mom’s mouth and shot several loads of milky cum in mom’s mouth and on her face. Mom licked it up off her face and swallowed.

“Dawn, you don’t want to waste a man’s semen if he comes in your mouth or on your face.” Mom instructed. “Semen is full of protein and other beneficial nutrients. I prefer for your father to shoot it directly down my throat, but I think he wanted you to see what ejaculation looks like.”

Dad’s erection started to wane. “But unfortunately, it doesn’t look like your father’s going to be able to show you how to apply a condom tonight.” Mother sounded disappointed.

“That’s okay, we’ll save that for the next lesson, because it’s also important that the woman be given the oral sex as well.” Father interjected. “The woman needs to be lubricated, to aid in penetration of the vagina by the penis. So it’s important that the man also perform oral sex on the woman’s vaginal opening, or vulva, prior to intercourse. Of course, men and women can also enjoy oral sex as its own thing as an alternative to sexual intercourse. This is often referred to as cunnilingus. Another good thing about the oral sex is that you can’t get pregnant that way.”

Our mother removed her kimono and laid down on the bed with her legs spread wide open like the Grand Canyon, ready escort ankara for father to teach us the intricacies of pussy eating. Mom was in her late forties and still had a really nice body. She was in great shape. It didn’t feel all that weird to see mom naked, as I had seen her naked before a bunch of times. Mom was a nudist after all. But seeing her with her vulva spread wide open in anticipation of our father performing oral sex on her was disorienting. My sister and I watched intently as father slowly kissed and licked our mother’s sweaty vulva.

“Move in a little closer kids.” Mother ordered. “Don’t be shy.”

“See how wet your mother is getting? She’s self lubricating, which means she’s clearly enjoying this.” Father said while taking a brief break from eating out our mom. “And Dylan, you’re going to want to pay special attention to the little man in the boat. By that, I mean a woman’s clitoris or “clit” for short. See this little nub up here at the top of your mother’s vaginal opening? That’s the clit. It’s very sensitive. You want to suck on that and lick it with your tongue. There’s also something called a g-spot, but we’ll save that for another lesson.”

I looked across at Dawn and she was clearly enraptured by the sight, sounds and smell of our father performing oral sex on our mother. Mother’s pussy smelled musky and earthy mixed in with her ever present scent of patchouli.

I was getting extremely uncomfortable, as my penis was rock hard and starting to throb. Evey so often my sister would glance down at my cock and squeeze my hand. There was nothing I could do about it at that moment. But my cock needed relief fast and I didn’t know how much more of this I could stand. Thankfully, mother was close to what father called an “orgasm.”

“I’m cumming! Oh yes! Yes! Suck that clit!” Mother screamed as she made a face as if she was in pain.

“Are you okay mom?” Dawn asked innocently. “Does it hurt?”

Mom just looked over at Dawn and smiled. “I never felt better honey. It feels good to have an orgasm, even though it may sound like I’m in agony.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever had an orgasm then.” Dawn concluded.

“Is that it?” I asked sheepishly hoping to beat a retreat so I could go and rub one out. “Can we go now?”

“Yes.” Said mother. “We’re definitely done for tonight. Your father and I aren’t young like you two anymore. It takes your father a little while to get another erection again. The next lesson will be on sexual intercourse and on how to properly use a condom.”

Dawn and I walked out of our parent’s room in a daze still holding hands, my erection straining against my shorts.

“Let’s go to my room and talk.” Dawn suggested.

I had other ideas in mind. Like taking care of my erection, but she wouldn’t let go of my hand and pulled me down onto her bed.

“That was crazy!” I said as I was getting pulled down onto Dawn’s bed by her. “Why do our parents think that we want to have sex with each other? We were just kissing!”

“Well, after mom caught us kissing, she had a talk with me earlier and asked me what we thought we were doing. I told her you and I were just kissing to see what it felt like, since we had never kissed anyone like that. I told her that I enjoyed kissing you. That it made me feel real good. She said that she was concerned that kissing might lead us to try something else. I asked her like what else? That’s when she said it was about time that she and dad taught us about the birds and the bees.”

“I don’t remember hearing anything about birds or bees. Just oral sex.” I joked.

Dawn laughed. “Dylan, uh, are you going to do anything about that boner in your shorts? How about I take care of it for you? Apply some of the lessons mom and dad taught us?”

“Are you serious Dawn? You’re my sister!” I said, surprised but not disturbed by her proposition.

“Look, my pussy is soaking wet.” My little sister said as she lifted her nightshirt up over her belly and pulled it off over her head. “I’m really horny and need to do something about it and so do you. Mom and dad obviously are expecting us to have sex at some point, so let’s not disappoint them.”

Here I was, with a raging hard on, sitting next to my naked sister, in her bed, as she fingered her damp pussy, begging me to have sex with her. How do I say no to that?

I pulled my boxer ankara escort bayan shorts off and exposed myself fully to Dawn.

“Oh my god! Your penis is as big as dads!” She squealed. “How about me? Do you like what you see? Do you think I have a nice body?” She innocently asked.

What’s not to like? Dawn had a thin frame, which made her breasts look larger than they probably were. Her breasts were firm and pointed proudly upward even as she laid there on her back. Her nipples were erect and looked like pencil eraser tips. Her tummy was firm and flat and her hips were wide. She had downy wisps of blonde hair barely covering her pussy lips, which looked slick and puffy at this point.

“Sis, you’ve got a nice body.” I reassured her.

We kissed for a while. We were getting pretty good at that. Then Dawn grabbed my erection and stroked my cock while I put a finger in her wet pussy, which slid right in. She pulled my sticky finger out and instead placed it directly on her clit. “Rub my nub back and forth. Play with the little man in the boat. That’s how I like to do it. Yeah. That’s it!” She moaned.

Eventually, Dawn broke our kiss and moved down the bed and laid on her belly in front of me. She grabbed my erection with her hands and closely examined my cock. She didn’t say a word. She started using her tongue to lick up and down the shaft just like mom did with dad. She then slid the tip just past her lips. Slowly, she took me into her mouth. I had never felt such warmth and wetness before. This was a feeling that my own hands and saliva could never hope to replicate. My sister looked up at me with her innocent blue eyes as her mouth sucked greedily on my cock. Soon, my cock reached the back of her throat. She was a determined student, sucking cock just like our mother taught her.

I started sensing a pressure building in my balls and I knew I was going to cum soon. I intended to pull out and cum on her face like dad did with mom, but before I was able to do that, I shot what felt like endless thick ropes of my cum into my sister’s mouth and down her throat. Dawn gagged and some of my semen came spilling out of the sides of her mouth.

“Woah!” She exclaimed, strings of my sperm stretching across her lips and tongue. She wiped the corners of her mouth and swallowed hard. “I wasn’t expecting that to happen! Mom and dad didn’t teach us that! That was yummier than I expected, too. Your sperm tastes great. I definitely want to do that again!”

I knew now it was my turn. I was obligated to return the oral favors so that Dawn could get off as well, but I was nervous about eating my sister’s pussy. We switched places as she laid back with her legs spread wide and I laid before her, with my face between her legs. I took a moment to bask in the sight of my first pussy. Dawn’s cunny was smaller and pinker than mom’s. I took a deep breath in and relished the smell emanating from her secret spot. My sister’s pussy smelled sweet, like freshly baked cookies. Her pussy was dripping wet. Her lips were practically parting on their own, like petals of a flower, inviting me in. But I was hesitant. Big brothers aren’t supposed to eat their little sister’s pussies. But if not, why did mom and dad give us a tutorial?

I moved in closer, and began kissing Dawn’s inner thighs. I slowly moved up and kissied the area all around her pussy. Everything but her pussy. I didn’t realize the effect this was having on her. I was nervous about eating my first pussy, but without meaning to do so, I was teasing her, building up anticipation. I finally planted little kisses on her outer lips, which soon parted and revealed her inner lips and pussy opening. She tasted like molasses. I began tonguing and sucking and nibbling on her clitoris just like father showed me. My little sister groaned and said “Yes! That’s it! That’s the spot. Keep doing that.”

I never wanted to stop eating my little sister’s pussy. She tasted so good. I was crazy to be nervous. But pretty soon she was bucking her hips and pussy against my lips and mouth and she rode my face to a blissful orgasm. Dawn’s body convulsed and she screamed. “Oh my god! Yes! That’s what an orgasm feels like!”

That’s when we noticed mom and dad at the door watching us.

“You kids deserve an A+ in oral sex.” Mom said. “But no more homework tonight. You both need to save your strength for tomorrow’s lesson in sexual intercourse.”

I kissed my sister goodnight and thanked her for the wonderful evening we had together and headed back to my own bed. I was nervous about it, but looking forward to learning how to fuck my sister tomorrow.

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