Sister-In-Law Vacation Ch. 03

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Today Jessica came home from work with some good news, at least that’s what I thought at first. She informed me that her sisters Meagan and Courtney were coming to stay with us for a few days. I got real excited at this news, last time they stayed we had a ton of fun playing with each other. Then Jessica dropped the bomb, Meagan was bringing her new boyfriend Brad. Jessica said she knew nothing about Brad, but worst case scenario Courtney her and I could all have some fun. I guess this was some consolation but who knows, I decided to go with the flow.

Jessica had to work at the hospital one more day so I was tasked with getting them at the Airport. I jumped into the Escalade and headed for the airport, I wanted to make sure we had plenty of room. Luckily their flight was on time and they were all waiting at the curb when I got there. The three of them threw all their stuff in the back and jumped in, we headed for the house. During the 45-min car ride I tried to talk to Brad a little to see if I could learn a little bit more about him. He was from California, just like Jessica’s family and met Megan on an online dating site. They hit it off well enough to want to go on vacation together. Brad was a well built guy, about 6′ 1″ or 6′ 2″, it looked like he kept himself in great shape. He was very touchy feeling with Megan when he wasn’t talking to me. Courtney just looked at me and kinda rolled her eyes. But all in all Brad seems like a great guy.

We got to the house and everyone got all their stuff unloaded into the guest rooms. I gave Brad the nickel tour of the place showed him where everything was at, the path to the ocean, etc…He seemed very impressed. He said he was looking forward to being able to relax for a few days, Megan had told him how much fun they had last time they were here. I was wondering how much she actually told him.

It is getting to be around lunch time so we decided to order in some food. After we ate the girls wanted to go down to the beach and hang out. I packed up some drinks and snacks and we all headed down after lunch. There are very few people that access the beach, if you don’t live where I live it is difficult to get there. So it was just us and one other couple. It looked like they were both asleep catching some rays. It was a sunny day and kinda hot out so once we set our stuff up we went down to check out the water. The girls had their bathing suits on and Brad and I were in boardshorts only. We screwed around in the water for a little while and then got out to spend some time in the sun.

Both girls got out of the water and dried off. Before they laid down on their towels they both took off their tops. This didn’t really surprise me but Brad was a little shocked. He had obviously seen Megan naked but I got the feeling that he was seeing Courtney’s tits for the very first time. It looks like Brad was getting a bit of a hardon from what I could see. The rest of the beach day was uneventful aside from so eye-candy from our group as well as the couple that was there before us, they were getting very romantic and we had a pretty good view from our chairs.

After a few hours of lounging around everyone wanted to go back to the house. We made the short hike back to the house, the girls not bothering to dress, and put our beach stuff away. Just as the girls and Brad were getting into the hot tub Jessica was pulling in from work. I greeted her at the door with a kiss and a cocktail. She headed to our bedroom to change and I made cocktails for Brad and the girls. When I got outside to bring the drinks to the people in the hot tub Brad was sitting with Megan his arm around her shoulder, hand stroking her breast, Megan’s hand in his lap all while her and Courtney were chatting. I dropped the drinks off just as Jessica was coming out to join. Somehow she got the memo and was topless with some very small bikini bottoms. She jumped in the pool at the other end and swam toward the hot tub and climbed in. She greeted brad with a big hug and said welcome. She went to each of her sisters and gave them a big hug and a kiss, it was a sight for sore eyes seeing their breasts squeeze together and lips touch. Who knows what was going through Brad’s mind at this point.

I went inside to change into my speedo type suit. I came back out and got in the pool at the other end and swam a few laps before joining the others in the hot tub. When I got in I took a seat between Jessica and Courtney and put an arm around each of them, pulling them in close. I commented on Jessica’s bottoms that they didn’t leave much to the imagination. She responded by saying she was only wearing them for Megan’s sake, not wanting to completely make Brad’s head spin. Brad in turn said he didn’t mind the nudity at all. I looked at Megan for a reaction, all I got was a huge smile on her face. Then my wife reached down and took her suit off and threw it on the pool deck so everyone could see with a big smile on HER face. The whole situation was definitely turning me on. I was starting to get pretty hard already. Everyone was finishing their drinks and feeling pretty good. I suggested another round and everyone agreed. Brad volunteered to help female agent porno me at the bar. I got out first and my erection was very noticeable in my speedo, Brad obviously also had an erection, although a little less noticeable in his baggy board shorts. We both toweled off a little before fetching the cocktails.

As we were behind the bar I could see Brad stealing glances at my hard cock, I was actually kinda flattered. He mentioned that Megan told him things can get a little crazy at my house but he had not expected this. I asked him if he was okay with everything so far, he just had a huge smile on his face and I knew at that moment he would be onboard for anything and everything we would be doing the next few days. I am not sure how Brad actually identifys but I was starting to realize on the 0-10 straight to gay scale I was definitly not a 0 any longer.

After we had all the drinks ready I looked at Brad and suggested that we drop our bottoms before going back out there. He didn’t seem to mind and I was curious what he was packing as I am sure he was of me. So before we went outside we went to the bathroom and hung up our suits to dry, both now completely naked. I stopped before leaving the bathroom and asked Brad about his cock. It was very nicely groomed, either shaved really well or waxed so I asked him how he managed to get it so smooth, he said that he and Megan had gone together to get waxed before coming on this trip. I had never waxed before so I asked him if it hurt and how far they went, he manipulated his package to show me how bare his balls were and even bent over to show me his cheeks and asshole, not a spec of hair anywhere. I told him they did a great job and I could not find a hair anywhere. He said the girl did a really meticulous job and it had taken a good 45 minutes to complete. With that said we decided to head outside, hardons leading the way. Brad went first bending over slightly to set the glasses down giving everyone a nice look at his package. I am 8-8.5″ fully erect, Brad looked similar, maybe slightly shorter at 7.5 but the same in thickness. All the girls made comments, they were very impressed. I am sure Jessica’s mouth and pussy were both watering at this point.

I was surprised to see Megan and Courtney still had their bottoms on, I made a comment so Courtney stood up and removed them in front of everyone to display her freshly waxed and very smooth neither region. This was a change from last time, she had a little bit of a bush before, which didn’t bother me either. Megan followed suit and we were not surprised to see that she was also completely bare just as she always had been. After the girls threw their suits on the pool deck as Jessica had done Brad and I got back in the hot tub and started sipping on our cocktails. Courtney grabbed my dick under water and said “I can see you like the scenery so far” with a wink.

It got a little quiet for a second and Courtney spoke up proclaiming how nice it was to finally be naked. She then got up and jumped into the big pool for a swim. Once she left Jessica and I move over closer to Brad and Megan. They were distracted making out a little, I was directly next to Brad and Jessica and Megan were on the outside seats. Brad and I were obviously still hard as diamonds. Jessica came over and sat on my lap so she could see what was going on over there. Brad had is hand fondling Megans boob while they were making out. Jessica reached down and grabbed his cock and started to lightly stroke it. After a few strokes Brad turned to look at me, I raised both my hands out of the water with a big smile on my face. Then he did something unexpected, he went back to making out with Megan but moved his hand back and grabbed my cock and started lightly stroking it just like Jessica was doing to him. It was the first time another guy had touched my cock and so far I was okay with it.

Courtney peaked over the edge of the pool and yelled “hey you guys aren’t supposed to be having that much fun without me!” she then got back in the hot tub and sat down next to Megan and pulled her head away from Brad and started kissing her passionately. With Brad no longer distracted he turned his attention to his other hand which was still on my cock and started stroking it more in ernest. Then Jessica grabbed his head and started kissing him while I was playing with her tits. Since I hadn’t had sex with my wife in a few days I was getting pretty close. When I felt like I was ready to blow I pulled his hand off my cock, stood up and pulled my wife’s head over so she could catch it in her mouth, she didn’t spill a drop!

After I finished cumming for the first time that day she turned her head back to Brad and went back to kissing him with a mouthful of cum. He either didn’t understand what was happening or really didn’t care. Once she passed the creamy white stuff completely into Brad’s mouth she turned to me with her tongue sticking out to prove she had done so. She was very proud of herself. Brad then passed it over to Megan who passed what was left to Courtney then finally Courtney passed it back to me. It was hot. I could tell Brad was getting close female fake taxi porno to orgasm. Taking after me he stood up and pushed his head into Megan’s mouth and presumably shot a huge load that we again passed all around, and again I was the last to get it which I am glad about because there wasn’t much left by the time it got to me and I am not really sure how I felt at that point about another mans cum in my mouth.

I was getting pretty hot in the hot tub so I decided to sit on the step and just leave my feet in. The weather was warm that night so I didn’t need a towel or anything. Jessica saw me sitting there and promptly swam over and took me into her mouth. Brad followed suit, sitting thigh to thigh with me Courtney came between his legs, just beating out her sister for his cock. They both sucked away, getting us both hard again, Megan steped out to use the restroom and said we better be hard as fuck by the time she gets back. Brad threw his arm around my neck and quietly told me how awesome this is. Then pulling me closer he asked me very quietly if I was bi. I thought about it for a moment then said “I don’t really know, all I know is I haven’t hated any of this so far, what about you?”. He said he didn’t really consider himself bi but he does like to do things with guys sometimes, but that it had been a while since he was with Megan. Then he went on to tell me how horny she was all the time and he could basically fuck her whenever he wanted. I responded by telling him it runs in the family pointing at the other two girls. The girls took a brief break off our cocks and ended up switching places, Jessica now on Brad’s dick and Courtney with me. I let Courtney suck me for a few more minutes then pulled her up and started kissing her. Jessica saw what was happening and reached over and started stroking her sisters cunt. I sat her back down on my lap and put my dick inside her, she was very wet so it went in rather easily, although it was still tight there was plenty of lubrication.

Megan came back out to see her boyfriend getting sucked by my wife and me fucking her sister. She stepped over straddling Brad, her pussy basically in Jessica’s face. Jessica wasted no time getting her ready and in almost no time Brad’s cock was buried in his girlfriends pussy. Jessica decided to leave them alone for the moment and swam over to the step I was fucking Courtney on. She went from behind and started to stroke the part of my cock that wasn’t buried in her sister, then she pulled me all the way out and shoved my cock in her mouth at the same time putting a few fingers into her sister for lube. She re-inserted me and we kept going. Meanwhile Jessica took her lubed up fingers and started playing with her sisters asshole eventually eating it and fingering it. Courtney came very hard on my cock and not too much longer after that I was cumming deep inside her pussy. As soon as I pulled out Jessica did everything she could to recover that creampie to share with her sister and whomever else wanted a taste.

I got back in the water and saw that Brad was still holding on. Courtney went over to Brad beneath his legs and started licking his balls and playing with the part of the shaft that was not inside her sister. She reached her hands up and started to lick his asshole also, he responded immediately, so much so that she reached into her pussy for some finger lubrication and put her middle finger in his ass, eventually adding another right next to it. After a few seconds of this Brad came super hard! This caused Megan to cum all over his dick also. Slowly Brad started to pull his cock out and Courtney was right there running her tongue on the underside of it, not letting any of the mixed fluids go to waste. It was clear to me now that Brad definitely had some bi tendincies which is going to make for a very interesting week.

After that session everyone needed a breather. We all got out of the pool and went inside to shower. Before going in I sprinkled a little chlorine in the pool for good measure. My wife and I were joined in our master shower by her sister Courtney, leaving the couple alone in the guest quarters. We happen to have a very nice and very large glass shower with multiple heads so we all got in at the same time. I started washing my hair and down my body and rinsing off while the girls were still getting their hair wet. I figured if I got myself clean first I could enjoy the show from the other two. As I bent over slightly to put my head under the shower head I felt a hand on my ass and a loofah scrubbing the backside of my balls, taint and asshole. As soon as I could get the soap off I turned my head to see what the fuck was going on and saw Courtney with a big grin on her face and some baby oil in her hand. She used that lubed up hand to massage that same area, including my asshole. No one had ever really done this to me before and I was quite surprised I enjoyed it so much. She was using her lubed hand to stroke my shaft and balls, then went in with her tongue on my asshole. I was hard as fuck and wanted her to keep going. Jessica was standing in front enjoying the show. Courtney got some more baby fuck in traffic oil and shoved her index finger in my ass while still jerking me off. She added one more finger and started moving them around inside, finally finding what I had come to know as my prostate. She started to massage it with her two fingers while jerking my cock with her other hand. Jessica got down low in anticipation of my pending orgasm. Soon enough I shot a load right into her open mouth. It seemed much more voluminous than ever. Her entire mouth seemed to be full of my cum.

Jessica stood up as Courtney removed her fingers from my ass, which turned out to be the most painful part of the whole ordeal. They shared a very un-sisterly cum kiss. Everyone finished cleaning up, got out of the shower and went over to the bed to take a nap. We woke up late into the afternoon and ordered take out for delivery. The doorbell rang and Jessica answered to get the food, fully naked still, giving the delivery guy an eyeful of her wonderful body. Nothing else of note happened that day, after we ate everyone was still exhausted, especially Jessica since she had worked the night before. So we all turned in for the night sleeping like rocks.

The next morning we all gradually got up and were just lounging around the house watching TV or reading a book. No one bothered to get dressed since we had all pretty much been together the previous day anyway. I was sitting on the couch and Brad came over and sat right next to me, we were watching some sports highlights together. I could tell Brad was stealing some looks at me. I could see that he had a semi already. I was still fairly soft because we were just chilling on the couch.

Eventually the sun was out in full force and everyone wanted to go out by the pool. We went outside and everyone started to put sunscreen on. I always keep a big pump bottle of sunscreen on the outside table. The girls were all helping each other out rubbing it all in, Brad and I were doing our faces and necks and any other part we could reach with our own hands. He asked me to do his back so I squirted some sunscreen on my hand and started at his muscular shoulder blades and worked my way down his back. I got down to his butt so I got down low and started rubbing it in to his cheeks and the inside of his legs making sure not to miss any spots. I suggested that he made sure to get his balls and shaft as well. He started to rub some in there while I was still working the back of his legs, he was clearly enjoying it, he seemed to be getting harder. After his legs we switched and he did the same to me, starting at my shoulders and eventually working his way down to my butt cheeks and inside of my thighs. He was rubbing it all in, making sure not to miss a spot. I was rubbing some lotion into my shaft and balls and was actually getting a little hard myself. It didn’t hurt that the girls were all rubbing each others tits and asses right in front of me either. But the contact I had with Brad was intriguing.

Once everyone was protected some of us laid out in the lounge chairs and others went for a swim. I eventually got into the pool and swam over to where Megan and Courtney were chatting. I swam up and asked what they were talking about. Megan said she was asking Courtney what kind of porn she was watching lately. Courtney said she was mixing it up these days, she really likes the Girls do Porn series but also watches a fair amount of gay porn. I was kinda surprised, she said for some reason it just really turns her on. She said she loves lesbian porn as well. Megan said Brad would kill her if he found out she said something but he actually watches some gay porn from time to time. He says he only does when they are together but she suspects he does when she is not there. I was also into the GDP series so Courtney and I talked about some of our favorite scenes and it turns out we both had the same favorite girl, it was an 18 year old Asian girl with a little bit of a soft body and nice big tits to go along with what seemed to be a super tight pussy. She was also one of the few that was actually creampied in that series, which was a big turn on for Megan.

We were still lounging around the pool when Brad jumped in and swam up behind Megan and I, grabbing both of our asses under the water. Megan with a big smile on her face, them making out a little with his hand still on my ass. Megan soon moved her arm over his shoulder and he was forced to release his grip on my ass cheeks. Courtney looks under water and says “ooo someone is excited” gives my dick a squeeze and then swims away laughing. For fun I chase her down a little bit trying to grab her ass or a boob as she swims by me eventually catching up to her and bear hugging her from behind making sure to push my cock against her so she could feel how hard it really was. It was all in good fun. By now Megan had laid down on the edge of the pool deck on a towel, Brad was about to enter her right in front of everyone. We all gave them a cheer and I swam over to get a closer look. By the time I got over there they had switched positions, Brad was laying down and Megan was on top riding his cock, grinding herself on it, what a sight to see. I went up behind her to play with her tits and tweak her nipples, which I knew from past experience she loved. Courtney came up behind me, whispering in my ear, “put your dick in his mouth”, I looked back at her, surprised, “they will both love it!” she said.

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