Snooker King

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I was god awful at snooker, and Benny knew it.

We’d been working together at the store for the better part of six months now. So it wasn’t an unwelcome surprise when he invited me out for a night of snooker with his best friend and sister. I like to that think even back then I knew his sister would have a mastery of handling shafts and balls.

‘Ray, I hope you’re ready to get absolutely demolished tonight.’ Benny said as he held open the door to Snooker Land. It was an old trucker’s stop converted into a bar/games room hybrid, up on the interstate just before exit 53. The whole building was painted a faded, rusty red and you could practically see the old 70s jukebox vibrating bass off the walls.

I stepped inside and all I could see was smoke and tattooed bikers.

‘Keep talking shit and I might get one up on you Benny.’ I replied.

It was an empty threat and he knew it, so we both laughed. I knew it was just a friendly game, but I also knew Benny got overly-competitive every now and then. So I’d resigned myself to talking shit to make myself feel better.

‘Come on bro, Serah and Jacob are already waiting on your slow ass.’ Benny said. I tried not to frown. Hated that word, bro. But I’d save my complaints until I was at least a couple of points down first.

Jacob and Serah were standing at the bar and as I laid eyes upon Benny’s sister, I realized I would not in fact have much cause for complaints. Upon seeing us, Serah let out a squeal of delight and ran over to hug her brother. Jacob came over and introduced himself, and we shook hands but looking back I remember very little of the guy. I had eyes only for Serah, or more specifically, her gorgeous ass.

As she came over to introduce herself, I took a moment to really take in her appearance and try to regain my breath in an inconspicuous manner. I failed, obviously.

I’ve always believed there are different kinds of attractiveness. Not the typical scale of 1-10 most people use. I’m talking about someone could be beautiful, so beautiful that they awe people into silence merely with their looks. But you wouldn’t necessarily want to sleep with them, but more so just admire them from afar as one would do with a piece of art. Someone else could be exceptionally cute, and you’d want to cuddle them, take them on fun dates and practically shower them in happiness and warmth. But again, maybe you wouldn’t want to sleep with cute.

But Serah was undoubtable the hottest girl I had ever laid eyes upon. I didn’t want to admire her from afar, nor did I want to cuddle her. I wanted to fuck her, then and there, with a hunger like I had never felt before. Her body screamed sex and her smile said she knew it. Long blonde hair tumbled down in waves and her lips shone in bright red lipstick. She wore a thin velvet choker around her neck which said ‘Bad Girl’ (which I believed) and her shirt hugged her breasts so tightly I thought for sure it would rip. A denim skirt (That was far too short to be called appropriate. Not that I was complaining) barely covered her tight but decently sized ass and I could see fishnet stockings climbed all the way up her elegant legs into the covers of the skirt.

Some girls were the kind to make you forget your woes and believe in love again. Not Serah. Serah was the kind of girl to make you forget the restraints that made you human, to instead revert you back to one base instinct: Lust. I felt like a wild animal that had been starved for months and just looking at her made my mouth water and my cock harden. I wanted to fuck her like it was my last day on earth.

And this was just after five seconds of meeting her. Shit.

She was also, inconveniently, way out of my league. Double shit.

‘You must be Ray! Its so nice to meet you.’ She said, with a voice that oozed sensuality.

‘Its nice to meet y-‘ My reply was muffled as she hugged me. Damn, I wasn’t expecting such an enthusiastic greeting.

With her arms around my waist, I could feel her breasts were firm enough to push into my torso, but soft enough to be squished upon the impact. I could barely keep my cock from rising and I was sure she would be able to feel it. She broke the hug after a second longer than I thought was necessary, but as her arms fell away from my waist, her left hand gently brushed against my bulging crotch. Shit. I could have sworn she did it intentionally.

Jacob and Benny had their backs turned to us and were already walking towards the snooker table. Serah and I followed suite, with me lagging a little behind. Serah walked with the confidence of a girl who knew she could have anything she wanted. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her swaying ass, which I could only assume was clad in those sexy fishnet stockings. And it turned out I wasn’t the only one. Practically every pair of eyes in the bar was watching her. I couldn’t blame them.

We got to the table and Serah handed me a cue. She winked at me when she did.

‘Alright, seeing as you two are already on that side you can be a team. illegal bahis 2v2, best of 3 games wins.’ Benny said.

I’d already forgotten about the game before it started. I couldn’t stop staring at Serah.

As foretold, I proved to be terrible at snooker. But Serah was an absolute shark, sinking shots left and right. The boys could barely keep up.

‘I guess I’m just a master of handling balls.’ She said to me when I professed my surprise. Again, she followed that with a wink.

But the surprises didn’t stop there.

It was my turn to shoot, and it was a tricky one to make. I began lining up the shot. Benny and Jacob were on the opposite side of the table, watching me and talking smack.

Serah was sitting on a barstool at a table close behind them. She was watching me too, albeit with a much more provocative smile on her lips.

She held her cue in front of her, between her legs. Her hand started slowly shifting up and down the shaft. Her smile only got bigger.

I coughed to cover my rising boner and tried to look back at the snooker table.

‘Jesus Ray, how long are you going to take to line up your shot?’ Both boys laughed, but my eyes went straight back to Serah.

The look on her face was pure desire. She looked like a naughty schoolgirl that wanted to be caught red handed.

Still sliding her hand up and down the cue suggestively, she brought it between her breasts and licked it all the way to the tip. I’d never seen anything so seductive. She winked at me, and I lost my hold on the cue, absolutely screwing the shot up.

The ball landed on Benny and Jacob’s side, and they moved to line up their shot. I was trying in vain to cover my rock-hard erection. Serah noticed and giggled.

‘Nice shot Ray Ray.’ She said, like she hadn’t just tried to deepthroat a pool cue. I was breathless.

It was the final shot, and Benny was trying to line it up like a professional. Jacob was urging him on, trying to give some advice. Serah was still seated behind them, staring intensely at me. No, at my crotch. She teasingly sucked on her finger, eyes still locked onto my bulging dick. She traced her finger down her chin, threaded it between her breasts and slowly trailed it down her stomach.

Benny said something stupid but I barely heard him.

Serah had her tongue lightly dancing across her bottom lip now. God damn those lips looked soft. Her finger reached to her waist and smiling, she spread her legs ever so slowly.

My heart was beating so loud I swear everyone in the bar could hear it.

Benny and Jacob were still watching the snooker table, angling their shot. They were completely oblivious to my private show.

Serah puller her skirt up around her waist, and I could see her pussy barely covered by black laced underwear, in full view. She traced her finger up and down her covered pussy ever so lightly and tilted her head back in a quick giggle that sounded all too much like a moan as well.

I had never seen something so beautiful in my life.

Her thighs and pussy were pale, soft-looking and shaven. Her finger turned into a hand as she began rubbing her pussy more and more enthusiastically.

Benny missed his shots, and Serah made another one of her giggle-moans as she stopped masturbating. There were a few whistles from the bikers at the back of the bars.

Serah got up and walked to the table, her hips swaying back and forth. She smiled seductively at me the whole time and I prayed she was as wet as I was hard.

‘Loser buys KFC for dinner?’ She said as she reached the table.

The boys glumly nodded their agreement.

She bent over the table and arched her back, zeroing in on the final ball. I didn’t even see the final shot because I was focusing so hard on her ass.

She jumped back with a start.

‘We won, we won!’ She said with a giggle and a clap.

For a moment, I forgot my rock-hard erection as bragged about our victory to Benny. He and Jacob grumbled but admitted defeat.

‘Fine.’ Benny said. ‘KFC is on us. Now let’s get out of here before Ray gets a big head.’

‘Great idea, his head does look pretty big.’ She winked at me. ‘But let me just freshen up first okay? I’ll meet you guys at KFC. I’ll take a zinger box!’

Serah walked off to the restrooms, but not before she fixed me with another of those hungry gazes.

The boys started to head off, and I made an excuse that I had to pee. They left, and I headed to the restrooms Serah had just disappeared into.

My heart was beating a mile a minute. What was I doing? This girl was way out of my league and I was about to just follow her into the bathrooms? But I’d seen the way she looked at me. Seen the way she teased me. This had to be a dream come true.

I walked (more like ran) through clouds of biker’s smoke till I reached the door and opened it. Inside was an antechamber with two more doors leading to men’s and ladies’ toilets. I took one glance at the ladies’ door and decided to take it. I hadn’t seen many female illegal bahis siteleri bikies so I thought it’d be safer, and less chance of anyone finding us. I opened the door and stepped in.

She was waiting for me.

‘Hey big boy.’ She said. Her voice was seduction incarnate, and I’d never seen a smile look so naughty.

She strode over to me, grabbed me by the shirt and kissed me.

Kissing implies a moment of intimacy, of romance and of love. This was none of that. This kiss was full of raw sexual passion. I grabbed her by the ass and squeezed. Hard. She let out a moan of pleasure, and roughly ran her hands through my hair, kissing me even harder.

I squeezed her ass again, longer this time. God damn it felt good. It was firm, and the bosom fit perfectly into my palms.

She ran her left hand down to my cock and with her fingers wrapped around my bulge she gave it a tight squeeze through my jeans.

She smirked, and I let out a sound of pleasure.

‘I could tell you’ve been hard for me all night. How bad do you want to fuck me?’ She said.

Somehow, that made me even harder.

I didn’t try to reply with words. We were past that now.

I put my hand around her throat and pushed until her back was against the wall. Then, with my manhood still cupped in her fingers, I slid my other hand up her skirt.

She wasn’t wearing panties anymore.

I could feel the juices dripping from her pussy. She was saturated.

I ripped off her skirt and wasted no time in sliding my finger straight into her pussy. In another time, in another place I might have played around with her pussy, teased it and gone slow. But not here, not now.

She let out a moan of pure ecstasy as I slid my finger deeper inside her. She still had that smile of pure lust on her face.

‘More.’ She moaned, and I indulged.

Two, three fingers I slid inside of her now. I let my fingers go wild and tightened my grip on her throat to the point I swore I was choking her. Her moans turned to high pitched whines now, and before I knew it I was fucking her with my middle three fingers so fast she barely had the breath to moan anymore.

Her legs began shaking and I could tell she was on the brink of outright screaming. It only made me hornier. Her pussy was so wet it was freely dripping down her trembling legs now.

But instead of pushing her to the brink, I kissed her and slowed my fingers. I not so gently brought them up to her clitoris and began rubbing her at a decent speed.

After a few moments she caught her breath, although her words came out in heavy sighs. She said to me: ‘Don’t tell me you’re going to tease me after I won us the game.’

I grinned back at her.

‘Trust me, I’m much better with my dick than a pool cue.’

She made a sound of content and lowered herself to her knees. Her hands began massaging the outline of dick again, but she wasn’t holding back this time.

‘Let’s see about that.’ She smirked, licking her lips.

She undid my pants and yanked them down with my underwear in one swift motion. My dick was stranding at attention, as rock hard and solid as I’ve ever seen it.

Serah grabbed it in both hands and gazed at it like she hadn’t eaten in months.

‘You’re not going to tease me ar-‘ I didn’t even finish my sentence before she wrapped her lips around my waiting cock.

Her mouth was warm and wet, and I let out a moan as she swallowed up my whole shaft. With a muffled moan she began bobbing her head back and forth, while her slippery lips sucked on my dick.

It felt unbelievably good, and then she began twirling her tongue around the head of my cock, gently at first, but then she began licking harder. Every so often my dick would poke her cheek or reach the back of her throat, and some spit would dribble out of her mouth. She slowly sucked my dick to the edge of its head and used her hand to rub the spit all along the rest of my cock. My dick came out of her mouth with a pop and she chuckled to herself.

Using her hand covered with spit she began jerking me off. The spit lubricated my hard cock, so her hand easily slid along my shaft quickly. She buried her face in my crotch and began lightly sucking on my balls. She didn’t stop until my balls and cock were dripping with her spit and so was her face.

I moaned louder and placed my hands on her head, grabbing her hair roughly.

I felt my urges taking over and I began thrusting dick inside her mouth. She let out a sound of surprise as I started facefucking her, but because my dick filled her mouth it only came out as a gargle. I started fucking faster now, and she sank lower as her legs spread out.

I saw her slide one hand down to her pussy.

We both let out synchronized moans as my dick slammed into the back of her throat and I held it there, while she slid three of her own fingers inside her dripping wet pussy and began masturbating.

She let out a choking sound with my dick in the back of her throat, and I felt more canlı bahis siteleri spit cover my cock. I almost finished then and there, but I managed to control myself. Just to be safe I slowly slid backwards out of her mouth to give her (not too much) room to breathe. She was still fingering herself.

My dick felt strangely cold in the open air, after how warm it had been in Serah’s mouth. I was still close to climaxing and Serah had begun licking up and down my cock again, which was not helping. To distract myself I looked around the bathroom. It was dirty, just like our fucking. The floor was filthy and for some reason, seeing Serah kneeling in the filth made me even hornier. There was spit dribbling down her throat and on to her choker now. Her make up had become stained and a mess, but it somehow it fitted the whole dirty situation and made it that much sexier.

I had to psychically push her away from my dick. She looked up, confused.

‘We’re going to fuck. Now.” I said.

She grinned.

I took off my shirt as she ripped her own clothes off but left the choker on.

I couldn’t help but stare at her tits. Couldn’t help but appreciate those masterpieces. I took them both in my hands just as the skirt fell off. I squeezed them to get her attention before she took off her fishnet stockings and boots.

‘No.’ I said. ‘Leave those on.’

This time, I think my smile was bigger than hers.

I pushed her onto the sink’s bench. There was a large mirror on the wall.

I spread her legs as she’s facing me, but before I can even get a hand near her pussy she stops me.

‘Wait. We’re in a dirty bathroom, aren’t we?’ she says.

‘Yeah, so?’ I reply.

‘Well, aren’t you going to fuck me dirty?’ She grins.

Understanding dawns on me as she flips over onto all fours, her perky ass lifted in the air.

The bathroom bench only reaches up a little past my knee, and so Serah’s body is placed perfectly in level with my dick.

We meet each other’s gaze in the mirror.

I put both my hands on her ass cheeks and I can feel I’m the hardest I’ve ever been. Her pussy is slightly swaying the air. Its quivering and dripping wet, just waiting for my dick.

‘Fuck me hard.’ She says.

I ram my dick into her waiting pussy with such force that she lets out a scream of surprise, and her face is pushed against the mirror.

Her pussy is even warmer and wetter than her mouth was. I can feel it clinging tightly around the shaft of my cock, and I easily slide back out and in again. I squeeze her ass harder as my strokes go deep and hard. She begins moaning loudly now and I can see her face still stuck against the mirror. I speed up my strokes until my dick becomes a blur of pounding her tight pussy.

I begin moaning as well because the pure pleasure of fucking her from behind is so much. I spank her ass and leave a red mark, but she only moans louder.

‘Harder. Harder! Fuck me until you cum. Make me yours.’ She moans.

I thrust my hips harder now, and her back arches deeply as I’m bearing down on her ass. I hit her ass in time with my strokes penetrating deep into her saturated pussy, hard and fast. The warm caress of it on my unprotected dick spurns me on even more, and I grab a handful of her hair and yank on it. She groans in pleasure, and I can see her face in the mirror now. Make-up smeared, spit dribbling and me fucking her from behind. She can’t make any sound other than animalistic moaning and her eyes are glazed over in pleasure.

I squeezer her ass hard and spank it one more time, leaving an imprint of my hand on her firm cheeks. Then I move my hands onto her hips and grip them tightly.

She looks surprised when I let go of her hair and ass, and maybe a little disappointed. But that all changes when she realized what I’m doing.

With my hands around her waist I can not only thrust faster because of stabilization, but I can also pull her back onto my dick after each stroke. I barely give her enough time to register this before I start fucking her faster than a wild animal.

‘Oh fuck!’ She screams in pleasure.

She places a hand on the mirror to brace herself, but I keep fucking her tight pussy even faster and the force of my cock ramming up into her stomach almost shoves her against the mirror.

Her moans of pleasure are replaced with ‘Oh fuck oh fuck oh FUCK.’ Over and over again.

Her pussy is still dripping juices that are lubricating my dick, making it all too easy to slide in and out of warm, quivering vagina. I’ve lost all sense of self as I’m thrusting my cock rapidly into her. I can feel my climax coming on and for an instant I’m tempted to lose all control and dump my load inside of her. Hell, I want nothing more than that right now. But instead I manage to slow my thrusting bit by bit, and her screams turn back to moans. I let go of her hips as my thrusts become sparser and finally my dick is simply sitting inside of her, soaking up the warmth of her. I hear her purr seductively.

‘Don’t tell me you’re too tired to finish.’ She teases.

She’s wiggling her hips ever so lightly now. The movement massages her warm pussy on my cock. She begins rocking her body back and forth slowly, trying to emulate the hard fucking she’s craving.

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