Step Siblings No More

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Kristen struggled with her suitcase up her parents carpeted staircase. She didn’t have many memories here because her mom had married her step dad, Fred, and up rooted her for her senior year of high school . Brand new school, brand new family, brand new friends, and brand new home.

Fred also entered the marriage with a son, Franklin. He was your typical all American jock. He was 6’3″, chocolate skin, great smile, and mastered every sport in high school. He didn’t have any problem fitting in at a new school even this late in the game.

Kristen struggled a little at first but found her way quickly. She was a bit introverted but joined the cheerleader squad. She had long straight black hair, caramel skin, sweet eyes, prefect perky breast and was petite. Franklin always found his friends talking about how hot she was and would he ever…I mean they had no blood relation after all. He always ignored them and changed the subject.

The family decided that they hadn’t seen each other in 3 years because of the kids sports schedule, and wanted to get together to celebrate Christmas. Both of the kids had went out of state for college. Kristen on a cheer and academic scholarship and Franklin was a baseball player who was sure to go to the big leagues.

Kristen was exhausted from her trip. She took a shower as soon as she lugged her suitcase upstairs. It was about 8pm when she got out so she decided to hop in some jammies and take a short nap before Franklin arrived home for a late dinner. She threw on some cheer shorts, a crop top, and some knee high socks.

She was restless and couldn’t sleep even though she was tired. She sat next to a super hot white businessman on the flight and they chatted and ended up exchanging numbers. She laid back, put some some Sade on her Bluetooth speaker, and trailed her hand down her sculpted abs, underneath the waistband of her shorts and felt her hairless sweet spot. She was getting wet thinking about him. She should have just fucked him in the restroom and joined the mile high club, yeah right she wasn’t that ballsy. She thought about running her fingers through his hair as they kissed.

She ran her fingers softly over her pussy and arched hair back, tilting her head back. Rubbing her clit in soft, small circles. She gripped her comforter as she increased pressure. She thought she locked the door to her room and don’t even notice Franklin standing there; mouth open as he watch his step sister rubbing one out right in front of him.

She took her hand out of her shorts and it was on its way to her mouth so she could taste her wetness, as she opened her eyes. She saw Franklin frozen, mouth agape, with an obvious hard on.

“Dammit Frankie I was just about to cum and you completely ruined it,” as she chunked her pillow at him.

She got up and went to the restroom to wash her hands.

“Sorry bro, I thought I locked the door.”

“It was locked but I wanted to surprise you so I went through the restroom but you ended up surprising me more,” as struggled to keep in his laughter.

She hugged him and grabbed his hand and led him downstairs to the kitchen. He had definitely filled out in the years since they had seen each other. He had the same chiseled body in high school but put on about 20 pounds of muscle. Kristen still looked the same as high illegal bahis school except she looked like a woman. She was still petite, but a little more curvy; her breast definitely weren’t that big in high school.

They enjoyed dinner and the kids went upstairs to their rooms. Everyone agreed that they would all catch up tomorrow since everyone had a long day already.

The next morning Franklin rushed into the jack and jill bathroom they shared.

“Fuck, I really have to pee. Can you step out real quick?”

“Yeah right, I’m almost done brushing my teeth, just go, I promise I’ve seen one already”, as she chuckled.

Her hair was up in a high, messy bun. Her skin was still wet from the shower and her towel was wrapped around her. She wasn’t making his first morning pee any easier with her ass cheeks peeking out from under her towel.

He leaned in, almost angling his body as he struggled to aim his hard on towards the toilet.

Kristen chuckled,”First one of the day bro?”

He smirked as he looked over his shoulder flushing the toilet.

“Now how would you know about that sis?”

She couldn’t help but take in his body now. He was standing there almost completely naked, just in his boxers. Damn, baseball had done his body good. All of the guys that looked like him at her school were complete whores. She wanted nothing to do with them. But it had been so long since a man made her cum. Her mind snapped back into focus.

“Hell I used to know a thing or two but it’s been so long that it’s probably broken.”

They both laughed. Strangely he was happy to know that his step sis hasn’t let all those jocks at her school use her. He knew that she was hot and they had their eyes on her.

“See ya down stairs for breakfast.”

The day was awesome. They went to the mall and did some shopping as a family and went to dinner later.

Kristen went upstairs and took a bubble bath with candles and a glass of wine. It was been years since she was able to take a bath in a full size tub since she stayed in the cheerleader dorms.

She heard a knock at the bathroom door.

She was completely covered all the up to her chin in bubbles so whoever it was, wasn’t going to see anything.

“Come in.”

“Hey you want to have a few drinks and catch up tonight?” asked Franklin.

“Yea, that sounds fun. Give me about 20 min.”

Kristen put on some extra comfy big sweats and off the shoulder crop top with no bra. You could see her nipples if you looked really hard. As soon as Franklin saw her he smiled. He was wearing basketball shorts and a muscle shirt. He obviously wasn’t wearing any boxers because he was starting to pitch a tent.

They shared a 2 bottles of wine and a 6 pack of beer. They laughed about senior year memories and chatted about how college was now.

At 3am they both got up from Frankie’s bed and hugged eachother. His hand touched the small of her back and she felt her skin tingle. She hadn’t been held by a man in a while. He nuzzled his head into her neck and felt her nipples against his chest. Their eyes briefly met and they quickly said good night.

Damn why have I been so horny lately. Actually the question is why does Franklin look so damn fine? Has he always been this fine?

Fuck illegal bahis siteleri it. I’m a little tipsy and I feel good. She turned on her Bluetooth put on Syd and slipped off her sweats. She she was dancing around in her crop top and lacy thong. She collapsed in bed while in a tipsy bliss.

Her hand wandered below her waist band. She felt warmness emanating from her slit. She dipped one finger in and rolled onto her side, quiet moans escaping her mouth. Her fingers found her clit as she gently flicked it back and forth.

Little did she know, she was giving Franklin quite the show as he peeped through the cracked bathroom door. His dick was starting to grow. He could hear her sweet moans over the music. Fuck it, they were both a little tipsy. He has noticed the lingering stares, the extra long touches, and he knew it had been a while for her, this was his shot.

With a quickness he opened the restroom door, she was still exploring her body and didn’t even notice. He crawled on top of her and put one hand over her mouth and another on top of her hand in her panties.

Her eyes shot open in terror, not knowing who was on top of her.

“K, it’s me Frankie.”

Her body sunk into the bed and she relaxed a bit. He whispered in her ear.

“I’ve been wanting you since I saw you a few days ago. Let me help you.”

He gently pushed her hand to the side and felt her wetness. A breathy moan escaped her mouth and he placed his lips on top of hers. It was a gentle kiss, a sweet kiss.

He dipped his fingers into her wetness, her tongue explored his mouth. All she could think of was how good his weight felt on top of her small frame. She rubbed his back, her hands explored his body as she let go of her inhibitions. He started making his way down her stomach.

He kissed her sculpted abs, and could see her inhale and exhale after every touch. He slowly pulled down her panties and kissed up both of her thighs. He could taste her wetness the closer he got, she was dripping she was so turned on. Once he made his way to her sweet spot, he inhaled her scent and it got him rock hard. He parted her lips gently and licked her from the bottom of her pussy all the way to the top of her clit. Her back arched and fell back; she couldn’t remember the last time someone kissed her there.

He was dipping his tongue into her pussy, fucking her. He brought his main focus to her clit, she was so aroused it was already peeking out. He took it into his mouth swirling it around with his tongue; each time bringing her right to edge and the backing away by focusing on her pussy again.

She writhed around, attempting to push him off, knowing that she couldn’t take anymore. He overpowered her, his arms gripping her pelvis firmly as he continued to bring her to ecstasy. She arched her back and let out and loud moan. His looked up at her, he face was covered in her juice as he kissed her passionately.

She wiggled her way down to his shorts while laying on her back. He knew what she wanted so he got up his knees and dropped his shorts. His dick popped out and landed right at her mouth. Without any hesitation she took his whole dick into her mouth. The angle she was laying made it possible for him to fuck her face. She opened her mouth as wide as she could and gripped his ass, pushing his canlı bahis siteleri hips forward. He plunged into her mouth, his dick touching the back of her throat. She gagged a little but never retreated.

It felt so good that he almost lost his balance a couple of times. He fucked her face, as spit spilled over her lips. He knew if he continued this for another few minutes he was going to cum right down her throat. He pulled out quickly and she protested, she wanted to taste his cum.

He kissed her lips.

“Not yet K. I don’t want it to end before I feel you.”

He flipped her over onto her hands and knees. Reaching down to her dripping pussy, he played with her clit as he kissed down her spine. He spread open her cheeks as he dipped his tongue into her pussy licking her all the way to her ass. His tongue stayed there, kissing her in a place no

one explored.

Just as she let out a moan, he pushed his thick dick inside of her pussy. She immediately felt full. He gripped her hips and slowly pulled out his dick to the very tip and pushed it back in slowly. Her pussy responded with a little resistance then enveloped his dick each time he entered her. He did this for a few minutes, loosening her up with each stroke.

The more she moaned the faster he began to thrust. He was on the brink of cumming and had to pull out. She looked back with disappointment. With one felt swoop he picked her up, easily lifting her petite frame with his arms. They kissed as he placed her gently against the walls. He slowly placed her on top of his dick as she let out a muffled scream.

He was fucking her against her bedroom wall, letting her weight propel herself onto his dick. She was wet and he easily slid into her tight pussy. She was damn near crying it felt so good. As he sped up, she held on tighter. She arched her back hitting her head against the wall and they both came at the same time.

He gently placed her onto the bed, collapsing next to her. They looked at each other giggling and relaxing after an explosive session.

Franklin kissed her on the head got up and walked towards the bathroom.

“No stay and cuddle with me.”

“I have to wake up in 5 hrs to play basketball with pops.”

“Just sneak out after I fall asleep”

They crawled underneath the covers. The music still playing softly in the background.

There was a light knock at the door.

“K, have you seen…”

And before Fred could finish the sentence he saw his son and his step daughter snuggled in each others arms sound asleep. They were pretty much covered but he could see that neither of them had on tops. He looked around the room, clothes were tossed everywhere and he gently shut the door.

Around noon, Franklin made his way downstairs.

“Long night son?”

“Yeah something like that.”

“Those damn Wilson girls will get you every time,” as he gave his son a sly look and passed him a coffee cup.

“Hell I’m surprised it took this long. I thought y’all weren’t going to last highschool without jumping each others bones,” Fred said with a chuckle.

“It just kind of happened dad.”

“No judgement here, I’m just happy she never took on our last name.”

Just then Kristen walked down the stairs shooting Frankie a quick smile.

“Looks like you could use some coffee too.”

“Thanks pops.”

Just then Frankie gave her a sweet kiss on the lips. A look of embarrassment washed over her face.

“Don’t worry he already knows. Now we just got to break it to your mom.”

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