Stepdad Ch. 02

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The next morning Mom was up and gone before either Derick or I. I had forgotten she was starting her new schedule at work and it was way early. It made sense now why she had turned down Derick last night with her having to be up so early. She stayed up later than she probably wanted waiting for us to get back from the game. He should have been a little more understanding. I was even more disappointed in him now. I shouldn’t have given him that handjob, I should have just sent him away and back to his wife who needed her sleep.

I was thinking about all of this while I ate some cold cereal alone in the kitchen. I wasn’t alone long. Derick wandered in when I was almost done with the bowl. He saw me sitting at the table and looked a little surprised, pausing at the entry to the kitchen almost like he wanted to turn around. He covered nicely and proceeded in, smiling at me.

“Sleep well?” I asked him as sarcastically as I could.

“Yes, thanks for asking,” he shot back.

“I’ll bet. Don’t ever pull that shit again with me. You knew Mom needed to be up early. You should have respected that and been done with it. Not come to my room. I can’t believe I tossed you off. Then you just fuckin’ left me with the mess.”

“That kind of language doesn’t suit you,” he responded.

“Bite me. And I’m serious. What was with you?”

“I don’t know… I just was really horny.”

“If I would have remembered Mom’s new schedule, I would have never done that. Just so you know.”

“Yeah, fine… sorry about the mess,” he said turning on the coffee maker.

I got up, walked behind him and put my empty bowl in the sink. I was walking back when he suddenly turned around and blocked my path.

“It was your idea you know… the handjob.”

“I know, and I regret it,” I said.

“Do you? Really?” he asked, grinning down at me.

I did and I didn’t. I was mad at myself for not remembering Mom’s schedule and feeling bad for her rejecting him. She had reason and if I would have remembered the handjob would have never happened. But it did happen and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. How wide and long his cock was. How it felt in my hand. How hard he got and how much he came. The massive blasts of cum shooting out of his head were staggering and not easy to forget. He knew I admired his large cock. I pretty much congratulated him on it for fuck sakes, so this toying with me was his idea of proving me wrong.

“Only because I forgot about Mom’s schedule changing.”

“That’s what I thought. All I wanted was what we did in the bathroom before. You’re the one that grabbed my dick and jacked me off,” he said.

The memory flashed before me and my eyes subconsciously drifted downward to the bulge in his pajama pants. Which, of course, he noticed.

“Right, well you should be good for a while now,” I said, trying to slide by him.

He blocked me with his arm. “I feel bad about bolting on you. Maybe I should return the favor now since I didn’t last night?” he phrased it as a question.

“No, I’m fine,” I said, pushing past his arm and quickly leaving the kitchen.

I got to my room and shut the door, locking it behind me. I don’t know why I was so freaked out, but I was. Everything that happened was basically my doing and maybe that’s why I was so worried. What else would I do without thinking? He’s only going to expect more and more if I continue down this path? Was that what I wanted? Did I really want to have an affair with my stepdad behind my mother’s back? If it wasn’t for that cock of his I could simply answer no. But as I leaned back on my door, I knew I couldn’t say no. Ever since that first view down through the skylight and I saw his massive cock going in and out of Mom, I knew deep down I wanted the same. Ultimately my subconscious was pushing me to that end. I wanted that cock inside me. I wanted it bad and I couldn’t stop myself.

Frustrated, I ran across my room and threw myself on the bed, screaming into my pillow. I tried so hard to not think about it, to force the images out of my head, but what I did the night before made it impossible. I had held his dick in my hand. I had stroked him to orgasm. I couldn’t make myself forget that and it doomed me to my inevitable fate. I screamed again into the pillow and became quiet. A few minutes later I heard the shower turn on. Derick was bathing and that only made things worse.

I tried, I want you to know that before I continue. Just know that I tried to stop myself but was unable to.

Once I had given up all bets were off. I just stood up from my bed, stripped naked and walked out of my room into my mother’s. Proceeding through her bedroom into the master bath, I opened the shower door and stepped into the steamy air with my new stepdad.

“Changed your mind?” he asked.

“Yes. I’m done trying to stop,” I said moving under the water with him.

I reached forward and took hold of the one thing that had caused my downfall. It was soft and hanging down between his legs, but as soon as I began to work my hand up and down the loose skin it began illegal bahis to perk up and fill with blood. That’s when his hands found my body for the first time. It took me aback at first and I flinched when I felt his hands on my back start moving over my shoulders to my small breasts. I melted soon after as he found my nipples. Pleasure coursed through me and my sex tingled with desire as his large hands teased my nipples to rocky nubs. His cock was hard and huge now, both my hands worked the shaft and still I couldn’t cover it all. I cooed and moaned as his teasing became pinching and pulling on my nipples. I focused on his cock, wanting nothing more than to touch it and be near it but he had other plans.

Suddenly he spun me around to face away from him, pulling me back to lean against his hard body, pinning his large cock between us. The spray of the water ran down my aroused body as most of my weight was against him. His hands were all over me. One on my breasts and the other had slid down my flat stomach and found my sex for the first time. The skill, the older man had, way surpassed anything I had ever experienced before from my younger boyfriends. His fingers were amazing and he knew exactly what a woman wanted. He didn’t shove them up my hole instantly. No, he started slow and caressed my lips, clit and entire sex with mesmerizing ecstasy. I was putty in his hands and have never felt anything like it before. I almost forgot all about his large cock, even with it pinned between us hard and throbbing. I was a prisoner to the pleasure and left everything to him and his hands.

That man, my stepdad, brought me to the most memorable climax I’ve ever experienced in my eighteen years and all he used were his hands. The combination and talent of his breast and sex play left me panting for breath, weak in the knees and flabbergasted as the orgasm rocked my petite frame to its core. His talent had built and built until he had two fingers deep inside my body, curled up to find my G-spot and his palm grinding on my clit. His other hand held my nipple tightly between his thumb and middle finger. The resulting orgasm was impossible to explain but it left me totally spent and practically unconscious on the shower floor. When I finally gathered myself the water was off and he was gone. He made me cum and then left me wet, quivering and alone in the shower. I guess he repaid the favor. Oh boy did he.

When I could finally stand, I found a towel he had left for me and dried off. Getting out, I wrapped the towel around my wet hair and walked naked out of the bathroom on wobbly legs. He was getting dressed and was almost completely done.

“We even now?” he asked, looking at me through a mirror as I stood behind him.

“Yes,” I said and even my voice was weak.

“Good, then everything is right between us,” he said, finishing the buttons on his shirt before leaving the room. I heard him leave the house and drive away.

I had no idea where he had to go and why he had left me when he could have easily had sex with me, but he did. He left me naked and alone in my mother’s room, my pussy still pulsing from the orgasm he created, wanting, no… lusting for his cock.


I found out about an hour later why he had left. I got a text from him. All it said was “Check your email”. I didn’t even know he knew my email but what I found inside my inbox changed everything. I saw that there was an attachment and it was a video format. Before I opened it, I read what he had typed.

“Since your mother’s schedule has changed as you know, she’ll be going to bed early now which puts a damper on our sex life so she has come up with a solution. See the video attached in lieu of watching from the skylight. I’ll collect my fair share tomorrow morning.”

“What the fuck,” I said out loud as I sat on my bed. “Did he actually film him and Mom having sex and sent it to me? Was he crazy? She had to have noticed.”

Instead of opening the attachment on my phone I grabbed my laptop and logged into my email. Hesitating for a few seconds, I finally dared click on the movie. It took a bit to download so I knew it was a pretty large file and then it started to play. Holy shit!

There was my mother, butt naked in what looked like a motel room they must have gotten during her lunch break. She was on her back, her big breasts large circles on her chest with nipples hard. I could tell they had already been going at it when he started videoing. She looked into the camera shyly and said, “You’re going to delete this after, right?” Off camera I heard Derick say “Of course it will be fun.” She smiled coyly back but also looked a bit intrigued about the whole thing.

The camera left mom’s face and panned down her body to her sex which was stuffed full of Derick’s massive cock that I loved. He started moving in and out as he filmed it pretty much from his vantage point. His cock was wet and glistening with Mom’s juices, his balls tight around his shaft already. My hand went to my clit spontaneously and I hardly noticed I was playing with it as I watched Derick’s perfect cock illegal bahis siteleri slide in and out of Mom’s wet pussy. The close up view was way better than anything I’d seen from the skylight as was the audio from Mom’s moans, the bed squeaking and Derick’s breathing as he fucked her hard and deep while keeping the camera focused on the action.

He occasionally panned up to her breasts and face. She was totally into it. Her nipples had remained hard and her face showed with pure ecstasy. Most the time he kept the camera on his cock, which was exactly what I wanted to see. I was mesmerized as I watched it rapidly slide in and out over and over. The long shaft moving effortlessly so deep inside of her each time. The width stretching Mom’s lips wide uncovering her plump clitoris, as he bottomed out. What a cock! I couldn’t blink let alone turn away.

I was so wet and turned on my fingers were soaked in my juices as Mom’s body started shaking and her moans became screams as she began to climax. She wasn’t holding anything back or trying to be quiet in the hotel room. She screamed and moaned, cursing and thrashing about as I watched Derick’s cock get drenched in fresh cum from Mom’s contracting sex. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Couldn’t believe Derick sent this to me and it only got better. About a minute later he pulled out his enormous cock, covered in lines of white from Mom’s body and stroked another amazing load onto her stomach even shooting to her large breasts. He filmed each blast from head to landing as I listened to him and Mom moan and cum.

Soon after he finished ejaculating the video ended. I’m assuming he sent it to me without Mom knowing and then deleted it off his phone. I sat there with my fingers up my sex in awe of what I just watched. I guess this was going to be the new norm until Mom’s schedule changed back in a month or so. I wondered how often they would get a motel room and how many videos I’d end up watching. Instead of deleting the video I saved it to my computer and labeled it with the current date. I then watched it again and played some more. I had never really been one to watch porn but this was Derick and more importantly Derick’s dick. I pretty much put it on repeat and lost count of how many times I watched it.


I expected Derick home a lot sooner but he must have had other things on his agenda after Mom’s lunch hour was over because he didn’t come home until after Mom. She seemed very pleased with a smile on her face when she found me in the kitchen. I can’t say I blamed her. I’d have a permanent grin on my face if I got fucked by Derick like that too.

“Derick not home?” she asked.

“Nope. He left around elven this morning and I haven’t seen him since.”

“We had lunch together and I guess he had some other things to do after,” Mom said.

Lunch had nothing to do with eating, but she didn’t know I knew that.

“Oh, so that’s why he left. Are you going to be doing that often now with the new schedule?” I asked.

“Probably, so we can see each other until it changes back.”

“That’s nice. I’m glad you’re happy and things are working out with him,” I said.

“Me too, honey… it’s really great right now. Really great.”

I’d never been the jealous type, but right then I was. I envied Mom so much I could hardly stand it. I wanted Derick even more after the video and seeing the effect that splendid cock had on Mom. I wondered if he wouldn’t have had to go meet her for ‘lunch’ would he have fucked me instead. That only made the jealousy worse and I had to push it away before I said or did something to clue Mom into my desires.

“That’s good. So I’ve started dinner. It’s the least I can do with you at work,” I said changing the subject.

She seemed appreciative but lost in thought and I think I knew what she was thinking about. I finished dinner. Derick came home just as it was ready and we all sat down and ate together. After, as Mom was cleaning up and Derick and I were still at the table he whispered.

“Did you get that thing I sent you?”

“Yes. Are you crazy? What if she finds out?” I said in hushed tones.

“She won’t, you know how she is with computers and anything technical.”

“I can’t believe she let you film it.”

“She loved it. I think she’s a natural camera hog, maybe missed her calling as a pornstar. She’s got the body.”

As he said that I recalled the video, Mom did seem more into it. I thought it was just the motel room but maybe the camera had awoken something more in my mother. She just keeps surprising me.

“Don’t tell her that,” I said.

He chuckled softly and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t.”

“What are you two whispering about,” Mom asked from the kitchen sink.

“Nothing important, honey,” he responded.

I got up and helped Mom with the cleanup. She went to bed soon after the early dinner and I went up to the roof for the view and fresh air. While I was up there I wondered what Derick would expect in the morning for his fair share of letting me watch the video he had made. I wanted canlı bahis siteleri the same as Mom had, but he seemed to be putting it off for as long as possible. I guess in the morning I’d find out. Before bed, I watched the video in its entirety a few times before falling asleep.


The next morning I was awoken by the sound of the shower. I looked at my phone and it was late morning and had to be Derick. I thought about joining him but I wasn’t the one due for a fair share. Lying in bed I went in and out of sleep as the sound of the water running in the next room lulled me. When it shut off the lack of noise woke me fully. I got up while he was still in his room and made another bowl of cereal, ate it quickly and went back to my room. I still hadn’t seen him so I decided to jump in the shower myself, assuming he’d make his appearance then.

Sure enough, not two minutes later the door opened and he came in.

“So, what did you think of our little video?” his deep voice asked.

“Truthfully, I loved it,” I said still lathered with soap.

“How many times did you watch it before deleting it?” he asked.

“I don’t know. Maybe five?” I lied.

“But you did delete it?” he asked.

“Oh sure. Can’t have something like that around.”

“No we can’t. You never know what can happen. Your mother might find it somehow.”

“Yeah. You’d be in a lot of trouble if she did,” I said adding conditioner to my long hair.

“Yes I would, which makes me all the more disappointed that I’m watching it right now on your laptop,” he said.

Fuck! I pulled open the door and looked out. He had my laptop in his large hands and as I looked he turned up the volume.

“You hacked my laptop? How did you know the password?”

“Don’t change the subject. You lied to me. Why did you keep it and name it the date it was made?” he asked.

I didn’t know what to say and kept quiet. I shut the door to the shower and shook my head, thinking I had ruined everything.

“I think I know,” he began. “Your plan was to keep them all and by date as I sent them to you. You liked it a lot. Enough to keep it and watch it over thirty times according to the number of plays listed.

“What are you going to do?” I asked.

“I’m not going to delete it if that’s what you’re worried about. I suggest you change your password to something a lot better than LAgalaxygirl18 and possible save them to a flash drive you can hide.”

“Fuck!” I said under my breath.

He laughed and I heard him shut my laptop and set it on the bathroom countertop.

“Now, about the lie… what are we going to do about that?” he asked. “That has to have consequences young lady… some kind of punishment.”

I rinsed my hair as I listened to him. Wondering what he would do. I knew telling Mom was out of the question and he really couldn’t punish me in the traditional sense like grounding without her knowing so that left him one option. I turned off the water and opened the door, grabbing my towel and looking at him.

“Any suggestions for your punishment?” he asked, holding the thing I loved in his left hand, through the slit in his pajama bottoms.

I wrapped the towel around my head and stepped out, watching him hold his cock that was slowly getting bigger as he viewed my naked body.

“Do you want another handjob?” I asked.

“Is that really punishment?” he countered.

“No, I suppose not. Anything having to do with that won’t be punishment,” I said.

“You’d be surprised,” he returned with a wicked tint to his voice.

“What does that mean?”

“Use your imagination. What do you think it means?” he asked.

I really had no idea. Sucking him wouldn’t be punishment. Letting him fuck me would be the furthest thing from punishment. I had no idea what his cock had to do with punishing me.

“I really have no idea?” I said.

“Such the naïve young girl,” he said, mocking me. “Come over here.”

I obeyed, walking and standing next to him by the counter. He stepped behind me and turned me to face the mirror that was all fogged up I could scarcely see our reflections. He put his hands on my shoulders and suddenly pushed me forward, bending me over. He ran his hand down my back to my bottom and began to caress it softly. I then thought I knew what was coming, but it made no sense. How would spanking me have anything to do with his cock? But he didn’t spank me. Instead he played with my bottom, grabbing it and kneading my cheeks and pulling them apart and looking at me as he did so.

“Such a small, firm behind. So tight and narrow,” he said.

And then I felt him touch my exposed anus with a finger and I suddenly knew what punishment he had in mind. I freaked out and bolted upright spinning around to face him.

“Oh no! Never that… it… you can’t… it would never,” I stammered.

He began to laugh. “Not so naïve after all? You just needed a little hint,” he chuckled.

I was still worried he was serious and stood there a rigid as I’d ever been. Heart racing in my chest. He wouldn’t really take me anally would he? He couldn’t possible consider it? He kept me wondering by stepping back and taking his cock in his hand again. Pre-cum had oozed out, slowly running down from the slit. He smeared it around, making his head shinny.

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