Stress Relief Pt. 02: Hug choice

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She hugs him and thanks him.

Rose threw her arms around John’s neck and hugged him tight. In Japan they have a phrase for the feeling that was in Rose’s heart, “Doki Doki”.

It is that feeling of excitement when your heart beats a little faster, and you recapture the feeling of Christmas morning as a young child, or the feeling you felt about your first crush.

Rose was so lost in her excitement, and practically skipped on her way to throw her arms around John.

He put his arms around her and hugged her tightly. She nestled into his shoulder. She felt safe and cared for.

Although she was a strong independent woman, in this moment she was wallowing in the protection of this man. If she had the time to analyse it, she would have probably been quite annoyed with herself. Her independence was very important to her, and she didn’t need any man to support her. She could do just fine by herself- “thank you very much.”

But in this moment, all she wanted was to be engulfed by this man and be loved and protected. The little girl inside her craved this, although the woman hated the idea. But right now the little girl was winning.


In her comfort Rose answered softly “Yes John.”

“Do you want me to leave now, or would you like me to stay a little longer?”

She thought how considerate of him to ask, to be such a gentleman. They both knew that they wanted him to stay, but he had asked, and that meant a lot to her. He was genuinely considering her feelings- not making presumptions, not taking advantage, not expecting anything in return from having pleasured her. He was different from every other man she had ever met. He actually gave a shit.

She did not answer him verbally. The little girl left and the woman returned. She reached out and took his hand and led him towards the bedroom.

“Are you sure this is what you want Rose?”

She looked at him aghast and said, “What do you think, Dumbo?”

He started laughing.

“Yeah you got me there, John, you’re a real tease aren’t you?”

He could barely hide his grin as he feigned innocence. “Who me?”

He then winked and said, “You bet I am.”

By the time they bahis firmaları reached the bedroom door they were giggling like a couple of teenagers.

They both undressed quickly as they made their way across the room. Kissing and touching as they went. Once they were naked John pulled Rose firmly by the hand as he fell back on the bed pulling her on top of him.

He then stopped moving, with a grin on his face and a sparkle in his eye. “So Rose, what would you like to talk about?”

He looked in no hurry and that he would be ready to chat for hours, but she knew he was just teasing. She grinned back while trying to look serious “I want you to fuck me John.”

“But wouldn’t you rather talk first? Maybe we could talk about the weather, I mean it has been a lovely day” By this time he unable to control his giggling.

She faked indignation and slapped his shoulder. “Well if you are not going to fuck me, then I am going to fuck you!”

She could feel that John was already hard. Straddled across him she eased herself on to his hardness. She was so wet that he slid in easily. He let out a slight moan. “Now that took the smile of your face,” she teased triumphantly.

He grinned and raised his pelvis suddenly to move into her deeper. “Two can play that game you know.”

Although they were just teasing each other Rose wasn’t going to let him win. After all she was very competitive. So she raised herself up until she had almost pulled off of him. Then she quickly slammed down pushing his pelvis back on to the bed.

“Oh fuck!” He moaned.

“How do you like it bit of your own medicine Mr. Tease?” She loved it when she made men react involuntarily. She grinned and felt very pleased with herself.

Before he had time to think she started riding him, and riding him hard. This caught him so off guard that he didn’t have the time to stop and think.

She could see that her sudden burst had surprised him and that she would be able to make him cum quickly. She did dance exercise classes when she had time, and this had made her very tight down below. She also had great control of her pussy muscles, and was flexing them as she rode. His moaning was increasing, kaçak iddaa his hips were thrusting and she saw his face and neck starting to flush, he would cum any moment.

He stopped suddenly.

“Oh shit Rose! I’m not wearing a condom.”

She almost screamed at him “Don’t you dare fucking stop now, cum in me you bastard.”

Her pumping increased in speed. He lost all control and matched her rhythm. She was clenching her muscles around his cock as tight as she could right now. He shouted out as he came deep inside her, “Oh fuck Rose! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Oh, God!”

She relaxed her muscles and came hard on him, he was still thrusting and spurting deep inside her.

The thrusting slowed until with one last push, which they held for some time before relaxing. Damn that felt good.

As they lay in a warm embrace she remembered that she had stopped taking the pill quite a few months back. After all, she didn’t have time to be sexually active, so why bother. She knew she should feel panicked, but right now all she felt was warm and loved. She really didn’t care at this moment if she was pregnant.

They held each other close and cuddled. There was something so satisfying in being held so close. “John, I think you’re lovely.”

“Me too!” He responded with a giggle.

She shot him a look of mock anger, and stuck out her tongue at him.

He stuck out his tongue in return.

“If you are not careful I will make you use that again.”

He chuckled and taunted “So what are you waiting for sugar tits!”

Her mouth opened in shock at what he said, and she saw him giggling at the inappropriateness of his comment, the bloody tease. “You fucking Neanderthal bastard!” She teased.

By now they were both giggling again. “Bloody sugar tits, eh? Well I think someone needs teaching a lesson.” She scolded mockingly.

His response was a semi-serious “Yes, ma’am!”

She moved up his body towards his head. He said in the tone of a soldier, “I’m ready ma’am.” Then he promptly stuck out his tongue. She couldn’t help but giggle. But that tongue was so inviting. She loved being eaten out. But most guys just wouldn’t do it. Yet John was so willing. kaçak bahis “Maybe this one’s a keeper she thought.”

She straddled his face and lowered herself to just above his mouth and his oh so eager tongue.

She felt a quick lick on her clit. “Mmm, can you do that again?”

He waited a couple of seconds before he did it again. She heard a slight giggle. “Stop being such a fucking tease, just eat me!”

Without any delay he started doing just that. He licked, he suckled, he kissed. He took as much of her butterfly into his mouth as he could and sucked. He increased the suction as much as he thought she could stand, and then he started flicking his tongue across her as he sucked.

“You fucking bastard!” She snarled through clenched teeth.

He released the sucking pressure as he went back to regular suckles and kisses, while at the same time his finger entered her. He curled his finger around to reach her G-Spot. She knew she would cum soon and cum hard. But because he was massaging her G-spot she knew she would also end up squirting. She knew this would not be fair to John. She felt it would be disgusting to squirt on his face, yet part of her was really turned on by the thought. She blushed noticeably.

“John I need to get off you as I’m going to squirt. I can’t do that to you, it’s just not fair.”

Then he said it, “Cum on my face, Rose. I want you cum on my face.”

She thought that she couldn’t, but that dirty bit of her that wanted to do it, took over and she came and came hard.

She could hear that she was squirting into his mouth. It soon filled and over flowed. He removed his finger and pulled her closer to his face. She could hear a muffled, “Cum on my face Rose!”

This was just too much for her, and she came even harder. She felt dirty and disgusted with herself, but “Fuck” it turned her on.

His tongue was licking her as she was cumming. She had never experienced this before, it felt amazing. She just wanted to grind his face, and grind it she did.

Once she was spent, she climbed off him and once more snuggled into his shoulder. He whispered, “Thank you Rose.”

“No, it should be me thanking you.”

“I really love making a woman orgasm, and I really enjoy cunnilingus, when a woman cums on my face I know that I have given her the ultimate oral satisfaction.”

Rose just grinned and fell into a happy slumber.

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