Such Great Heights

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It goes with the territory that on any given day a beautiful woman walks in the door at my work, but something about her is different, more deeply appealing. She isn’t even the most obviously attractive of the women hanging around the place, but maybe that’s just a mottled judgement or false comparison based on the fact that she isn’t trying to be as eye–catching as the other girls in skin tight pants and nothing else but a bra. Rock climbing girls all seem to need to show off their trim figures in a way that leaves little to the imagination. Maybe that’s why I was instantly drawn to her, her outfit gives you just enough of a glimpse at her tall, toned physique, and you want to know more — like why she isn’t flaunting it like everyone else.

Her shirt’s a baggy long sleeve tee with four bold letters across it, and when she’s cinched into her harness you can see it masks a petite waist. She isn’t wearing any makeup and her hair is at bedhead level disheveled. I think that’s her charm — she just looks perfectly comfortable in her own skin. She’s never climbed before coming here, I find out from my co-worker who checked her in, and she just passed her belay test yesterday. They obviously have an eye for her as well as Mike commented that she seemed a natural on the wall during her first few climbs.

“Her name’s Wendy,” he tells me.

I decide to make it my business to bump into her — those four letters on her shirt will give me a reason to talk to her.

– – –

It’s only my second day climbing but I’m still so nervous as we drive up to the gym I think I might puke. It isn’t the heights that scare me, it’s the trust issues I have with the equipment. Something about being forty feet up and letting go and knowing the person who’s your belay partner has total control of whether or not you plummet to the ground also doesn’t sit well with me either. Especially not since my friend let me take a big drop on one of my first climbs. I’m trying to nip it in the bud and get back as soon as possible to get over the fear. So far it isn’t working. As I make my way inside though, a pair of kind eyes catch mine.

He is terribly cute, I think. Someone I don’t think I’d ever pick out as my type if you showed me a picture, but there’s something in the way he moves. He seems self–possessed, laughing with a co-worker with such a generous smile — it calms me down. The vibe of the workers here is so mellow you feel even more crazy for being nervous when they do this everyday, are well aware of the risks, and can still laugh like that. I stop seeing everything around me as impossibly terrifying and try to just breathe. Truthfully, I love climbing, there wasn’t a tree in my neighborhood I hadn’t scaled at least a hundred times when I was a kid — sans ropes or any type of safety net, I remind myself – but ah, the ignorant bravery of youth. I’ve broken many bones since then.

Getting harnessed in my friend lets me climb first and I can’t make it past halfway up the wall. What a bummer. I tell them I’d rather hang back and watch for a spell before trying again, so I find a spot to sit while they hook up with a new belay partner.

“Did you need someone to climb with today?”

I look up to see the cute man standing near, a mug casually in his hand, looking down at me. He’s definitely shorter than me, probably younger than me, which would normally be a deal breaker, but he has a presence, and I’m drawn in.

“Oh, no, I’m all good, thanks. I’m here with a friend. I needed a breather.”

“No worries. If you need a belay partner just come to the front desk and we’ll put out an announcement for you.”


I try to think of something else to say, some stupid question to ask to draw out the conversation, but I come up short.

“So what do the letters stand for?”

He points when I give a confused look. Ah ha, I guess I’m not the only one interested.

“Oh, Moonlight Beach Beach Patrol. I guarded there years ago. It’s a favorite shirt.”


The silence gets awkward and he reminds me that if I need a climb partner to just let him know. He introduces himself as Morgan.

Welp, guess I made up his interest in my head. Second bummer of the day.

– – –

‘Idddddddddiiiioootttttt. You total idiot,’ I think to myself as I walk back to the front desk. Reminder to self — actually talk to the girl you want to talk to. Though I have to rethink the term ‘girl.’ She has one thick streak of bright silver hair pulled back into her pony tail. Could be dyed as she looks too young to have grey hair, but something about how easy going she seems tells me it’s probably her own. An older woman, I ponder, something about it gets my blood pumping just a bit faster. ‘You’re getting ahead of yourself you idiot. You can’t even talk to her!’

She leaves the gym about an hour later and I can’t help but stare at her legs as she goes. Just under that shirt that comes down a bit too long to show it off you can tell she has the most perfectly round ass — her yoga illegal bahis pants give it away — an ass I caught a glimpse of from across the gym when she did a climb after we talked. Mike gives me shit as he catches me watching her. I shrug it off.

– – –

Not gonna lie, after frustrating day number two of attempting to get over my trust issues with climbing, I’m in need of some tension release. I think about Morgan and figure we hit a quick dead end, but that doesn’t mean I can’t still have him, in my own little way. I pull the shower head down, set it to pulse, and think of how he must have very strong hands from being a climber. I think about him grabbing me and being in control. Of him giving me a firm slap on my ass as he trusts into me from behind. My mind elaborates and I cum so hard my knees go weak and I need to brace myself against the wall. Frustration dealt with. Sweet relief! Shame he wasn’t here to share in it.

– – –

“Hey, welcome back.”

“Thanks –” Wendy smiles and leans casually over the desk towards me and I again forget how to focus on conversation. She asks me something and I just stare blankly at her beautiful eyes. They’re blue. No green. No blue. Wait, shit.

“I’m sorry, can you repeat that? It’s been a busy, long day,” I cover.

“I’m in need of a belay partner, I’m too nervous to have my friend be mine as they freaked me out the first day I gave this a try and I can’t seem to get past it. Have anyone with, oh, two hundred years experience who’s free?”

It’s an opening, it’s an opening, take it! Take it!

“If you can hang out for about twenty minutes I’ll be off and I can be your partner. I only have one hundred and ninety eight years experience though. I hope that’s ok.” Cheesy joke, who cares! She’s smiling again.

“Ok, I wanted to warm up anyway, I’ll meet you on the north wall in twenty?”

She takes off and Mike playfully knocks his shoulder into mine.

“Smooth. But can you hold it together when you’re watching that ass of hers climb above you. She’ll notice your hard on when she checks your belay,” he laughs. I just give a tight smile and tell him I’m cutting out early and go change — and strategically pack my dick into my shorts in such a way that she won’t see if I get aroused. The stupid things we have to do because of embarrassing boners at inopportune times.

“Ok, you’re all set, your rope looks good,” I tell her as I check the knot. The urge to caress her is real as I check to make sure her harness is snug above her hips and I remind myself that there is a hard line and it does not ever get crossed, no matter what, because that’s inappropriate as hell — but damnit do I want to know the curves of her body better.

Fuck, she’s reaching to check my carabiner. For a moment I imagine her reaching further and I take a deep breath and look up at the wall to distract myself.

“Don’t tell me you’re nervous!” she laughs as she grabs to make sure the safety is locked.

“Never in my life.”

“Share your secret?”

She looks into my face and I realize I am nervous, though not for the reasons I imagine she is.

“Just trust that I’ve got you.”

Her turn for a deep breath. “I’ll try. Belay on?”

“On belay.”

I smile and she looks relaxed.

Mike is right, fighting my cock getting hard is such a challenge I actually need to focus on keeping the rope tight for her, something that’s second nature normally. That peach of a backside she has, swaying above my head — it gives me ideas. Watching her climb I notice she’s incredibly flexible and agile. I imagine those long legs wrapped around me as I push into her. She gives me the high sign after reaching the top and I start to let her down, breathing deep once again to will my hard on to chill the fuck out. What is it about this woman? There’s a charge to the air, a magnetism when she’s around and it turns me on out of nowhere. We’ve never even shared more than a handful of words!

“You did great, I think once you get over your nervousness you’ll be a good climber. You’re super limber and that always helps.”

“And to think, I was feeling stiff after yesterday.”

“Stiff! You had your knee up by your ear at one point like it was nothing! I’d kill to be able to move like that.”

I think about her moving her hips up and down me and uncontrollably blush. Fuck, she notices.

“Tell you what,” she lowers her eyes, “I definitely feel much more comfortable and reassured with you helping me.”

“Glad to hear it. Think you’ll continue climbing?”

“Definitely, thanks to you,” she pauses, “think I can buy you a drink to show my thanks?”

She looks up and I must have the dumbest look on my face because she backtracks.

“– that is, if you drink, I don’t want to assume, or, if that’s cool, I –“

“No, yeah, I’d love to! Sorry I hesitated, you just caught me off guard. It’s not often a gorgeous woman asks you to grab a drink with her. You free Thursday night?”

Now it’s her turn to blush.

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“Not a bad setup you’ve got here. You know, normally I would’ve insisted that we go somewhere, but you weren’t lying, this view does kick the crap out of any random bar with a sticky floor. The hills look like they’re glittering the way the sun hits all the windows on the houses.”

“Having four roommates isn’t ideal, but it does open up your options for renting. Sorry again for James when you got here, he works odd hours and so sometimes he’s shit faced at seven as it’s technically his 2am.”

“He’s a candid one, that James.”

“I mean, you do look pretty sexy, he wasn’t wrong.”

A flowing skirt doesn’t reveal much of her legs — but I already know they’re stunning — though her form fitting off the shoulder shirt is like a dare not to admire the crest of her shoulders or her beautifully pert breasts it shapes around. She’s down to earth and elegant in a way I’ve not known any other girl to be, and though she’s easy to be around it doesn’t make me any less nervous to be near her. We drink and sing terribly to really bad songs my roommate keeps putting on from his room down the hall and eventually she asks if I can dance just as terribly as I sing.

“Worse!” I declare. “Seriously though, do people actually dance anymore? Like, not just twerk?”

“Indeed they do, and it’s my turn to teach you something — it’s not hard!” She adds, seeing the protest on my face, “come here.” Before I can object further she has me on my feet and pulled in close to her. “We’ll give tango a roll, it’s easy. You just keep your body close to mine and mirror my movements. Slow, slow, quick, quick, slow is the rhythm. I’ll lead.”

I prove to be a shitty student and keep knocking into her. She’s a bit taller than me but it actually puts my hips at the perfect height to fit easily between her thighs, and I can’t imagine she doesn’t feel my growing hard on each time our legs tangle and I’m pressed into her. We’re laughing and playing but I have some serious knots in my stomach over her.

“You know, it’s a shame climbing isn’t more of a contact sport.”

“Oh yeah?” I muse, “why’s that?”

“Because I’ve wanted your hands on me almost from the minute I saw you.”

My feet go dumb and I can’t move them. Instinctively I pull her waist in tight and our faces are so close I can feel her warm breath on my lips.

“Can I kiss you?”

“Everywhere,” she responds, and my cock throbs.

– – –

His grip is so strong I let myself relax into his chest when he pulls me to him. Fuck I just want him to press into me and pull my hair. He’s so damn sweet, I wonder how animalistic he gets. The kiss is slow and deep, he takes his time caressing his tongue against mine. He rolls his fingers gently down my shoulders and over my waist before I feel his hands travel further south, cup my ass and squeeze.

“Oh yeah?”

“You have no idea how desperately I’ve wanted to lay my hands on this ass of yours. I got such a good view of it when you were climbing, it was an incredible tease.”

“Glad you liked what you saw.”

“I’m excited to see more, to be honest,” he stutters a bit and blushes before adding, “I’m sorry, I mean, if you’re into it. Wow that just came out, maybe I’m a bit drunk. I don’t want to force you to or make you think I assumed because you’re here instead of being out at a bar I expected –” I cut off his rambling with my lips and he kisses me deeply again, this time I can feel an urgency in his embrace. My pulse quickens. James beings to heckle us.

“I thought you were knocked out for the night?” Morgan shouts at his roommate.

“Just going for a piss and thought I’d stop to enjoy the show.”

“Bedroom?” Morgan cautiously whispers to me, pulling back to check my expression.

“Bedroom.” I confirm with a little grin.

“I need to assure you,” I breath between heavy kisses, “I’m not normally this quick to get down to it with anyone, ever, there’s just something about you, I can’t stop myself.” He crushes his lips to mine.

Pushing me against the wall with his thighs he presses his lips firmly against my throat, down to my clavicle, pulling my hands above my head, restraining my wrists.

“Honestly — honestly,” he emphasizes, “same. You walked in the door at work though and I knew I wanted to know you right away. In every way, not just this way. And I normally wouldn’t move so fast, but I — I’m not sorry we’re, uh, about to do this,” he pauses. “I didn’t get it wrong, we are doing… stuff, or this, right?”

He seems both sure of himself and bashful. I like the gentlemanly restraint mixed with the confidence in the way his hands are tentatively exploring my body, caressing me.

“We better be doing this. I’m aching for you, and last time you got me off you didn’t get to — “

“Last time I got you off?” he pulls back, confused.

“Oh, last night I uh, thought of you while I pleasured myself.”

I laugh a bit nervously now that canlı bahis siteleri I’ve admitted to it.

“Get the fuck out, that’s so sexy.” His voice is gravelly and full of need. Morgan pulls my legs up around his waist while he pins me to the wall. “Damnit I love how long your legs are.” He pushes his hips hard into mine and I can feel his cock is rock solid and straining against his pants.

“Pull my hair and take your pants off, and not necessarily in that order,” I direct him. He bites my neck and grabs my ass so hard it almost hurts. Those strong hands of his, they better leave red marks on my ass from slapping it tonight or I’ll be severely disappointed. He grabs a handful of my hair at the base of my neck and pulls firmly while sliding a hand up my shirt. He’s still got me pinned so hard to the wall I can’t even move with how he’s holding me. He finds my nipple through my bra and begins caressing it until it’s firm, then begins rolling it between his fingers. Holding his mouth slightly away from mine and teasing me with almost kisses I start to buck up against him, my body demanding even more attention.

“Where do you want my lips?” He asks, his tongue gently, teasingly licking at my lips but not giving in to a full kiss.

“First on my breasts, then lapping up all the juices you’re causing to flow.”

He releases my hair and pulls my shirt off quicker than quick. His lips encircle my breast through my bra and the friction of the sheer lace fabric is an added bonus sensation I wasn’t expecting.

“Fuck, Morgan, damn. I have an idea.”

“Mmmm,” he answers, not stopping kissing and sucking my nipples.

“While you’re going down on me, I want you to be on top of me with your cock down my throat.”

This gets his attention and he lifts me over to his bed immediately. Sitting in front of him I kiss and bite his hip bone as he works his pants off. Pausing, he pulls his belt from it’s loops and looks down at me in a way that piques my interests as to what’s going on in his mind.

“Do you trust me?”

“Yes,” I firmly answer.

Grabbing under my ass he lifts me like it’s nothing and tosses me into the center of the bed. Belt still in hand he presses his full weight on top of me and finds my wrists, pulling them over my head, and begins strapping them into his belt.

“Fuck, yes,” I breath into his ear and again wrap my legs around his hips, pulling him more firmly into me.

“Wait, I got ahead of myself, I want to feel your hands caress me before we sixty–nine.”

He pulls my hands back down towards his waist and sets free his thick cock. He let’s my hands find him and he’s so smooth and his shaft so soft it’s a delight to jerk him off. He rolls his hips into my hands as he reaches for my skirt, pushing it away and moving a hand to my hot spot.

“Oh my god, you’re soaking wet.”

“Your fault,” I jest.

“I want to taste you so badly.”

His lips find mine and our tongues wrestle again while he slips a finger inside me. Those strong fingers of his have me moaning into his mouth almost uncontrollably. I’m aching for him in the worst way and I want more.

“Morgan,” I break my mouth away, “I want your cock down my throat so I can moan on it as you keep doing what you’re doing. Please keep doing what you’re doing, don’t stop.”

My breath becomes ragged as he plunges a second finger deep inside me and begins working them against my g–spot. In an instant my tied hands are pulled back above my head and he’s turning to position himself. His dick hovering over my mouth he moves his shin to pin down my arms.

“Let me know if you need a break,” he offers before lowering his gorgeous cock towards my mouth. Damnit what a sweetheart, it makes me want to swallow his hard on that much more.

He felt big in my hands but not having them to help me while sucking his cock I realize how big he really is. Normally I can take a dick to the hilt in this position, but I don’t think I get anywhere close with him, mostly because of his girth. Jackpot. I love how solid his entire body is, and I want it grinding up against mine all night. My legs start to tremble uncontrollably and I feel the pulse of an orgasm start to roll through my body. He feels it too and starts making his licking and fingering deeper and more rhythmic. I moan hard onto his cock as I cum and I feel him stop licking me to pant out a gasp in pleasure from it. He pulls out of my mouth and I want him in me again, asap.

“Come here. Set my hands free.”

He listens and soon his mouth is back on mine and my legs and arms are wrapped tightly around him while we start to grind against one another.

“I can taste myself on your lips.”

“You taste so sweet, I could eat you out all night.”

“I could let you, if I didn’t want that cock of yours filling me. But go slow at first, you’re pretty thick.”

He slows down his rocking against me and positions the head of his cock on my slit. I begin to push against him and he pulls away. I move to push against him again and again he pulls just out of my reach.

“Oh so you’re going to tease me, are you?”

“Tell me how badly you want it.”

“I want it desperately, I want you to slide in me up to your balls and work it slow and deep.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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