Suzanne’s First Photoshoot

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Micheal text me the next morning while I was lying in bed with a hangover.

“You’ll be feeling it today.”

“Just a bit. But it was good!”

“Gary say’s you’re seeing each other one day this week.”

“Yeah… He’s coming here on my day off!”

“Nice. You want to come to mine after work for an hour or so one day too? I’d love a bit of one on one…”

“Time is tricky. Give me a lift home one night?”

“Shag you in the car?”

“If you want too x”

Tuesday night Micheal drove me home. We stopped in a lane and I climbed in the back with him.

We kissed and touched, I sucked his cock and then lay on my side with my back to him and pulled up my skirt.

“My bum is still a bit tender.”

Micheal pulled my knickers and tights down and fucked my pussy hard in the back of his car. It lasted about five minutes before he came inside me.

“Are you on the pill?” he belatedly asked.



He drove me home.

My day off was Thursday and I was trembling with excitement. I hid in bed till John left for work, because I was so worried he would notice! When the kids went to school I had a long soak in the bath before Gary turned up at 10.30.

It turned out he was a plumber so he parked outside and came in with his toolbox! I thought it was the perfect cover for any nosy neighbours! The whole thing felt like a cliche. I answered the door in the nude and we only said “Hi” before I was on my knees unzipping him and giving him a blowjob. I wanted to take him to the spare room, but he insisted we did it in the marital bed. I felt like a disgrace and sexy as hell in equal measure as we did it on John’s side of the bed. I watched myself in the mirror as he fucked both my holes for ages.

“You’re fucking great in bed, Suzanne. I’ve about five or six mates who’d be dying to meet you” he told me as I gave him another blowjob. “You’re husband is getting in the way of you having some serious amounts of fun.”

The last time we fucked he couldn’t cum, having already given me a load up my bum and two in my mouth. I let him give me a golden shower in the bathroom and then quickly showered and put on a wee pair of shorts, a vest top and heels at his request.

“Let’s go down to the kitchen and I’ll take some pictures of you for my photographer friends.”

We went downstairs and he took some pictures of me on his camera phone pulling my top up and my shorts down. I did as I was told when he asked me to squat down, spread my cunt and pee in a bucket while he snapped away.

“You’re such a tart” he laughed. He sent the pictures to his friends. I suspected to more of them than just those he said.

Later that night, he text saying his friend owned one of the upmarket pubs in town and had offered the place to him for his friend to take pictures of me the following week. Whatever day my day off was if I could manage.

“What will happen to the pictures?”

“You’ll be paid for them.”

“But then what happens?”

“Well he sells them to magazines.”

“What if someone found out? Can’t we just do the pictures for fun?”

“If you want. Bit boring but.”

I didn’t answer. I got spooked. Suddenly the reality of what I’d been doing that last week happened upon me. I felt like I’d taken enough risks.

Micheal stopped me in work the following Monday.

“I thought you were serious about being bored. Looks like you’ve had your fun and went back in your box from what Gary says”

I was embarrassed. I worried about if he said to people what had happened between us and his friends. And a bit of me was angry with myself for allowing it all to happen, but when I thought back to the night out and the two times after, I got hot and I felt like I was cheating myself.

“I’ll do the pictures. I’m off next Wednesday.” I text to Gary. He didn’t reply for a couple of days. He only said “Ok” when he did.

On the Tuesday night, when I thought that it wasn’t going to happen he sent me a message telling me he’d meet me at the bar at eleven the following day.

“What have you got you could wear? Going out stuff.”

“How about a black jumpsuit?”

“Fine. Heels, knickers, hold ups. Nothing else.”

I got to the bar half an hour early and a fat older man came outside when he saw me waiting.

“Suzanne, yeah?”

I nodded.

“Come in. I’m Freddie. This is my place.”

The bar was stunning. There were polished wooden floors and a marble topped bar. There were leather seats in the rounded booths facing the bar, and lots of mirrors on the walls.

“You want a drink for the nerves?” Freddie asked.

“I’ll have a vodka and coke”

I had a bag with my outfit in and I put it down and sat in one of the booths. illegal bahis He brought me over my drink.

“You’ve not met George yet then, no? The photographer?”

“No. Not yet. I’m Gary’s friend.”

“Yeah he told me about you.” he smiled. I blushed.

“Shouldn’t be long till he’s here. They’ve used the place before. I don’t mind. I get a look at what’s going on!” he laughed.

Gary and his friend George turned up shortly afterwards and sat down with me.

“Gary showed me your pictures, Suzanne.” George said. “Very nice for an amateur and their first shots I thought. I’ve a magazine I regularly pass shoots on to who cater for the MILF market. I know they would definitely be interested in featuring you. I understand that you’re a bit unsure about being published even though it’s a fantasy of yours.”

“I’m just worried someone I know sees me.”

“I understand. Lots of girls feel the same. I can’t recall anyone ever coming back and saying that’s happened.” It didn’t reassure me but I felt I had to do it. I didn’t like the idea of seeming like I was all mouth.

“It’s fine. I’ll take the chance.”

“Good girl, Suzie” Gary praised me. The fact that Gary wanted me to do it was reason enough for me to go through with it.

“So we send the pictures off to the magazine and they write the blurb – sometimes they make up a name – but Gary says that you like the idea of your real fantasies and things being next to the pictures?”

“I guess so.”

“If that’s the case I can send a bit about you along with the pictures if you want. I’ll just ask you a few questions?”

“Umm. I don’t know.”

“Just go for it, Suzanne.” Gary said softly. “Might be the only chance you get to make your fantasy come true.”

“I don’t know.” I blushed. “Let me think.”

“It’s up to you” George said impatiently. “Either way I’ll get set up.”

Freddie showed me where the toilets were so I could get changed. I’d done my hair and make up at home, so after getting dressed and a little touch up, I was ready in ten minutes. The jumpsuit was really tight on my figure and had a halter neck and open back. I sat there for five minutes trembling. Half scared half excited. I came out and asked for another drink.

“Ok so will we do the paperwork?” asked George.

“Yes. I’ll answer the questions too.”

“Great! They’ll like that!” George beamed.

He’d set up all his lights and camera facing the bar and there was a stool waiting for me. I hoped up on the stool and waited.

“Okay so let’s get these questions out of the way. I’ll just catch your answers on this recorder on my phone okay?”


“So do you prefer Suzanne or Suzie?”

“Some friends call me Suzie but put Suzanne.”

“Fine. How old are you Suzanne?”

“I’m 38.”

“Nice age. And you’re married?”

“Yes. For four years. Been together since I was eighteen.”

“Great. Happily married? Probably not from what I am hearing about you.”

I laughed “Hmm mostly but something is missing.” Freddie was plying me with drinks.

“No problem. So what’s your size in a dress and your bra size?”

“I’m ten on top, twelve on the bottom usually. 32b boobs. I’d like to be ten all over again I think.”

“You’ve got nice curves.”


“So what kind of guys do you like?”

“I prefer older guys.”

“And you like married men presumably?”


“Very nice. Have you always liked older men? Is your husband older?”

“Yeah I have but he’s the same age as me.”

“Really? Okay. So have you been with many older men?”

“A few.”

“Just recently or before?”

“Before as well. In my twenties. Guys in their forties.”

“Regular thing or one night stands?”

“One regular thing and a few one night stands. I’ve had one night stands with younger men too.”

“Very nice. Is that something you enjoy a lot then?”


“Nice. Do you like girls too?”

“Yes but I haven’t done that since I was about nineteen.”

“I see. But you would again?”


“Lovely. And would you be dominant with a woman or submissive?”

“Submissive. I’ve like to be dominated by more than one girl.”

“A couple of butch lesbians then?”

“Maybe!” I laughed.

The more questions George asked the more relaxed I felt.

“Okay so as far as sex goes Gary told me that you had some fun with him and Michael and Alan recently”

“Yes. At Micheal’s flat.”

“I think they’ve had a few girls over there for fun!” he laughed.

“I thought they might have!”

“So did you have lots of fun with them?”

“Yes. I’d always imagined doing something like that.”

“Wonderful. So was it like you expected?”

“Kind illegal bahis siteleri of. Some of the things – no.”

“Oh really? What kind of things?”

“I dunno if I want to say lol.”

“Don’t be shy.”

“There was lots of anal sex. When I’ve had one night stands before I’ve usually had anal sex. I had two cocks in my bum at once that night as well which was new.”

“Really? How naughty of you. Did you like it? Did it hurt?”

“It hurt a bit but I liked it. It got easier.”

“Great. So if the readers are looking at your pictures and wanking over you imagining getting you into bed on a night out they could expect to shag you up the arse?”


“Lovely! And maybe guys on a night out might meet you and take you to a flat for a gang-bang when you are out dressed like that? Would you like that?”

“Yes I would.”

“You are far more adventurous than you look Suzanne!”

“Lol thanks I think.”

“Would do you do double anal again?”


“How about two big dicks in your pussy?”

“I guess that might be eaiser.”

“Would certainly fill you up nicely!”

“Yeah lol”

“Okay so Gary told me that you let guys piss in your mouth?” I was horribly embarrassed. “Don’t be shy about that – it’s very sexy.”

“That was the first time.”

“A few firsts then? Have you done it since?”

“Yes. With Gary.”

“Do you like it?”


“Would you let a stranger do it the first time you had sex?”

“I’m not sure. I guess I did.”

“Hmm yes I guess you did.” George switched off the recorder and picked up his camera. “Okay let me point my big lens at you then.” I giggled.

Freddie had put a massive cocktail on the bar for me. “Can you put your hand on the drink and look at me and smile please?” George asked. I did as I was told and he started to snap away.

“Great – such a pretty smile.” he praised me.


“Okay so now can you pick up the glass and make like you are taking a sip while looking into the camera please.” He took some more pictures and all my nerves started to ebb away. For the first time I could remember I felt real confidence in myself and how I looked. I was already thinking that men would be looking at the end result and it got me excited.

George had me stand up and put the drink on the bar again and asked me to put my hands on my hips and to cock them slightly to the side. “Can you stand a little hen-toed and cutesy too please?” he asked. I liked his directions and felt like he knew how to make me look good.

“Turn around now slowly and then when you have your back to me then look back over your shoulder and give me a big smile.” Slowly I turned round and let him take his pictures then instinctively, without being asked, I leaned forward a bit and pushed my bum out towards him. “That’s great, Suzanne! If you have ideas then please carry on or let me know.”

Still looking back, I lifted my hands up to run my fingers through my hair and mess it up a little while I pouted into the camera. Then I laid my elbows on the bar and bent over with my legs shoulder width apart. I reached up and pulled the halter neck over my head and looking back again, cupped the material over my boobs and stood open mouthed looking deep into the camera.

“Very sexy, Suzanne.”

I was imagining all of the guys, all different kinds of guys, who would be looking at the pictures with their cocks in their hands masturbating over me. I imagined that some of them would want to make love to me, some of them would want to fuck me and some of them might even be fantasising about raping me or hurting me. I got wet. Spontaneously I didn’t turn round, but instead I moved to the stool and bending over it I pulled my jumpsuit and knickers down and reached back to spread both my holes for George.

“Wow what a shot!” he exclaimed.

I stood there pulling my fanny lips apart and spreading my cheeks in turn imagining all the things men reading the magazine would want to do with me and how I would be ready and willing to let them do it.

“How about a finger in your cunt?” George asked. I did as I was told entering my wet hole and getting ever more excited as he took picture after picture. I climbed onto the stool and he took pictures of me sucking my finger to taste myself.

Soon I was only wearing the hold ups and heels and kneeling on the stool fingering my bum while he took close ups of it. Looking across the room I could see Freddie and Gary sat in different booths. Gary was stroking his massive dick watching me and Freddie was tugging at his little fat cock. It reinforced the idea of who would be looking at me and I got more and more turned on. I sat on the stool with my legs spread and let George take pictures canlı bahis siteleri of me first spreading my lips and then fingering myself.

“How many fingers can you get in there?” he asked?

“Three or four.”

“Lets start with that.”

I worked them inside my hole while he took his pictures. He asked me to sit on the bar and keep doing it and he took some more. “Give me a second” he asked and went to his bags. He put down the camera and came back with some lube which he applied to his right hand. “Okay if I touch you?” I nodded.

He lubed up his hand and had me open my legs then started to work his fingers inside me. I sighed with pleasure and watched the other two with wicked grins on their face playing with their dicks. George worked first three and then four big fat fingers inside my hole. Then he put more lube on and tried to work deeper into me.

“Have you ever fisted yourself?” he asked.


“If you can, I’d like pictures of that. Let me open you up first.”

I agreed and he kept working his hand into me. I looked into his eyes and his left hand came up and touched my cheek. I leaned more towards him and he licked my left nipple. I put my fingers through his receding hair and started panting heavily. We kissed and he shoved his tongue in my mouth as I felt his fist fill my cunt. It was incredibly intense! He did that for a few minutes then eased out, and helped me lube my hand. I slowly started fisting myself for the first time in my life while he caught the moment in pictures. I was soon deep inside myself driven on by having seen Freddie shoot his load watching. He was immediately back trying to wank his little dick hard again! I loved that I was doing that to him!

George gave me a dildo which he had lubed and asked me to start using it first on my cunt on the bar and then kneeling in a free booth – first in my pussy and then in my bum. I had stopped caring as to if anyone would see the pictures. I was loving behaving like such a tramp – a million miles from my boring life – at that moment I wanted no limit of men to see what I was doing and want me.

The dildo had a suction cup end and I placed it on the table top. Then squatting down over it I took it into my bum and held my pussy wide open for George to take pictures. I groped my little tits and played with my nipples. By now George and I were having an ongoing conversation.

“Great Suzanne you’re a natural!”

“It’s such a turn on!”

“Have you satisfied yourself while I’ve been shooting?”

“Kind of. Not really.”

“Can you stick that to the end of the booth and bend over and back onto it and I’ll shoot you from the side?”

“If you help me guide it in.”

George came over and helped guide the big dildo up me. I started rocking back and forward against it panting.

“Keep still at least till i get the shots baby.”

“I’m so horny!”

“You’re quite the little trollop, are you?”


“We’re nearly done. I’m sure we can help then.”

“Please…I need fucked. I want a hard cock in me.”

“I’m sure we can manage that.”

For the end of the shoot, George asked if I would be willing to let him photograph me pissing. I agreed. I’d have done anything at that point. I squatted down in front of the booth and after a few minutes, looking up at the camera mouth open in ecstasy, I peed on the floor while George snapped away. When I finished there were just a few shots of a smiling me and then me blowing kisses.

“We’re done.” George said.

Right away he put down the camera and picked me up, bending me over the table flat on my tummy. I heard him pull down his trousers and I let out a yelp of delight as he entered my pussy. He wasn’t that big, but he fucked my furiously hard slapping my arse as he did. It lasted a few minutes and I came before he spunked deep inside me. As soon as he pulled out, Freddie was ready behind me and he put his wee dick into my arse without asking. I wouldn’t have stopped him. He fucked me for less than a minute before he came over my bum.

Suddenly Gary grabbed me and manhandled me over to a low table on the other side of the room. I got on my hands and knees with the other two in front of my. I sucked their spunky cocks in turn while Gary gave me what I really needed. A hard deep anal fucking. The other two squeezed my tits, called me a bitch and a slag, and George came in my mouth. Gary emptied his balls deep inside my rectum. Freddie was struggling to get hard again. I sat him on the stool at the bar and wanked him hard and rubbed his cock on my tits begging for his cum.

“Spunk on me!” I begged. I talked dirty to him. Eventually he got off when I was talking about working in the bar and punters shagging me in the toilets. He came loads and I licked it all up off my tits and fingers in front of him.

George paid me £300 for the pictures.

They appeared in an issue of a MILF magazine two months later.

When they did, all my future decisions had been made for me…

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