Tales of Lustville Pt. 02 Ch. 03

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In this chapter, our fun loving characters find love, fuck anything that stands still long enough, and we meet some new characters!!


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Scene Three

Reunion, or You Can Never Go Home Again

Five days had passed since she had met Sarah, and as much as Marta hated being away from her, she’d had to come home to get some paperwork together for a real estate deal she was about to close.

With all the papers filled out, signed, and sent off by messenger to her broker, she kicked back on the divan in her bedroom and turned on the TV. Surfing through the channels, she finally settled on the world music channel. A soft latin beat filled the room, and she laid back, closing her eyes as she thought about the time she’d spent with Sarah over the last few days.

It amazed her how well the older woman knew so much about her so quickly, and how in tune their bodies were with each other. She hadn’t been kidding when she’d told Sarah that she was the best lover she’d ever had that first morning they’d woken up together. She only reinforced it every time they made love to each other. They had yet to have an awkward moment, or done something that the other didn’t like.

She started drifting off as she replayed the memories of her love sessions with Sarah, and frowned when her phone rang. She thought about ignoring it, and just letting it go to voicemail, but thought better of it. It might be her broker, or someone else about the new property, and she’d hate to miss this opportunity after all the work they had put into it.

She rolled over and picked up her phone, looking at the screen to see who was calling. She didn’t recognize the number, so she hit answer, turning the volume down on the home theatre as she said, “Hello?”

“Marta? Is that you baby?” A deep male voice asked her.

“Da…Daddy?” She gasped.

“What’s our most special day? I have to know that it’s really you, baby.” He replied.

“July Fourth.” She said. “It’s your birthday. And our special day. You tell me the year.”

“Nineteen ninety-seven.” He said softly. “Oh my god. It really is you. I’ve been trying to find you!”

“I’ve been trying to find you too!” She said, fighting to keep the tears out of her voice. “Where are you? Your profile says you live in Lustville now! When did you move here?”

“I moved here a few weeks ago. One of my letters came back marked, ‘Return to sender’, with a Lustville postmark, so I came looking for you.”

“I’m sorry, Daddy. I had some problems with the mail for a while. It was all fucked up.” She laughed. “I moved into a new house, and just got settled. Where are you? What part of town are you in? I want to see you!”

“I live on Baker, that’s on the east side of town.” He said. “And I want to see you too, baby. I’ve missed you so much!”

“Holy shit, Daddy! That’s only three blocks from me!” She giggled. She gave him the address quickly. “Can you come over now? Please?”

“I’m on the way. I’ll be there in five minutes.” He said eagerly. “I have to hang up, I’m on the house phone.”

“Hurry, Daddy.” She said as she stood up, running down the stairs. “And Daddy?”

“Yes, baby?”

“Be hard when you get here!” She laughed.

“I already am, baby! I already am.” He laughed as he hung up the phone.

* * * * *

It seemed like an eternity, instead of just five minutes. Marta ran to the door when the bell rang, flinging it open.

“Daddy!” She screamed happily, throwing herself into his arms. “I missed you so much!”

“I missed you too, baby.” He said as she dragged him into the house, closing the door behind them. “Uh, do you always answer the door naked?” He laughed as she rained kisses all over his face.

“Only for you, Daddy.” She said as she dropped to her knees, her fingers tearing at his belt, then jerking down the zipper on his pants, pushing them down roughly. She gasped as his huge, stone hard cock sprang up in her face, and she wrapped both hands around it, planting sloppy wet kisses all over it.

“Oh god! I’ve missed you so much!” She panted as she rubbed the spongy knob of his cock all over her face, then opened her mouth and sucked it inside, moaning happily as it filled her mouth.

“Oh god, baby girl! Nobody sucks my dick like you do!” He moaned as she swallowed almost a third of his cock, taking it deep into her throat. Kicking off his shoes, he worked his pants off over his feet as he leaned back against the door. His pushed his hips forward, groaning as his cock slid deep into her throat again.

She had both hands wrapped around the bloated shaft, and she ran them lovingly all over the tightly stretched skin covering it. Pulling his cock from her mouth, she dipped down, licking at the underside, then dragged her tongue up slowly, swishing it back and forth over the thick tube seaming the underside. When she reached the head, she tilted his cock down, then ran her tongue all over the fat crimson knob, drooling on it heavily. She bursa escort brought her hand up, massaging her spit into the head of his cock as she moved her mouth down along one side of his cock.

“Oh fuck, Daddy! I’ve missed your cock so much!” She moaned as she slobbered all over his throbbing cockstalk.

Monty reached down, pulling her to her feet, then scooped her up in his arms. “Bed?” He asked, looking around the well appointed foyer as he stepped into the living room.

“Down the hall, first door on the right.” She said as she put her arms around his neck. “But we have to talk, Daddy.”

“We can talk all you want, baby.” He said as he turned down the hall, then kicked the first door he came to open. He stepped into the room and tossed her onto the bed, making her squeal with laughter. He pulled his shirt over his head as he climbed up on the bed, reaching for her. “It’s been so long, baby! Oh god! I’ve missed you so much. Come on, come to Daddy, Marta. I need you so bad.”

“Wait, Daddy!” She said, backing away from him. “I…I can’t. At least not yet. We have to wait for Sarah.” She reached down, wrapping her hand around his cock, stroking it gently. “I’ll make you feel good, Daddy! I promise! But I can’t fuck you till Sarah get’s here. I promised her too.”

“What? Who the hell is Sarah?” He asked her as he tried to push her down on the bed. “Why are you being like this, baby? It’s been so long, for both of us! Why are you acting like this?”

“I told you. We have to wait for Sarah!” She said as she wriggled out of his grasp. “Let me suck your cock some more, Daddy! You like it when I suck your di…”

“I don’t want to wait, little girl!” He growled at her, grabbing her arm, pushing her face down on the bed. He climbed up on top of her quickly, forcing her legs apart with his knees as he pulled her ass up and back at him. Wrapping his fist around the middle of his cock, he rubbed it up and down over the sopping wet slit of her pussy, then started to push it in slowly.

“No!” She screamed, scrambling away from him on her hands and knees.

“Goddamn it, baby girl! You get your ass back over here!” He grunted as he lunged for her. He grabbed her ankle as his arm caught her across the back, knocking the wind out of her, and she fell sideways onto the bed, rolling onto her back. Scrambling up on top of her again, he spread his legs between hers, lifting her as he pressed the head of his cock into her pouty lipped pussy slit again.

“No, Daddy! Please? Not like this. You promised!” Marta whimpered, trying to push him off of her.

“Shut up you little whore! I came over here to fuck you an…”

“That’s no way to treat someone you love.” Sarah said from the door. “Would it have killed you to wait a few minutes? So she could show you how much she loves you?”

“What? Who the fuck are you?” He asked as he turned toward her.

“I’m Sarah.” She said as Marta scrambled out from under him and came over to stand behind her, wrapping her arms around her as she cried into her back. “We wanted your reunion to be special. But you really fucked that up, didn’t you?”

“What the fuck are you talking about? How the hell did you get in here?”

“Okay, I’m going to take it for granted that your time in prison turned you into an asshole. So let’s try this. You shut the fuck up, and we’ll pretend we’re meeting for the first time.” She said as she walked over to the bed. She held out her hand. “I’m Sarah. What’s your name? All Marta ever calls you is Daddy.”

“Monty. Monty Mathers.'” He said taking her hand. He was taken completely off guard by her calm demeanor, and wasn’t sure how to react now.

“I…I tried to te…tell you Da…daddy.” Marta said as she stepped up beside Sarah. “Sh…she’s my…”

“She’s my girlfriend. And she wanted me to be here to share a special moment with her.” She looked over at Marta. “Are you okay, honey? Did he hurt you?”

Marta shook her head and looked over at him. “I…I still wa…want to…to make you happy, Daddy. But you have to be nice. Li…like you used to be.”

“Do you think you can do that, Monty? Be nice, I mean?” Sarah said as she sat on the bed, keeping herself between Monty and Marta. “We’re going to go upstairs, and I’m going to get Marta cleaned up. Why don’t you get yourself a drink, then jump in the shower. If you can be nice, you can come up and join us. If not, well, you know where the door is.”

She stood up and took Marta’s hand, leading her out the door. Monty just watched in stunned silence.

* * * * *

“Let me look at you.” Sarah said as she turned Marta under the shower spray. “It looks like you’re going to have a bruise on this ankle. You’re sure he didn’t hurt you?”

Marta nodded, then looked up at her. “We used to do it like that all the time. It was a game we played.”

“It didn’t look like he was playing when I can in.” Sarah said, picking up a washcloth and squeezing soap out on it. She moved them out from under the spray and held Marta to her. She ran the washcloth lightly bursa escort bayan over her back, then down over the soft, round cheeks of her ass. “Are you sure you want to go through with this? He really could have hurt you, Marta.”

“I want to see him, Sarah. I…I need it. Can you understand that?” Marta said as she lifted her leg, letting Sarah run the washcloth down over her calf. She lifted the other leg, wincing as Sarah touched the tender skin around her ankle.

“I understand, but we can tell him to come back another time.” Sarah said as she turned her around and scrubbed the washcloth over her stomach slowly, then brought it up, running it over one full, round tit. She moved over to the other one, lingering for a long moment. “I love your titties.” She whispered in her ear. “They’re perfect, so firm and round. They don’t sag like mine do.”

“Your’s are two cup sizes bigger than mine.” Marta laughed. “And they don’t sag. You’ve got what the boys call heavy hangers. They all drool over them. I know I do!”

“I knew you liked them. You spend enough time sucking on them!” Sarah laughed as she moved her hand back down over her stomach. “Spread your legs. I’m going to wash your pussy. You always like it when I do that. I’ll make you cum if you want. We can take our time, there’s no hurry.”

“Mmmmm. I do like it when you do that.” Marta purred, spreading her legs and bending her knees as Sarah ran the washcloth slowly down between her legs. “Will you eat me when we get in bed? I’d really like to feel your mouth on me. Noooooo. Please, Sarah. Just wash me, okay? We can play later, after he leaves.”

“Oooooohhhh, you want that big dick, don’t you, you little slut.” Sarah panted in her ear. She ground the washcloth against her pussy mound, easing it between the puffy lips of her pussy.

“I…I’m so…sorry, Sarah.” Marta gasped as Sarah moved the rough washcloth over her clit. “I ca…Oh god, please, Sarah! Do it! Make me cum! Oooooohhhh, I’ll get you for this you bitch!” She whined as she bent her knees deeper, humping her pussy down onto her fingers.

“You love it, and you know it, you little slut! And you don’t have anything to be sorry about.” Sarah whispered as she let the washcloth slip from her hand. Her long, slim fingers slipped into the soft wet slit of her pussy and began moving up and down, pressing firmly into her clit. She brought her other hand around, holding Marta to her as she eased her fingertips up, brushing them lightly over her clit, making her gasp, then shiver. “Give it to me, Marta. I want you to cum for me, honey. Come on, you know you want to.”

Marta nodded her head as Sarah started grinding her fingertips over her clit, pressing on it with firm, steady pressure. She knew exactly how she liked it, and brought her up to the edge quickly. She kept her there, hovering just on the brink of cumming, gasping and moaning as she writhed against her, but not quite ready to beg for it yet.

“Count.” She said softly, as she started one of their favorite games. She tapped her fingers on Marta’s clit, making her jerk, then going back to stroking her gently.


“Very good.” Sarah whispered as she pressed harder on her clit, swishing her fingers from side to side.


“I don’t think you’re going to make it to ten today, you naughty girl.” She said as she changed her stroke to small, tight circles right over her clit.


“God! Your little pussy is just drooling, baby! You want that huge fucking cock bad, don’t you?” She said as she ground her fingers even harder onto her stiff clit button.

“F…fo…Fuck! Oh god, Sarah!” Marta groaned as she lost control and her orgasm surged over her. Her legs shook wildly, and Sarah had to hold her up as she kept up her steady stroking on her clit, guiding her through her climax.

“Shhhhh, baby. That’s right, let it happen. Mmmmmmm, it’s so good, isn’t it?” She slowed the steady movement of her fingers, easing her down, holding her against her as she whispered in her ear.

“Ohhhh, god! How do you do that?” Marta panted, leaning back against her as she tried to get her legs under her. “It’s like you’re inside my head with me, doing exactly what I want, when I want it!” She turned slowly, throwing her arms around Sarah’s neck, kissing her hungrily.

“Let’s rinse you off.” Sarah said as she pulled back from the kiss. She moved them back under the spray, holding Marta in front of her as she ran her hands over her, rinsing off the soap. She turned her around and finished rinsing her quickly.

“Hold on here, baby.” She told her as she wrapped her hands around the grab rail. “I need to rinse off too. I’ll be right back.” She stepped back under the spray and ran her hands over her own body, scrubbing off the soap quickly. When she was done, she turned off the shower and went back over to Marta.

“I…I can walk.” Marta said, letting go of the grab rail.

“I know.” Sarah said, taking her hand. “I just wanted you to wait for me.”

Taking escort bursa her hand, she led Marta into the bedroom and helped her get up on the bed. She saw Monty sitting on the other side of the bed and shook her head at him, signaling him to stay quiet.

“You really missed your Daddy, didn’t you Marta?” She said softly as she lay out over her, pressing her body against her.

“Oh god, I can’t tell you how much, Sarah.” Marta moaned as Sarah ran her tongue up over her neck, licking up droplets of water.

“You don’t have too. I can see it when you talk about him.” She said as she moved down, running her tongue lightly over her breasts, then down over the smooth expanse of her stomach. “Can I eat your pussy, Marta? Your Daddy’s going to be here soon. You want your pretty little pussy to be ready for him don’t you?”

“Mmmmmmm. You don’t fool me, you horny bitch!” Marta laughed, as she stretched languidly, her eyes closed as she lay back, letting Sarah pleasure her. “You just like to eat my pussy!”

“I do. It’s such a pretty little pussy. I’m glad you let me shave it.” She said as she laid out between her legs, spreading them wider as she brought her face down over the clean shaved lips of her pussy. “And it tastes so good! You’re so spicy! I’ve never tasted a pussy like yours before!”

Spreading the fleshy lips of her pussy with her fingers, Sarah blew a stream of cool air up and down the length of the pretty pink slit, making Marta giggle as her body shivered.

“Oooooohhhh! That feels soooooo good!” Marta giggled as she squirmed under the gentle caress. She moaned as Sarah dragged her warm tongue slowly up the cream soaked pink cleft, sucking one puffy lip into her mouth for a moment, then moving over to dart her tongue up to the tight hole of her pussy quickly. She moved over, taking the other puffy pussylip between her lips, chewing on it lightly.

“Oh god, Sarah!” Marta moaned as she writhed under her gentle caresses. “I’m so scared, baby! Do you think he’ll come? Do you think he still wants me? It’s been so long, I should have been nice to him. But I wanted you here with me. Do you…Oh god!”

“Shut up.” Sarah muttered into her pussy slit as she released her clit from between her teeth. She nipped at the tender little bud again, making her jerk, then kissed it lightly as she pulled back, looking over at Monty, raising one eyebrow at him.

Monty nodded and moved over toward them slowly as Sarah drew back.

“I need to go in the bathroom for a second, baby. Don’t move, I’ll be right back.” She said softly. “Keep your eyes closed, and dream about your Daddy. Everything is going to be alright, baby.”

“Okay, but hurry! You have to get me ready for him!” Marta whispered, her eyes still closed, a contented smile on her face.

Monty moved between his daughters legs as Sarah moved out of the way, looking at her as she moved across the bed. She was holding her fingers up, dropping them one at a time, as she smiled slyly at him. When she dropped the last finger, she nodded at him, and he pressed his lips to Marta’s pussy, stifling a moan, not wanting to give himself away yet.

He kissed her juicing pussy gently, then let his tongue slip out, swishing it slowly up and down the length of her drooling pussy slit. Marta purred, arching her pussy up at him, and he pressed his tongue into the tight opening of her cunt hole, running it in slow circles around the soft pink ring of flesh. His lips pressed harder to her juicing pussy slit as his slipped his tongue deeper into her creaming cunt channel, fucking it in and out as he sucked at the juice dripping hole.

Sarah moved over beside her, running her hand lightly over her gently heaving tummy, then drew it up over the full, firm mound of her breast. Her fingers traced little circles around the bumpy ring of her areole as she leaned closer, whispering in her ear.

“Mmmmm, that tongue feels so good in your little pussy, doesn’t it baby girl.” She moaned, her own tongue licking lightly around the shell of her ear. “Tell me how you’re going to fuck your Daddy when he gets here. Are you just going to push me away, and let him climb on top of you so he can stick that big dick in your hot, juicy pussy?”

Marta shook her head. “Never, I wouldn’t do that, not to you, Sarah.” She said, turning her head, her eyes opening. “Oh god baby, I love it when you get in my hea…” Her eyes went wide as she stared at Sarah, then looked down between her legs. She whimpered as she saw her Daddy stretched out between them, his mouth plastered to her creaming cunt hole as her ate her out. She looked back at Sarah, her eyes filling with tears.

“It’s time, baby girl.” Sarah said as she kissed her lightly. “Your Daddy is here for you. It’s time to let him fuck you. Are you ready? Do you want to feel his big dick sliding up i…”

Marta threw her arms around her as she kissed her hungrily. “Oh god! I love you so much! No one has even been as good to me…”

“Shhhhhh. I know, I know.” Sarah said softly. She looked down at Monty. He was sucking his daughter’s pussy eagerly, making loud slurping, snuffling noises as he sucked hungrily at her drooling cunt slit. She tapped him on the top of his head, and he looked up, his eyes glazed with lust.

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