Teaching Newlyweds Ch. 02

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Double Penetration

I want to thank the readers for their positive response to my earlier stories. This story is a continuation of my story of teaching my cousin Meera and her husband Satish how to enjoy sex and begins directly on that one ending. So, I recommend that you read that one first to put some of this in context. But, each story can stand on its own. I hope my stories bring you pleasure.

As Satish and I dozed off after a wonderful fuck, Raman and Meera decided to have fun.


Watching Satish fuck Suman made me hot and excited. I was absent-mindedly playing with my pussy while I sat next to Raman who was fondling my breasts and teasing my nipples. I was surprised when an orgasm simply snuck up on me. Who knew that the sight of Satish’s big cock fucking Suman would be so exciting? When Suman suggested that Raman fuck me again, I was more than ready. This time, I was more confident and had a better idea of what I wanted to do with Raman. Kissing each other, Raman and I went to the next room. Raman told me to take the initiative and do and ask whatever I wanted.

I told Raman that I wanted to play with his cock. As he lay on bed, I sat between his legs and took his cock in my hands. Earlier, I was in a trance and had not really looked at his cock properly. As I played with it, it began to swell in size until it was fully erect and hard. I was amazed at how it grew from just my fondling. I started to massage it from the bottom to the top and back down with both my hands. Then I bent down and teased the tip of his cock with my tongue. I had seen Suman play with Satish’s cock and, now, I was doing the same thing with Raman.

Slowly I twirled my tongue all round the head of his cock then licked the bottom and top of the shaft. Raman was clearly getting excited since his cock began to make small pulses. Rather than just let me play, Raman started to caress and tease my nipples. By now, my mouth was again at the head of Raman’s cock. Licking my lips, I opened wide enough to take the entire head in my mouth. I lowered my lips down his shaft, my tongue playing with the head. I started to completely give myself over to fully and vigorously sucking his cock and licking it everywhere. I could tell Raman was getting excited because he began to moan and told me it felt very good. I thought to myself, “Now I know how to suck a cock”. I was also getting excited and was surprised at how wet my pussy was.

Raman asked me to lie on the bed. He moved over top of me. I loved the way he sucked my nipples earlier, so I asked him to do that again. He started to tickle my nipples one by one with his tongue. It was wonderful. Now I was really enjoying it. As he increased the speed of his licking and occasionally sucked each nipple, I was almost on the verge of an orgasm. Raman lay on my right side and continued to suck and lick my nipples and began to rub my pussy with his hand, taking care to find and stroke my clitoris as well as rubbing a finger along my slit. It was too much for me. As I came, shouting out my pleasure, Raman held me and kissed me tenderly.

Raman said he wanted to lick and suck my pussy. But I was already wet and extremely horny. I said “I want you to fuck me, NOW.” I was no longer afraid to feel a cock in my pussy. In fact, I wanted it more than anything. I held his hard, hot cock in my hand and rubbed its length. As Raman moved on top of me, I spread my legs and guided his cock to my pussy. I spread my pussy lips preparing to be filled but Raman asked me to massage my clit with his cock. I moved the head of his cock feeling its fullness and heat over my clit and along my extremely wet pussy lips. I would not have thought to do this and was really surprised at how much I was enjoying the feeling of his cock rubbing my clit. After only a moment of this, Raman moved his hips forward and began to push his cock inside me.

His cock filled me so easily. Thinking back to my earlier attempts with Satish, I could not believe the difference in the feeling of doing things properly. To say I felt wonderful is an understatement. My pussy was fairly leaking juices. I asked him to lie with his full weight on me so that I could enjoy his cock filling my pussy. We kissed each other tenderly and just lay still, him fully inside me.

After a bit, Raman started to move in and out, fucking me slowly, while sucking my nipples. He moved back and forth from right nipple to left nipple making them both tingle with excitement. I could also feel my breasts swell. I was pushing my breasts up, arching my back, wanting him to work my breasts. At the same time, involuntarily I was pushing my hips off the bed, pressing my pussy into Raman so I could feel his cock filling me as deep as possible. My mind kept thinking how wonderful it was to really enjoy sex. I was fully aware of what was happening and enjoying every sensation. What a change from before with Satish. I was suddenly aware that kartal escort bayan I was having a series of mini orgasms and could feel my juices flooding my pussy.

I wanted it to last forever but, it was not too long before it was too much for me. My body started to shake and my pussy began clenching Raman’s cock as I experienced a huge orgasm. Raman lay on top of me with his erect cock still buried in my pussy. I realized that he had not cum. He said he thought I must be a bit tired. So we rolled over and he told me to relax for a while. We held each other and talked about the feelings I just experienced. I told him that I was feeling guilty that he had not cum while he was in my pussy. He said not to feel bad and that he had an idea if I was ready to try it. He asked me whether I was prepared to suck his cock and if it would be ok if he came that way. I told him I would be more than glad to try.

Raman lay on his back and I slid my body down to take hold of his cock. It was exciting to see his erect cock still glistening with my juices. I slowly licked it from top to bottom as I lay between his legs. Then I took him fully in my mouth and started to suck him, teasing the tip with my tongue. Little by little I took more of his cock in my mouth. I began to twirl my tongue round his head and shaft as I moved my head up and down his length. I could tell he liked it from his moans and how he was pushing his hips off the bed to get more of his his cock in my mouth. In addition to licking him, I employed a gentle sucking on the head of his cock as an alternate to fucking him with my mouth.

As my sucking increased, I could feel his cock getting harder and could feel the vein on the underside begin to pulse and throb. I knew he was about to cum. I had never tasted cum, so I stopped for a second and asked if he would cum in my mouth. Taking him back in my mouth, I began my sucking and licking anew. It did not take him long before he was unable to control himself. I felt the first bursts of his cum on my tongue and in the back of my throat. I swallowed quickly as more pulses began to fill my mouth. I took his cock out of my mouth and started to stroke it up and down watching in amazement as his cum continued to shoot out then gradually became small drips. As it came out, I would lick the head and all around as I sucked up all the cum I could see. Then, I licked his cock completely clean and took him back in my mouth. I could feel him shrinking as his orgasm subsided. Finally, letting him slip from my lips, I slid my body up on top of his. As I lay on him, we held each other tightly.

Raman was extremely happy. He told me that very few women enjoy sucking a cock like that and even fewer enjoy swallowing cum. He told me that I had done a great job and and expressed how much he enjoyed it. I told him that I was prepared to do anything sexually for him. We dozed off in each others arms.

Later, Suman and Satish woke us up saying it was time for lunch. I stood up, feeling comfortable being naked, walked over to Satish and hugged him tightly and told him I loved him. He said he was happy that I enjoyed Raman. He laughed and teasingly rubbed his fingers along my pussy lips, gently slipping one inside my still wet pussy. He asked if I had enough juices and energy for him and I to try fucking. Suman laughed and said that we should all eat well and replenish our energy, as well as our juices. Then, we freshened up and went out for lunch. During lunch, we discussed what happened. Satish said we had no words to thank Raman and Suman for what they taught us. Suman said what would make her most happy would be seeing Satish fucking me gently and us both enjoying one another. She said it was time for that to happen.

Since we were all tired, after lunch we decided it would be best to first take a nap.


As told by Suman and Meera, I was not aware that I had a big cock. Since I was an introvert, I had not discussed such things with friends. As a consequence I did not know how to enjoy sex or how to make it enjoyable for a woman. It was a revelation when Suman and Raman showed us. I had not seen Meera naked fully. So, I was curious about Suman’s body. I was glad I was able to explore it to some extent. Initially, I was hesitant and embarrassed to think about fucking Suman who was 15 years older than me. But as things heated up, and with Suman’s guidance, I was able to understand a woman’s body and its needs. Finally when I put my cock in Suman’s pussy it felt wonderful and exciting, though I did not last long enough to really enjoy it. I asked Suman to teach me more and she promised to teach me everything she could. But, she said what I needed to learn next was how to make love to my wife and bring her pleasure.

After lunch, we all slept like logs. Upon waking, we had tea and discussed what to do next. I was afraid to make a mistake and said I wanted to have another escort maltepe session with Suman before fucking Meera. But Raman and Suman insisted that it was time for me to make love to Meera. Meera agreed and said she was looking forward to feeling how my big fat cock would feel compared to the feelings she had shared with Raman. They told us to go slow and really explore each other and enjoy one another and the feelings. They offered to go to the other room so that we could have privacy. But, Meera and I insisted that we wanted them to watch us and supervise wherever the need arose.

Meera suggested that we undress and take some time to look at and explore each other’s body. I undressed her and started to caress her body. I had never properly seen her naked. She had nice large and firm breasts with full brown nipples like buttons which were already erect. As I fondled and teased the nipples I could see her breasts begin to swell. We kissed each other tenderly at first, then because we truly loved each other, automatically it turned to passion.

I could feel my cock begin to rise. I carried her to the bed and put her on it gently. As she lay there, she spread her legs for me to lie between them. I hugged her for some time and asked her not to be afraid and enjoy my cock. I slowly started to suck her nipples one by one, teasing them with my tongue. Meera was getting excited and started to press her breasts into my mouth for me to suck. In between, she started to deep kiss me. I moved to lay by her side and with one hand started to explore her pussy. I rubbed my fingers along her lips, separating them and finding her clit. The wetness of her lips was surprising. But taking that as I sign, I slipped a finger between her lips and gently pressed it inside her. My finger slipped easily inside as she was already wet with juices. As I sucked her right nipple, I was teasing her pussy and tickling her clit. She started to push her hips up and her pussy seemed to suck my finger inside.

After some time, I sat between her legs and spread her pussy lips and closely examined her. This was the first time I had seen her pussy that close. She was already fully wet and I could even see some juices flowing out to wet her inner thighs. I teased her pussy first on the outside all around her labia tickling and touching her tenderly. Then, I inserted one finger and rotated it all around making her more excited. When I took my finger out, it was covered with her juice. Suman told me to smell it and taste it. The smell was so good that after I sucked the juice on my finger, I inserted two fingers in her pussy. When I took my fingers out to smell again, Meera said she also wanted to smell her juices. As she smelled her own juice, saying how wonderful, I asked her to suck one of my fingers. She readily did, licking it clean, and said she wanted more.

I was surprised by her boldness and frankness. We both were so innocent about sex. Now both of us were eager to experience everything. What a wonderful change. I put two fingers back in her pussy and started to stroke her. In no time, I sensed a tenseness in her body and her breathing became deep, ragged and fast. I asked her if she was about to cum. She nodded her head and closed her eyes. I increased my speed tickling her clit and then she went stiff and quivered lightly with her orgasm, the first one we had shared. After she calmed down, I removed my fingers and licked her juices. I told her I wanted to lick her pussy.

I spread her legs and started by kissing her pussy on the outside. After kissing all around, I wanted to use my tongue. I licked the outside of her pussy, then pushed my tongue inside and licked all her juices. Then, with my tongue, I tickled her clit. She was now panting with excitement pushing her pussy up for me. She said she wanted to cum and asked me to lick and suck her clit more. As my sucking increased, she shouted that she was cumming. Her body shook and her thighs squeezed my head. She took the back of my head in her hands and pulled me tighter.

I licked her pussy clean and with my lips still covered with her juice, I moved up her body and kissed her. She liked that and her tongue was everywhere on my face as she licked her own juices. We had feelings like we had never experienced before. A woman’s orgasm is amazing. A woman with whom you are in love having an orgasm with you is something else altogether. We hugged each other savoring the moment, tenderly kissing each other. We had never imagined we could feel so much pleasure together.

Meera then said its was her turn to explore my body.


As Satish was fondling and teasing my nipples, I was unable to control myself. It felt so great that he was doing all these things with me for the first time and I really was enjoying the feelings. I must have cum 2 or 3 times. And, I surprised myself by asking to taste my own juices. I had never pendik escort imagined such things. But it all came naturally.

Now it was my turn to feel his body. I made him lay on the bed and kissed him. I then straight away took hold of his cock, which was now fully erect. With both my hands I fondled it, feeling it all over, really seeing every inch for the first time. As I was fondling it, his precum started to leak out. I bent my head, stuck out my tongue and licked it. I felt like kissing his cock. Everyone was surprised when I suddenly started to kiss it all over passionately. I could not control myself and just threw myself into the feelings of tasting his cock. I was feeling happy and proud that Satish had such a wonderful big cock. I felt “this is MINE and I get to be fucked by it whenever I want”.

I licked this cock on all sides, slowly at first and then faster. I wanted to suck it. I had to open my mouth fully to take the head in. I got the first few inches in my mouth. At first, I started to choke, but slowly I could take some more of his cock in my mouth. Raman’s cock was smaller and I was able to take it in more easily. But this cock was thicker. as well as longer. After some time I was able to relax and adjust and started to suck him nicely. When I twirled my tongue around his cock, I could feel it twitching as his excitement increased. He started to lift his hips to push up his cock up for me to suck deeper. His excitement was having its effect on me as well. I was also getting wetter. My juices were flowing freely and I desperately wanted my husband’s large cock inside me

Now I knew that we both were ready to have our first real fuck. I lay back on the bed and Satish spread my legs wide and settled his body against mine preparing to enter me. I had a moment of fear remembering how painful it had been in the past. But I was determined to have that cock in me. As Satish lay on top of me, Raman and Suman also came and sat next to us on the bed. Suman told me to relax, forget the past and let myself enjoy the sensations.

As Satish lifted his hips, I spread my pussy lips with one hand and held his cock in the ‘other. Satish kissed me tenderly. Then, he slowly started to push forward, the head of his cock starting to open my pussy. He moved slowly and I was surprised to realize that almost half of it went smoothly inside. He was finally in my pussy and, though my pussy felt stretched, there was no pain, only pleasure and fullness.

Satish held himself like that for a moment and then continued to slowly push further inside until I felt our hips meet and realized his cock was now fully inside me. There was just a hint of pain, but the overall feeling was wonderful. Satish lay still on me and hugged me. I kissed him with passion and held him tight. My excitement was beyond what I had imagined. My pussy was fully wet and I was in a different world.

As Satish started to gently move in and out, I realized that we were truly fucking and there was no pain. Instead there was a pleasure beyond anything I had felt before, even with Raman. I was pushing my hips off the bed opening my pussy more fully to his huge cock. I was overwhelmed with emotions and excitement and did not fully know what was happening. I was shouting and in no time I had a huge orgasm. My whole body was spasming and my legs were up in the air and then closing around Raman’s hips, my thighs quivering with the fullness of my completion. It was an amazing moment for both of us. Satish hugged me tight enjoying the feeling of my orgasm. We were kissing one aother more passionately than ever.

After letting me finish, and waiting a few moments, Satish again started to fuck me anew. He continued to be slow and careful at first, but with passing moments he became more and more forceful. I could feel my juices running out of my pussy with each stroke of his cock. He was now more excited and said he was unable to wait any longer. As his speed increased I was also unable to control myself and was in the throes of another orgasm. As he started to explode in me pumping his cum deep inside, I also came. This is what I was always told sex was supposed to be. And, my bonus was I was being fucked by my husband’s huge cock. The pleasure was unable to be described.

As our excitement ebbed, we hugged and kissed each other tenderly. I told him that from now on we will make up for lost time and fuck regularly. He was also very happy. Raman and Suman, who were watching us were extremely happy for us. Satish slipped out of my pussy and went over to Suman and hugged her thanking her for all the help. I went to Raman with my pussy overflowing with cum and my own juices and thanked him. We told them that they have to teach us fully how to enjoy sex over the next two days. We all took time and refreshed ourselves after Satish and I cleaned up. We talked about what to do next. Satish and I said that we wanted to try to do everything any of us could think of to do.

Thus ends the story of my first satisfying fuck with my husband Satish’s huge cock. I am eagerly looking forward to fucking Raman in different ways so that Satish and I can know what options area available to us for pleasure.

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