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“Thank you for coming home with me for Thanksgiving.” She said as they drove down the dusty road.

“You are welcome.” He said as he looked out the window enjoying the landscape.

“I know it is not much to look at, but it is home.” She muttered apologetically.

“I think it is beautiful scenery. The different color rock layers, the splash of green here and there and the occasional yellows from the cacti.” He replied with awe.

“Did you just say cacti?” She said giggling.

“I did. That is the plural form of cactus. Cacti.”

“I know it is, but, we just call it cactus. Do not worry about using the correct verbiage while you are visiting. No one will care if you use ain’t or is not. No one cares if you use a double negative or end the sentence in a preposition. What they do care about is if you relax and enjoy yourself.” She replied as she reached over to hold his hand.


He heard as they pulled up the drive.

“That’s my dad! He yells that every time he is outside and I pull up. He started that when I got my drivers license and has never stopped.” She said as a smile started on her lips and her eyes misted.

She set the car in park, unfastened her seatbelt, and threw open the door as the dust settled around the car.

“DAD!”, She yelled as she ran into his open arms.

He opened his door and walked up to them as they finished their embrace. Holding out his hand after the introductions were made, he expected the “I am going to grip your hand very hard because she is my daughter and if I hurt your hand you will not be able to touch her and let that be a warning to you.” handshake from a protective dad. Instead, he was greeted with a firm hand shake and a “Nice to meet you.”

“Leave the bags and come in and meet mom!” She said as she held onto her dads arm and almost skipped to the house.

A broad smile formed on his face as he thought, “So this is home.” She became a kid again, surrounded by all things familiar. It was a good thing to see after all of the stress with the college courses.

Their first meet flashed in his mind and he smiled at the memory. He remembered he did not have the awkward feeling he normally had when he was interested in a particular girl. However, he knew he wanted to know everything he could about her and that caused nerves to perform a little dance in his stomach.

He wanted to sit next to her and listen to her talk.

He wanted to try to make her smile and laugh.

He wanted to walk next to her and hold her hand.

He wanted to feel her lips touch his as they embraced.

He knew all of this the first time he saw her while eating breakfast in the commons. He pushed his plate of eggs and untouched bacon aside and stood to see where she would stop.

With confidence, he walked over to her after she had placed the items on her tray, and payed before she could reach into her purse. “I have a table right over there if you would like to have breakfast with me.” He said as she looked at him with her mouth agape.

That was their first meet and date rolled into one.

He sighed as he followed them into the house.

The introductions went as well if not better than expected. Her family accepted his quiet demeanor and appeared to be relieved that he did not present himself as loud and attention seeking. He listened to stories of childhood, both bragging and embarrassing, and stated, “The secret is safe with me.” followed by a wink many times after a brutally embarrassing story was shared.

“I feel it is only fair to recall a few blush causing moments of my past.” He said, in order to deflect the embarrassment barrage.

The rest of the evening was filled with visits from family, a tour of the property then ended with smores around a fire. “The stars look so large and so close that you could knock them out of the sky with a stick.” He remarked. They gave a light chuckle and commented that sometimes they forget to look up and enjoy the view. After everyone leveled their heads and built another smore, she informed her parents the next day would consist of her taking him on an adventure. They were going to go visit her favorite mesa then explore some abandon mining camps.

The usual parental warnings of safety and precautions were still being said as they began to walk towards the house. She leaned in and gave him a kiss then hugged him tightly before she showed him to his room. Her parents did a good job of acting like they did not see the interaction as they entered the house. Not that he was dry humping her or slathering his tongue all over her face when they entered, but the simple kiss and embrace seemed to not bother her parents. Especially her dad.

He awakened at 5:15 the next morning and had the coffee brewing by 5:20. Every one else was still asleep so he took his freshly brewed coffee outside and watched the eastern sky as it began to lighten.

He heard the door close softly behind him.

“Beautiful, just beautiful. Sometimes we forget to admire illegal bahis the beauty that is right in front of us. Your little comment about the stars last night reminded me to stop and look.”

Her dad took a sip of his coffee and stood next to him.

“It is almost beyond words.” He said. A little surprised that her dad seemed comfortable in opening up to him. At least he felt like he opened up.

“You are an early riser. That surprises me. Many times younger people like to stay in bed as long as they can.” Her dad remarked.

There was sincerity in his voice, a bit of surprise and a hint of a question. He did not feel as if he were being interrogated or accused of anything by the comment and decided to open up a little to her dad.

“I was like that. I felt if I got out of bed before noon then I had let myself down for not living up to the summer vacation expectations of a young person.”

He took a sip of his coffee then continued.

“I decided it showed prospective employers that I am not lazy and I have discipline. Plus, you know what they say. The early bird…”

They both chuckled and finished their coffee while engaging in more small talk. They entered the kitchen as the ladies were filling their cups with the day awakening liquid of hot steaminess.

After breakfast, they loaded the back of a Polaris with Flashlights, food and other essentials she said they needed for their adventure. He came out with a back pack and a pillow.

“You do realize that we will be back before supper time right? We are not camping over night.”

Her comments brought a laugh out of everyone and he acted like he was embarrassed. Then the laughter turned to howling from her parents when he put the pillow on the passenger seat then sat on it and buckled himself in after saying, “I have ridden with you in a car, I decided to protect myself in this thing with you driving.”

She punched him in the arm after she buckled in and started the vehicle. As they took off her parents were still laughing and waving goodbye.

The ride across the desert was filled with long stretches of fast driving, quick turns and sudden stops. A few times he held his hands above his head and yelled “WOOOOOOOO!!!!!” just as he would on a roller coaster. She laughed and held her hands up on some of the flat stretches which caused him to quickly lower his and reach for the steering wheel. These actions caused them both to laugh because of their shared love for adventure and silliness.

Once they reached an abandoned mining camp they took off their helmets and stretched.

“That was not as rough of a ride as I thought it would be.” He said as he grabbed her in a tight hug and smothered her face with kisses.

“I am a good driver. My dad lets me back the truck down the driveway on the weekends.” She said as she cocked her head to the side and began to walk towards a weather beaten building.

“Ooohhh, then she drops the Rainman quote.” He said as he whacked her butt with his hand when he ran up to her.

“HEY!” She yelped as she grabbed his arm then punched it again.

“You enjoyed it and you know it.” He stage whispered as he patted her behind.

“Maybe.” She whispered back then subconsciously bit her bottom lip.

They looked through some of the remaining shacks that were still standing, took some pictures next to abandon equipment and enjoyed the view as the sun winked over the mesa. They stood in awe as the shadows shortened in front of them and the colors of the land awakened.

After visiting a few more camps they started walking back to the Polaris when he pointed to a small building that was a short distance from the camp.

“I wonder what is in that building?” He asked

“That is the entrance to the mine shaft.” She said as she got in and started the vehicle. “We can check it out after our picnic on the mesa if you would like.”

“That sounds like a plan.” He said as they buckled in then took off, bounding over the landscape.

The view was beyond words. She had to remind him to keep eating when she would catch him looking at the world from the new vantage point.

“How do you get used to this? The view is amazing.” He marveled.

“You never get used to it. Sometimes we may take it for granted, but we never get used to it.” She said as she turned and looked at the horizon.

He leaned into her and kissed the side of her neck. She tilted her head and gave a soft moan. He kissed her again then scrapped his teeth and ended with a little bite.

She shrugged her shoulders and squealed.

“No marks love. I do not want my parents to ask questions.” She had lifted her finger and pointed it at him in mock chastisement.

He laughed then gently bit her finger.

She lunged at him.

Still laughing, he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her on top of him.

They lay there, looking into one another eyes. Smiling. Laughing.

Then she lowered her lips to his. A small peck.

Their eyes locked together as she raised her head. He felt her illegal bahis siteleri tongue outline his lips as she connected with him again. Her tongue circled his lips then was pressed into his mouth as his hand gripped the hair on the back of her head and forced her onto him.

The gasp,

The stollen breath,

The animal within him emerging.

These were flashing through her mind when he pulled her head up and broke their seal. She tried to lower herself back down but his strong hand held her hair tightly. She grunted in her efforts to break loose so she could peg his mouth with her tongue again.

His other hand gripped her throat and she stopped moving.

She was unable to move. His stare paralyzed her. She felt helpless and yet she was on top of him. She should be in control, but he would not allow such a silly thought manifest itself.

“I am hungry.” He growled.

He turned their bodies, resting his weight on top of her.

Her paralysis deepened after he whispered, “Do. Not. Move.”

She obeyed. She felt like there was no other choice. He had never been this forceful before and she was realizing that she was going to do everything he said. The electricity that was running through her body and soul could only be controlled by one person. She knew that only he could take her, own her and harness that flow that was jolting her to the point where she lost herself.

She watched him as he stood. She did not move her body. She was told not to move and she was a good girl. She wanted to please and obey him.

“What am I thinking? A good girl? Please and obey him? I am college educated and very independent! Yet, I need this. I need to obey. I want to please him. He will take care of me, I will be a good girl.”

She sighed as she felt herself relinquish her will to him. He was hers and she was his.

He had removed all his clothes, kneeled next to her and began to stroke himself.

She saw the tip of his head glisten in the sunlight as his precum began to ball at the tip.

“Are you hungry too love?” He asked as he brought his hardness closer to her lips.

“Yes.” She whispered then stuck out her tongue.

“Just yes? Evidently you are not that hungry.” He said as he began to slow his strokes and pull away.

“No, please no!” She wailed. “Please, I need to taste you. I am hungry. Please!”

“I will ask you again.” He said in a low, rumbling voice. “Are you hungry?”

“Yes Sir.” She said without delay.

“That is a good girl.” He said as he let the weight of his shaft lay on her lips.

She took him in hungrily. Something released in her when he said she was a good girl. The words excited her, but the tone and sincerity in his voice allowed her to believe that she was a good girl. His good girl.

She was worshiping his offering. She wanted him to know how much she appreciated his gift. She was about to raise her hands to stroke him while she was sucking, but she heard him growl once again. “Do. Not. Move.”

She felt the flood of wetness release. He knew she was going to move when she was just thinking about lifting her hand. “He really knows me. He pays attention to me!” She thought as she felt him go deep and reach the back of her throat. She gagged slightly but needed to feel him in her throat again. She needed to feel him use her for his pleasure.

Everything else had faded in her reality.

She did not know when he had unfastened her pants and pulled them off.

She did not remember how her panties were around one ankle.

She was only slightly aware that she was gripping and pulling the back of his head as he was feasting on her wet lips and clit.

She was on top of the world and was allowing her call of the wild sing out to the sky. The blanket she was laying on was drenching wet. He was taking feelings and pleasures from her that she did not know she owned.

Barely lifting her head to look at him, she was surprised to see that he was looking at her. His eyes were smiling at her as he lifted his head. She could see her wet sex on his mouth. The sight cause her to tremble.

“Hi baby.” He said as he began to crawl up her body.

“Hi love. ohhhh.” She moaned as he entered her fully then lay upon her. She felt protected and comforted by his weight.

She began to rock her hips but stopped when he said, “No.”

“Hold me.” He whispered into her neck.

Without a word, she wrapped her arms around him. Once she embraced him, it felt, to her, like the weight of his body lifted. It was as if they had become one. No extra weight or pressure.

She felt wanted. Needed. She was satisfied.

He kissed her neck then bit her gently as he lifted his head.

“Hey, I said no marks.” She giggled.

“First of all baby girl, you do not tell me what to do.” He said as he pulled out and began to sit up.

“Second of all, I do what I want.” He smiled as he gave her outer thigh a little swat.

“Thirdly, I did mark you. Now it is time to get dressed and for you to take canlı bahis siteleri me to the mine.”

“You had better not have left a mark on my neck!” She exclaimed as she bolted up.

“What am I going to tell my parents?!” She cried with panic in her voice.

“Honey, calm down.” He said in his calm and reassuring voice. “I did not mark your neck. I did not say I marked your neck. I said, I did mark you.”

He lowered his eyes to the open folds at the top of her legs. She followed his eyes and saw that there were hickies on the outside of both of her lips and bite marks on her inner thighs. She saw herself drip out as she gently touch his markings on her skin.

She looked up to him with tears in her eyes.

“They are beautiful.” She said as she grabbed him and began to kiss his entire face. Each kiss was followed by a muffled “Thank you” and “I love them”.

After they got dressed and began to pack up she asked him if she pleased him.

He had noticed that she had a little bit of a worried look on her face while he was cleaning her up.

“Yes you do. You please me very much.” He said then winked.

After shaking out the blanket, she stood next to him and began to fold it.

“I kinda made a mess on this blanket huh? I will need to wash it right when we get back.” She said with a chuckle.

“That is not a mess love, that is beauty. That is proof that you know you are desired. Wanted. That is not a mess at all.” He kissed her then took the blanket from her.

“If I am so desired and wanted. Then why did you not cum?” She asked with her lips drawn tight and her cheeks flushed.

He turned to her, after he put the blanket in his backpack. His arms wrapped around her and he pulled her into a tight embrace. His lips next to her ear and his hand lifted to the back of her neck.

“You please me. I want you. I need you. I did not cum because I am not finished with you. I own you and will cum when I am ready. If you could only understand the amount of restraint and the strength needed for me to not cum when you were laying there looking at me. That is right. Before we even touched, the sight of you fully clothed, looking at me took me to the edge of ecstasy. You please me. Me not cumming intensifies my yearning for you. Beyond my own comprehension. You are wanted love. You are wanted by me. Never, ever doubt that.”

He held her tightly for another twenty seconds, kissed her cheek, put his hands on either side of her face, kissed her nose then said, “We are not finished.”

She reached out and grabbed onto him as her knees buckled slightly. He held her again as she whispered, “Yes Sir.” In his ear.

They finished packing and securing the items. Walking close to the edge of the Mesa, he put is arm around her waist and she leaned her head on him. Standing in silence felt like the most appropriate way to honor the scene. Time seemed to stand still. The sun appeared to stop just like it did in the book of Joshua. He was given infinite time to hold her, cherish her and comfort her. He turned to her, leaned down and kissed her.

As they traveled across the rugged terrain, he thought about that kiss on the Mesa. Too many people try to capture the magical moments with pictures. They stage their kisses or hugs, they make sure the lighting is perfect. They try to change the reality to make a fantasy perfect picture. No picture could capture the image he saw in his mind and felt in his heart. It would never be altered with filters, faded or torn. It was embedded in his soul and he was grateful.

He reached for his backpack once they arrived at the mine entrance.

“Are you planning on spending the night in there?” She asked as she slipped her hand in his.

“You never know.” He said. “I was never a Boy Scout, but I read all of the Hardy Boys books. Therefore, I have learned that it is important to always be prepared.”

He cinched the straps on the backpack down and lifted his head as if he were readying himself to trudge through the deepest and darkest jungle.

She laughed, nudged him with her hip then started towards the entrance.

They explored the mine for about an hour. She showed him a raise, a stope and the many discarded tools miners had left in the abandon mine. He was like a kid in a candy store. Experiencing a new experiences in life excited him. She sat down on a stope then placed the lantern she was carrying next to her.

“That is all there is to see and do in the mine.” She said as she watched him slowly turning around and looking at everything the light he was carrying touched. He turned his flashlight towards her and stopped.

“This is truly amazing.” He said as he walked towards her.

“I am glad you like it. I would have cleaned the place if I would have known I was going to have a visitor.” She chuckled.

He stopped in front of her then lowered his backpack to the ground.

“Stand up.” He said as his voice resonated.

“Yes Sir.” She felt herself say as she stood.

She had no idea what he was thinking but she felt herself get wet just at the tone of voice he used.

He unzipped his back pack, pulled out the blanket from the Mesa and spread it out on the floor next to the stope. The pillow was removed next and placed about a foot away from the step.

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