The After Party

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Big Dicks

I smile and laugh with all my co-workers at the appropriate times but, my attention is fully focused across the room, my eyes never leaving him. He’s the life of the party, surrounded by admirers, and I understand the draw.

Handsome doesn’t properly describe the man sitting with his legs crossed and holding court like a king on his throne. The lights of the room reflect, shining from his eyes as if they twinkle with the dirty thoughts of every girl he ever met.

I’m dressed like a high dollar hooker for this intimate soiree, hoping he likes what he sees, a short black dress and leather boots, completed by black eyeliner and red lipstick. I gather my courage and pull my dress down a little, exposing the maximum amount of cleavage, before shaking my ass as hard as I can across the room and taking a seat beside him.

We sit next to each other, speaking with other people and pretending to be strangers, but my body is hyper aware of him. Butterflies swarm my stomach and mind, making me dizzy with anticipation. The urge to touch him grows stronger, as does the sexual tension.

We sit this way for the rest of the evening until the party begins to unwind and people begin to say goodbye and part ways. I hug my friends and watch them disperse to their respective vehicles and drive away as I light a cigarette and wait.

It’s not long till I see headlights coming my way. The car pulls to a stop next to me and the passenger window rolls down.

My heart speeds up again, seeing him behind the wheel.

“Want a ride?” He asks, smiling at his own joke.

“I’d like a ride very much,” I agree easily, opening the door and sliding into the seat next to him.

We drive in silence for a short while, before pulling into the driveway of a modest, but sprawling home. He turns off the ignition, but continues to stare straight ahead.

“It took every bit of patience and self-control I have to not touch you tonight,” he says quietly.

“Especially with you in that dress,” he adds, finally turning to look at me.

I smile broadly at his admission, happy that my attire received the attention intended.

His pendik escort face, though, shows no emotion as he turns and opens his car door, stepping out into the night air. I do the same, following him closely. He uses his key and unlocks the door quickly, kicking it open with one foot.

Grabbing my arm, he pulls me inside, slamming the door and shoving me back against it. Pressing his body against mine, we pull at each other, trying to get impossibly closer. Crashing his lips to mine, our tongues tangle in the most violently sweet kiss I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing.

Our bodies fight for domination but we both know who will win control. I already feel my resolve weakening as he slips his foot between mine, kicking my legs apart and placing his thigh against my heated pussy. I rub myself against him wantonly, needing more.

“Damn woman,” he mutters loudly, in frustration, to himself.

“Damn dress,” he says, his fists clenching in the silky fabric.

I hear the material of my dress ripping, and moan as it falls in rags about the entryway at our feet, leaving me standing in a red satin corset and matching panties, black stockings attached to garters and sky high heels.

He takes one tiny step backward, looking me over from top to bottom and back again as I stand panting, and ready to beg.

“Please,” I begin but am quickly silenced.

“Shut up,” he says absently, licking his lips.

His leg still holds me in place against the door and his hand comes up to swell of my breasts, spilling over the top of my corset, his fingers dancing, feather-light over the flesh before pulling down roughly on the material, my breasts falling free and swaying from the quick motion.

I gasp, shocked and aroused, but he pays me no mind, his fingers now tickling the skin of my hip softly. In the same slick move as before, his hand drifts under my tiny, delicate panties, ripping them down the side and allowing the scraps to pool at our feet with my ruined dress. I suck in a breath so deep, my head swims in dizziness. I have never felt so alive and so utterly desired.

Incapable maltepe escort of movement, I allow him to continue ravishing my attire, hoping he hurries along to my body.

“Please,” I murmur again, without meaning to, and his eyes snap to mine.

“Shut. Up,” he repeats, annoyance in his voice, as his hand comes to my throat, squeezing just enough to prove his control.

My pussy leaks down my inner thighs, his other hand pinching and twisting my nipples. Without warning, his hand flattens, smacking my breast with a subtle sting. I moan loudly, liking the feeling and wanting it again. I am rewarded with another smack, and then another before taking both his talented hands away, pulling me across the room and pushing me down on the sofa.

“Bend over,” he says tensley.

I scramble into position, expecting to feel him enter me, so when the first smack landed on my ass, I jump in surprise, the sound scaring me more than the blow. The second swat stings so good that I find myself looking forward to the third.

“…driving me crazy…” he rambles, in broken sentences as swats four and five redden my ass, each one sending maddening sensations through my aching pussy. His hand rubs the tender skin and I sigh heavily, leaning into his touch.

One final smack, and I’m shoved over onto the couch while he removes his dress slacks. I hear them hit the floor and my heart skips a beat.

He doesn’t allow me time to catch my breath, as I am immediately dragged to the edge, my head hanging off the side of the couch and my legs threw over the back. His knees rest against the edge, squatting slightly to position his cock at my lips and I open wide for him. His cock plunges down my throat and I lick and suck him as much as possible as fucks my mouth.

“…show you how it feels…needy,” he mumbles, incoherently.

His hands roughly manipulate my tits, twisting, pulling, and spanking. Mad with lust, I moan continuously around his cock, as I writhe below him, searching for friction. My hands reach to finger my aching pussy but he swats them away.

My pussy burns kartal escort like fire, clenching wildly as I hump air, out of my mind with the need to be filled. Every motion makes it worse, the salty-sweet taste of his cock, the feel of his fingertip softly tracing my nipple, and the sound of heavy breathing and wild moans.

If I had any sense about me at all, I would be ashamed of the way I begin to plead as soon as his dick is pulled from my mouth.

“Please fuck me, please. I can’t…stand it, please,” I plead, breathlessly.

He pays no attention as he holds my tits in place, sliding his cock back and forth between them.

“Please. Please,” I chant desperately.

Still, he ignores my pleas, sliding in the wetness his leaking cock has created on my breasts, squeezing my nipples firmly, holding my tits in place while my pussy drips, my clit swollen and throbbing.

“I need you…please,” I whisper, at the end of my rope.

Finally, he has mercy, flipping me onto my hands and knees and burying his cock deep inside me in one quick move. Shock waves shoot through my body, outward from my core, both painful and pleasurable. However, there’s no time to relish the mixture as he pulls back and slams back in then continues at a punishing pace.

My senses narrow, my nerves concentrated in one spot so deep inside me only he has ever touched it. As my eyes roll back, I see stars in the darkness, hearing the harsh slapping of his skin against mine and squishing sound of his big cock pounding my soaked pussy. Biting the inside of my cheek in an effort to push back against him harder, I taste blood in my mouth.

He holds my hips tightly, pumping faster, erratically, as he shoots his hot cum into my depth. The feel of his spasms and his hands, roughly, squeezing my ass and inadvertently spreading my pussy even wider, causes vibrations that wrack my body. I collapse forward, my face in the couch cushion, whimpering as the orgasm claims me, erupting like a volcano, violently at first, then simmering to a bubbling overflow.

He smacks my ass once as he pulls out, making me jerk in response, my pussy muscles spasm pleasurably.

His cum drips down my legs from my sore pussy as I turn on my side, grinning.

“Is that the reaction you were looking for?” He questions, shaking his head at me.

“Absolutely,” I answer, happily.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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