The Bleach Blonde’s Wrestler Pt. 08

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Sarah (30 yrs.) is the former wife (44-24-36) of a U.S., state senator. She owns a penthouse in the city who is a cheap looking, bleach-blonde. She is a big fan of college wrestling, but never goes to any of the meets. She watches every live competition on “YouTube” and follows the athletes on social media.

This is the first time Sarah had followed the wrestling team to an out-of-town tournament. The reason is because of Markus (20 yrs.) who stands at 5’9″ and weighs 165 lbs. He’s on a winning streak and she wants to see him “live” instead of on social media. She already made plans and booked a hotel room next to the University. Markus never rides the college athlete bus. He drives his own jeep and his girlfriend usually travels with him for support. She doesn’t ride with him this time.

The athlete bus pulls into the university parking lot and stops. The wrestlers and coaches begin stepping off. Sarah watches them from her car at the end of the lot. Her blonde hair is tied into a ponytail. She wears tight blue jeans and a college jersey. She doesn’t wear a bra and her massive tits jiggle underneath. Those nipples press hard against that jersey too.

Markus pulls into the lot and parks in front of the gymnasium. Sara is already out of her car who strides toward his jeep. He jumps out and reaches into the backseat for his sport bag. He’s canlı bahis wearing only his college sweats and a baseball cap.

He drops his sport bag to the ground as Sarah stands in front of him.

She says, “Hey Markus, I come to watch you wrestle.”

His eyes quickly glance down at her enormous tits. He smiles, “You did? Good, because I’m gonna win today.”

She responds, “I love your confidence. How’s your thigh?”

His right hand slaps his left thigh and answers, “Pretty good. It mended really fast.”

Her right hand pulls out the hotel card-key from her back jeans pocket. She steps forward and hands it to him which he grabs.

She says, “I’ll be watching you from the front bleachers. You better win.”

Markus looks at the key-card and says, “For you, I will.”

He watches her walk into the gymnasium and whispers, “Huge fucking tits.”

Later that night inside of the hotel bedroom. The lights are turned off and the curtains are halfway closed. The only light comes from the big screen TV. It plays ESPN boxing, but the volume is off. Clothes hang over one chair and shoes are scattered on the floor.

The TV screen shines over the king size bed and the naked bodies of Sarah and Markus. They are both in the “doggie-style” position. She is leaning on her elbows with the blonde hair falling across her face. Both bahis siteleri of her tits are crushed against the bed. He is kneeling behind her with his hands wrapped around her beautiful hips.

He is watching his 6 and ¾-inch cock thrusting into her blonde pussy. His hands pull back on her hips while his solid torso pushes forward. He thrusts all the way inside too. It’s slow, steady and hot.

She responds, “Ohhh-Fuck…. Markus…. You-feel-so-fucking-good…. Good…. Fuckk.. Do-you-hear-me.?! Fucking Good..!!!”

He answers, “I hear you baby.”

He’s in control as she lets him pull and push inside of her. There’s a quiet slap as both of their bodies hit each other.

She says, “Fuck-Markus…. Ohh-Fuck…. I-had-to-come-see-you…. To-see-you-wrestle-on-the-mat…. Fuck.. I’m gonna cum.!!”

He keeps thrusting.

Sarah shakes her blonde hair, “Uhhh. Uhhhhhh. Uhhhhhh. Fuck-Markus. Uhhhhhhhh.!!!”

He pulls back on her hips a little harder as he pushes in faster.

She says, “Uhh.. Uh-Uhh.. Uh.. M-Marcus.. Uhh.. Uhhh.”

He grunts, “My-turn-baby.”

Markus pushes inside one more time and explodes, “Mmmmmmm.. Mmmmmm.. Mmmm.. Fuck yeah.!!”

20 minutes later. The big screen TV still plays ESPN sports. That screen light shines upon Markus and Sarah. Both of them are still naked. He is sitting on the armchair bahis şirketleri with his legs spread apart. She is kneeling in between those legs with her hair tied into a ponytail. Both of his hands are placed on her head and his eyes are closed. She’s been devouring his cock.

Her right hand is wrapped around his shaft at the base. She pushes down to his black crotch and balls. Her lips clamp around his stiffness really tight. She forcefully goes all the way down and back up to his cock-tip. It’s slow and tight as she takes him all in.

He responds, “Mmmm…. Fuck…. Mmmmm…. Fuck-Yeah…. Fuck….Yeahhhh…. Mmm…. Like-That.. Like-That-Baby.!!”

She slides all the way down and holds it. He jerks his head to the right.

He says, “Fuck-Baby…. You’re-So-Good…. Better-Than-Her…. So-Fucking-Better.!!”

Sarah begins sliding up and down faster. Her mouth clamps down on his shaft as hard as she can. His hands let go of her head and they grip the arms on the chair.

He replies, “Oh-Fuck-Yeah.. Ohhhhhh.. Fuck-Yeahhhh.. Yeah-Yeah.. Ohh-Fuckk.!!”

She doesn’t stop as her mouth goes up and down plus holding tight. Her blonde head bounces like a machine.

He squirms, “Ohh-Fuuuck.. Fuuuck.. Yeah-Yeah-Yeahhhh.. Fuck-You’re-Making-Me-Cum.!!”

She doesn’t stop.

Markus explodes, “Fu-Fuuuck.! Fuuuuuuuuck.! Fuuuuckk.! Fuck-Yeahhhh.!!!”

Her mouth slides off of his cock as sperm trickles from the side of her lips.

He whispers, “There’s another wrestling meet next week. Out of town.”

She smiles up at him.

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