The Drive Through

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I follow you into the alley, out the back door of the bar at pace that would likely be described by an onlooker as a drunken stumble. I giggle as I lose my balance, and luckily you are there to catch me, groping my big braless tits as you do.

“Jeez keep your balance you drunken slut.” you say with half kidding in your voice.

With mock seriousness I straighten up, and toss you a sloppy salute.

“Oui mon Capitain,” I slur happily.

“Fuck I’m sick of your nonsense.” you say, exasperated. “Get on your fucking knees.”

Between my weakened legs and your strong shove, I land heavily on the ground, sitting down on my heels as I kneel. I look up and smile contentedly, my mouth hanging open expectantly.

“Please sir, may I have some more?” I manage to utter without too much slurring.

“There really is only one way to shut you up, isn’t there?” You ask rhetorically as you unzip your fly and whip out your semi-erect cock. “Open wide, slut.”

I feel your cock fill my mouth, and your hands grasp my head on either side, with a handful of hair. You begin to thrust your hips, your cock beginning to harden as it slides in and out, often bending as it jams into my cheeks. I gag slightly as it grows, not yet long enough to enter my throat, but big and fat enough to clog my airway. The thick saliva brought up by my gagging soon lubricates your cock and wet slurping gags being to emanate from my lips.

“Yeah bitch, take that cock.” you mutter as you fuck my face. “Sucking my dick in the alley for a drive home, you’re such a classy whore Lucia.”

I smile drunkenly around your cock and moan an affirmative answer through a mouthful of dick. Your cock is now fully hard, and I can feel the foreskin sliding back and forth over the head as you fuck my lips like a wet pussy. Your cock enters my throat each time you reach the maximum depth, and then withdraws like a piston, bringing with it more and more saliva from the back of my throat. I can feel in running down my chin to drip onto my purple halter top, and not wanting it to get any more soaked, I reach behind my neck and untie it. You never break stride as my top falls away, leaving my breasts exposed as you pummel my mouth in the dark alley. The cool air makes my nipples stand on end like diamonds, and you reach down to casually grope me as your left hand maintains control on the back of my head with a handful of ponytail.

I feel you begin to speed up your thrusts as you fuck my mouth, so I reach out and grab your ass through your jeans, pulling you into my to keep your timing regular. You grunt and moan, and suddenly I feel canlı bahis my mouth begin to fill with cum.

“Stay still you whore.” You mutter as you press your cock deeply into my mouth.

Your cock throbs as it spills its load of seed into my mouth, letting it run all around my tongue to fill the bottom of my mouth. I feel a small amount trickle from my lips down my chin as I struggle to keep it all in my tightening my lips around your cock. I moan with you as your orgasm subsides, and begin to slowly swallow your sizable load as your cock begins to slowly soften. You grunt a final time and I feel your cock pulse as the last drops leave your cock and dribble onto my tongue. Your cock exits my mouth with a pop and I stick my tongue out as you squeeze out and remnants of cum, in our practised method. I smile and lick my lips, policing up the trickle with my fingers and pushing it into my mouth.

“Finger licking good.” I smile and say as I clean off my hands.

“Oh shut it.” you say. “Lets get in the car.”

I struggle to retie my top as I walk in the alley, straggling behind your fast pace as I stumble and uncoordinatedly attempt to tie it up behind my head. I hear you order me to hurry the fuck up, and settle for just holding the two straps with one hand behind me as we exit the alley and head down the street to where your car is parked. Despite the front of my shirt being obviously soaked with globs and stains of saliva, none of the drunks wandering home seem to notice on the mostly deserted streets. You jump in your car and start it up, and I speed up to a jog across the street to catch up and not keep you waiting. My top of course slips out of my hands, and I don’t notice until I reach the car that one of my tips is flopping out free and clear. As I pause to fix my top, you roll down the window and holler at me.

“What the fuck Luica? Get your ass in here, I don’t have all night for you to play with your tits. Just leave it.” You command.

With an attempt at silent dignity, I stand motionless and stare at you a moment, letting the second string fall from my grasp. As the top falls fully off, exposing my chest, I open the door to the car, and sit down inside. I make no effort to cover myself, and sit starting straight ahead, with a slight grin on my lips.

“Lets go ” I say with enthusiasm.

“Are you still gonna talk?” You ask, exasperated. “Fuck I thought one feeding would be enough to shut your hole.”

“What can I say?” I slur. “Drinking makes me thirsty “

“Well then fucking get to work again.” you order me. “Start sucking my cock, or shut the fuck up.”

As bahis siteleri you pull the car away, I lean over your seat and unzip your fly. You shimmy your ass up a bit so I can pull your pants down slightly, and begin to lick and kiss your cock, which is still sticky with saliva and cum. I use my hands to rub your balls and shaft as I lick and suck, and your cock begins to come slowly back to life despite your recent draining. Using all the skills I can given my drunken state, I am able to suck and coax you to full erection again, your big fat throbbing meat feeling rigid between my lips as I happily slobber away. I smack your cock against my lips and cheek and moan, smiling all the while as I play with your cock. I slide my fist up and down your exposed cock and stare at it, watching the foreskin cover and uncover your purple head. I grin up at you as I pause, and watch at your face contorts with annoyance, chuckling as you buck your hips up at me as an indicator that I should resume sucking. Unperturbed, I continue to play with and tease your cock, drooling onto my fist so that it slides up and down your shaft smoothly. I blow on your cock lightly, and flicker my tongue out to lash your head when it is uncovered.

“You fucking cock-tease.” you say aloud. “Get that dick back in your mouth.”

Taking your right hand off the steering wheel, you give the back of my head a smack, and then push it down in range of your bucking hips. Your head enters my mouth and you groan with relief. I moan as well as I feel your cock throb, and begin to bob my head up and down. Engrossed in my work, sucking you hungrily, I don’t even notice as you slow the car to a stop. I am suddenly surprised and raise my head confused when I hear a woman’s voice from outside the car.

“Just one moment please, Sir.” the voice crackles.

“No problem.” I hear you respond. “Don’t stop you say to me. I’m hungry too, you keep working.”

Raising my head just enough to see out the window, I realize that the soft yellow glow lighting up the inside of the car is from the huge golden arches over our heads. Sitting at the drive through, I go back to fucking your cock with my mouth, making love to your tool with the knowledge that the employees inside this MacDonald’s could very well be getting a show through their cameras as I bobbed my head up and down in your lap. I slurped your cock loudly as you order your food, not even pausing as you pull up to the first window. The employee there says nothing as you pay her in awkward silence, with me contentedly sucking away, my face buried in your lap.

As we pull up the bahis şirketleri second window, it is apparent even to me that people have taken notice. As you takes his bag of food, I see several flashes coming from the direction of the drive through window, and two male employee voices comment on how lucky you are

“It will be a few minutes for your McChicken, why don’t you wait in the parking lot and we’ll bring it out to you?” A barely broken teenaged voice asks.

“No problem.” you respond.

You drive ahead and I continue my ministrations of your cock, what now feels ready to absolutely explode. It throbs in my mouth constantly, and you begin to stroke my hair absentmindedly as you groan. After a few minutes, a knock on the window startles us both, though I manage to keep up pace as you roll down the window to accept the rest of your meal. “Jesus dude, that chick is loving your cock.” A male voice says.

“You think that’s good, want to see her take my load all over her face?” you ask him.

“Sure man ” the teen answers without a hint of trepidation.

“Here it comes then.” you state matter-of-factly. “Open up slut.”

You reach down and take over stroking your cock, and I lay the side of my head on your lap, opening my mouth wide and look up at you, and then the employee watching. I can see that he has taken out his cell phone and appears to be taking a video as you rub your cock head aimed directly at my face. With a grunt, your cock begins to fire, and I feel your semen splatter my nose and lips, streaking my left cheek as it flies out of your cock. I moan with delight and open wider, feeling a couple spurts shoot into my mouth to pool in my right cheek. I close my lips and swallow as you slap your cock on my face and squeeze out the last few drops on my lips. I purse them and kiss the head of your cock stickily.

“That was great man, thanks ” the kid exclaims as he heads back to work.

I sit up straight and you begin to drive again. I fix my top now, tying my halter back into place behind my head, with cum still all over my face. I look up and realize we are going back through the drive through again. Looking at you with confusion, you silence me with an upheld hand, and pull up directly to the second window again. A female manger is there now, and rudely asks you what you want.

Upset my her tone I lean over your lap, my face still streaked with cum and state: “I need some napkins, you forgot to include them with the meal.” In my bitchiest voice.

The manager looks at me with a mixture of horror and disgust, handing the napkins to my outstretched hand and telling us to drive away before she calls the cops. You laugh in her face, and peel out as you leave, pausing to watch me clean the cum off my face with the napkins.

“About time we did this.” you say with a smile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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