The Garden House

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It was a bright and sunny morning when I got the call. Sandy, a girl I’d known from high school all the way through to college, had a great idea for us and our group of friends. We were all interested in living quiet, peaceful, uncluttered lives, and this was our perfect chance. When I picked up the phone, I knew she’d gotten an idea that she just needed to let out. When Sandy got excited, her voice just couldn’t contain it.

“Jeremy, you’re going to love it. A garden house!”

What the hell is a garden house?

“Just a bunch of us living together somewhere off in the countryside. We keep part-time day jobs, grow vegetables and…frolic!”


“Yeah! Picnics, walks in the park, fishing, gardening. Laying out in the sun on the porch or staying in and reading a book when it rains.”

It was exactly the kind of idea Sandy would come up with. She was a girl who loved being with people. She would’ve made a great saleswoman, a great activist or a great lawyer, if she had only had the motivation to pursue those paths. Instead, she just held onto a general love of all things living, and expressed this by smiling at strangers and occasionally putting flowers in her auburn hair.

I wasn’t convinced that her idea would work. While I had no qualms living in the country somewhere with her, I wasn’t too sure about these ‘other people’ she had in mind. Sandy and I had been great friends for some time, and she was quite the good-looker. But what was great with our chemistry might not necessarily click with other folks.

What if we can’t stand each other and get cabin fever?

“Don’t be silly. We’d just take a walk outside and cool off.”

I’m not too sure about this…

“Oh, c’mon Jer. You and I have been talking about how much we hate our office jobs, and how much we’d like to just run off into the countryside. Live off the land. Live off the grid. Live the simple life. It was a fantasy that we thought was a luxury. But I’ve found the perfect place. The woman who is selling it showed it to me, and it has…”

Sandy went on with her description, and it sounded great. It was off the beaten track, but within town limits. A sweaty, thirty minute bike ride would get you into a mom-and-pop convenience store, and some more pedaling would get you to a diner. The house itself was large, but old. The family before had been industrious. As they had more children, they added extra rooms, and so stairs and walls went up and down in an almost Escher-like way.

Well, it does sound great. What does John think about it?

“I knew you’d say yes! I’ll spread the word and get back to you on when we can move in!”

That wasn’t what I said, but before I could correct her she hung up, giggling.


Moving day arrived, and the group met up at the train station. The five of us all had full-time jobs, and Sandy’s persuasiveness had worked on everyone. We were all twenty-somethings who had graduated with fairly specific degrees working jobs that made money but sapped our spirits. Behind desks, getting screwed, screwing customers. Answering phones and writing reports. Interrupting dinners and pissing off anyone who called customer service. Sandy had picked us out well. Her and I had become friends through our similar dispositions. We were both generally for the idea of saving the world and ending world hunger, but we were both too lazy to care enough about it and do more than send some spare change every month. John was a generally quiet, pliant fellow who usually went along with what the group did. Until the group kept doing it for too long and he got silently frustrated and departed.

One time, a few of us went fishing, and we went fishing for 10 hours straight. John joined us, and got tired of it after a few hours. He sulked for a while, and finally demanded in a loud voice that we go home. We complied. He wasn’t all bad, though. He had his moments, and sometimes he’d get comfortable enough to become the life of the party, cracking jokes and doing handstands.

The last two of the group were Katie and Lissa. Katie was small in almost all ways. She was short, thin and quiet. She was the kind of girl that spent most of her time in the library. She wasn’t afraid of getting her hands dirty, but she avoided it whenever possible. Whenever it wasn’t, she did the dirty work like everyone else. Lissa was the very definition of cutesy. She seemed an unlikely candidate for this little experiment. Lissa had never expressed any real interest in nature, gardening or the quiet life. She had always been very interested in fashion, clothing, movies and celebrity gossip. Why Sandy chose her was something of a mystery, but Sandy sometimes noticed things that others didn’t. So I didn’t worry about it.

We all met up with smiles on our faces and boarded our Amtrak out west. We packed our things into the compartments, took our seats and waited while others boarded and said their goodbyes to their loved ones. Sandy and I sat together in one aisle, with John sitting alone across from us. Katie and Lissa sat in the illegal bahis seats behind.

“So where is this place? I hope I packed enough stuff.”

“I’m sure you did, since you brought like five suitcases.”

“It’s out in the middle of nowhere. Perfection, USA.”

“Har har.”

“At least tell us how long the train ride is.”

“It’ll be a few hours.”

Katie and Lissa broke out a deck of cards they had astutely brought and started playing some strange version of poker. I stared out the window at the big city that had been my home and my prison for three years. I smiled. Sandy was looking at me, and slipped her hand into mine. She leaned over and whispered in my ear, “This is so exciting!” Then she laid her head on my shoulder and took a nap. John turned his head away and stared out the other side.


After what was probably just a an hour or so, I woke up. Katie had switched seats with John to, I assume, read quietly. Her book must not have been that interesting, since she was fast asleep. Sandy hadn’t woken from that nap on my shoulder yet. I figured John and Lissa were taking a nap behind us too, after they both got tired of talking about whatever Lissa wanted to talk about.

I was considering getting up to grab something to eat when I heard a slight sigh from behind me. The pitch was…well I’m not sure how else to describe it. It wassexual. I slowly turned my head to look through the crack between the headrests on our seats. Through that small sliver, I could see John leaning back, mouth open. Lissa’s head was in his lap, with his cock in her mouth.

Lissa was much too engrossed in the task at hand to notice that I was staring, but John must’ve been on the lookout because he spotted me immediately. He gave me a look that I interpreted as a Don’t Fuck This Up For Me Look. I didn’t say anything, but I continued staring. Lissa’s technique was admirable. She seemed to favor lollipop licks over lip suction, and she would alternate between licks on the shaft and licks on the balls. She seemed to have a system. She would lick the shaft four or five times, up and down. Then she would suck on the head of his cock for a few seconds before dropping her head down to his balls, taking them into her mouth one at a time. Then she would repeat. I thought that she might’ve been training for some kind of sexual olympics event, until she decided to break from routine. Suddenly, Lissa, after maybe three complete sets of her blowjob technique that I saw, dropped her lips onto John’s cock and took the whole thing into her mouth and down her throat.


After eight hours on the train, an hour in a car and another twenty minutes on foot, we dragged our exhausted asses and road-beaten luggage into what was now our front lawn. Sandy let out a sigh of satisfaction while Lissa let out a squeal and a giggle. All at once, everyone dropped their luggage and ran into the front door. We all ran around the house, looking at bedrooms and bathrooms and closet sizes, claiming rooms and then claiming other, bigger rooms, as our own.

Sandy and I bounded up the stairs and saw a large, open double-door in the middle of the hallway leading into what was probably the master bedroom. We were at opposite ends of the hallway and made eye contact. A sly, wicked grin appeared on her face, and she bolted towards the door. I scrambled to make speed, and we ran into the room and jumped onto the bed at the same time.

Mine! “Mine!”

We broked out into hysterical laughter. She pounced on top of me and started tickling my ribs. I giggled like a little schoolgirl, and wrestled her back down, and got on top of her. Getting control of her arms by holding her wrists, I held her like that for a while.


“No! I got here first!” she said, giggling.

Oh hell no! I totally have you under control. This room is all mine.

“Let me go so I can punch you in the face” she said, grinning.

Lissa soon found the bedroom and jumped on top of the bed as well.

“Oh! Mine!”

What?! “What?!”

“You two were too busy monkey-wrestling. I claim this room in the name of Lissa!”

Sandy and I declared unspoken truce and started tickling her. Lissa’s high-pitched squeals and giggles attracted the attention of John and Katie, who ran into the room soon after and joined the ticklefest-turned-pillowfight. Feathers and dust flew around until a particularly well-aimed shot ate my face, and I fell back onto the bed and lay still.

“Oh! Big Boy Down!” Sandy yelled, declaring a truce and ending the fight. She lay down next to me and lay her head on my chest, panting.

“I think you should get the room, since you found this place.”

“I totally agree!” Sandy said. She smiled, closed her eyes, and took a nap on my chest.


The next morning, we unpacked into our rooms, cleaned up, looked around, investigated the garden, biked into town and stocked the kitchen. In the afternoon we all took a walk and explored the area around the house. The house was in the middle of a clearing surrounded illegal bahis siteleri by trees. The backyard was about the same size as the front yard, and the soil seemed rich enough to bear agriculture. The forest wasn’t especially thick, and a path had been walked out towards a campsite by a nearby lake. The house had a backporch with three chairs and a table, and the front porch had a swinging loveseat hanging from one of the beams above. The wooden beam looked somewhat rotted, so no one but Katie felt confident enough to sit in it. Even with just her, it creaked a little.

The rest of the week, we got to buying and storing non-perishables, subsisting on little more than canned soups, bread and insant noodles. Sandy and John took a walk into town and came back with seeds and extra furniture. On the third night, with things looking a bit more settled, everyone was gathered around on the floor in the living room. Each person had their own bowl of beef stew soup. Sandy spoke up first.

“So, what are we doing tomorrow?”

Why don’t we go fishing?

“I’m up for that” John said.

“I think I’ll just do some gardening and some reading.” Katie said

Sandy smiled and nodded. She had a look of contentment on her face. Things were going well.

The next day, John and I went fishing. We talked about work and how awful it was, how cluttered life had been in the city. We talked about how complicated things were and how uncomplicated things should be, and about how unnecessary all the trappings of modern life were. We talked about happiness, and what made us happy. We caught three fish, one of them fairly large, and gloated about our excellent fortune.

After a mere three hours, we went back to the house. Sandy greeted us at the back door.

“Well well well! The men have returned with their catch!” she said, smiling proudly at us.

The men have returned with dinner, m’lady.

“Simply mah-velous, dah-ling!” Sandy mewed, her nose turned up to imitate the Queen. “I’ll have one of my underlings cook the fish! Chop chop!”

That night we ate well, stuffing ourselves on lots of bread and a bit of fish. As the sun set and the night deepened, Lissa and John decided to turn in. Katie stayed out on the back porch reading, and Sandy and I were chatting aimlessly on the floor of her bedroom.

“This is nice.”


“I’m trying not to enjoy it too much, y’know? Not to get too happy too soon.”


“Are you even listening?”

I am. Really.

Sandy gave me a look of suspicion.

No, really. I feel the same. I don’t want to enjoy this too much. It’s like the first few months of a relationship…

“The honeymoon period.”

…yeah. You invest so much into it, you fall too deep too fast, and you realize that your expectations were way too high. This place is nice. Quiet nights, good friends, simple and healthy food. The outdoors, the sunlight. Just gotta remember it’s not going to be the excitement of the big city.

“No nightclubs, rock concerts or monster truck rallies”

Yeah, but no barroom brawls, triple homicides or sluts.

“You don’t like sluts?”

I guess I miss some things from the big city.

“Hah, you dog.” She said, giggling. Then she leaned in close and gave me a kiss on the lips. She pulled away slightly, as if waiting. I wrapped my arm around her back and lifted her towards me. As our lips connected again, I put my arms under her and lifted her into my lap. We kissed in that position for a while, softly moving our lips against each other. As we kissed we heard the creaking of the house, decades old by now, as it settled more and more into the earth.

She unbuttoned my shirt and ran her hands down my chest. I lifted her shirt off her shoulders and kissed her down her neck and chest. Under her breasts. The top of her cleavage. Her neck. Her earlobe. Her cheek. Her lips again. She took my shirt off, and I removed her bra.

“The bed…”

I got up, lifting her to her feet. She kissed me again on my lips, then on my chin. My neck. My chest. My nipples. My stomach. She sat down on her bed, undoing my belt. I could feel my erection growing more and more ever since she kissed me, and it was now straining at my jeans to be released. She undid the button and unzipped, and let my jeans fall to the floor at my ankles. She tugged the front of my boxers down and sank my cock deep into the back of her throat, engulfing it in her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down on my cock while her hands gripped my buttocks, pulling me deeper into her mouth with every stroke. I put my hand to the back of her head, and pushed her onto my cock even more. I could feel the back of her throat hit my cockhead as I went in, and I could feel her tongue swirling beneath my shaft.

From the corner of my eye I could see through the door out into the hallway. Katie had finished reading and was about to turn in herself when she stumbled upon us. Quietly, she had crept up the stairs and sat down to watch the show. She and I made eye contact. My hand was still on canlı bahis siteleri Sandy’s head, and I was still pushing her head down while thrusting my cock in. The expression on Katie’s face didn’t change, but she started to slowly move her own hand up her sweater. Through the fabric I could see that with one hand she was caressing her breasts, and the other hand had found its way down the front of her pants. I moaned at the sight of it: Sandy going down on me, unaware that we were sharing this moment with quiet Katie.

It was feeling too good, and I was losing a bit of control. As she pulled on my butt and bobbed her head, I thrusted my hips more and more and pushed her head down onto my cock more and more. As I hit her throat, she moaned a deep, resounding moan. I thrusted into her throat again, and she moaned again, tightening her mouth and lips over my cock and sucking me even harder. I started getting more into it. With Katie watching me, I felt like I had to put on something of a performance. With a hand firmly on the back of Sandy’s neck, I guided her tight lips as I thrust my cock through them in long, strong strokes. At the end of each thrust, I made sure to elicit that throat-moan from her. Sandy had her eyes closed for this, concentrating on the feel of my cock, so I stared directly at Katie. And she stared right back. Through the door. Her fingers furiously fucking herself, her fingers fondling her breasts through the fabric now. She had to bite down on her lip to hold inside the scream she wanted to let out. Sandy’s hands let go of my ass and she put them on my chest and stomach, grasping and groping as I pummeled the back of her throat.

Quickly I put my hands on her shoulders and pushed her back, off my cock and onto her back on the bed.

“Woo!” she yelped, grinning. Some spit mixed with precum had dribbled its way down her bottom lip onto her chin. She stretched her arms, bit her bottom lip, and then licked it away with her tongue. She still had no idea Katie was watching.

I undid her pants and pulled them off her, jeans and panties together and dipped my head between her legs. I nibbled her stomach around her belly button and left a trail of kisses down to her pussy. She kept herself shaved quite well, with a somewhat less neat airstrip leading me downwards. As I started to nibble on her labia, licking here and there, she sighed.

“Ah, Jeremy, you always treat me so well”

Oh do I now?

“Unnnhhh, less talky, more licky!”

I smiled. I clamped my lips down on her peach and licked furiously, sucking on her clit and licking around at the same time. She violently sat up, her hands gripping my head as she uncontrollably moaned. She bucked her hips, grinding her pussy into my mouth and onto my tongue, trying to stuff as much of it into her vagina as possible. She lifted her legs and wrapped them over my shoulders. I darted my tongue in and out of her pussy. Her hands moved wildly, gripping my arm, and then my head, and then my hands.

“Unh, ah…ok! Ok. Come on up here, Big Boy.”

I raised myself up and climbed onto bed towards her as she crawled back to give me some room. I positioned myself between her legs and placed the head of my cock into her entrance. I looked her in the eye, and leaned down and kissed her with her pussy juices fresh on my lips. She kissed me deep, and let her tongue wander around, licking everything up from inside and around my mouth.

“Fuck me.”

I moaned. Pushing into her, I could feel her body tense up. Feeling me inside her, she wrapped her legs around me, her heels digging into my lower back, pulling me in, urging me to go back in everytime I pulled out. I pistoned my cock in and out of her, and she whispered soft moans of pleasure into my ear.

“Unh…yes….fuck…” I could barely hear her “..fuck me….fuck me…fuck…”

She was trying hard not to moan loudly, and she was digging her nails into my back to let me know that. I fucked her harder. Faster. Deeper. I slowed down, taking longer strokes. She closed her eyes and braced her head on my shoulder, taking my cock.

Unh, this feels so good, unh, fucking you is so good, unh, yes, yes…yes…

I could feel her pussy tighten around my cock as I spoke to her while I fucked her. She was enjoying this quite a bit. She let out another moan, higher-pitched. I felt her pussy tighten and hold that grip on my cock as I reamed her. She was coming. Her nails dug deeper, her heels pulled harder, and she put her teeth on my shoulder and bit down a bit. I pumped her until I heard her moans subside, and then I stopped. My rock hard cock was still inside her, and I raised myself up off her.

She let go of me and lay back, her head back onto her pillow and her arms splayed out towards her sides. The smile on her face made deep dimples appear in her cheeks. She let out a sigh of contentment.


“Fucking great, J.”

Awesome, now I can fuck you tilIcome.

“Oh be my guest”

I licked my lips and bit my lower lip. This was going to be good. I started pistoning my cock in and out of her again, this time savoring the feel of her pussy wrapped around my penis. I closed my eyes, put my hand on her breast, feeling her nipples between my fingers. She took my hand and started sucking on my fingers one by one.

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